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Submitted by Ludvig Lundin on 11/14/2023

Very grateful

Overall Rating

Jenny has been there as a big support during the surrogate process and with her warmth and kind personally together with being informative and proffessional in every setting, I can very much recommend her agency. In times when one feels insecure or afraid, she was always there taking contact and good care of any situation that came up. Her inspiring words and encourragment helped me a lot during the process. I feel very grateful to her and for everything, and now I am awaiting a little boy so very excited about this. So all my tumbs up for Jenny as well as her agency. Kind regards from Ludvig.

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My personal recommendation

I wanted to take a moment to share my recommendation and the outstanding support provided by Jenny Zimmermann.

Embarking on the fertility journey can be quite overwhelming, but Jenny's compassionate approach and extensive knowledge made the entire process smoother for me and my husband. From the get-go, she took the time to understand our unique situation and concerns, offering personalized advice and guidance.

What sets Jenny apart is not just her expertise but also her genuine care for her clients. She goes above and beyond to ensure you feel supported emotionally and physically throughout the process. Her attention to detail and clear communication helped alleviate any uncertainties I had, making the entire experience more manageable.

If you're navigating the complexities of fertility, I highly recommend reaching out to Jenny Zimmermann at Wiltor Fertility for a caring and knowledgeable ally on your journey.

Submitted by Mathias Sabel on 11/14/2023

Jenny Zimmerman as contact person

We have had the best opportunity to work with Jenny to make our dream to become parents come true. 

Jenny is not just the most professional person but she also is the most empathetic and passionate person that is so incredibly perfect for  this type of process. 

The loving , caring jet professional person she is makes me wishing that everyone gets Jenny as a person of contact to coordinate anyone’s process

With open hears 

R a R a I ❤️

Submitted by Robert Rydberg on 08/17/2023