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Posted By OVU.com – Ovufertility Network on 11/09/2018

Flu Season is Coming… Can Your Tiny Sparkling Fetus “Catch” the Flu Virus Also?

Flu Season is Coming… Can Your Tiny Sparkling Fetus “Catch” the Flu Virus Also?

Sparkling November Has Just Come! November has JUST ENTERED your life! Something sweet and scented has just appeared in the November’s air–flows! The strong sensation that the MIRACLES are somewhere near has appeared in your thoughts! All your thoughts are bustling around the idea that something mysterious is there, something that will make your dreams come true!

NOVEMBER’S leave–whirls, leave–falls, the first snow–whirls and the first snow–falls… The ABSOLUTELY Mysterious Atmosphere whirls everywhere…Every tiny moment Sparkles with Something Warm, Something Unique, Something Essential!

November has a special atmosphere! This month is the month when you are constantly envisioning the Christmas Season with the utmost attention to the details... Sparkling Designers’ Presents, Sparkling Envelopes, Sparkling Scented Christmas Candles, and Sparkling Christmas Trees!

Scents… So many versions of them… A warm and spicy ambient fragrance blending spicy notes of elemi and cloves with the sweetness of vanilla, scents of fir needles, hinoki wood and mint, notes of fir balsam, pine, cedar, musk and amber, cinnamon and eucalyptus pine scent, an oriental fragrance with an amber heart composed with amber, cistus, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla…

Scents create the UNIQUE BLENDED versions in the cold November’s airflows! Scents are bustling everywhere! They “REBRAND” everything around by making it a little bit more EMPHASIZED… A little bit more NOTICEABLE… A little bit more SPARKLING! FRAGRANCES GLITTER in the airflows making everyone ENVISIONING and “FEELING” the MIRACLES! These FRAGRANCES’–WHIRLS Alter everyone and everything!

From the moment this season came into your life, everything changes! The tone you speak becomes a little different. Every glance becomes a little more intense. Every hug lingers a little longer. Every smile is a little brighter. Every tiny moment becomes a little bit more meaningful…

The month of MIRACLES! And month when the Flu Season appears, unfortunately, on the stage…

1. Flu versions may be with temperature or without temperature 

Pregnancy literally “DESIGNS” the DRAMATIC CHANGES in your immune system as your fetus–Dude or Fetus–Lady or…YAY, several ones (two fetuses–ladies, two fetuses–dudes…) “SET the NIGHT–MODE” of your immune system to survive! “The NIGHT–MODE” seems that you become more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. And the Flu Season becomes a GREAT CHALLENGE for your immune system.

Influenza exposure can affect the Sparkling tiny fetus via viral infection of the fetus, influenza–induced hyperthermia and toxic metabolites associated with fever. FEVER always causes hyperthermia and hyperthermia may cause the neural tube defects.

WHAT is VITAL to know is that there are two versions of flu: flu with fever and flu without fever. Both these versions are DANGEROUS! Flu without FEVER must not be neglected in any case as the consequences can be fatal!

Most viral infections affecting mom–to–be don’t cause congenital fetal infection. The studies show that the virus is found in the fetuses only in a small number of cases. Wondering WHY? The tiny fetus “DESIGNS” the UNIQUE SPACE INSIDE TO LIVE IN! Every fetus is living inside an “ENVELOPE” that is “SYNCHRONIZED and CONNECTED” with his/her mom–to–be via the unique “CONNECTING DEVICE” – the Umbilical Cord. This “RULE” of “HAVING THE PRIVATE SPACE to LIVE INSIDE”, sometimes is “NEGLECTED” by the twins (they may share one ENVELOPE), and by the other multiples.

Usually, the placenta acts as a potent barrier with an immune–regulatory function that protects the fetus from systemic infection. This unique placental ability TO PROTECT the GROWING FETUS from infections is a real MIRACLE! But sometimes this WONDER doesn’t happen and the viral infection is transferred “INSIDE” infecting the tiny fetus.

2. How the tiny sparkling fetus–dude (tiny gorgeous fetus–lady) may “catch” the flu virus?

The tiny sparkling fetus–dude (tiny gorgeous fetus–lady) or the Tiny Sparkles may “catch” the flu but not in the classic sense… The tiny sparkling fetus–dude (tiny gorgeous fetus–lady) may catch the flu virus not in the classic understanding but in moderation. If the mom–to–be caught the flu virus, it may lead to diverse consequences for the Tiny Sparkle or Tiny Sparkles… As the flu may cause not only serious complications for the growing fetus but also may lead to the most dreadful outcomes such as miscarriage, preterm labor, and low birth weight.

Pregnancy literally “REBRANDS” the mom–to–be. Wondering WHY and HOW? Pregnancy is a complex synchronized process that “DESIGNS” several vascular changes to maintain blood supply to the Growing Fetuses [or, YAY more than one Tiny Sparkle!]. The pregnancy REBRANDS the cardiovascular system of the mom–to–be. It REDESIGNS the maternal hemodynamics completely!

Wondering what is going on inside? The changes in maternal hemodynamics include an increase in plasma volume and a decrease in blood pressure and peripheral vascular tone as the impaired trophoblast invasion leads to umbilicoplacental blood flow disturbances. In other words, YOUR BLOOD VOLUME INCREASES DURING PREGNANCY because the growing fetus “ESTABLISHES” and “SYNCHRONIZES” its own cardiovascular system, and, surely, needs the own blood circulation. Thus, your body modulates the increased blood flow [increased blood volume]. Surely, INCREASED BLOOD FLOW AFFECTS your basal BODY TEMPERATURE. You will feel just a tiny bit feverish and according to your thermometer, you will be just a little bit warmer than normal, but you won’t feel sick. Remember that while pregnant on average your basal body temperature [BBT] will only rise by 0.4ºF.

The flu almost always causes an increase in your body temperature. It MAKES you feel extremely sick. It is called s FEVER. Most flu–related fevers range from a low–grade fever around 100°F (37.8°C) to as high as 104°F (40°C). FEVER always causes HYPERTHERMIA. Hyperthermia is a serious risk factor for the development of neural tube defects. And not only… Many studies show that influenza may be a risk factor not only for neural tube defects but also other congenital anomalies.

Flu–related fever CAN INCREASE YOUR CORE TEMPERATURE. This, in turn, can elevate the temperature of the growing fetus, which CAN CAUSE FETUS’S BRAIN DAMAGE [multiple brain malformations], HEART DAMAGE [multiple heart defects, including congenital heart defects], or other birth defects if raised high enough or long enough. Increased core temperature [basal body temperature], especially in the third trimester, has a significant risk of starting premature labor.

The consequences of hyperthermia depend on the extent of temperature elevation (the critical situation is when mom–to–be has FEVER as high as 104°F (40°C), its duration, and the stage of fetal development when it occurs. Mild exposures during the preimplantation period and more severe exposures during embryonic and fetal development often result in prenatal death and miscarriage.

If your temperature would rise to 101ºF (or 38ºC), you should immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor, and if your temperature would rise to 101,5ºF (or 38,5ºC), you should urgently call your doctor and go to the clinic.

3. The version of “catching” the classic flu by the Tiny Sparkling Fetus or Tiny Glittering Fetuses cannot be excluded… 

Sometimes it may happen… Sometimes this flu–scenario may come true… This is medically termed as “Transplacental Transmission of Influenza Virus.” But HOW Does That Happen?

Appearing inside, the tiny embryo–dude/embryo–lady [or, several tiny Sparkling ones choose] chooses in the open–space the most wonderful place to “SETTLE DOWN” and to “DESIGN” the exclusive “ENVELOPE” that will give EVERYTHING that is needed!

This UNIQUE “ENVELOPE” is called “Placenta.” Placenta has the special “CONNECTING DEVICE” with “INCRUSTED” vessels to TRANSFER EVERYTHING to fetus and from fetus. Actually, it is exclusively designed by fetus for fetus only!

The placenta is a temporary multifunctional organ that performs the functions of several adult organs (the principal metabolic, respiratory, excretory, and endocrine organ). It is designed for the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, hormones. And it even SEPARATES maternal blood from the fetal blood!

The Umbilical Cord is the “CONNECTOR” that BINDS fetus to the mom. In normal version of the umbilical cord, there is a pair of umbilical arteries and an umbilical vein. These vessels are essential to transfer EVERYTHING that fetus needs.

In simple words, PLACENTA is multiplex, multifunctional, and “MULTITASK” ENVELOPE. Here everything is bustling! It transfers through the Umbilical Cord EVERYTHING that is needed for the growing fetus. It REGULATES the TRAFFICK between the fetus and the mother. As the cells of the fetus and the cells of the mom–to–be move in two directions, some viruses and bacteria can reach the fetus by the transplacental passage. And this may lead to adverse consequences.

Despite viral infections are common health–episodes during pregnancy, transplacental passage, and fetal infection appear to be the exception. BUT sometimes it happens… The “FETAL ENVELOPE” sometimes cannot protect the fetus/fetuses from the viruses (or bacteria).

If mom–to–be caught influenza virus infection, it may induce auto–antibody production, which may cross the placenta and mediate damage to the Sparkling fetus–dude/fetus–lady. Moreover, the influenza virus may infect the placenta and fetus, including even the fetal brain. Viral infection of the placenta leads to fetal inflammation. Fetal inflammation is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS as it may cause the death of the tiny fetus…

What if there two handsome tiny fetuses–dudes or two glittering tiny fetuses–ladies or three tiny bundles are inside? May all of them “catch” the flu virus? Or may one of them “catch” the flu virus and infect the others? 

At present, the influenza virus becomes more and more multiplex as it consists of the viral blend. The brand–new influenza viral blends may affect all the tiny fetuses even if they don’t share one placenta. BUT THIS SITUATION CAN BE PREVENTED.


Every year the Flu Season poses serious risks for the moms–to be because their immune system is not “SWITCHED to the NIGHT MODE” by the Tiny Sparkling fetus (fetuses) living inside. Without this “NIGHT–MODE OPTION” the maternal immune system would fight with the immunologically foreign fetus. But turning on the “NIGHT MODE” of the maternal immune system makes the pregnant women vulnerable to viral infections. And flu is not the exception. BUT FLU CAN BE PREVENTED. Sometimes tiny simple things can do the wonders! If you pregnant during flu season avoid the public places “OVERLOADED” with people. Love attending the BOUTIQUE–SHOPS? Love attending the BOUTIQUE–STUDIOS? Love attending the BOUTIQUE–CAFES? Try to attend these places not when everyone is bustling around to have the conversations/negotiations after the Business Day or bundling up to buy something! Choose the “BUSINESS HOURS” when most people are working! 

Noticed someone is sneezing or coughing near you? Noticed someone is having red swollen eyes and blushed face? Remove from this person IMMEDIATELY! It is better to GO OUT from that place. Do not ignore this recommendation!

Someone is sick in your office? Ask your manager or CEO to make you a “removed worker” for several days. It is better to stay and complete your tasks at home whether to sit near the colleagues who are sick. Your colleagues may have not just a cold but flu. And there is no guarantee that they didn’t have the FEVER the day before yesterday, yesterday or tonight. And not everyone will say the truth that he/she had a FEVER. Do not neglect these words!

Do not forget to consult with your doctor what is the best way to protect yourself and your tiny one. Your doctor may recommend you to consume vitamins or to have a flu shot. You shouldn’t request a flu shot within your Mobile app and waiting for a registered nurse would arrive at your geolocation with a syringe loaded with the flu vaccine. You should consult with your doctor first which flu vaccine you need this flu season and when you should have the flu shot. You may also consult with pharmacologist and with your doctor to analyze both versions of the answers.

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