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Print Posted on 10/22/2018 in Pregnancy

“Guess Who I Am: Cold or Flu?” Flu Season and Pregnancy

“Guess Who I Am: Cold or Flu?” Flu Season and Pregnancy

Just Imagine! Crispy and SPARKLING October’s Afternoons! Have you ever noticed HOW GORGEOUS the Fall’s Leaves’–Whirls are? Myriads of Falling Leaves of ALL SIZES, COLORS, and SHAPES are cuddling against each other, amusingly curling their edges, romantically hugging each other, making the UNIQUELY BRANDED SHAPES holding the edge–tips of each other are whirling and Sparkling in the Cool Fall’s Air Flows! Bundle up! Cover your shoulders and décolleté with the WARM alpaca multicolored scarf… A little bit SCENTED SPARKLES around your wrists… A little bit Caramel Gold GLITTERS around your wonderful curls… The boutique gold–colored boots… Seven minutes for your fingertips playing with those tiny BOOTIES curled up inside… And you are ready to FEEL the October around yourself!

Leaves… So many of them…Unnoticed during the spring and summer seasons they are SO Beautiful in the Fall! They are the MAIN Fall’s Decoration! Myriads of BLENDED COLORS, SIZES and SHAPES are bustling in the air flows and falling on your curls, on your scarf and your booties! Myriads of Fallen Leaves are bustling on the ground and pavement COVERING everything around, and BRINGING the Unique WARM SENSATION that the Miracles will happen to you! This SPARKLING Crispy BLEND makes everything MYSTERIOUS and MAGIC! These leaves are delicately “HUGGING” you around your shoulders and playing in your curls! Your worries disappear… Instead, the INSPIRATION appears and makes everything different! Envisioned or not but every Fall season Re–Brands your Life!

The Middle Fall Season “Enters” your life with the MYRIAD multicolored CURLED UP, CUDDLED against each other, twisted and stretched leaves of all sizes and shapes whirling in the cool air flows… The cool air flows are the real BLEND of divine scents that make them WARM and SPECIAL! Stroll down the streets to feel the October’s Atmosphere! The air flows “BUSTLING” near the cafes are scented with tempting hot chocolate notes and glittering notes of spicy–mixed cinnamon–ginger–honey–lemon tea “VERSIONS” stylishly decorated with vanilla beans! The perfumes with special Fall–Sparkling WARM nuances “ENCRUST” the GLITTERING WARM SCENTS in the cold air flows!

Delicate gold sunshine holds your wrists and hugs your shoulders. It sparkles on your fingertips and onto your amusing smile. It makes your glance so glittering! Glimpse down your Booties! There you can see the Unique Fall’s World “in miniature”! Crispy pastel–colored leaves are cuddled up to each other lying onto the pavement or bustling around your branded booties in the fall’s air–flows! Fall season ALWAYS “HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL” for you. Something that is usually unnoticed. You are Here in the “FALL SEASON TIMELINE”! TAKE the “GLIMPSE INSIDE”! You will be AMUSED HOW MANY MIRACLES HAPPEN THERE! DOESN’T THAT SOUND CAPTURING?

Sparkling season, doesn’t it? BUT this SPARKLING SEASON brings not only Sparkles but also some Issues. And the major issues that are closely associated with the Fall Season are the COLD and FLU… AND…These both UNDESIRABLE to happen HEALTH–EPISODES are DANGEROUS WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT.

(1) Why Catching Flu is So Dangerous When Pregnant?

The flu [Influenza] is an EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS respiratory disease caused by influenza viruses. It is transmitted through the tiny droplets in the air flows when infected ones are talking, sneezing or coughing from as far as six feet away! Even if you had a PERFECT IMMUNE SYSTEM before pregnancy, it wouldn’t be PERFECT and BOOSTED while you are expecting your tiny bundle [bundles]. Wondering WHY?

Pregnancy literally “DESIGNS” the DRAMATIC CHANGES in your immune system as your fetus–Dude or Fetus–Lady or…YAY, several ones “SET the NIGHT–MODE” of your immune system! The immunologically foreign fetus accurately “INCRUSTS” INSIDE and grows! Considering that the fetus can survive despite the maternal immune system, pregnancy thus seems to be an immunological paradox! In other words, the tiny FETUS to STAY ALIVE INSIDE “SWITCHES OFF” your immune system!

These alterations, unfortunately, make your immune system weak to the flu when expecting… And catching fly during flu season may lead to hospitalization. The flu complications include not only dehydration, miscarriage, and preterm labor. There is also the data that flu may lead to the fatal situation – to the death both of mother–to–be and tiny fetus, if the SYMPTOMS are NEGLECTED, and MEDICAL RECOMMENDATIONS to be hospitalized are IGNORED. THEREFORE it is of VITAL IMPORTANCE to CALL your DOCTOR if you noticed the Flu Symptoms. Even if you think that it is JUST a COLD, do not hesitate – call your Doctor immediately!

The flu is an EXTREMELY INFECTIOUS DISEASE! If you see someone is sneezing or coughing near you – move on! There is no guarantee that this person has just a cold! If you came home and FEEL SICK, call your Doctor immediately!

AVOID the Public Places during the FLU SEASON. Someone came to Prenatal Yoga Class sneezing – it is better not to start it, GO HOME! Someone is coughing near you in the Clothes Boutique – move away and GO OUTSIDE IMMEDIATELY! Your HEALTH is a PRECIOUS thing as you are not alone: you have the TINY FETUS!

(2) FLU Symptoms? Are there FLU RED FLAGS?

Flu season comes around every Multicolored Fall season and every Sparkling Winter season. But have you ever wondered what the flu is? By medical definition, the flu is a contagious respiratory disease caused by different influenza viruses. And we all know that. But have you ever wondered HOW to NOTICE the early flu symptoms?

(I) A Sore Throat is one of FLU’s RED FLAGS. Imagine you entered the Office and all your colleagues were EXTREMELY SICK! You stayed there JUST for ten minutes BUT… You came home and feel that your throat hurts too much. Sometimes Flu starts with EXTREMELY SORE THROAT. The throat hurts so much that all your thoughts are around your throat and nothing else.

(II) A Runny nose can also be one of the FLU’s RED FLAGS. If the nose is running and running and you also noticed that you have a sore throat and the head and body aches, – it can be FLU.



Feeling extremely tired? Almost exhausted? No amount of sleep can treat this? You have already fallen asleep and waked up “TOO HOT”? Take your THERMOMETER and measure your basal body temperature. If you glanced at your thermometer and it indicates about 100°F (37.8°C) – call your Doctor or call the Ambulance without hesitation! The flu almost always causes an increase in your body temperature. It is called s FEVER. Most flu–related fevers range from a low–grade fever around 100°F (37.8°C) to as high as 104°F (40°C). Beware of this!

(V) Having a COUGH without Flu symptoms? Or having a cough with all above–listed flu RED FLAGS? Contact your Doctor immediately!

REMEMBER THESE FIVE FLU–RELATED RED FLAGS: a sore throat, runny nose, high fever, cough, head and body [muscle] aches. Noticed these red flags? Do not hesitate to call your doctor or Ambulance!

(3) Guess Who I Am: Cold or Flu? COLD Symptoms vs FLU Symptoms

A cold and the flu share many symptoms, such as a cough and runny nose. However, there are a few differences that REVEAL “WHO IS WHO”. If your symptoms are generally mild (you don’t have CHILLS, FEVER, MUSCLE ACHES, and HEADACHE), then you might have a cold. “MIGHT” as these Symptoms may come on with greater intensity and “TUNE ON” Chills, Fever, Muscle Aches and Headache.

When you have the flu, you also feel the cold symptoms [a cough, sore throat, runny nose] BUT they come on with greater intensity and with CHILLS, FEVER, MUSCLE ACHES, and HEADACHE.

COLD Symptoms:

– a sore throat;

– a runny nose;

– a cough.


– a sore throat;

– a runny nose;

– a cough that can become severe;

– chills;

– a fever;

– muscle aches;

– a joint pain;

– a headache.

(4) What Can Happen to the Fetus If You Have Flu? 

What about tiny handsome Fetus–Dude or gorgeous Fetus–Lady accurately curled up inside and waiting what will be with him/her? There is one POWERFUL INTERFACE that was exclusively designed by you and your fetus for your fetus. It is called PLACENTA. Metaphorically saying, it is the ENVELOPE for your tiny fetus. And your small bundle lives inside it.

It is known that the placenta acts as an immunological barrier between the mother–to–be and the fetus allowing them to tolerate one another. And this barrier can save your Fetus–Dude/Fetus–Lady the Life! The influenza viruses rarely cross the placenta to infect the fetus directly, BUT if it is the “BRAND–NEW BLEND” of influenza viruses, it may infect the tiny one curled up inside. The consequences may be lead to adverse or fatal outcomes, including fetal death.

DO NOT NEGLECT NEITHER COLD NOR FLU SYMPTOMS! Call your Doctor without hesitation!

(5) How to Prevent Flu? 

Schedule the appointment with your Doctor before the Flu Season. If the Flu Season is already “TUNED ON”, contact your Doctor to consult with him/her what is the best way for You to prevent this disease. Vaccines are the strongest form of immunization. And vaccination for influenza is still the most effective strategy to prevent this severe infection.

Something to Say in Conclusion? 

Colds and flu have many similar symptoms, such as a cough and runny nose. The main difference between a cold and the flu is that the flu is caused by very different virus types than a cold and the SYMPTOMS are INTENSIFIED. Came home and feeling worse and worse? Feeling “TOO HOT” in your body? MEASURE your Basal Body Temperature. If you glanced at your thermometer and it indicates about 100°F (37.8°C) – call your Doctor or call the Ambulance without hesitation! The flu almost always causes an increase in your body temperature. It is called s FEVER. Most flu–related fevers range from a low–grade fever around 100°F (37.8°C) to as high as 104°F (40°C). Beware of this! Never NEGLECT FLU RED FLAGS! How to Prevent Flu? Vaccination for influenza is still the most effective strategy to prevent this severe infection. Even if you schedule vaccination in early November, it will be a huge part of preventative care for you and your small bundle. Stay tuned and healthy!

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