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Print Posted on 03/07/2018 in Pregnancy

10 Things You Should Do for Your Pregnant Beloved – How to Be a Perfect Husband

10 Things You Should Do for Your Pregnant Beloved – How to Be a Perfect Husband

Being in an absolutely new status ‘a new father’, you are probably overwhelmed with many sparkling emotions, but one of the main ones might be helplessness. What is your role in her pregnancy? How can you show her that you love her, support her and care for her? What should you do to make her FEEL gorgeous? Here there are 10 things you should do for your pregnant beloved to help her get through the pregnancy.

(1) Be Affectionate

Your relationship is beautiful. Your relationship is cordial. Your relationship is unique. She is the one who intellectually, spiritually, and philosophically makes you think, and realize that you actually know about the love and relationship sometimes is absolutely wrong. She is the one who is utterly respectful — and while she may disagree with you, she will utmost respect you for your opinions and not be judgmental (even if you are a little “off”). She is the person with a passion. Every time you are glancing at her, even furtively, you are noticing that PASSION in her gorgeous eyes. You can see it there. It is a fire which burns in her, and you always can see it, because it makes her glittering eyes languorous. It cannot be hidden or ignored. Let her be gorgeous. Let her feel GORGEOUS. Listen to her words. Never neglect her feelings. Compliment her all the time. Hold her wrists. Hug her passionately. Let her cuddle up to you. Let her FEEL that delicate unbreakable emotional connection between you and her.

(2) Listen to her words, and be very sensitive to her feelings

She is the one who supports your dreams, passions, visions, and inspirations. You are the one who always steps back and who will step back and let her shine. You both are authentic and unique. You both love each other with the same fire in your souls. Let her tell you about everything she fears, she loves, or she wants, unashamedly and unhindered. Instead of shying away from her weird fear tendencies, embrace her feelings and her fears. Listen to her words and be very sensitive to her feelings. Because you are the one who sparkles so many glittering emotions inside her soul. Because you are the one whose touch and affection she truly loves and admires. Because you are the one whose eyes are so deep. Because you are the one whose voice is so comforting. Because you are the one in whose passionate hugs she is never embarrassed, and always at ease even with tearful eyes, even when she is breathing hard, even when she is trembling, even if she is hugged in the hugging–from–behind. When you listen to her and hold her close and that’s enough and for the first time to soothe her, and there isn’t pressure to do anything more. And she forgets what it was like to be a bundle of nerves as her vision refocuses, so she feels the utmost delicate sensation of the hidden beauty, the hidden gorgeousness, and the hidden perfectness inside your and her soul. Everything that was emotional, confusing, embarrassing, even heartbreaking is forgotten in your hugs. Only the intriguing conversation that can go on forever and never lose its spark or its meaning, only languorous dark eyes that permeate through her thoughts, only the language of the eyes that penetrates through her soul are left. Nothing to wonder about, nothing to worry about, nothing to be anxious about.

(3) Reassure Her

You may consider that pregnancy is a magical thing. She looks absolutely gorgeous with languorous glittering eyes, the cascade of brown curls and wonderful curling smile, she is really glowing from inside, oh, no, she is sparkling brightly, and it is vividly visible, and her bump shape is so accurate, so wonderful. But it doesn’t always feel that way. Undoubtedly, she wants to feel beautiful every step of the way as your baby grew inside her as everyone seems to think she is. But you just couldn’t get there mentally. She feels enormous being in her pregnant body, not gorgeously beautiful. Your beloved may keep her pregnancy ‘glow’ to cope with her anxiety, confusion or embarrassment because she knows that the little sweetie is beautiful. Your task is to make this time less stressful for her. When she is confused, embarrassed or frustrated –– REASSURE HER. Remind her that she is beautiful. Remind her that she is gorgeous. Remind her that she is unique. Remind her that you will be there to help her to cope with her anger, frustration, pain, sufferings, –– with any situation she will be faced to.

(4) Reduce her stress

You are the one who always considers her emotions and feelings as valid. You are the one who always shares all her thoughts, problems and secrets. You are the one who will drop everything if she calls you up in tears because her comfort is more important to you than finishing your affairs. You are the one who listens to her for hours, even if her words are indecipherable through her sobs. You are the one who comforts her in the moments when she wants to scream all the hurt out and she doesn’t have to pretend that everything is wonderful. You watched each other grow, shaping into new people. You thought thoughts at the same time as if something invisible had tied your hearts and minds together You both remember the past fondly and see the present clearly. Now you are both waiting for the small bundle of joy. Everything seems glowing, glittering, and sparkling, BUT sometimes feelings in her soul bring her destruction to a whole. Sometimes she loses control in everything and cannot explain you why. Because she is too confused to talk about that. Reduce her stress. CONVERSATION is the best way to cope with any situation. CONVERSATION reveals VERBALLY everything that is envisioned, considered, and supposed. CONVERSATION with you, even if it is held in a whisper, is something inspiring, something that makes her think in a different way than she ever has before, but without ever losing sight of herself and of who she is, something that helps her to stop worrying about most of the things she considers hideous.

(5) Buy the books, the magazines (or download the apps) about pregnancy and babies

There are a billion to choose from, so put some thought into it and get the books that suit your personality. Then read them. Pick ONE chapter, read it, then spend five minutes thinking of something mildly interesting or intuitive to say about it. This will send a clear message that your brain is moving toward the reality that’s about to be pushed out into your world. She can’t avoid this reality – it’s living inside her body. This small gesture is a sign of your empathy.

(6) Accompany her to the first ultrasound and doctor appointments

She will be really scared at having her first ultrasound with her large–headed baby who is curled up inside. He was nailing this. She will feel nothing but pure fear, and then the realization of her fear will scare her even more. She will feel neither the unbreakable emotional connection with her a tiny fetus who is curled up inside nor she will feel the purest delight because now she is ‘mom–to–be’. She will be just more terrified than ever. There is going to be her own personal little one in the world now and she is completely responsible for this small bundle of joy. She will just lay down looking over at the tech like she is supposed to be filled with advice for her but then the tech will just say, “Well, there it is. Your typical human variety baby.” Ultrasound monitoring of the growing fetus is of vital importance, and sometimes it is confusing, embarrassing and painful experience for her –– sometimes it is painful enough to make her tears stream down her face and into her incredibly flattering hospital gown, but the tech will keep her focus on the black and white screen by her side. Your role is to assist her not only to the first ultrasound monitoring but also to the all the ultrasounds and nearly all doctor’s appointments, to whisper her the most delicate and cordial soothing words, to hold her wrists, and to hug her so close to you.

(7) Make her sleep comfortable 

The usual evening scenario starts by tossing and turning. She lays on the bed amongst the wonderful pastel–colored pillows, fighting that halfway state between her dreams and her reality. She rearranges her seven pastel–colored pillows several times. Then she Hugs her pillows tightly. After that, she Cuddles up to three of them close. Sooner, she Tries laying on her right side, then left, then back to right, then back to the left. In a glimpse, she Kicks the blankets to the edge of the bed and then discovers that she is freezing, so she pulls them back up to her shoulders and burrows. As her subconscious loses, she concludes that she must get up out of your bed. Because there is no comfortable position for her to sleep. But still, she feels the soft silk material of the sheets and the heavenly sensation of her warm feet wrapped in your blankets. So, she Rolls over into a perfect pastel–colored warm cocoon and it is also uncomfortable sleeping position because of her gorgeously hugged (by her hand) big bump. Just ten more minutes, it is not so long, she begs her body to try to feel comfortable in this sleep position. But it turns uncomfortable in three minutes, and she gets up to sit on the bed. There is no ideally comfortable sleeping position for her, therefore, YOUR ROLE here is to help her arrange pillows around her body and make her comfortable. To curl her up in a blanket if she feels that she is freezing a little bit. To help her cuddle up to you and fall asleep. 

(8) Help her with her routine cleaning of the apartment

If you watch as the petals burst to the surface, as if they had given it their best effort, but couldn’t hold back confessing how desperately they missed breathing—how achingly they wanted to be considered worthwhile again, do yourself a favor and never ask her to change this wonderful bouquet, because it is extremely difficult for her to bend over her gorgeous bump and collect those petals before she can put your other bouquet into that vase. Cleaning is exhausting for her. Therefore, help her with cleaning, or, better, do it yourself. Dedicating a whole afternoon to really cleaning your apartment, the kind of cleaning which you don’t often do but which always makes you feel like a much better person when it’s done. The kind where you just sit back with her and you both admire how clean and fresh and organized everything feels.

(9) Help her to do the shopping 

Being a man, you do want her to be elegant, you do want her to be stylish, you do want her to have many wonderful even divine outfits to emphasize her gorgeous beauty. Loads of them. High waisted, flowing vanilla–colored dresses with pearls, loose nude tulle dresses, champagne–colored dresses with long sleeves, the dresses that have some characteristics of an outer tunic. Invite her to go shopping with you. Let it be something wonderful. Something inspiring. Something capturing. Full of voluminous silhouettes made with clouds of diaphanous fabric trimmed with gorgeous soft shimmer lace. Something that accurately and gorgeously outlines the bump, making a strong accent on it. And do not forget to invite her to the shopping every two weeks (JUST NOTE DOWN in your iPhone calendar planner the reminding ‘SHOPPING’ and set active for EVERY TWO WEEKS), as honestly speaking, whatever your pregnant beloved does or does not consume, her body will expand almost immediately. Thanks to all the water she is destined to retain, her couture clothes will stop fitting her as early as being only six weeks pregnant even though the embryo inside her is only the size of a blueberry at that stage and most probably her regular 34th size won’t fit her in a couple of weeks. To blend well with the season of early spring, white and cream are suitable for the dress. Considering of the cold weather, longer gowns are recommended, and a fancy and snazzy outfit can be added as well. And, do not forget to choose also a pair of comfortable shoes the gorgeous design, she can show off.

(10) Help her to put on her socks and shoes (or boots), and tie her shoes (boots)

Soon she will lose the luxury of being able to touch her feet and to glance at her toes. Soon she will forget giving herself a pedicure, tying her shoes, or putting her socks on. And the following words which seem to sound unreal: “Do you remember those days when you used to be able to glance at your toes? No, neither do I” will turn into the reality. The struggle will be real, especially starting from the seventh month, when she will be teared up in frustration. You can prevent her anger because of the socks struggle or shoes struggle by helping her to put on her socks and shoes (or boots) and tie her shoes (boots). Just DO this without any comments. 


Your relationship is a beautiful blend of an aspiration, compassion, sympathy, deep emotional connection to one another, delicate tandem of passion and a gorgeousness of its expression, glowing bundle of wonder, intimacy, unsolved mystery, delicately scented air flows, bouquet of tightly closed pastel–colored flower–buds which are nearly unfolding, sweep whisper of delicacy, soothing words of the wistful glances, the moment when you hug her so close to him. Care is always closely associated with affection, sympathy, and tolerance. The very first thing you should start CARING about HER: is the conversation. She should always know that you are listening and hearing her. She should always know that you are trustworthy. She should always know that she is not alone, and you will be on her side whatever happens. This is your TIME to SHOW HER your LOVE and CARE.

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