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20 brilliant gift ideas for New Year’21

20 brilliant gift ideas for New Year’21

December is one of the most anticipated months of the year. Envisaged or nope, It Brings Something Special. Something that cannot be completely described by the words. Something that cannot be shown by the visual content. Something that cannot be heard when listening to the whispers, conversations, or music. December brings the Vibrant Atmosphere, Vibrant Beauty, Vibrant Colors, Vibrant Conversations, Vibrant Feelings, Vibrant Fragrances, Vibrant Notes, Vibrant Glances, Vibrant Smiles, Vibrant Touches, Vibrant Hugs, Vibrant Dreams, Vibrant Thoughts, Vibrant Embracing of yourself, and everything... The Fragrances are transformed into Subtle, Sweet, and Enveloping. The Cold Fresh Airflows bustling around are scented with Special Holiday Notes creating the Sparkling Nectar. The top notes of bitter almond, heart notes of orange blossom and sambac jasmine, and base notes of sandalwood, oud, vanilla, and white musks are transformed into One Beautifully Purposeful Bundle of Special Scents. Beautiful seems to make you Feel Cocooned and Evoked in the Miracle. Purposeful seems to make you Believe that this Miracle is Part of Your Story. Every tiny thing Becomes Special. The whispered words become Special. The cheers and congrats become Special. Every little smile becomes Special and warmer. Every furtive glance has a special touch of flirt and sensation. 


Say the Blurring ‘Hello’ to Winter Holiday Season 2021! The Magic of New Year’21 is Bustling in the cold December’s airflows. It has already Bundled Up, worn its’ ‘Booties’21’, and is coming closer and closer every moment leaving its branded footprint on the crispy snow. Just 24 hours of 2020 are left before the First Crispy Morning (January 01) of the New Sparkling 2021 year. Explore this warm, cocooning, and sensational Holiday Season in its full mode!


(1) Sharing 20 brilliant Gift Ideas for Festive Season’21.


● (1) Gift Cards — most of the Boutiques, Stores, and Studios offer Classic Gift Cards for everything and everyone.

● (2) E–Gift Cards (Digital Gift Cards) — no–contact virtual transaction and virtual transfer of the Digital Gift Card to the person you would love to surprise. 


● (3) Unusual Holiday Season Greeting Cards (New Year Cards, Holiday Season Cards) with your unique handmade touch.


● (4) Winter Holiday Season bouquet (XXS–XXXL–sized) made of fresh flowers, Protea, pine branches, Nobilis branches, winter berries, aromatic vanilla sticks, tiny jewel–toned, pearl–toned, ivory–toned, pastel–beige toned, rose–gold–toned, champagne–toned, light–golden–‘blonde’–toned, golden–bronze–toned, pastel–gold–toned, and warm–mocha toned sparkling glass Christmas balls, scented with warm fragrance blend composed of aromas of mandarin orange and bitter orange sparkle in the top notes against a heart of delicate, powerful, cocooning, warm, and powdery neroli, glittering and sensual mystical sambac jasmine, accentuating the opulence of white flowers over a base of vibrant, delicate, and radiant patchouli, flirty amber, Powdery, sweet, and surprising vanilla, and dynamic musky notes. 


● (5) Holiday Season Box filled with XXS–XXL round–bounded voluminous Christmas Wreath made of the Nobilis or Pine and Eucalyptus (or even 2 Holiday Wreaths made in different sizes), tiny and medium–sized glowing Christmas balls in pastel color palette (the capsule pastel collection of ivory–tinted, pearl–tinted, pure–diamond–tinted, caramel–tinted, light–ash–blonde–tinted, lightest–blonde tinted, golden–blonde tinted, medium–champagne–tinted, hot–toffee–tinted, sparkling–amber–tinted, golden–bronze–tinted, and rose–gold tinted, pastel ones covered with the multicolored glitter, and 3 huge, golden–blonde colored, glass holiday balls), classic Garland, the blend of the Designer holiday bows made of beautiful cream satin, guipure, tulle, lace, organza, ribbon, crystals, and lavish ultra–dramatic pearl accents of different sizes and different colors from the core pastel palette, the beaded accessories, gorgeous lace, tiny, medium–sized, and huge Sadowski jewels, the glimmering removable crystal ‘brooches’, Festive lights, Holiday melodies, Fragrance Layered Holiday Candles (Lime Basil & Mandarin; Basil & Neroli; Pomegranate Noir, Peony & Blush Sued; Peony & Blush Suede; Orange Blossom; Velvet Rose & Oud; Amber & Patchouli), Lime Basil & Mandarin travel candle, and the small bottle (or set of bottles for the seamless creation of the Unique Holiday Scent) filled with layering Holiday fragrance you love (Refreshing pine; Dramatic orange; Endearing mandarin; Cocooning coconut; Bold, chic, and stirring patchouli; Mysterious, creamy, and enchanting neroli; Vibrant, unique, and captivating jasmine sambac; Glittering, charismatic, and seductive vanilla; Enveloping, charismatic, and flirty musky notes). 


● (6) Fragrance Layered Candles’ Holiday Set: vibrant Cedarwood Virginia Essence, burnt Guaiac Wood Essence, and silky–soft Vanilla Absolute; Rose Damascena Essence, woody Haitian Vetiver, the musky–amber of Ambrox and intoxicating Patchouli Essence; Bergamot Essence, glowing Orange Blossom Absolute and exalted Ylang Ylang extra; Jasmin Sambac Absolute; Peony & Jasmine; Neroli, Bergamot, notes of Smoky Tea, Myrrh & Oud.


● (7) Meditation Set: the pastel Yoga Mat, Fragrance Layered Candles’ holiday set, Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Velvet Meditation Yoga Cushion Round, Yoga Clothing, and meditation music.


● (8) Holiday Season Tea Ceremony Set: XXS–sized Holiday Bouquet with decorated Nobilis/pine branch and a tiny vase for it, 2 uniquely shaped ivory teacups, a teapot, and a sugar bowl in voluminous knitted cup holders beaded with pastel–beige pearls, beads, jewels, and ribbons; 2 teaspoons; the natural black tea, dry cranberry, an orange, some marshmallows, and a bar of chocolate. 


● (9) Holiday Season Coffee Ceremony Set: a decorated Holiday Wreath, a cezve, 2 uniquely shaped ivory coffee mugs, a coffee–pot, and a sugar bowl in voluminous knitted cup holders beaded with pastel–beige pearls, beads, jewels, and ribbons; 2 coffee spoons; espresso (or cappuccino, mochaccino, macchiato, latte, frappe, etc. in sticks), some milk, XXS– to S–marshmallows, some sliced almonds, chocolate crumb, some sugar or jam, some whipped cream, the biscuits, and a bar of chocolate.


● (10) Holiday Boutique Gift Sets — Holiday Set for Beauty Rituals, Holiday Skincare Set designed for making the skin more beautiful, Holiday Makeup Set compelled for transforming your look into a radiant, Holiday Fragrance Set in a luxurious and graphic special box which includes a gorgeous luxurious vanity case to take your beauty care/skincare/makeup routine with you wherever you go. Add an ultra–tiny Christmas Wreath and pastel–toned balls, Holiday Card, Winter Bouquet, or scented candles for making your special Holiday Touch warmer, and the First Visual Impression More Charming and Cordial. 


● (11) Holiday Fragrance or even Haute Holiday Fragrance. Choose any Fragrance you love the most for being yours or being gifted. Aerial, celestial, pure, and infinite. Appealing, mysterious, and surprising. Sparkling, vibrant, and noble. Joyful, sensual, and timeless. Glowing, invigorating, and mischievous. Dynamic, assertive, and seductive. Transparent, luminous, and sparkling. Refined, fresh, and charming. Joyous, luminous, and captivating. Contrasting, dynamic, and surprising. Intimate, sparkling, and sensual. Fresh, cocooning, and sensual. Sophisticated, spellbinding, and powdery. Mysterious, balanced, and velvety. Authentic, intimate, and enchanting. Strong, free, and sensual. floral, radiant, and delicate. Audacious, radiant, and sensual. Harmonious, spellbinding, and embracing. Effervescent, delectable, and refreshing. Warm, comforting, and sensual. Floriental, sparkling, and warm. Tender floriental, fresh, luminous, and cocooning. Mysterious, creamy, and enchanting. Contrasted, powerful, and smooth. Precious, enveloping, cocooning, and endearing. Powerful, warm, and powdery. Glittering, charismatic, and seductive. Vibrant, unique, and captivating. Fragrant, inspiring, flirty, and embracing. Transparent, luminous, and sparkling. Delicate, radiant, and sensual. Oriental, airy, and radiant. Bold, chic, and stirring. Enveloping, charismatic, and flirty. Alluring, delicate, and luminous. Subtle, sweet, and enveloping. Powdery, delicate, and radiant. Dynamic, impertinent, and charming. Powdery, sweet, and surprising. Luminous, enhancing, and contrastive. Vibrant, unexpected, and stunning. Voluptuous, sensual, and spellbinding.


It can be a luminous creamy neroli, beautifully enhanced by captivating bergamot, which is contrasted with sparkling notes of smoky tea, myrrh, and dark woods (oud). The contrast between the luminescence of neroli and the obscurity of much darker and more mysterious notes makes your fragrance ‘footprint’ unique and sensual. 


It can be an intoxicating, addictive, and luminous golden vanilla fragrance that dazzles you with its multi–layered ‘architecture’ and incredible splendor. Vibrant and unexpected golden vanilla droplets glitter, glow, and glimmer on your skin and hear. A stunning composition in which each note evokes the warmest feelings and vibrant memories, with its liquor notes of cedarwood. Woody Oriental Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, and frankincense. Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, jasmine, and ylang–ylang. Base notes: vanilla, and benzoin. All in one beautifully powerful ‘bundle’. 


It can be a warm and pure floral scent with hints of delicate orchid that blend with notes of rose, white musk, and precious cedarwood. Or light and fresh honey fragrance that is ‘preconfigured’ for sparkle on your skin. 


It can be a bustling tandem of flowers and bergamot which whips up the top notes with a breeze of pure freshness. The heart can be warmed by enveloping and delicately powdery notes of sambac jasmine, and mysterious notes of rose. And in its ‘cores’ it can be vanilla, rounded balmy notes, and the warmth of tonka bean accentuate a sensual symphony for the dry–down.


It can be a Holiday Fragrance Set created for aesthetes in search of the unique scents created by blending the ‘core’ fragrances and extra ones for making their Special Scent themselves — dazzling, sensual, and captivating, or luminous, enveloping, and enchanting fragrance full of contrasts. Or, maybe, a subtle blend of balmy scents, rich in contrasting facets, with strong accents. Let them be their own ‘DevOps’. 


● (12) Holiday Capsule Collection. Any Capsule Collection you can envisage in your mind. It can be the ‘beauty capsule’ (like the limited–edition beauty ritual essentials with and make–up holiday collection; the outfit capsule collection with casual to special outfit items; online and offline courses (the core to Pro course(s) all–in–one bundle or several bundles compliable with each other enabling you to ‘build’ the special full course like the business course, IT–DevOps course, marketing and targeting course, SEO course, choreo course, etc.).


● (13) Holiday Make–Up & Hair Done Gift Card. Most of the Beauty Salons, Beauty Studios, Beauty Bars, and Beauty boutiques offer an extensive range of Gift Cards with various services enabling you to get exactly what you want from the person who knows you best. Or to make the Brilliant Gift for the person you love and would like to amuse. 


● (14) Jewelry. Ring, earrings, bracelets, necklace... branded or Designer. Any color, shape, and material. Golden ring with Diamond. White Golden Ring. Massive ring with jewels. Beaded necklace. Jewel bracelets. Beaded bracelets with jewels. Your imagination is not limited here. Just select the brilliant way to pack your Gift. 


● (15) Holiday Photoshoot(s). One–hour, several hours, or even one–day–day long. All–inclusive capsule mode selected from the Studio’s services list or something amazing and unpredictable. Choose the mode, the timeframe, and the space for making some classic holiday season photos and videos. Or synchronize several brilliant ideas and ‘allocate’ them in 2+ photoshoots. 


● (16) Holiday brunch or lunch in the Cafeteria or Restaurant filled with the festive atmosphere & festive scents. Just think how warm, cocooning, and sparkling it can be! Christmas decorations, the fragrance of fresh pine, the sparkling pastel Christmas balls, the miniatures of Holiday Gifts, and special holiday accessories added to everything. A cup ‘wrapped in a knitted holiday powder–colored woolen cardigan’ of delicious hot cocoa drink with marshmallows or Exquisite Italian dessert tiramisu in high glass cup wrapped around with a knitted miniature Designer’s Holiday Scarf in the blend of the festive tints like mint, tiffany, and golden sparkles. 


● (17) A wristwatch, a planner, a notebook, a smart calendar, and the essentials for writing, planning, creating, and being the ‘DevOps’ of the personal Roadmap. Writing the goals and timeframing the prognostic results is a smart tool for following your Dreams and allocating them through the year. Furthermore, making the notes transforms the simple desire into the multi–cored one enabling you to achieve much more as adding something new, or detaching something non–relevant modulates the new, more powerful version of the result. 


● (18) Workshop on Christmas wreaths, Christmas tree mini/mini–Pro, winter bouquets, holiday decorations, and holiday accessories. Most of the Floral Bars, Floral Studios, and Floral Boutiques publish an extensive schedule with the workshops or even holiday courses in private mode (for one person), dual–mode (for two participants), triple–mode (for three participants), and group mode (4–10+ participants), and a vast Pro line of Gift Cards enabling the participation. The only thing is to select the ‘volume’, timeframe, and the workshop, book it, purchase the Gift Card, and create the holiday look for it by enveloping it in a festive case or paper. The atmosphere of Creativeness, Joy, and Miracle is Guaranteed. 


● (19) Workshop on meditation in the respectable yoga studio for both. Cocooning and soothing atmosphere that converts the anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, and the other hard emotions into inspiration, delight, and self–love. Meditation is a mystical thing with high potency. Choose the time and space for this brilliant experience. Fueled by knowledge, powered by the leading experts in meditation. 


● (20) Booking the education/meditation/yoga/ballet/choreography/floral/makeup/hair done Session for the Holiday Season, or purchasing the Full Course Gift Card. Offline–, online–, and hybrid mode is available in most Bars, Studios, and Boutiques. Make the research through several identical Bars, Studios, and Boutiques’ Sessions and Courses’: the offered programs of the classes, workshops, and full mode sessions. Discuss with their Representatives the terms and conditions they have for the Session(s) or Course(s) you would like to purchase the Gift Card for. Select the mode of the Gift Card — classic one or digital, and the mode of Giving — complimentary delivery by post or virtual transfer to the inbox. By the way, the Digital Gift Card can be as Wonderful Gift as Classic One. Especially, if the Bar, Studio, or Boutique is Global or located abroad. 


Something to say in conclusion? 

The Magic Season of Giving Gifts is upon us. As We Prep. to Give and Receive Gifts and Share Extra Time with Loved Ones, It Is an Amazing Time for envisaging the tiniest and cocooning details, the warmest and seamless moments, and powerfully purposeful ‘architecture’ of the holiday timeframe. Inspired by thinking what will be the most Stunning Gifts or just need some inspiration to push your imagination limits away? Or maybe you need some extra ideas? We have chosen 20 Gifts Every Person will be Amazed to Receive. You can attach, detach, drag, drop, compile, transform, or modulate the ‘features’, ‘extras’, or ‘cores’ of the proposed Gift Ideas in the way you love as you are the only person who knows you and your loved ones the best.

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