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Print Posted on 02/28/2018 in Pregnancy

5 Best Gifts for Your Pregnant Beloved, Which She Will Be Amazed to Receive

5 Best Gifts for Your Pregnant Beloved, Which She Will Be Amazed to Receive

You may consider that pregnancy is magical thing. She looks absolutely gorgeous with languorous glittering eyes, the cascade of brown curls and wonderful curling smile, she is really glowing from inside, oh, no, she is sparkling brightly, and it is vividly visible, and her bump shape is so accurate, so wonderful. But it doesn’t always feel that way. Undoubtedly, she wants to feel beautiful every step of the way as your baby grew inside her as everyone seems to think she is. But you just couldn’t get there mentally. She feels enormous being in her pregnant body, not gorgeously beautiful. Your beloved may keep her pregnancy ‘glow’ to cope with her anxiety, confusion or embarrassment because she knows that the little sweetie is beautiful. Your task is to make this time less stressful for her. This time should become your endless actionable inspiration. Wondering what should you start with? Embarrassed? Intrigued? You should start with presenting her an INVITATION CARD for the DATE. Yes, exactly that. To blend well with the season of early spring, white, cream, crimson, purple and chocolate hues are suitable for the invitation card. Sign it inside with date, time and place, envelope it elegantly, tight it with lace and ‘forget’ it on her bedside table, so, when she wakes up in the morning she will catch a glimpse of it. 

(1) Inspiring Winter Bouquet of Pastel–Colored Flowers

You shouldn’t wait for the special occasion to present her the delicate winter bouquet of pastel–colored flowers, you should be inspired by a single thought of glancing at her glowing eyes at the moment you are giving her this delicate bouquet and she is glancing at it, utterly amazed, utmost inspired, glittering and sparkling with delight. You shouldn’t wonder what it must be like to order flowers from one of those delivery services that promises a bouquet of your design, brought to your doorstep, at a regular interval of your choosing, you should JUST do it. You shouldn’t wonder what it must be like to choose the ideal winter flowers for the winter bouquet, you should JUST enter the flowers’ boutique. You shouldn’t wait that special moment when you have already envisioned the utmost every flower and every winter embellishment which should make your bouquet completed version of absolute gorgeousness, you should JUST start choosing. You shouldn’t compel yourself to choose something that has been already created by the florists, you should JUST listen to their commentaries and create your own bouquet.

Starting from the early December time to late February time, you have a unique opportunity to create the uniquely accented, utmost delicate winter bouquets. You can add such decoration elements as berries, coniferous evergreen branches, pinecones, snowflakes, and many, many others you closely associated with the winter season. Bright hues like crimson or purple, Glittering hues like cream or gold, Pastel hues like ivory, vanilla, or taupe, and extra color to accent the delicacy of the gorgeous flower in the central part of the bouquet. It should not be only a touch of elegance, it should be breathing, envisioning, feeling, and wrist–holding that elegance. It should be not just an elegance, it should be the OVERWHELMING ELEGANCE. It should be something inspiring, something intriguing, something unsurpassable, something gorgeous.

Fresh–cut flowers are the statement of valuing aesthetics over nearly anything else but winter season sets its own trend tendencies and establishes its own Winter bouquets’ brands. Spring season also has its own established gold standard for the Spring bouquets. And autumn dictates its own preferences how the Autumn bouquets should look like to make you not only cast a glittering glance at the bouquet, but to BREATHE, ENVISION, and FEEL the season it shapes. Now is the last winter’s February day, and tomorrow the early spring season comes. The winter bouquet is a special thing as it’s often non–floral and can be created of rather unusual materials. You can choose a glittering bouquet of rhinestones, a sparkling bouquet of jewel stones enveloped in exquisite tulle lace, a bouquet of hued fresh–cut pearl–colored flowers accented with some wild flowers, pine cones and raspberry, a bouquet of unfolded flowers and flower buds with pinecones and frosted greenery, a classic winter palette of blush and burgundy, a deep purple bouquet with accents of jewel tones, wintery evergreens tucked into a classic white bouquet, bunches of eucalyptus and deep burgundy dahlias which are the winter’s elegance. Just GOOGLE pinterest.com, type in the search line: winter wedding bouquet or spring wedding bouquet, or whatever you want, and you will be inspired by million ideas in one moment.

Not only her special occasion bouquet should be gorgeous. Every bouquet you present her with should have a touch of gorgeousness. And the gorgeousness starts from the choosing the COLOR PALETTE. Blended colors, deep pearl colors, glimmer colors, glitter colors, pastel colors, cream colors, crimson colors, mint colors, purple colors, taupe colors, gold or silver hues… Bright, Deep, Pale… Colors and their hues should be ideally chosen. The second thing you should choose is the SHAPE. The shape is essential in everything. The shape represents the essence of the beauty. Nothing is more beautiful than something accurately shaped. The shape of all the flowers you would like to be ‘included’ in your bouquet should be chosen accurately. Is there SOMETHING UNIQUE to make the strong accents, to make your bouquet glittering with elegance? Surely, and not just one something. Guipure, lace, tulle, pearls, rhinestones, and many, many other things which can give your bouquet the touch of elegance. Now is your time. Now is your time to envision. Now is your time to choose. Now is your time to create the gorgeousness of the winter bouquet.

(2) Gift Certificates for the Beauty Salon, Hairdressing Saloon, and Nail Salon 

She looks gorgeous with languorous glittering eyes, the cascade of brown curls and wonderful curling smile, she is really glowing from inside, oh, no, she is sparkling brightly, – it is vividly visible, and her bump is accurately shaped. She looks perfect, but you never know does she feels perfect being pregnant. Make her FEEL perfect. Upgrade her Beauty Style. Make her beauty sparkling brightly. Invest in several Gift Certificates for the Beauty Salon. Let the professionals outline her beauty with a metallic shadow in gold, silver or a pretty, flattering rose gold eyeshadow and a dramatic burgundy lipstick. Make her FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL. Do not forget about those brown curls. To get the more gorgeous look, invest in several hairpieces with Christmas touch, or winter touch, or spring touch and ask the hair stylist to add one of them, or maybe two or three to lock several of her curls. Honestly, you can search “hairpieces” on Etsy or specialized Hairpieces and Headpieces Boutiques and find thousands of beautiful options.

Soon she will lose the luxury of being able to touch her feet and to glance at her toes. Soon she will forget giving herself a pedicure, tying her shoes, or putting her socks on. And the following words which seem to sound unreal: “Do you remember those days when you used to be able to glance at your toes? No, neither do I” will turn into the reality. The struggle will be real, especially starting from the seventh month, when she will be teared up in frustration. Treat HER to a manicure and pedicure. Invest in several Gift Certificates for Nail Salon and present those Gift Certificates to her. Include in those Gift Certificates the manicures or the pedicures or both procedures. Elegant rings and a stylish manicure are a must. You will be holding her wrists or her hands in public, you will attend the clothing boutiques, the jewelry boutiques, the flowers’ boutiques, the perfumes’ boutiques, the cafeterias, the theatres, the photo studios, and many, many other public places. Every time you will be together in your favorite cafeteria, sitting there, holding in your hands the huge cups of almond cappuccino, and sipping it gorgeously, her hands should be attractive, her nails should be wonderfully shaped and gorgeously polished. Even the one glimpse should give the feeling of the perfection. She will have that almond cappuccino, or almond hot chocolate, won’t she? And she will want to show off the elegant ring or freshly–painted nails while she is sipping her drink.

Even if you are not inspired by the thought of spending one or two hours in the Nail Salon and you are overwhelmed with your projects which should be completed tonight, try to find the time and to attend with her the Nail Salon. The selection process of the individual polish brand is the special and unique occasion. When she finds herself flirting with a variety of colors to choose from: glittering, glowing, sparkling, glimmering, pastel–colored, classic–colored, blended–colored, gorgeously gold–colored, and many, many others, PARTICIPATE in this glitter polish selection event. Be sure, she will love the moments when you are also involved in those things she prefers, or she is passionate about. When you are commenting those couture bottles of glitter nail polish and suggesting her which you do want her to wear, you show your affection, you show that you are interested in her, you show that she is important for you. Walking out of the salon with a fresh polish, even if only to see the PERFECT color of the glitter polish is an utterly inspiring moment for her. And you want to glance at her in those little moments of her inspiration, don’t you?

Why are pedicures so essential for her? Do you remember the words that she will forget giving herself a pedicure because her bump will be gorgeously–shaped and big? Do you remember that it will be impossible for her even to glance at her toes as soon as she will be seven months pregnant? There are two main purposes of getting pedicures: to make her feet feel and look perfect and to give her a solid half an hour of exclusive pampering. It’s one thing to throw some polish on her toes when she decides to wear her sandals at the last minute, but if she is going to really go for all the scrubbing and sanding and moisturizing, doing it herself is “exhausting” (if she is under the seven month of her pregnancy) or even impossible if she is seven, eight or nine months pregnant. Therefore, pedicure should be included into your gift certificates’ list. And DON’T FORGET TO SUPPLY THE OWN MANICURE AND PEDICURE TOOLS to the manicurist and pedicurist.

(3) Gift Certificates for the Perfume Boutique

Have you ever chosen the perfumes together? Do you remember the day you both had done it for the first time? Was it Glittering spring day and you were entering the perfumes’ boutique to choose the new fragrances and you let your reality to be turned into a special occasion for an hour by whirling around yourself various fragrances, but which were more mysterious, more enchanting, and more intriguing, it was a blend of warmth and sparkles, which faded into the bright delicious warmth of the flowers? Or… Was it Sparkling spring’s evening and you were strolling down the streets somewhere? Or… Was it Christmas season’s time and all the air flows were exquisitely scented with deep, mysterious, enchanting and sensually beautiful fragrances, and you were fascinated by watching motes of dust floating through a ray of moonlight? Or was it early spring time when the air flows were still cold but scented with something gorgeous, something delicate, something elegantly sweet blossomed, and you were intrigued by the way the tiny particles would glow golden in the light just seemed to freeze time, and it was so magical? Or was it the last days of November when you were completing typing something on your laptop and suddenly was intrigued and intimidated by one ‘handsome’ fragrance which gave you that warm feeling, and it was a hazy, golden, soft focus quality to it, the feeling of sun warming your skin, that magical hour or so in the evening when the light turns everything to gold? Or was it blossoming springtime when the air flows were delicately scented, you were walking down the street to the cafeteria and breathing the whirls of the scented air, and the fragrance’s opening was very full, heady and strong, a little too strong, too glittering, and after a few minutes, it calmed right down into something absolutely gorgeous with wonderful staying power, and everything around was like a dream in its dusky, sweet, exquisiteness? Would you like her to feel UNIQUE? Would you like also to feel unique? Then, invest in several Gift Certificates for the Perfume Boutique and on the crispy March afternoon walk down the streets with her. Enter the perfumes’ boutique and choose the new scents. 

(4) Clothing Boutique and Shoe Boutique

Being a man, you do want her to be elegant, you do want her to be stylish, you do want her to have many wonderful even divine outfits to emphasize her gorgeous beauty. Loads of them. High waisted, flowing vanilla–colored dresses with pearls, loose nude tulle dresses, champagne–colored dresses with long sleeves, the dresses that have some characteristics of an outer tunic. Invite her to go shopping with you. Let it be something wonderful. Something inspiring. Something capturing. Full of voluminous silhouettes made with clouds of diaphanous fabric trimmed with gorgeous soft shimmer lace. Something that accurately and gorgeously outlines the bump, making a strong accent on it. And do not forget to invite her to the shopping every two weeks (JUST NOTE DOWN in your iPhone calendar planner the reminding ‘SHOPPING’ and set active for EVERY TWO WEEKS), as honestly speaking, whatever your pregnant beloved does or does not consume, her body will expand almost immediately. Thanks to all the water she is destined to retain, her couture clothes will stop fitting her as early as being only six weeks pregnant even though the embryo inside her is only the size of a blueberry at that stage and most probably her regular 34th size won’t fit her in a couple of weeks. To blend well with the season of early spring, white and cream are suitable for the dress. Considering of the cold weather, longer gowns are recommended, and a fancy and snazzy outfit can be added as well. And, do not forget to choose also a pair of comfortable shoes the gorgeous design, she can show off.

(5) Maternity Photoshoots with her and your participation

Research the respected and wonderful Photo Studio with experienced photographers. For having the depicted remembrances about this special time of entering the parenthood, amaze her with the Gift Certificates for several photoshoots. And intrigue her with your participation in those Maternity photo shoots like Nick Roberts did (he celebrated his girlfriend’s pregnancy with his own maternity shoot, yes, exactly that!). First, it is being totally Confused. Embarrassed. Indignant. Intimidated. Numb. Lost. First, it CONFUSES you. It EMBARRASSES you. It INTERFERES with your plans. It CANCELS something essential for you. It INTERVENES something valuable for you. It makes you BREATHLESS and NUMB. It makes you NERVOUS. It makes you SHOCKED. It makes you INSPIRED. It makes your eyes LANGUOROUS and GLITTERING. It makes your smile CURLING UP even if you want to hide it. It makes your hands TREMBLING. It makes you GLOW from inside. It makes all your gestures GORGEOUS. It makes your breath HARD. It makes your thoughts TWISTED UP. It makes your remembrances FADE. It makes you understand those GLANCES, which haven’t been GLIMPSED yet. It makes you understand those WORDS, which haven’t been UTTERED yet. It makes you understand those GESTURES, which haven’t been DEMONSTRATED yet. It makes you understand those SMILES, that haven’t been CURLED yet. It makes you understand those THOUGHTS, which haven’t been VERBALIZED yet. It makes you understand those WORDS, which are HIDDEN in the soul through the FLIRTATIOUS GLANCE, through the INTRIGUING SMILE, through a DEEP BREATH, through the DELICATE TOUCH, through the single WHISPERED WORD.


Add an element of glamour to her every day. Especially during this time when she is pregnant as it is really hard to have one curling baby twisting or sleeping inside her. Maybe that’s a new, more elegant and gorgeously–scented perfume. Maybe it’s wearing a lipstick when she normally doesn’t. Maybe it’s presenting her a unique seasonal bouquet. Maybe it’s selecting her the gorgeous dress. Maybe it’s sitting in your favorite cafeteria sipping the vanilla–scented almond cappuccino. Maybe it’s unusual maternity photo shoot with your participation like Nick Roberts. Amaze her, delight her, intrigue her, and surprise her as much as possible. Make her gorgeous this special time. Make her FEEL gorgeous this special time. Be with her during all this special time. She should FEEL that when you sit beside her, quiet, supportive and while your eyes are on your work, she should not only know BUT FEEL that your heart is on her.

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