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5 Pregnancy Features That Drives Him Crazy

5 Pregnancy Features That Drives Him Crazy

It sounds unbelievable, but to your utter surprise, he finds you excessively attractive while being pregnant. He is amazed by your growing baby bump. He is intrigued with the alterations which happen to your body. He is constantly wondering about what will be in two weeks’ time? And it all starts with “the pregnancy glow.”

(1) Your Pregnancy Glow 

Pregnancy is the time of the mysterious beauty. And this time is closely associated with the pregnancy glow. Pregnancy glow is the phenomenon, which comes along with visible signs of utter fatigue. No matter how much you are exhausted, you will still look like a glowing goddess. Your skin becomes magically perfect: its texture is soft and gorgeous, its color is pastel, or golden, or chocolate, radiating a glow perfectly from within and that highlights your face so magnificently… And he is noticing a change in your skin, be sure. Furthermore, he is noticing your cascade of brown curls down to your waist [your brown curls became strong and beautiful, you embrace them now, and it is even easy to your beloved to separate one large curl into lots of strands of smaller curls, which glitter with gold–pastel color in the gorgeous sunshine or he can just pull the curl and watch it spring back up], and a wonderful vibrant smile… nails that always look like they have been recently accurately manicured. One of the perks of being pregnant!

(2) Your Dark Gold–Brown Curls 

Has he always complimented your curls but now his compliments are so accurate, so delicate, so wonderful? Are you wondering why? Because now you have more curls than you have ever had, and your sophistication comes with the thousands of long curls in different manifestations — passionately cascading down your back, four single locks of hair over your bare shoulders, a few wonderful curls gorgeously peeking over a hairline, or those at the end of your high ponytail that temptingly swings with every walk. You feel how unique you are, because the prevalent ideal of beauty is long, cascading curly hair. You feel how thick and heavy your curls are when they fall onto your shoulders. And be sure, he loves them too. Say you have been keeping your curls in a ponytail wind with the hair–tie and locked with a solid gold barrette with ivory rhinestones. In the privacy of your room at home, you unlock your barrette and unwind the hair–tie. Your gorgeously–shaped curls fall around your back and shoulders. The tension of the day flows out of you. You notice more curls have set in your hair over the day. You suddenly look ten times more ethereal than you already were. He loves your wonderful dark gold–brown curls, especially, he loves to run his fingers through your gold–brown curls because they are so intriguingly curled, so glittering, so gorgeous, so tempting… If the visual isn’t enough, you remove your earrings and every other piece of jewelry, hair accessories, rhinestones headpieces you are wearing, and he is captured by the divine beauty of your curls…

(3) Your Extraordinary or Uniquely–Shaped Body 

He considers that your pregnancy is beautiful and magical. But it doesn’t always feel that way. Undoubtedly, you want to feel beautiful every step of the way as your small bundle grows inside you. But he just couldn’t get there mentally. You feel enormous being in your pregnant body, not gorgeously beautiful. Even if you have the thoughts that your new body–shape is so not glamorous that it hurts, and that is the truth of it. Especially staying in lingerie every morning in the middle of the bedroom and choosing the outfit. Be sure, he thinks that you don’t have the perfect body, but you have the gorgeous body. He loves your cute curves, believe me. Your curvy hips and waist, especially when you strut around in nothing but your underwear. He thinks that you have the almost perfect curvy body you need to have. Being beautiful is not just having the perfectly toned body shape. It’s more than that. REAL beauty is measured by who you are in your entirety. And he loves you because it is YOU. Your body will be reshaped so many times and he will love it every time he glances at you. Even if your imperfections are everywhere, he loves them because they are beautiful. And the perfection takes on a new meaning. Wondering why? Because it is his small bundle growing inside you. HIS own small bundle. Caught the idea?

(4) Your Bosom

Your bra size increases by at least one cup during your pregnancy…or as much as THREE cup sizes. And he will be really intrigued this fact. It is the time when the size ‘A’ becomes ‘C’, size ‘B’ becomes ‘D’, size ‘C’ becomes ‘E’, and size ‘E’ becomes who knows what… So, while your friends were blossoming into ‘C’ and ‘D’ cups, and you were stuck at an ‘A’, or barely a ‘B’ cup, it is the timeline when your bra size will increase. And their shape will be changed into more tempting, particularly your breasts will be constantly changing in shape during your pregnancy. Be sure, he has glimpsed through your lingerie wardrobe, and has noticed that the bras you have always worn are extremely tight and uncomfortable to wear now, therefore he may even propose you to go shopping for the new lingerie underneath, especially for bras with wonderful multivariate cups’ shape, made of gorgeous lace fabric or beautiful embroidered satin fabric, or trimmed with ivory lace, or adorned with champagne lace overlay, or made of organza and adorned with cascading pearls, pastel–colored bras, bright–colored bras, bras in pure ivory color, bras in cream caramel color, bras in dark chocolate color, or bras in mysterious black color. If you hear this proposal, you should say him ‘YES’.

(5) Your Baby Bump and the S–Shape of Your Spine Which is Vividly Accentuated

Your baby bump is beautiful, even if you are not showing at all. Be sure, he is amazed by your baby bump, even if it is non–visible because you look gorgeous with languorous black eyes, the cascade of brown curls and wonderful curling smile, you are really glowing from inside, oh, no, you are sparkling brightly, and it is vividly visible, and because he knows that ultimately your bump will be visible, gorgeous and shaped like a real baby bump with alive small bundle inside. The accurate bump shape ‘adds’ you the strong accent that you belong him. That you are HIS. And he dotes on your bump that shows a strong wonderful baby growing inside. Whether it is that empire waist dress of pastel–colored chiffon, intricately elegant tulle or bobbinet that flows away from your body, so you can twirl with delight, move and sit more comfortable without paying too much attention to how to sit, or those attention–capturing dresses full of voluminous silhouettes made with clouds of diaphanous fabric trimmed with gorgeous soft shimmer lace, that accurately and gorgeously outlines the bump, making a strong accent on it, he finds you very amusing. He finds you wonderful. He finds you inspiring. He finds you capturing. Especially S–Shape of Your Spine which is vividly accentuated. Embrace your new shape because he loves it so much.

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