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Print Posted on 03/05/2018 in Pregnancy

5 Things You Should Do for Your Pregnant Beloved Before Your Baby is Born

5 Things You Should Do for Your Pregnant Beloved Before Your Baby is Born

Pregnancy is a miracle. And we get that. But there are so many nuances of pregnancy that sometimes it can be a really hard time. Your beloved can be apathetic, capricious or depressed. Sometimes she will smile mysteriously with glow in her eyes. And YOUR ‘JOB’ to make this her time sparkling. It is YOUR JOB to make her blush in happiness. It should be extraordinary moments which will be turned into the vivid remembrances. Those remembrances which will make her lips curled into an amusing smile. Because it’s hard to predict when you will next head out solo with her, therefore, include these 5 Things You Should Do for Your Pregnant Beloved Before Your Baby is Born in your ‘TO DO LIST’.

[1] Flower–Inspired Days, Bouquets for Special Occasions, Seasonal Bouquets

Despite you may consider that the huge seasonally–branded Bouquet of pastel–colored flowers ‘SCREAMS’ casual and it is better to amaze her with something else, you should know that that huge Bouquet of pastel–colored flowers accents the utmost elegance of your feelings, the glow of your eyes, the glitter of your glance, the intrigue of your smile, the delicacy of your touch, the unique pattern of showing your LOVE, which only you are able to create. Flowers… So many of them… So beautiful... So confusing… So gorgeous... So different… Vibrant colors… Exclusive scents… Their grandeur, their resilience, their beauty warmly glitters with something deep, something scented, and something cordial. And every bouquet metaphorically is ‘a scented whirl of flowers’. Close up of vibrant bouquet of coral charm peony, white anemone, peach stock, peach Juliet garden rose, peach ranunculus, pink ranunculus, thistle, white majolik spray rose, lamb’s ear dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus… Every blossom metaphorically is ‘a small bottle of perfume’ that can take your breath away. Every bloom creates a warm feeling of connectedness. Tightly–closed pastel–colored peony buds, gorgeous fragrantly–scented pure white peonies, sweet–scented glamorous blush peonies, pastel–colored classic roses with beautifully looped edges, stunning cut flirty Juliet [David Austin] roses, with their abundant and gorgeously beautiful blossoms, coupled with their divine scent, which close up their flowered souls’ petal by petal to make themselves the buds again, glittering, glowing, sparkling, glimmering, pastel–colored, classic–colored, blended–colored, gorgeously gold–colored, and many, many others…

Are you Amazed? Confused? Inspired? Yes, bouquets are essential for her, therefore never neglect the ‘BOUQUET’S RULE’. You can choose a glittering bouquet of rhinestones, a sparkling bouquet of jewel stones enveloped in exquisite tulle lace, a bouquet of hued fresh–cut pearl–colored flowers accented with some wild flowers, pine cones and raspberry, a bouquet of unfolded flowers and flower buds with pinecones and frosted greenery, a classic winter palette of blush and burgundy, a deep purple bouquet with accents of jewel tones, wintery evergreens tucked into a classic white bouquet, which is the winter’s elegance. Pale pink, dusty rose, and ivory bouquet with anemones, roses, ranunculus, scabiosa, hellebores, and baby eucalyptus. Winter anemone, tulip, hydrangea, silver brunnia balls, and rose bouquet. Bouquet of anemones, ranunculus, tulips, thistle, and lambs ear. The elegant classic bouquet with pink fragrant Juliette roses and silver grey brunnia balls. A lush clutch of roses, blush ranunculus, pieris, hellebores, and dusty miller… JUST REMEMBER that Her days, especially the days of special occasions, should be ‘flowery–inspired’. Now the most gorgeous season is coming, and it has its own elegant SPRING TOUCH. Everything is gorgeously scented. Everything is enraptured in the whirls of divine spring fragrances. Basic peony scent, basic rose scent, basic ranunculus… The mix of the unique SPRING scents makes everything so special, so overwhelming with emotions, so glittering with warm feelings. Spring whirls of basic Juliette’s scent. Spring flows of gorgeous peony fragrance. And many, many others. They can suddenly change the beating of her heart to be in rhythm with yours. Even when your pregnant beloved is on the verge of breaking down in tears, they make her to hold back tears and to curl her lips into an amused smile.

Never forget to bring her or send her the seasonally–branded bouquets to remind that warm autumn season came, cold winter season came, glittering Christmas season came, gorgeously–scented spring season came. If you are looking for a trendy and elegant seasonal bouquet color for the special occasion, then you should be very attentive to the seasonal accents. A touch of elegance and seasonal stylishness should be accented with the seasonal flowers and the seasonal bouquet’s accessories. You can choose any style (modern style, romantic style, vintage style), but the gorgeous spring accent should be sparkling and noticeable. Style always shows the timeline. Sparkling spring season is unimaginable without Blushed bouquets, like Romantic silk blush peony spring bouquet perfectly accented with the Lamb’s ear. Blush is an ideal bouquet palette for the spring season. The winter season dictates its own rules, where grey and silver colors are the most inspiring and the most winter–glittering. They will look gorgeous with white snow for sure. Autumn season has perhaps the warmest palette for the flower bouquets but also insists that everything should be in glittering blush or deep purple color. Summer season whispers that all bright colors are in trend, but you also can choose the pastel colors if you wish the classic bouquet. After you have chosen the style, think about the color. What about gorgeous cream and vanilla tones? What about sparkling blush tone? What about intriguing teal tone? What about glittering grey and silver tones? If you are not sure how to choose the color palette, and how to mix the colors, ask the experienced florist to help you, because color always represents the gorgeousness. Caught the idea? Style and color should be the basis of your bouquet. After that, you should choose the shape of the flowers. Buds? Blossoms? Or, maybe, both versions? Shape always outlines the bouquet’s elegance. The combination of STYLE, COLOR, and SHAPE makes the bouquet unique, and if you add some ‘ACCESSORIES’ as the laced ribbons, guipure ribbons, ribbons beaded with rhinestones, or the stylish brooch. Amazed by the represented ideas? Just choose your favorite flowers from the lovely beauties and ask the florist to complete your bouquet in the most professional style.

[2] Invite Her on the Dates or Spontaneously Go on the Dates with Her

She is the one who is so beautiful, so charming and so cordial, that you may say, she is gorgeous. She is the one who does everything with all of her spirit behind it. Even the small things. Being with her you know that she will never make you feel like you have to hide what you’re thinking half of the time so that you don’t come across as crazy. Being with you she knows that you will never accuse her of being overly emotional or dramatic whenever she allows herself to be vulnerable and expresses the way she has been feeling. And you both are completing each other so perfectly, that you can interpret what she is feeling by her unuttered words, and she can interpret what you are feeling listening to your breath.

It is difficult to predict when you will next head out solo with her. Therefore, take the advantage of this time and invite her on the special dates or spontaneously go on the dates with her. Send Her the wonderful blush bouquet with the Enveloped Invitation Card to go on a date. You may also ‘create the ideal date’ by making several dates unforgettable, unique and special. There are many versions of an unforgettable date which can leave her feeling inspired, spellbound, and permanently smiling. This is the type of date that will keep the momentum of cordial connection going through putting the accents of charm and romance into the dating. The elements which surprise and create the feeling of mystery and intrigue. Something beautiful. Something cordial. Something extraordinary.

Ballet performance, theatre performance, or just walking down the streets can be unimaginably intriguing and wonderful. Still wondering is it possible to make these routing types of dating extraordinary? Then, there are several versions for you to disrupt this mental stereotype. 

Leave your beloved without concluding the conversation. 

Be gorgeously looking. Be perfect. Be charismatic. Leave the person you love alone in the cafeteria and go. Let it be an imperfect, incomplete, and inconclusive date. Let this date to be perfect, complete, and conclusive only the next time. Every imperfect, incomplete, and inconclusive date should be completed by the next one. Let this date to be emotional, confusing, embarrassing, even heartbreaking. Leave the intriguing conversation that can go on forever and never lose its spark or its meaning. Leave the admiring glance you caught while drinking your hot chocolate. Leave the language of the eyes that penetrates through your soul. Leave these languorous dark eyes that permeate through your thoughts. Leave these wonderful eyes you were exchanging glances with. Give a wistful glance at your wristwatch and go. Give a furtive glance at your beloved and leave. Steal a glance at him while turning around. Have a glimpse of his silhouette and disappear. Leave the bond that somehow felt like magic without uttering a single word with curling smile. Then write the message you do want to a have a date in that small coffee–shop down the street.

Run away for several hours and ‘get lost’ in the streets. 

Run away from your feelings, run away from your intentions, run away from your wishes, run away from the beauty, run away from the harmony of what could be. From the likelihood of finding the one love you have been looking for. Run away from the delicate touch that softened your heart again, from the beautiful smile that made you forget your pain, from the charming voice that resounded in your soul with a special glow, from the gorgeous eyes that got you lost in another world. Run away from something insanely fascinating. Run away from wonder. Run away and intrigue. Run away down the streets, let those eyes to follow you also, find the place you have never been in to spend an hour sitting there and conversing. After that run away down the streets, let that touch to follow you. Run inside some beautiful boutique and stay there both half an hour conversing. Run away from there down the streets. Let that voice and smile to follow you. Run inside the chocolate cafeteria, spend an hour sitting there and eating some chocolate. Caught the idea? Intriguing dates, Romantic dates, Passionate dates, dates with Philosophical ideas, – everything can be turned into something extraordinary. 


(3) Maternity Photoshoots with Her and Your Participation

Research the respected and wonderful Photo Studio with experienced photographers. For having the depicted remembrances about this special time of entering the parenthood, amaze her with the Gift Certificates for several photoshoots. And intrigue her with your participation in those Maternity photo shoots like Nick Roberts did (he celebrated his girlfriend’s pregnancy with his own maternity shoot, yes, exactly that!). First, it is being totally Confused. Embarrassed. Indignant. Intimidated. Numb. Lost. First, it CONFUSES you. It EMBARRASSES you. It INTERFERES with your plans. It CANCELS something essential for you. It INTERVENES something valuable for you. It makes you BREATHLESS and NUMB. It makes you NERVOUS. It makes you SHOCKED. It makes you INSPIRED. It makes your eyes LANGUOROUS and GLITTERING. It makes your smile CURLING UP even if you want to hide it. It makes your hands TREMBLING. It makes you GLOW from inside. It makes all your gestures GORGEOUS. It makes your breath HARD. It makes your thoughts TWISTED UP. It makes your remembrances FADE. It makes you understand those GLANCES, which haven’t been GLIMPSED yet. It makes you understand those WORDS, which haven’t been UTTERED yet. It makes you understand those GESTURES, which haven’t been DEMONSTRATED yet. It makes you understand those SMILES, that haven’t been CURLED yet. It makes you understand those THOUGHTS, which haven’t been VERBALIZED yet. It makes you understand those WORDS, which are HIDDEN in the soul through the FLIRTATIOUS GLANCE, through the INTRIGUING SMILE, through a DEEP BREATH, through the DELICATE TOUCH, through the single WHISPERED WORD.

(4) Make the Time for You Both Cordial, Warm and Unforgettable. Make Her Small Moments Special

She is the one who supports your dreams, passions, visions, and inspirations. You are the one who always steps back and who will step back and let her shine. You both are authentic and unique. You both love each other with the same fire in your souls. You both will put all you have into loving each other, every day. There will be long nights and early mornings. There will be goals and dreams that suddenly you both share. There will be the dedication to always do what is right for her, what is right for you, and for each other. There will be the sacrifice, giving, and hours of work put in to loving her. There will be passion in loving her in your small GESTURES of respectfulness. And SHE SHOULD SEE IT in your gorgeous eyes, thoughtful gestures, well–placed advice and personal moments. You SHOULD SEE it when in her eyes, every time she looks at you. You may consider that it is connection, or chemistry, or mystery, or whatever you want, but you should understand that it is true love. Listen. Spend the SPECIAL TIME TOGETHER. That means you should MAKE THE TIME SPECIAL. You should MAKE THE TIME full of wonderful moments and vivid memories. Everything can be done with the utmost delicate touch. Fallen on the floor peonies’ petals, her manicured fingers decorated with rings, keys, lying so accurately on the table that it is impossible not to notice that utmost accuracy. It cannot be hidden or ignored. In the same way, You Can Make Her Time with You Unforgettable. Just imagine her glowing eyes and her lips curled into an amused smile. Are you inspired with envisioning her like that?

Hide behind the fragrances. Let the air flows to be scented around her and remind that she is somewhere in the street, but should be found. On the crispy October afternoon walk down the streets. Enter the perfumes’ boutique and let her choose the new scents. Let one fragrance to be very romantic, a bit dreamy; let jasmine to be unobtrusively dominating the charming powdery cloud of flowers and vanilla. Let this fragrance to start off on your skin quite florally, inspiring and fresh and then slowly to fade into an elegant, sweet and lovely scent. Let it feel like an alternate reality, a dream. Let the other perfume to have an absolutely different scent. It should be deep, mysterious, enchanting and sensually beautiful. Let it be a blend of warmth and sparkles, which are fade into the bright delicious warmth of the flowers. Let it be the completely dignified scent. It should have a hazy, golden, soft focus quality to it, the feeling of sun warming her skin, that magical hour or so in the evening when the light turns everything to gold. Let this fragrance’s opening to be very full, heady and strong, a little too strong, too glittering. After a few minutes, it should calm right down into something absolutely gorgeous with wonderful staying power. Let it be a dream in its dusky, sweet, exquisiteness.

Let your reality to be turned into a special occasion for an hour. Let her Whirl around herself the fragrance, which is more mysterious, more enchanting, more intriguing. Let jasmine and frangipani burst onto her skin, blossoming into a beautiful warmth with the roundness of the ylang–ylang, and a sweet whisper of powderiness. Let her Walk down the street making the scent to radiate very far. After that let her Wear lighter version, the other perfume. Let the frangipani and tiara be luminous; let the jasmine and ylang provide texture; let the vanilla give a cohesive base, binding the flowers in sweetness. Continue your walking down the street. Let her Hide somewhere in the street’s cafeteria or shop, and give You a chance to really find Her breathing the whirls of the scented air in the street.

Concentrate her attention on people around her, fragrances and scents in the air flows around her, sounds around her, whispers around her, bouquets of pastel–coloured flowers around her, the ballet performance on the stage near her. Turn Her reality into something miraculous for two hours, the blend of emotions, words, actions, fragrances, scents, beauty, music, sounds. Create the two–hours an inverted reality. Make HER SMALL MOMENTS EXCEPTIONAL. Make her small moments the UTMOST CORDIAL and WARM.

(5) Research the Newborn Photo Studio with the Respected Newborn Photographer

Surely, you do want to depict the first moments and first days of being with your little one.

Get some recommendations of the Newborn Photo Studio from those people who you respect, then, Google the Newborn Photo Studios and choose one or two respected newborn photographers. Photographers like to do Newborn Photoshoots in the first two weeks of life, so do the legwork now so you’re not scrambling to hire one in a sleep–deprived state whose photos are far away from perfect. That is it.


Your relationship is beautiful. Your relationship is cordial. Your relationship is unique. She is the one who intellectually, spiritually, and philosophically makes you think, and realize that you actually know about the love and relationship sometimes is absolutely wrong. She is the one who is utterly respectful — and while she may disagree with you, she will utmost respect you for your opinions and not be judgmental (even if you are a little “off”). She is the person with a passion. Every time you are glancing at her, even furtively, you are noticing that PASSION in her gorgeous eyes. You can see it there. It is a fire which burns in her, and you always can see it, because it makes her glittering eyes languorous. It cannot be hidden or ignored. She is the one who you are passionately doting on. And this time is given for you both to feel that phenomenal cordial connection. It’s impossible to predict the exact timeline when you will next head out solo with your beloved, therefore, take the advantage of the last months or the last few weeks by doing things as a couple before your baby is born. Include these 5 Things You Should Do for Your Pregnant Beloved in your ‘TO DO LIST’ Before Your Baby is Born. Let her be gorgeous. Let her feel GORGEOUS.

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