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7 Ways for Celebrating This Christmas Alone

7 Ways for Celebrating This Christmas Alone

In the cascade of holiday glitter & glow, Meet the most anticipated Ivory & Crispy Morning in the year. And Nope, You Have Not Overslept. Tossing, turning, wrapping up, and cocooning in your warm duvet longer than usual is so tempting but this beautiful Christmas morning is here for Something More. Open your beautiful eyes even if you are feeling tired and almost exhausted. Pull away all your pastel pillows and duvets. It’s okay if you are confused at the moment. It’s okay if you are embarrassed a little bit. And it’s okay if it takes more time than usual to stop cocooning yourself further into the blankets & set the tone for your day.


It’s Okay if the Holidays aren’t so happy this year. It’s okay if it does not feel like the holiday season has arrived. And it’s okay if it does not even feel like December has arrived.


It’s okay if you still haven’t hung your Noble Fir Christmas Wreath adorned with gorgeous golden ribbons on your door. It’s okay if you haven’t hung your golden Christmas Jingle Bells over your door. 


It’s okay if you still haven’t selected the Christmas bouquet of fragrant Juliet roses, unfurled Peony Roses ‘Unforgettable’, delicate Ranunculus, Nobilis Fir brunches with Pinecones, and fragile Christmas balls to add some sparkling scented notes in your hall.


It’s okay if your rooms aren’t colored in pastels and greens. It’s okay if you haven’t selected the pastels, crystals, and garlands for adding the finishing festive touch. And it’s okay if you still haven’t lined your house with warmly tinted twinkling lights.


It’s okay if your Christmas Noble Fir is staying Nude waiting for being decorated with pearls, pastels, spheres, crystals, and garlands. It’s okay if your Christmas Decorations Bundle is still lying untouched on the shelf or if your Christmas velvet stockings are still somewhere but not on their Christmas space.


It’s okay if there are no sparkling crystals and intricately lightning in your bedroom. It’s okay if your Neroli–scented candles haven’t been lit yet for making an elegant, sensual, and enveloping Golden Glow Halo this morning. 


It’s okay if you don’t feel Christmassy at all. And it’s okay if you are not filled with excitement. But... Let this Christmas morning be full of promise and beauty. Let yourself take a little step to feel the Magic. Let yourself make some perfectly imperfect memories — by thinking way outside the box.


Christmas Theme 1: The Magic. It is in the Air.

Nope, it’s not too late to add some Magic to this morning. An awakening of the warm and spicy fragrances that cause addiction, delicate and inimitable, an invitation to get away from it all. Bustling scents of Neroli, so incredibly pure, so delicate, so radiant, reinterpreted in a play of contrasts between white and black; between loneliness and festivity; between innocence and mystery, blended with elegantly sensual pine notes, and glowing accords are sparkling on your beautiful curls. Or, maybe, your bedroom is refreshed by the green notes of the Noble Fir needles blended with the droplets of sparkling festive fragrance on your wrists. Maybe, your scented candle with fig accord breathes a luscious, milky scent through tender green notes making you feel special. Or, maybe, somewhere in the corner, you have an Orange Blossom & Orange Bitters home candle duo which ‘blows’ the holiday fragrance in your bedroom even being unlit. 


Essentials: You, Fragrances, Fragrance Layered Candles, Noble Fir Bunches with Pinecones, Glass Vase for Noble Fir, Some Twinkling Lights, Glass Crystals, Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments, and any Christmas Decorations you love 


Christmas Theme 2: Cocooning Cocoa?

Embrace the Magic of a thrilling holiday season while holding in your hands a big lonely cup covered in the knitted pastel cardigan with golden festive ribbons intricately tied around it & sipping some Cocooning Cocoa. Hot, Sparkling, and Aromatic, paired with the New Planner in knitted pastel cashmere cover & pen, and Inspiration — it does make sense to make some notes about this morning even if you had never written a paragraph. No hustle. Just listen to yourself and enjoy the moment. 


Cannot work in tandem with Cocooning Cocoa? Enjoy every minute of your morning, from that first cup of Caramel Cappuccino, Flirty Frappe, Marshmallow Macchiato, Creamy Mocha, Almond Mochaccino, or Light Latte, — hot, sweet, with caramel & sliced almonds on the bottom, topped with ivory marshmallows & holiday lollipops while listening to Christmas music. 


Essentials: Lonely Christmas Cups of Coffee, Cocooning Cocoa or Coffee, Ivory Marshmallows, Holiday Lollipops, a bar of Chocolate, New Planner, Pen, Christmas Music, and Some Beautiful Crystals


Christmas Theme 3: Capture the Magic of Your Dreams. And Fill with This Magic Every Month. 

On Christmas morning, while sipping a cup of Hot Happiness, write that ‘To–Do’ List down for each month. Want something to be in your life? — No Negligence for this. Just Note Everything Down. Don’t dilute the very essence of what makes your life so incredible, because of a plan for how you think your life needs to be. 


Instead of thinking through things in a logical way, let your emotions guide you through the decisions today. And after that, think logically how you can do it. When you see things staring at you in black and white, it helps prioritize what needs to get done and how to get them done. 


Split your dreams into tiny steps. The point is that those tiny steps will keep pushing you along. Those tiny steps will create your way to your goals and dreams. Just take it little by little, day by day, and give yourself the grace and space to grow in a way that is right for you.


Sometimes you’ll face some faults — and it is okay. Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, you simply can’t control everything. Keep planning ahead, but come to terms with the fact that you’ll get thrown off of your ideal plan from time to time. And it is okay. It is nothing more than a tiny, temporary fragment of your life.


Sometimes you’ll face some changes. Changes are inevitable, so there’s no use trying to resist them. Most of us are naturally wired to seek comfort and stability. However, it’s important to remember that certain changes are critical to turn that ‘nice idea’ into a full–blown reality. Making the big move requires acceptance that changes may happen anytime.


Do not wait for a Mr. Perfect Moment to appear. All of us dream about something and only a few Follow Their Dreams & Go for Success. And even if some of your goals seem just not realistic at this moment — let them be on the pages of your Planner. 


Planning gives you the Power through any task to achieve what you want. It makes the tiny nuances visible when following your goal. And it makes your goals easier to achieve as you can track all the way long: from your dream to its realization.


Essentials: Your Dreams, Your Emotions, Inspiration, Logical Thinking, Calendar, New Planner, Pen, Sip of Happiness, and Something That Makes You Feel Special


Christmas Theme 4: Pastels & Pines. From Pinecone to Fir. And from Bud to Bloom.

By Christmas morning, you probably already have all of your twinkling lights strung and ornaments hung but you can always add something special. You’ll need the Holiday Season Workshop on Making Noble Fir Christmas Tree (enroll in offline in–Floral Studio Session or online workshop), Fresh Noble Fir Bunches, Floral Foam, Flower Pot, pastels’ Bundle (velvet ribbons, Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments (sparkling, blurred, matt, glittering, glowing), Christmas Balls, Nuanced Crystals, and Matt Pearls). 


Essentials: Holiday Season Workshop on Making Noble Fir Christmas Tree, Fresh Noble Fir Bunches, Floral Foam, Flower Pot, Water, pastels’ Bundle (velvet ribbons, Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Balls, Nuanced Crystals, and Matt Pearls)


Already having your Christmas Tree? Make the Christmas Bouquet. Drop the DM to several Flower Boutiques & Floral Studios with questions about Upcoming Workshops on Festive Bouquet using Fresh Pastels & Pines they have. It can be offline or online mode, and if choosing online, prep all you’ll need in advance. It can be Non–Classic Roses from Bud to Bloom (David Austin’s: Patience, Purity, Leonora, Juliet, Eugenie, Keira, Beatrice, Effie, Darcey, and Tess), Holland Roses (Cafe Latte Rose, Cappuccino Rose, Kahala, Dolcetto, Golden Mustard, and Westminster Abbey), Ranunculus, Noble Fir Bunches with Pinecones, some Winer Berries, Velvet Winter Ribbons, Tiny Glass Spheres of any color, Pearls, and Crystals). 


Essentials: Workshops on Festive Bouquet, Glass Vase of any color and shape, Water for Blossoms, Scissors, Non–Classic Roses from Bud to Bloom, Ranunculus, Noble Fir Bunches with Pinecones, Winer Berries, Velvet Winter Ribbons, Tiny Glass Spheres of any color, Pearls, and Crystals


Christmas Theme 5: Bundle Up to Your Holiday Bundle

What will you wish for this Christmas? You still have some time to order the Holiday Bundle for you and the ones you love. It will be gift–wrapped and delivered to you. Nope, not a Typo as this Christmas you’ll choose a special Gift. For... Yourself. The Designer’s clothing, limited–edition fragrance, makeup & skincare Advent calendar with 25 hidden wonders from your favorite brand, holiday fragrances or blooming fragrances for the upcoming spring season, or the Bundle for offline classes from the Studio you can trust, an online session on a new hobby, offline workshop on the latest trends in something you love, the New Planner, the new device to Go Configure this Festive Season, or add a dose of wonder to your festive Gifts with the most alluring fragrance sets. 


Essentials: inspiration, iMac with Internet, some free time for Googling, and credit or debit card 


 Christmas Theme 6: Christmas and Holiday cards. And noon Christmas Cookies. 

Christmas and Holiday cards may seem cheesy to some, but for the others, it’s a bit of sunshine in their mailbox. Words of love are one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone — so, don’t underestimate the power of a card you can hold. If you’re not into sending cards, send just a text. Of love. Of warmth. Of understanding. You never know how much that might mean to someone.


This Christmas, bake cookies. Handmade some Christmas cookies from scratch and you’ll be quite impressed with the results! Try something with gingerbread, hazelnuts, blue dried raisins, or cranberries to put you in the holiday mood.


 Christmas Theme 7: Lighting You Up

In the quiet of this mysterious festive winter’s night, under a thousand of glittering stars, the powdery–sweet scent of candied fruits and gingerbread mix, Light the Scented Candles with the incredibly pure aromas of patchouli, sparkling neroli, and most enigmatic notes of pine — add a special Fragrant Touch of Warmth to each moment. Feel the thrill of the holiday season. Let yourself be lost in fragrances with a festive touch.


Making hot chocolate with marshmallows, listening to Christmas music, curling up with a soft blanket, and passing the time without a care in the world is okay. And it’s okay to put behind all those worries, and forget about your hurting heart and tired mind, even if it’s for only a few moments.


Lighting a scented candle, and watching the dim, serene calmness of its light filling your room with its flickering golden glow and holiday fragrance is okay. And it’s okay to spend time alone right now.


This Christmas, you won’t get lost in the hassle.


P.S. Wishing you a Bright and Beautiful Christmas!

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