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Print Posted on 02/26/2018 in Pregnancy

Care About Pregnant Wife at Top–Level – How to Be a Perfect Husband

Care About Pregnant Wife at Top–Level – How to Be a Perfect Husband

Are you the father–to–be, expecting the baby? Are you excited about that? Are you nervous about that? Intrigued by the nuances of pregnancy? Wondering how to care for your pregnant significant other? Do you have any ideas? Or, probably, you have already envisioned the perfect scenario how to take care of your pregnant loved one? In any case, you should glance through the article to have more sparking thoughts about your new role.

(1) Her Fatigue is so Overwhelming That Sometimes She Can’t Think, Therefore, Help Her Every Time You Have Noticed That She is Very Tired

Pregnancy is a really hard time because of dizziness, daily fatigue, headaches and stress, deadlines and defense, sleepless nights, and many other undesirable ‘gifts’. Embrace all of them. Embrace that she is just tired. It doesn’t matter how many hours of sleep she gets because she still wakes up feeling tired. Emotionally exhausted. Mentally exhausted. Physically exhausted. No amount of cocoa or chocolate can cure it. She is tired of uncertainties. It’s tiring for her to keep convincing herself that everything is going to be okay, that things are going to get better, and then having more and more things go wrong around her. She keeps forcing herself to think positive, to raise her expectations, but it’s only a matter of time until the disappointment sets in again. It’s tiring to talk to people because the conversations are always the same. They ask the same questions. It’s tiring bouncing back and forth between loving herself and hating everything about herself. It’s tiring to feel this way when she knows there is so much she has to look forward to in the future. You should know that she wants to better herself. She wants to make a change that will make her inspired and glowed, but she is not sure what that would entail. She is not sure what step she is supposed to take next. She feels like she is lost. She is feeling uninspired to try being Gorgeous and Glowing again. When she is tired, you should ‘go’ with her slowly. Go quietly. Go timidly. But do not stop. She is tired for all the right reasons. She is tired because she is supposed to be. She is tired because she is making a change. She is exhausted for all the right reasons and it’s only an indication to go on. Whenever YOU notice that SHE IS TIRED, ask her how you can help her. If you know what is essential for HER to be completed and if you can do it for HER, JUST DO IT. 

(2) Candied Ginger for Morning Sickness is Essential for Her to Have Every Morning

In the first trimester, every morning she may be very sick, and most probable version of the morning time is that she would fall into waves of nausea and a racing heartbeat, that you may catch yourself on the fought that she has an apathy to everything. BUT she is not apathetic. Her morning sickness is the blended fatigue and nausea. Sometimes her morning sickness is the blend of exhaustion, nausea, and muscle tension, which finally give way to cramped and dizzying sleep at 3.00 AM due to pure exhaustion and adrenaline pumping through her body. Nausea is really exhausting because it interferes with her life. It is really hard time for her and you will be surprised but Ginger is wonderful for dealing with morning sickness, especially that kind that never goes away, or if she feels dizziness in the shopping malls because everyone around her is in a hustle, or if her daily fatigue is so overwhelming that sometimes she feels exhausted and lost. Buy her a package of candied ginger. She will love the candied ginger with its slightly chewy and spicy–sweet. Candied Ginger for Morning Sickness is Essential for Her to Have Every Morning. If she doesn’t like ginger or you don’t know what to choose Candied or Glazed fruit? Or you have no idea How to Choose? And is there any difference between Candied Fruit and Glazed Fruit? Below is the explanation for you. Candied Fruit is fruit that has been candied; Glazed Fruit is fruit that has been coated or shipped in a sugar syrup, and crystallized fruit is fruit frosted with caster sugar. Candied fruit is pieces of fruit (or pieces of fruit peel) that are soaked in heated sugar syrup, which both sweetens and preserves them. If she doesn’t love ginger’s taste, even candied ginger’s taste, then buy her candied apricots, candied blueberries, candied cherries, candied dates, candied figs, candied grapes, candied lemon (or candied lemon slices), candied mandarin, candied oranges (or candied orange slices), candied peaches, candied pears (or candied pear slices), candied pineapple, candied raspberries, even vanilla orange candied cranberries are the perfect choice. You can buy several packages of different fruit, both candied or glazed. She will love this, be sure.

(3) Invest in Three Exclusively Stylished Pastel–Colored Cups and Make Her Mornings SPECIAL.

Mornings are the wonderful time to start the day with the unique pattern. Morning time is a perfect opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the day by establishing exclusive and inclusive criteria for all categories of the events, particularly, events which should take place, events which probably will/may/might take place and those which should be prevented. Morning time shapes Her mood for all day. And, as you know, every pregnant lady is a little bit CAPRICIOUS. Therefore, her morning time should be SPECIAL. Whatever SHE loves in this world, whatever makes HER passionate, whatever makes HER do want to wake up, it is worth being a part of something special, a part of HER waking–up tradition. Make HER waking–up tradition an imperfectly passionate performance, in everything you do. Invest in Three Exclusively Stylished Pastel–Colored Cups and Make Her Mornings SPECIAL. Her cup should always fit perfectly in her hand. And you should think carefully about her favorite MORNING DRINK. She will love to inhale the sweet steam that rises from the top as she experiences the thin layer of foam that is so gentle, and so precisely conceived. The first sip should be like a breath of fresh air, an awakening of her soul. The taste should linger, as she savors every moment of that divine experience. So, let your pregnant lady have these moments of euphoric happiness. For infinite possibilities will begin the moment the cup touches her lips, and it all starts with one single sip. The alarm soon begins its piercing call, when SHE will remember that there is life beyond the bed, and there is life beyond the bedroom, and it takes the form of something sweet, something scented, something delicate. And this something is a small dark–brown cocoa bean, a small black coffee bean or small light brown almonds lying on the bottom of your vanilla latte’s cup… It does not matter if it is morning, noon or night, the delicate fragrance of HER FAVORITE DRINK can be scented in the air flows of your apartment, encouraging HER to perform miraculous waking up and getting up. Every morning should be started with an inspiring ritual, where the sweet aroma brings HER not only the most compelling and vivid memories but also shapes HER purposes and the strategies for their realization. One COFFEE–exclusion rule (while some may prefer it black and bitter, she may love the way coffee looks when cream and sugar are added to her cup. These three items swirl together perfectly to create a concoction of pure bliss) – if she likes coffee, during the pregnancy she should avoid it. There are many unique teas you can make her every morning: Fruit teas, Almond black tea latte, Thai coconut iced tea, Vanilla coconut black tea, Ginger tea, Sweet almond tea, and many, many other teas. And every time you make her tea, don’t forget that there should be something delicious to eat with tea: Almond biscuits, Cranberry Almond Scones, Raspberry Almond Scones, Vanilla smoothie. Your imagination and Pinterest recipes.

(4) Invest in Various Healthy Snacks and Always Have Those Snacks

Snacks are essential during pregnancy and all her snacks should be healthy. Invest in various healthy snacks: almond cookies, chocolate almond truffles, chocolate coconuts bars, coconut snowballs, coconut truffles, dark chocolate, energy bites: dark chocolate mocha; cranberry, lime and coconut; blueberry and almond, sweet dark chocolate coconut bites, cranberry almond energy bites, sweet and salty dark chocolate granola bark loaded with dried fruit, sparkling fruit dummies, the perfect blend of chocolate and almond flavor; almonds, hazel nuts, cashew nuts, Brazilian nuts, figs, dates, everything what has the maximum of essential constituents for her health with the maximum of the natural ingredients.

(5) Purchase a Gift Card for Prenatal Yoga Classes in the Yoga Studio or for Other Classes She is Allowed to Attend by Her Doctor

Surely, she knows that she is oversized. If you do want to know the truth SHE FEELS HERSELF OVERSIZED. The most wonderful compliment she has always dreamt to hear is THAT SHE IS VERY, VERY, VERY BIG AND THAT HER BUMP IS ENORMOUSLY BIG. Avoid this ‘DELICATE COMPLIMENT’. The reality of her new body–shape is so unglamorous, and it hurts. That is the truth of it. But there is something that would help your significant one to cope with her frustration and embarrassment and would make her body shape more accurate. And you can do it. Purchase a gift card for prenatal yoga classes in a yoga studio or somewhere your significant one is allowed to attend by her doctor. The alterations of her physical shape won’t be too dramatic but after these prenatal yoga classes, her self–confidence will sparkle and ultimately, she will go back to feeling like yourself. It takes time. And you should be really delicate when commenting the bump–shape or body–shape. REMEMBER, IT IS NOT A SIMPLE TASK TO HAVE ONE CURLED UP BABY INSIDE THE BODY. Be a tolerant speaker, be a patient listener. Everything needs time. Everything needs patience.


Care is always closely associated with affection, sympathy, and tolerance. The very first thing you should start CARING about HER: is the conversation. She should always know that you are listening and hearing her. She should always know that you are trustworthy. She should always know that she is not alone, and you will be on her side whatever happens. This is your TIME to SHOW HER your LOVE and CARE. Maybe the only thing she wants right now is your Glittering Glance. Maybe the only thing she wants right now is your Intriguing Smile. Maybe the only thing she wants right now is your Love. Maybe the only thing she wants right now is the Respect. Maybe the only thing she wants right now is to Cuddle up with you or to Hug you. Maybe she just wants to feel different, because what she is feeling right now is anger, anxiety, confusion, embarrassment, irritation, or numbness. What she is feeling right now she never wants to feel again. Even if she doesn’t have total control over her thoughts and her emotions, she has total control over her decisions, so she is going to make a change. She is going to give herself something to look forward to tomorrow while still trying her hardest to enjoy today. She is finally going to wake herself up because she is tired of sleeping with her eyes open. She is finally going to give everything one more try, with the warm feeling. She needs you and your soothing words. There is always more love that you can give, more hope that you can have, more passion that you can show her. Let her know she is gorgeous, compliment her every single day.

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