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Christmas season 2019

Christmas season 2019

Cuddling longer than usual in your warm blanket, you suddenly realize that it is the most anticipated and beautiful morning of the year — Christmas morning! An awakening of the warm and spicy fragrances that cause addiction, delicate and inimitable, an invitation to get away from it all. The airflows of your bedroom are refreshed by the green notes of the pine needles that blends with the drops of perfume on your inner wrists and in the décolleté to create a unique Christmas scent. The scented candles composed in nuances and the half–shades of warm vanilla with the top notes of sparkling lemon, orange and bergamot ‘blow’ the holiday fragrance in your bedroom even being unlit. You cannot isolate all these fragrances as they make this holiday morning festive. 


Listing you top 10 things that will turn your Christmas morning into the most inspiring time ever!

●Scent your Christmas morning with scented candles — choose several blendable fragrances to create your blend.

●Whip up the top notes of pine needles, warm vanilla, sparkling lemon, orange, and bergamot — just in one touch.

●Transform your bath into the elegant beauty ritual with a scented satin shower gel that leaves your skin soft and delicately perfumed after the contact with the water. 

●Thrill your body with moisturizing and smoothing sensational body lotion with a fluid, satiny texture that quickly penetrates the skin and leaves it moisturized, soft, supple, and delicately scented.

●Embellish your skin with the sensual body crème enriched with moisturizing and soothing orchid extracts to make it satiny and delicately perfumed.

●Wrap up yourself into a real whirl of sparkling fragrances: just several drops of perfume on your inner wrists and in the décolleté — and you are done.

●Bundle up and wear a whirlwind of tulle layers embroidered with pearls bursting into an ultimate holiday capsule. 

●Inspire your Christmas morning with a holiday make–up — create a festive look using the beauty products from the Limited Holiday Edition palette of colors that add radiance and warmth. Blend the shades to create pure colors!

●Treat yourself with delicious hot cocoa, chocolate, cake or tea — it is the holiday, so you can do it!

●List your goals for Christmas season 2020 — take the notebook and a pen to launch everything you want!


Bundle up and make your Christmas morning special! Delicate fragrances, holiday make–up, a multitude of gowns unfold, the Christmas tree with decorations, and wrapped Christmas gifts — Christmas is in a full mode!

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