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Posted on 07/12/2018 in Pregnancy

Exclusively for Pregnant Berry Lovers! Goji Berries and Grapes: to Eat or Not to Eat?

Exclusively for Pregnant Berry Lovers! Goji Berries and Grapes: to Eat or Not to Eat?

Berries…There are so many of them! There are so many unique shapes and sparkling colors! There are so many delicious tastes and tempting gorgeous berries’ scents! Accurately–shaped, juicy, sweet, and sparkling, berries are a real luxury that turns every morning or every evening into a beautiful time.

It is a Berrymoon time now [I mean it is summer now], and for BERRY LOVERS this time is SPECIAL. Flowers… So many of them… So beautiful... So confusing… So gorgeous... So different… Vibrant colors… Exclusive scents…Do you love to take the spring bouquet in the vase and place it on the balcony’s floor? Do you love the mornings that start with the gorgeous sunshine? Is it utterly tempting for you to spend some time sitting on the tuffet on your balcony? Do you love to FEEL those golden sunshine drops and glittering sunshine droplets when they delicately “TOUCH” your wrists? Do you love to glance at the ideal–shaped, brightly–sparkling, divine–scented berries? BERRIES in the glittering flows of sunshine… The beauty of the berries turns your evening time into the sparkling moments and glittering memories. Isn’t that wonderful to glance at the sparkling berries emerged in your smoothie while sitting on the balcony in the morning, and glancing at the rising sun?

Berries are essential to eat during the pregnancy time. Metaphorically saying, the berries are the divine envelopes for vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They are literally PACKED with all these nutritious things! Wondering How to Choose Your Berries and Start the BERRYMOON of Your Dreams? Let’s ‘GLANCE THROUGH’ the BERRIES–LIST and reveal what is hidden inside the BERRIES!

(1) Goji Berry: how safe is to eat GOJI BERRY during pregnancy?

GOJI BERRIES are dark orange–red colored and very delicate ones. They taste somewhere from bitter to sweet. They have unique antioxidant and nutrient content that causes many discussions among the scientists. The content of GOJI BERRIES is absolutely unique, multiple and inclusive. The berries contain fiber, sugar, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, 91% of selenium, 24% of potassium, 10–100% of iron, 4–10% of calcium, and 18 amino acids (11 of which are essential). AND IF YOU ARE A GOJI BERRIES’ LOWER, YOU SHOULD CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR should you include these berries in your pregnancy diet or should you avoid eating them.

There are two controversial theories about eating the GOJI BERRIES during pregnancy. According to the first theory, YES, it is safe to eat GOJI BERRIES during pregnancy BUT DO NOT EAT too many of them. If eaten in excess, the Goji Berries can disturb the blood pressure levels and LEAD to HYPERTENSION. These berries might also cause dizziness, nausea, and blurred visions if eaten in excess. Goji berries contain atropine content. Eaten in excess, Goji Berries can lead to severe side effects, such as dizziness, eye discomfort, blurred vision, and hallucinations. If you suffering from DIABETES or POLLEN ALLERGIES, if you are on anticoagulants DO NOT EAT GOJI BERRIES in ANY CASE!

According to the other theory, you can’t eat GOJI BERRIES during pregnancy. The content of Goji Berries is rich in SELENIUM. In other words, these berries contain HIGH SELENIUM LEVELS. Goji berries CONTAIN SELENIUM IN LARGE QUANTITIES. Actually, there is TOO MUCH SELENIUM. These large quantities of selenium may affect the growing fetus, causing serious birth defects.

Do you love munching on Goji Berries? One or two berries (eaten once a week) will not cause the fatal consequences. If you do love to munch them, but worrying too much about your handsome fetus–dude or gorgeous fetus–lady, make for yourself the GOJI BERRIES’ MUNCHING SCHEDULE and munch one or two berries once in a week or once in two weeks.

TREATS MORNING SICKNESS. One of the undesirable pregnancy symptoms is the morning sickness. Eating Goji berries during pregnancy alleviates the feeling of discomfort caused by the morning sickness.

BOOSTS HEMOGLOBIN LEVELS. Goji berries contain perfect iron content that boosts the hemoglobin level. Normal hemoglobin level is essential during the pregnancy as it prevents the risk of anemia and its main symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue.

REDUCES CHOLESTEROL LEVELS. Goji berries may normalize cholesterol levels in your blood during pregnancy. These berries purify your blood by eliminating toxins from your body.

BOOSTS the IMMUNE SYSTEM. The Goji berries’ juice ‘MANAGES’ multifunctional white blood cell activity in the body. These white blood cells are also called ‘LEUKOCYTES’. Normal leukocytes level is of vital importance for the immune system. Leukocytes protect your body from variable types of bacterial infections.

SUPPORTS FETUS. During pregnancy, your body undergoes the dramatic alterations. Therefore you need lots of minerals and vitamins to ‘CREATE’ your small bundle. Goji berries contain lots of vitamin and minerals that are essential for your fetus. Also, the antioxidant content of the fruit protects you and your fetus from cell damage (4).


DO NOT EAT GOJI BERRIES IN VERY EARLY AND EARLY PREGNANCY. GOJI BERRIES MAY CAUSE the MISCARRIAGE. GOJI BERRIES contain a nitrogenous substance called ‘BETAINE’, which can lead to the uterine contractions that can CAUSE A MISCARRIAGE.

Excessive eating of GOJI BERRIES during the pregnancy MAY CAUSE THE BIRTH DEFECTS. Dramatic amounts of SELENIUM CONTENT CAN LEAD TO BIRTH DEFECTS IN YOUR FETUS. Therefore, if you are GOJI BERRIES LOVER, you MUST LIMIT the amount of the GOJI BERRIES.

If your doctor prescribed you BLOOD–THINNER MEDICATIONS [especially WARFARIN medication], DO NOT EAT GOJI BERRIES IN ANY CASE! Take into consideration that BLOOD–THINNER MEDICATIONS and GOJI BERRIES may interfere with each other. GOJI BERRIES increase the blood flow and INCREASED BLOOD FLOW may lead to increased bleeding during injuries.

(2) Grapes: how safe is to eat GRAPES during pregnancy?

YES, you can eat GRAPES during pregnancy, but you should limit the amount. Grapes are divine–scented, oval–shaped, multicolored berries. They are literally packed with minerals, natural acids, and vitamins. Grapes have the unique exclusive content of natural glucose and fructose sugars, fiber, pectins, minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Fibre, Fructose, Manganese, Cobalt, Resveratrol, and Pectin), natural acids (Folic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, and Tartaric Acid), vitamins (Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and most of the Vitamin B group), and antioxidants (flavonol, anthocyanins, linalool, geraniol, tannin, and nerol).

HYDRATES you, or, in other words, MAINTAINS the HYDRO PROFILE. Wondering how grapes may HYDRATE you? Did you know that every GRAPE HAS around 70% TO 80% WATER CONTENT INSIDE? Metaphorically saying, every grape is the accurately–shaped, fragile SCENTED WATER BOTTLE! And not just the water bottle, but uniquely–scented, sweet water! Every GRAPE has around 10% to 30 % of NATURAL GLUCOSE AND FRUCTOSE SUGARS!

Have you ever heard the term ‘FETAL BRAIN’? The GRAPES’ unique FOLIC ACID content MANAGES the DEVELOPMENT OF FETAL BRAIN! Folic acid is a multifunctional natural acid but its most important function is REDUCING the RISK of BIRTH DEFECTS. Folic acid is of vital importance because it forms nerves in fetus brain and forms the brain tube for a fetus.

FORMS FETAL BONES AND TEETH. Folic acid content and calcium content present in grapes are necessary for forming the fetal bones and teeth.

FORMS FETAL SPINAL CORDS. GRAPES contain the folic acid content that is vital for forming fetus spinal cords.

BOOSTS YOUR CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM. The heart is the most wonderful and the most fragile thing. During the pregnancy, your heart works for two [or for three] of you. Unfortunately, during the pregnancy, you are under the increased risk of having the heart disease. This is frustrating BUT EATING GRAPES will lower this risk. Wondering how that is possible? Grapes content contain the ‘multiple configurations’ of polyphenol compounds, including flavonoids, phenolic acids, and resveratrol. POLYPHENOL CONTENT present in GRAPES is associated with decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, including the risk of coronary heart disease.

While you are pregnant, you are under increased risk of HYPERTENSION. Hypertension is the medical condition when you are suffering from high blood pressure. POLYPHENOL CONTENT present in GRAPES also lowers blood pressure.

HAS ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES. Grape polyphenols’ content has important antioxidant properties. Flavonoids and other polyphenols present in GRAPES decrease the risk of having atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease in which the arteries are dramatically narrowed because of fat, calcium, and cholesterol found in blood. This reduces the space inside the arteries and obstructs the flow of oxygen–rich blood and may lead to heart attacks and strokes.

MANAGES THE LIPID BALANCE IN THE BLOOD. The GRAPES ‘ENVELOPE’ or skin is rich in anthocyanins’ content and resveratrol content. Anthocyanins’ content and resveratrol content ‘MANAGES’ your blood lipid level. In other words, anthocyanins’ and resveratrol ‘REGULATE’ your blood lipid level.

BEING SO SWEET, DOESN’T INCREASE THE BLOOD SUGAR. Eating GRAPES doesn’t elevate your blood sugar and does not increase your blood insulin level too much.

BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Grape juice has an alkaline trait that boosts the immune system. And if you are the BLACK GRAPES LOVER, CONGRATULATIONS! Black GRAPES are rich in powerful antioxidant as they contain ANTHOCYANIN PIGMENT from the group of plant phenolic compounds. Anthocyanin pigment is that vital constituent that boosts the immune system.

DETOXIFIES AND PURIFIES THE BLOOD. Grape juice has the essential content that prevents blood clots, thus reducing risks of heart attacks. Antioxidants’ content that is present in GRAPE JUICE keeps the blood vessels clean, lowering the blood pressure and expelling toxins from the cardiovascular system. And not only yours! Your fetus’s cardiovascular system is closely connected with your cardiovascular system. That seems that your fetus’s blood vessels will be also clean.

PREVENTS ANEMIA. During the pregnancy, you have the mysterious flows of extra blood. Wondering why? When you are pregnant your body will be producing a lot more blood (close to 30–50% more). The increased amount of blood increases the supply of iron and vitamins that the body needs to make hemoglobin. This means your body produces a lot more iron and other vitamins to ensure that you are producing enough red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that transfers oxygen to other cells in your body. Anemia occurs if there is a decreased number of circulating red blood cells in the body. Symptoms can include headaches, chest pains, and pale skin.

IMPROVES KIDNEY FUNCTION. Sometimes pregnancy brings the urination problem. This problem occurs because your kidneys may not perform well during the pregnancy. And GRAPES improve the kidney function.

STABILIZES METABOLISM. The body metabolism is unstable while you are pregnant because pregnancy causes the dramatic changes in hormonal balance. The pregnancy doesn’t disrupt the hormonal balance, but it interferes with the hormonal stability. And consuming GRAPES can stabilize your metabolism while pregnant.

MAKES SKIN MORE ELASTIC. While pregnant, your skin also undergoes dramatic changes. Especially your delicate tummy skin. Wondering why? Your hormone levels increase and that causes the STRECH MARKS to appear.

During somewhere around the 13th to the 21st week these changes become visible and noticeable. Rose–colored, red–colored and even purple–colored streaks begin to show up all around your body. These multicolored streaks are usually noticeable on the underside of the belly, around the breasts, and around the thighs. These multicolored streaks are known as stretch marks. These stretch marks are so ‘sparkling’ that they turn your beautiful delicate skin into the rose–colored, or red–colored, or even purple–colored stripped one.

Surely, you may FEEL frustration because of that. And, probably, you are wondering what causes the stretch marks? The stretch marks show off because of TINY TEARING in the under tissue just below the skin that is pulled during the growth of your handsome FETUS–DUDE or your gorgeous FETUS–LADY.

And here the GRAPE time starts! Do you remember that metaphorically saying, EVERY GRAPE is the accurately–shaped, fragile SCENTED WATER BOTTLE! Grapes ‘Moisturize’ your skin from inside! Furthermore, GRAPES laced with vitamin C content that also help to keep your skin toned. Wondering how the vitamin C content could help your skin? Vitamin C content prevents the appearance of the stretch marks. Surely, not completely prevents, but prevents you from having too many stretch marks.

NORMALIZES THE CHOLESTEROL LEVELS IN BLOOD AND BLOOD PRESSURE. Cholesterol is a type of fat that your body needs to function. But there is one HUGE BUT. Too much cholesterol can clog your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. During pregnancy, high cholesterol level is caused by a high level of LDL (low–density lipoproteins). GRAPES, GRAPES, GRAPES! Eating GRAPES will NORMALIZE your BLOOD PRESSURE by leveling down your LDL level.

The GRAPE content REMOVES BAD FAT. Bad fat in the blood vessels may cause serious illnesses such as heart attack, hypertension and narrowed blood vessels. GRAPES contain the alkaline traits’ content that widens the blood vessels and lowers your risks of having such horrible health–episodes.

BUT excessive consuming of GRAPES while pregnant has some negative side effects, such as GASTRITIS, BLOATED, DIARRHEA, or EVEN MISCARRIAGE.

GASTRITIS. A bit sour taste of grapes may trigger gastritis.

BLOATED. Eating too many grapes can make you bloated.

DIARRHEA. Excessive eating of GRAPES may cause the DIARRHEA. As you are not alone in your body, and your small fetus is curled up inside, and you are losing too much liquid because of diarrhea, you may feel excessive FATIGUE.

GRAPES content has RESVERATROL CONTENT. Sometimes, RESVERATROL CONTENT CAN CAUSE DIARRHEA. Too much consuming of GRAPES’ RESVERATROL CONTENT CAN TRIGGER MISCARRIAGE. RESVERATROL CONTENT is mostly found in dark skin grapes, such as red grape or black grape.

Wondering about some tips for the GRAPES Lovers?

Don’t eat too much. The recommended maximum GRAPE consumption during pregnancy is 0,2 kg a day.


Consuming grape juice in the morning works better in improving the appetite of pregnant women.



If you are the BERRY LOVER, it is tempting to have the berries in your smoothies and yogurt, onto your pancakes and waffles, in your cupcakes and cakes. But pregnancy is a special time and surely before you eat something or drink the juices, you would love to know is that safe both for you and your growing fetus or no. Speaking about the GOJI BERRIES – consult with your doctor first! If you eat GOJI BERRIES, LIMIT the amount of these berries immediately to one or two! Speaking about GRAPES, you may also eat these scented–water–bottle–berries, but the dark skin ones must be peeled. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC to these berries, DO NOT EAT or DRINK the juices prior to the blood tests and consultation with your doctor.

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