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Posted on 03/14/2023 in Surrogacy

Fertility in Full Bloom: Exploring the Benefits of Surrogacy

Fertility in Full Bloom: Exploring the Benefits of Surrogacy


“Creating a new life is something magical only women can do. Only in a woman can two hearts beat at the same time.” — Ovu Surrogacy & Fertility Network.


Spring is the time of renewal, fresh starts, awakening after the winter, blossoming, grasping inspiration, and a season that brings the promise of new beginnings. For couples and singles struggling with infertility, spring can also be a time of hope as they consider alternative paths to parenthood. And surrogate mothers have the opportunity to give the gift of life and help others fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Surrogate mothers are inspired by doing something more than a Miracle for a perfect stranger. The thought of gifting the tiny screaming Bundle to this world makes their beautiful eyes sparkle. They love being pregnant and want to help those who couldn’t get pregnant on their own. Although surrogacy can be a physically and emotionally demanding experience, surrogate mothers are powerful, influential, gorgeous, and strong as they are doing one of the unique things in the world — growing the tiny Miracles inside of them and gifting those Miracles to those who await them more than anything else in their lives.


Whether you are an intended parent or a prospective surrogate mother, spring can be the perfect time to take the first step toward realizing the dream of having a baby. 


Surrogacy is a unique and rewarding experience that offers benefits to all parties involved. Aspiring parents can fulfill their dream of having a child, while surrogate mothers can embark on a fulfilling journey of growing a miracle for another family. In this article, we will delve into the world of surrogacy, highlighting its numerous benefits and exploring how it can help you spring into parenthood.



Unlocking Surrogacy Benefits for Intended Parents

Every surrogacy journey is different, and each intended parent or couple may walk away from their experience with different benefits. Nevertheless, surrogacy is a beautiful experience that offers something valuable to every parent.


Many single parents and couples have already experienced the clear advantages of surrogacy in creating a new life. Below are just a few surrogacy benefits that intended parents enjoy:


Surrogacy allows infertile couples, singles, and same–sex couples to become parents in cases when they may not be able to conceive or carry the pregnancy to term. 

Altruistic surrogacy is less expensive and common than commercial surrogacy, making it possible for couples with limited surrogacy budgets to start or expand their families. 

Surrogacy journey can be tailored to the intended parents’ unique circumstances, for example, hiring two surrogate mothers instead of one to carry twins separately, delaying the start of the surrogacy program, coming to visit the surrogate mother during the holiday season, scheduling the time for bonding with baby, staying at the hospital with their surrogate mother and newborn baby, opting for breastfeeding 

“Baby Guaranteed” surrogacy programs cover most of the expenses, including incidentals fees.

Having vitrified oocytes or cryopreserved testicular tissue banked may eliminate the routine IVF cycle for the intended parents. 

Although many countries banned surrogacy, starting the surrogacy journey abroad and coming home with a newborn is possible.

Embarking on the surrogacy journey abroad may sound challenging, but working with a reputable agency will make it a smooth and beautiful experience.

Gestational surrogacy is less legally complicated compared to traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate mother has a genetic connection to the baby she carries.

In most cases, gestational surrogacy allows one or both intended parents to have a genetic link to their baby. 

Intended parents who pursue surrogacy may establish a unique bond with their surrogate mother that might last for years. 

Surrogate mothers have previously carried successful pregnancies to term (most of them have previously carried surrogacy pregnancies too), and have proven uterus, increasing the likelihood of successful embryo implantation, pregnancy, and delivery.

Intended parents can be involved in each step of their surrogate mother’s pregnancy, including important moments like the embryo transfer, first ultrasound scan to hear the baby’s heartbeat; first–, second– and third–trimester ultrasound baby scans; prenatal appointments, and the baby’s birth.

Intended parents can be even more immersed in the surrogate mother’s pregnancy, starting from the day of embryo transfer and until the day of taking the baby from the surrogate mom’s hands and holding the newborn for the first time. Taking the images of IVF embryos from the clinic’s IVF lab, celebrating the embryo transfer day, capturing a macro close–up of a pregnancy test with two lines, having a morning smoothie with the surrogate mother, having your baby’s heartbeat recordings and ultrasound images, taking some photos of the surrogate mom’s pregnant bump tagging them #PregnantMama, decorating the nursery, organizing the Gender Reveal party, and having a Baby Shower are just some of many awesome events for making memories about the surrogate mother’s pregnancy.

Compared to adoption, surrogacy gives more flexibility, enabling intended parents who are not eligible to adopt a child to explore surrogacy as an option.

Surrogacy gives hopeful intended parents greater control and peace of mind throughout the surrogate pregnancy than with other fertility treatments or adoption.


Being a hopeful intended parent or a couple means disclosing an unedited truth about infertility. It means being exhausted physically and emotionally, coming through countless rounds of IVF, and having many heartbreaking experiences. And it also means understanding that this journey will be challenging, but it may make the dream of having a baby come true.



Empowering Women Through Surrogacy: The Benefits of Being a Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy’s benefits for intended parents are clear: these singles and couples finally take home those 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, three tiny curls, sparkling eyes, and a tiny voice. But what are the benefits of surrogacy for the women who help them achieve this goal?


Every surrogacy is different, and each surrogate mother may have different benefits and rewards after walking away from her experience. Nonetheless, surrogacy is a life–changing experience that offers something valuable to every surrogate mother.


Below are some of the primary benefits that surrogacy can provide to these incredible women:

Surrogate mothers enjoy a deep sense of personal satisfaction knowing they have helped to grow the tiny Miracle for making someone’s family complete.

Women who choose surrogacy are inspired by bringing new life into the world and Gifting new addition to aspiring parents. Furthermore, they are able to share their pregnancy journey with the intended parents and develop a strong bond throughout the process that continues beyond the pregnancy.

Surrogate mothers enjoy pregnancy and would like to experience it again, even if their families are complete. All surrogate mothers have at least one own child, many of them have two children, and some of them have three or more kids.

All of the surrogate mother’s expenses are paid for and reimbursed by the intended parents throughout the pregnancy. Moreover, the surrogate mother will enjoy a variety of services throughout the process, including top–notch healthcare services and counseling.

In compensated (commercial) surrogacy, the surrogate mother also receives base compensation that is negotiated and agreed upon prior to the start of the surrogacy arrangement.

Although surrogacy can be an emotionally challenging experience, the surrogate mother knows how to emotionally transfer a baby born for the intended parents. 

Surrogate mothers often enjoy a strong sense of community with other women who have shared similar surrogacy journeys.


Being a Surrogate Mother means being dedicated to making something unique for a perfect stranger or the couple. It means doting on every step of pregnancy and the tiny Miracle growing inside, understanding that this new Bundle is not her. And after introducing the new baby to the world and saying a Blurring Hello, the surrogate mother understands that she has to say a Warm Buy to this New Bundle and give it to the mom or dad.



Wrapping Things Up

Sometimes challenging, sometimes hard, sometimes taking its place abroad, sometimes more expensive than estimated, and sometimes taking longer than expected, surrogacy is an extraordinary experience unlike any other. Any surrogacy journey has benefits for all parties involved. The aspiring parents may have a ‘tailored’ surrogacy program, an incredible surrogate mother, and an extra Gift from heaven (twins or triplets). The surrogate mothers may do what they love — experience the pregnancy again — and love what they do — growing the Miracles for the aspiring parents, enjoying a variety of services throughout the process, including top–notch healthcare services and counseling, and getting base compensation (if the surrogacy is commercial).

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