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Five Ways To Increase Your Fertility

Five Ways To Increase Your Fertility

There are simple day-to-day things you can do to increase your fertility. Eating the right diet, planning your sex time and using the right lubricant can boost your ability to conceive. When you are really desirous of getting pregnant, all your intent is to get pregnant as soon as possible. Yes, it is very understandable; but getting things right is your key to success. Having sex close to your ovulation period boosts your ability to become pregnant. However, according to fertility experts, there are many other simple ways you can do to increase your ability to conceive. We have provided five measures that ensure your quest for pregnancy is achieved.

1. Maintaining a healthy Weight

You must maintain a healthy weight to be pregnant. Your pregnancy may be delayed if you are too thin or too fat. Although majority of people seem to ignore this fact, experts think that gaining weight when you are underweight and reducing your weight when you are overweight boosts your ability to conceive.

In a study, overweight women with a pre-pregnancy BMI of twenty–five and thirt–nine took double the time it took normal weight women with BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 to conceive while underweight women with body mass index less than 19 took four times the time it normal weight women to conceive.

2. Safeguarding the male partners testicles from excessive heat

The old idea that wearing boxers in place of short underpants for the purpose of regulating temperature and increase in fertility doesn’t hold again. Previous studies proved that boxers increase fertility but this has changed with studies conducted in recent times. The American Society for reproductive Medicine says that the temperature of the testicles has only a minor role to play in fertility.

In spite of this, most fertility doctors recommend staying away from certain form of heat sources like constant siting in a hot tub even when your fertility status is okay.  Constant contact with water at high temperatures by taking hot baths or sitting on hot tubs has negative effects on the fertility of a man.

Another research shows that carrying the laptop on the lap of a man greatly increases the temperature of the scrotum and damages the sperm on the long run.

A study showed that mobile phone radiation damages sperm. The research thus concluded that putting a mobile phone in the pockets of pants can make a man’s sperm unhealthy.

3. Reduce your intake of Beverages

A woman who drinks excessive coffee or alcohol is less fertile. According to experts, taking more than five cups of coffee everyday affects a woman’s fertility. It amounts to roughly 500 milligrams caffeine. However, taking moderated amount of two cups of coffee a day is okay. If you are a woman who loves to drink coffee or soda, experts advise that you limit your intake to roughly 250 milligrams every day.

Study conducted in Sweden discovered that taking two alcoholic beverages everyday reduces a woman’s fertility by roughly sixty percent. When you are trying to get pregnant, it is better to take moderate alcohol. However, when you are pregnant, you need to completely cut down your alcohol intake. Taking alcohol when you are pregnant has serious birth defect implications.

4. Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can affect the fertility of a man and a woman. In a woman, the ability of the womb to receive egg is affected by smoking. Smoking in men can affect sperm count and cause injury to DNA. You are advised to avoid smoking when you are trying to conceive. Smoking during pregnancy can also make a woman to miscarry.

5. Having sex during the Fertile Window

According to fertility doctors, sex during fertility window can increase a woman’s ability to give birth. The fertile window is six days before the day of a woman’s ovulation. It is erroneous to wait till the woman’s ovulation or after the ovulation day to have sex if you are trying to conceive. The best time to have sex is before the ovulation day. To achieve this, it is essential for the woman to keep track of her ovulation. This usually falls around 14 days before the day the woman’s menstrual period starts.

Apart from these tips, having sex much more frequently boost your ability to become pregnant. A study reveals that daily intercourse resulted to highest rate of pregnancy. For couples who can’t manage daily sex, every other day is recommended. Avoiding sex for more than five days when you are planning to get pregnant would affect the man’s sperm count adversely and thus reduces fertility. Also, remember to choose lubricants wisely and try to avoid contact with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

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