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Guaranteed Surrogacy in Georgia

Guaranteed Surrogacy in Georgia

What is Guaranteed surrogacy with egg donation and how does it work?

Guaranteed Surrogacy (UNLIMITED attempts) packages are the most secured packages ever, designed to protect you from any unwelcome "surprises". 

Welcome to Georgia. Welcome to Guaranteed Results. Welcome to the new level of Surrogacy - "Guaranteed Surrogacy". Fixed price. No surprises. Powerful. Superb. Simply the best. No dual–trial limits. No triple–trial limits. Unlimited configuration. Unlimited trial. Unlimited integration.  It will make you rethink about limits the other surrogacy bundles have already envisaged in your mind. No framed boundaries for the ‘restart mode’ if the first attempt failed. The fastest integration of the new protocol ever if the first trial failed and unlimited mode let you have more and charge less.

Guaranteed Surrogacy with egg donation involves 

  • UNLIMITED selection of the Georgian egg donor, 
  • UNLIMITED selection of the Georgian Gestational Carrier, 
  • UNLIMITED IVF–ICSI/IMSI fertilization, 
  • UNLIMITED embryo transfer to the Georgian surrogate mother’s uterus.

Egg donation should be chosen if the intended mother has an extremely low or low ovarian reserve’s balance, faces issues with ovulation (premature ovarian failure), does not ovulate (ovulation failure) or faces extreme female factors.

Gestational surrogacy with egg donation involves the Georgian egg donor’s selection (unlimited selection on the couple’s demand), Georgian gestational carrier’s selection (unlimited selection on the couple’s demand), egg retrieval (unlimited oocyte pick–up from the Georgian oocyte donors every time the previous fertilization attempt failed), the husband’s sperm sample collection and preparation for ICSI/IMSI, Time–Lapse embryo monitoring and embryo culturing to the blastocyst stage, embryo transfer Certificate issuing, embryo selection for the embryo transfer from the embryonic cohort, and top–quality embryo transfer (one or two) into the gestational carrier’s uterus for further gestation. Surrogacy with egg donation Silver or Gold package doesn’t involve a traveling oocyte donor until it is required. Usually, only the Georgian egg donor’s fee is included in the surrogacy with egg donation packages Pro.

If the couple wishes to select a traveling oocyte donor instead of the Georgian egg donor, the traveling egg donor expenses and the compensation for the egg donation are covered by the intended parents. The couple can select the traveling oocyte donor from the Georgian IVF clinic’s/Georgian Surrogacy Agency’s database.

Configured and secured. All in one. 

The Guaranteed gestational surrogacy with egg donation package ‘configuration’ has one exceptional feature: unlimited trials’ mode.

UNLIMITED trials of the Georgian egg donor’s selection. If the first trial failed, the couple may request to select the new donor for the new cycle.

UNLIMITED trials of egg donation.

UNLIMITED trials of IVF–ICSI/IMSI fertilization of the donor’s oocytes.

UNLIMITED trials of performing the embryo transfer. No fees for the new cycle. Really. No even hidden ones. The Guaranteed Surrogacy Package can be also ‘configurable’ with self–cycle IVF–ICSI package (using own oocytes and sperm).

The Silver Guaranteed surrogacy packages have fewer extra options comparable with Gold ones. But they are also Pro as they have more options than basic surrogacy with egg donation package with the trial limited to only one or two. And every new trial involves the new surrogacy contract issuing and signing and the new fees involved. On the contrary, the Silver or Gold package has the secured cycle’s ‘restart’. And more additional tools that ideally work for you.

Guaranteed surrogacy with egg donation has the standard medical criteria both for the Georgian (traveling) egg donor and for the intended father.

What inclusion criteria are set for the egg donor?

  • age between 18 and 30 years old.
  • the genomic profile without viral diseases, transmitted diseases or genetically transmitted diseases.
  • high or normal levels of anti–Müllerian hormone concentrations in the blood samples. High anti–Müllerian hormone concentrations are more than 4 ng/ml. Normal anti–Müllerian hormone concentrations are 1–4 ng/ml.
  • at least 8–10 antral follicles in the ovaries.

What criteria are set for the intended father’s sperm?

For the intended father, the inclusive criteria involve the semen sample’s normal characteristics. The sperm count (sperm concentration) must be at least 5 million sperm per milliliter. At least 20% of sperm cells must have normal morphology (‘head-tail configuration’), and karyotype (the normal chromosomal configuration). The sperm cells also must have normal motility.

Criteria for the intended father’s semen sample:

  • Normal semen volume: 1.5–5.0 milliliters (ml). The semen volume below 1.5 ml is considered a low semen volume. The semen volume above 5.0 ml is considered a high semen volume.
  • Normal sperm count (sperm concentration): 15–300 million sperm per milliliter of semen. The sperm count below 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is considered as low. For IVF–ICSI/IMSI the required minimum is usually set to 5 million sperm per milliliter.
  • Not less than 20% of morphologically normal sperm per ml. Morphologically normal sperm cells are shaped like streamlined tadpoles with long tails and normal-sized heads.
  • Normal sperm motility: 40% of sperm cells should be motile (or moving) per one ejaculation. The numbers below 40% are considered as low sperm motility. For IVF–ICSI/IMSI the required minimum is 15% of motile sperm per semen sample.
  • Normal sperm karyotype (normal chromosomal configuration). Exclusion of the chromosomal abnormalities’ configuration in sperm cells is one of the major goals for fertility Pros. Karyotyping is performed to reduce the possible risk to transmit genetic abnormalities and genetic alterations (chromosomal abnormalities, including wrong chromosomal configuration that leads to the diseases and gene mutations) transmitted to the baby.

Legal restrictions for the couples wishing to do surrogacy in Georgia.

Only married heterosexual couples can do surrogacy in Georgia. The marriage certificate is essential to take with you when traveling to Georgian’s IVF clinic/Surrogacy Agency. Georgian law prohibits surrogacy for single men and single women, and for same-sex couples.

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