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Hello, August!

Hello, August!

Hello, AUGUST! It is the last summer’s month… The Fall Season is “Coming Soon,” so turn this August in an unforgettable whirl of action, emotions, and memories. Have you envisaged and envisioned that even three days spent on the beach near the ocean (near the sea) in August can make you rethink about your life? Nope? Neither do I.

So… What is ideal AUGUST timeline? 

August is the most SPARKLING summer month, with its “color brands and its hues” that are blended in one WARM SPLASHING WHIRL: high–light “blond”, lightest ash “blond,” pale ash “blond”, soft golden “blond”, very light golden “blond,” soft pure gold, beige, medium beige, medium sandy gold, honey ash and light golden hazel!

AUGUST is the time of turquoise ocean–waves glittering with multicolored very light golden “blond”, soft–golden “blond,” pale ash “blond” noisy–hues bustling across the beautiful coastline and splashing with a myriad of diamond–shaped splashes every time they are reaching the shores or the sandy beach.

AUGUST is the time of Crystal Ocean waves are constantly breaking and sparkling with a myriad of soft pure gold sunshine “touches” on their tops, into their “middles,” and into their drops, “tuning up” their ideal turquoise “profiles” and “generating” the splashing diamonds every time they are crashing. Jewelry background in every way.

AUGUST is the time of gorgeous sunshine that delicately “touches” your fingertips and toe–tips, “holds” your both wrists turning them into ideal blend of golden and ivory glittering colors, “hugs” your shoulders, “glances” at your decollate, “twists” around your waist, and sparks on your skin turning it to the medium gold tone.

If you caught a DEEP glimpse of the first AUGUST’S morning, you will see that it has its own “patent” Brand at a Glance. Everything seems to be so sparkling, sooooo vivid, sooooo multicolored, sooooo capturing and soooo warm that the only thought that overwhelms your heart is to spend at least three days near the ocean or near the sea.

JUST imagine the blend of ivory, turquoise, and dark–blue waves that are bustling, twisting, turning, cuddling up and rolling over each other. Simply super–powerful. Featuring Dark “Mode”, Turquoise “Mode,” Crystal Diamond Splashing “Mode”, blending in one POWERFUL “space,” the waves are constantly redesigning their shapes.

The most accurate colors and their hues make you rethink about what color–blend is the most amazing one. Blend of philosophy, dream, and reality suddenly transfer into your reality. You should glance at it — to believe it. You should touch it — to feel it. You should breathe it — to memorize it.

Extreme capturing beauty that redesigns your imagination. Extreme visualization. Extreme inspiration. Extreme power. Free–up your time to get the most vivid memories about August time ever in your life.

Booking an ideal “space” for spending your holiday time.

Sounds so simple, but yet not so “SIMPLE.” Choosing the perfect room or apartment at the hotel can be a little bit dramatic thing as not everything is so ideal as you would like it to be. No worries here! There are 5 top tips on how to choose the best hotel room or apartment among the billions of virtual “Room–Profiles.”

  • #1 Hotel’s Geo-Location.
  • Hotel’s Geo–Location — your hotel should not be launched “on the Moon” — its Geo–Location should be comfortable to reach and to enjoy everything you love to do during the holiday time. You should not drive by car to reach the romantic ocean’s destinations every morning and every evening. Use Google maps and the Geo–Location Markers to visualize the exact “space” where your hotel is launched.
  • #2 What is nearby the hotel? 
  • To understand what will be capturing your every glance in the morning and at night, google the valid visual indicators (photos) of everything that is nearby your hotel. A great plus is Googling an aerial view of the ivory–colored sandy beach and ocean with turquoise waves with exact geolocation from your hotel.
  • #3 Google the reviews plus Aerial views or Top views from a drone shot for choosing the most brilliant hotel with your desired view ever.
  • Choosing the brilliant hotel can be a little bit bustling and nervous thing as your imagination can be involved in a constant view–generating event tagged with #beautiful sunset view. #Scenic multi-colored sunset at the sea coast view. #Close up hands in heart shape framing sun optional view. #Radiant SPARKLING with all color–palette hues sea beach sunset view.

#Powerful and energetic sunrise and shining turquoise ocean waves’ splashing view. #Ivory sandy beach plus ocean view. #Tropical beach with turquoise ocean’s waves’ view. # Hot sandy beach with cool blue waves view. #The other summer holiday concept view you love to glance at every morning and every night.

  • #View pushes the limits of your imagination and creates sweet associations with #what will be there. But you should concentrate your attention on reviews and ratings of the hotel you would like to book the room or apartment in. Reviews plus Aerial views or Top views from a drone shot would make the POWERFUL BLEND for choosing the most brilliant hotel with your desired view ever. Trust me.
  • #4Selecting the hotel’s room or apartment among the billions of virtual “Room–Profiles.”

Selecting the hotel’s room can be a hard thing. Your imagination can be captured by the #What view is “launched” behind my French window–tagged or #Top view of tropical sandy beach with turquoise ocean or several tags at once. Choose the space you will feel comfortable based on the interior, light, and furniture.

If you would have only view—“bundle” listed as your top priority, there is a great chance of getting frustrated by staying in the room with weird style that would turn on “Do not stay there more than several hours to sleep” mode, as everything is so stripped, glittering, dark and fairy red. Or an antique bed that was designed in 1900 and there is an increased risk of its’ translucent ivory tulles to fall disrupting your sweet dream at night.

  • #5Envisage everything in the utmost details you would love to do during the holiday time.

Start with: “Want to witness the sunrise every morning and glance at radiant multi-colored clouds and ocean waves.” Or if you are sunset lover: “Would love to glance at a close–up splashing ocean waves in front of a beautiful sunset sky background every evening at 08.00 PM.”

List everything you are going to enjoy during the holiday time and set the time limits: meditating every morning and evening in a warm “sunshine’s diamonds” sparkling on the bare skin, breathing the fresh air–flows, sunbathing in a cool gorgeous sunshine that touches your décolleté and bare wrists making their ivory color–palette sparkling with soft golden hue. Sunshine is a Miracle, so, every morning you can enjoy it!


  • #6 Meet the Meditation PRO. “Launch” your space and start your day with a meditation.

Every new day does not have its shape unless you made it… “Unplug” yourself from everything and set the NEW tone for the whole day! Try meditation. Meditation is more than just a beautiful experience. It is the art of being with yourself and holding self–conversation for making the connection with your inner self. Meditation reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and pushes your self–focus to the next level.

Wake up early in the morning — 05.00 AM or 06.00 AM and reach the ivory-colored sandy beach. “Launch” your space near the sparkling with myriad golden hues splashing waves. Enjoy the morning breeze’s scented air flows. Feel the cold tiny water–jewels glittering on tour bare feet and wrists. Sit comfortably, if you can sit in a lotus position, close your eyes and just breathe.

Focus your thoughts on yourself only, so that you can sit in a lotus position and meditate for 30 minutes without glancing at the iPhone. In the beginning, your thoughts will disrupt tour meditation frame as they will hold the conversation with you forcing you to stop the meditation. No worries here just let your thoughts “disappear”, without stopping them. Slowly all your thoughts will disappear away. The only feeling you will experience is inner calmness.

  • #7 Launch the sunbathing time frame in the early morning to make your morning SPECIAL.

Sunbathing is more than GLAMOROUS experience. It is a real MIRACLE, as it is possible only if the gold sunshine appears and sparkles everywhere, altering everything that it touches into the most beautiful and sparkling. Sparkling hues of the ivory and golden make everything a little bit more valuable. A little bit more capturing. A little bit more colorful. A little bit more glittering. A little bit more beautiful. A little bit more perfect.

Envisaged or not, but everything is tuned up by the sunshine. Everything turns into a sparkling—plus version that seems so ideal that you should glance at several times to believe it. True colors. True hues. True depth control. True color accuracy. Everything is taken to the extreme. And the most ideal time frame for enjoying sunbathing is early morning between 05.00 AM — 07.30 AM.

So early sunbathing can be the most amusing experience ever in your life. The sunrise performance will take place at your “glance.” You will not just capture the glimpse of everything in gold hues. You will see how everything is “colored” by the warm sunshine. You will see its delicate gold touches sprayed over the turquoise waves. You will see the first morning flows of the glittering diamonds—splashes every time the bustling waves turning their direction’s mode or crashing into the sandy beach. You will see how your bare décolleté, shoulders, wrists, fingertips, feet, toe–tips turn into color—plus pastel golden hue.

And the most important, early in the morning you will feel warm sunshine, not hot or burning one. The ultraviolet radiation (UV) is at its minimum mode. You can enjoy cooler warmth without worrying about increased basal body temperature, overheating, and sunburn. Only feeling that you will experience is a feeling of “being delicately touched” by the warm sunshine on your wrists, passionately cascading down super shaped hair curls, on your feet. Plus, pastel golden hues will glitter everywhere! And, one more phenomenon: sunshine will generate its exclusive sunshine vitamin D in your skin, making it perfect and shining, surely!

  • #8Limit your caffeine intake during the holiday time.

It is a brand–new morning. Your thoughts whisper you to wake up but you continue sleeping without hearing it. Your iPhone “screaming” but you are ignoring it completely. The only feeling you love is the warmth of the soft silk beneath you. You twist, turn, cuddle up, curl into a ball, and roll over into a solid pastel–colored warm cocoon.

Just ten more minutes… It is not so long... Oops, ten minutes ended? Just three more minutes and I will catch a glimpse. You swear you will get up in three minutes. You even cast a furtive glance around. The iPhone “screams” again, forcing you to envision that there is life beyond your bed, beyond your bedroom, and it even takes the form of something special.

This something is a big sweetly–scented brown coffee bean… No matter if it is early morning, noon or late night, the sweet fragrance of coffee can be sniffed in the air flows. Only coffee makes you to wake up. If you are the coffee lover, change your habit for the holiday time.

Coffee Lover & Pregnant?

Mocha, latte, cappuccino, espresso, frappe, macchiato...Envisaged cups with these coffee versions make your eyes shining and your lips curling into a smile. But is it safe to design Coffee and Pregnancy tandem? Nope. Coffee increases the blood pressure and heart rate of you both.

Even the lightest versions of COFFEE — Mocha, latte, cappuccino, espresso, frappe, macchiato...CONTAIN CAFFEINE. CAFFEINE is a natural stimulant & energy ultra—booster that increases your blood pressure & heart rate. Too much caffeine easily crosses the placenta and affects the tiny bundle living inside.

  • #9Enjoy natural energy boosters: fruit juices and nutritious, creamy ultimate smoothies & parfait.

Say “Hello” to all those fresh fruit juices, fruit slushes, and nutritious, creamy ultimate smoothies & parfait. Hello to every creamy smoothie with the exclusive content loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

Creamy Almond Smoothie is ultra—creamy and energy—boosting smoothie ever. Its content is reach in vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and antioxidants, that take your energy to the next level.

Ultimate Raspberry Smoothie is a brilliant blend of protein, antioxidants and anti–inflammatory agents, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and flavonoids. It boosts your immune system and regulates your blood sugar.

Creamy Coconut Milk—Raspberry—Banana slush is an ultra–blend with its super content makes the PRO dual vitalizing and ultimate “washing up.” It “washes away” free radicals, fights against inflammation, regulates the blood sugar, and turn on the extreme mode for your immune system.

But Beware of pineapple and pineapple juice if you are pregnant even if it is just a little bit added to your juice or smoothie or fruit slush. Pineapple is a “highly disputed” fruit with a multiplex content. It’s “nutritious profile” contains bromelain (an enzyme) that may trigger early labor.

  • #10 Ice Cream Lover? SayNope” for the soft serve standard ice–cream for your holiday time. 

Soft serve, twisted in wonderful shapes divinely scented so sweetly sparkling behind the glass showcase… So Tempting… But say “No’ during your holiday time.

Soft serve ice–cream is usually stored at a temperature of around 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for making the soft serve so tempting and not so cold. The ice–cream is high in moisture, and this is ideal space for the bacteria called “listeria” to launch its space here, in the soft serve!

Listeria causes an infection called “listeriosis”. Listeriosis may lead to adverse health–episodes starting from hospitalization and… even be the cause of death. If you are pregnant, listeria may cross the placenta easily and cause a miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth.

What are the main symptoms of the listeriosis? The initial symptoms are flu-like ones: a headache and flu–fever. Sometimes, the symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. So, JUST STOP THINKING about soft-serve ice–cream.

First day of your holiday time. 

If your check-in time is after 12.00 PM, it would be better if you stay and enjoy the mid–day time in your hotel’s apartment or room. There is no need for wandering around the sandy beach and bustling among the turquoise ocean’s waves trimmed with soft golden “blonde” sunshine after 01.00 PM as the excessive exposure on the sun and spontaneous excessive heating may lead to the undesired health–episodes. Even if you have ultra–powerful anti–sun burn oil and umbrella–sized latte–colored hat covering your ivory shoulders, learn to say “No” to your spontaneous decision to sunbathe in the mid–day time. Especially after your arrival.

Things to Do during the holiday time: 

  • Early waking up
  • Fresh juices, cocktails, smoothies
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Walking among the waves
  • Early morning sunbathing
  • Sunbathing during the sunset

Top 10 things to avoid during your holiday time:

Oversleeping every morning

Coffee lover’s morning style

Coming to the beach too early in the morning

Sleeping on the ivory sandy beach at night

Staying in the cold waves for a long time

Sitting on the cold ivory sand

Sunbathing after 08.00 AM & in the midday time [12.00 PM — 18.00 PM]

Sleeping during sunbathing

Drinking too much coffee

Eating too much ice–cream and chocolate

Time–framing is more than just a word. “Tune-up” your virtual time planner for this August.

“We think that we POSSESS TIME. But the truth is the TIME POSSESS US. It turns everything in the Glittering whirl. After that it can disrupt everything to design something absolutely different, turning everything into just an illusion...” Envisaged or not, but we have a limited timeline for everything, so if you are dreaming to launch your weekend or holiday time near the ocean or near the sea — just DO IT!

Is your time beyond your management?

Just envision how many Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and who knows what–days you have already lost as there are no remembrances about them… Feel like everything is beyond your management? You can CHANGE it! Just Book the “space” for yourself (the space you were always dreaming about), even if it would be 3 days (ultra-short holiday time for this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Balancing vs Managing your time. 

Envisaging, planning and managing your time is only a half of success. But the real success comes when you learn how to BALANCE your time. Time–Balancing is a GRAND TALENT. Unplug yourself from everything and get navigated by your own heart. The hard part of the time–balancing is to “list & launch” the top Priorities and “label” everything that should be completed with the flexible time framing in the core.

Why having a holiday in August is so essential?

August time is MAGIC! It “generates” your top–priorities’ “roadmap” for the rest of the year, and “frames” all your milestones that should be completed before the Christmas time. Whatever you “launched” for September, October, and November — having a holiday in August is inspiring experience!

“Unplug” yourself from the most things only for several days & see how dreams are turning into real things. 

But the brilliant “roadmap” can be designed only if you “unplug” yourself from everything for a while. “Unplugging” will make you rethink about everything you knew about yourself earlier. It will boost your motivation to the new level. It will optimize and synchronize the tiny details for generating the ideal “profiles” for everything you would like to achieve this year. And, ultimately, “unplugging” is possible only if you are having the holiday time with self–centered focus in your mind.

Ideal holiday is something spontaneous or “launched” with the utmost attention to details? 

Ideal holiday time has never been “launched” spontaneously. It is a blend of your philosophy, dream and reality limited by the time frame you set for it. It is launching your concepts into the holiday roadmap and following it. It is a Miracle to have the holiday!

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