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Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful!

Hello, First Morning of 2021! Hello Beautiful! Hello Gorgeous! I hope this is the year where everything changes. I hope this is the year where you find yourself. I hope this is the year where you find your Unique Roadmap to all Your Wishes easier to Navigate! I hope this is the year where all the events and things you have been waiting for happening. I hope this is the year where you get reintroduced to yourself, your dreams, your feelings, your power, your potential, your performance, your skills, and your worth. I hope this is the year where you forget about jewel–toned glowing diamond–tears and will sparkle again. I hope this year is the year to remember every tiny moment. I hope this year is the year to forget about all illusions and to see the perspective. I hope this is Your Year. To make this year yours just one thing is left — preconfiguration of your new way. 


Create the intuitive, vibrant, and flexible ‘architecture’ of your Roadmap, featuring the achievable goals and specific milestones, timeframing the Alpha Release and Beta Release, preconfiguring the results, indicating the relevant resources and tools, and making every stage time–bounded. 


Follow your Roadmap’21 even when you have to ‘edit’ its ‘cores’, attach, detach, drag, drop, crop, or rotate the configurations, resources, or tools, tune–up the timeframes, or update the essentials for your goals. 


Everyone has Special Roadmap. Someone’s Roadmap is intuitive and seamless. Someone’s Roadmap is vibrant and modulative. Someone’s Roadmap is hard and long. But all the Roadmaps are PRO and Powerful.


No matter which one is yours — it is Yours. Unique. Brilliant. Transformable. Adaptive. Successful. It has Pro Speed and Power beyond belief. Just Feel It and Convert Any Inspiration in Action. You can achieve much more when you believe in yourself. The boundaries are often envisaged by our mind only. 


The Roadmap’s Generation Strategy: 

●The goals’ sources identification (synchronization of the inspiration, dreams, and desires).

●Preconfiguration of the achievable core, flexible, and extra goals for each sphere of your life (personal, business, wellness, etc.).

●Validation, and verification of the goals’ relevance. 

●Modelling of the sources’ and tools’ line (the sources and tools that will be involved or might be involved).

●Optimization of the core, flexible, and extra goals and their sources. 

●The goals’ allocation event: the goals should be allocated in the timeline, and have the time–bound specification. 

●Reconfiguration and tuning up of the Roadmap’s ‘Alpha Release’, and ‘Beta Release’. 

●Demo Release of the Roadmap’s final version.

●Flexibility for modulation of the goals (attaching, detaching, dragging, dropping, cropping, rotating, transforming, or deleting).

●Powering up the Roadmap and following your dreams is essential. 


With these 5 Pro tips, getting your Personal Roadmap generated and powered up is all hustle and no hassle. An entire architecting system for your Roadmap built on 5 ‘cores’. All your Dreams in one Space. One seamless experience.


● (1) The Goals’ Generation Event.

The Inspiration Sources for your personal goals: 


The Business Goals’ Preconfiguration & Specification.


Sharing with you 10 Inspo Sources for Business (answering the following questions will help you with determining current skills and features and preconfiguring the Personal Business Roadmap with clear goals and the sources necessary for their achievement):

●Influencers in your business field (their features, skills, behavioral patterns, intellectual patterns, creative thinking, writing skills, etc.).

●What features and skills you would like to ‘adopt’ from the Influencers? What are the most impressive features you are passionate about?

●What are your core features and skills? What are your extra features and skills?

●What responsibilities do you have right now? What features and skills are vital for the business workflow you are responsible for? 

●What business tasks do you do routinely? What are the standard ways to complete all your tasks? 

●What do you want to adapt, adjust, add, transform, attach, or detach from your routine tasks? What can you offer for optimization and increasing the processing power of your workflow? What skills or features you need for completing the innovations you proposed? What are the sources of these skills or features? 

●Is there anything that gives you the truest representation of your work? (Any Certificates, Diplomas, Awards for Achievements, Statistical Data?) Do you want to upgrade your skills or learn something new? If yes, list the pro–level sources, sessions, workshops, or courses you are interested in.

●What top (classic) niche skills you need to have? What innovative niche skills you need to have? What top niche skills would love to have? What extra knowledge you would like to have? 

●What hands–on experience you would love to have in the nearest future? 

●What business and non–business sources you can use for self–development? 


Building a vibrant and engaging personal business roadmap can be challenging. Shaping the core, extra, and flexible goals for the workflow you do at work can be a little bit hard task. Finding an innovative strategy for the business can be both thrilling and intimidating. And finding the endless strategical model of self–development can be too complicated until you find your Unique Business Roadmap. 


● (2) Optimization of the Core, Flexible, and Extra goals according to their relevance for you. 

●Specify the major goals you have for each sphere of your life.

●Convert multiple tiny goals into huger ones via modelling the multiplex architecture of the valuable goal. 

●Validate and verify the goals’ relevance. Cross, delete, or transform the goals that are non–relevant for you. 

●Model and modulate the core sources’ and tools’ line (the sources and tools that will be involved or might be involved).

●Optimize the core, flexible, extra goals, and their sources. 


This pro–level stage of the Personal Roadmap’s generation event offers unparalleled optimization, professional performance, brilliant compatibility with all major goals, and instant ‘export’ or integration for mini–goals. It also makes the Roadmap’s design experience incredibly tactile and beautiful, especially with classic weekly planner or digital planner & time management tool plus classic essentials. Whether adding the new features, rotating the sources, modulating the tools, or architecting the new way for reaching your goal, you’ll feel like you’re manipulating virtual things in the real world until making the necessary changes. And you will feel like you are coming closer to the huge goal in the real world when transforming your mini–goals into actions.


● (3) Goals’ Allocation Event. 

Make your personal, business, wellness, and the other goals time–bound to the specific month. 

●List all sources necessary for achieving your goals (A MUST HAVE is the list of sources preconfigured for each goal). 

●Add to each source the specific timeline for its ‘performance’. 

●Allocate your personal, business, wellness, and the other goals through the specific timeframe (month by month allocation and time–bounding to the beginning or the end of the month will be ideal version). 

●Set a specific time in your calendar to review your Roadmap’s goals achievements (5–10 days before the end of the month). 

●Set a specific time for writing the personal monthly reviews (1–2 days before the end of the month or 1st day of the new month).


Until now, you needed multiple Roadmaps to allocate all of your goals and their specific features — including personal roadmap, business roadmap, wellness roadmap, hobby roadmap, and many more. With all–in–one–for–all Roadmap Pro, these Roadmaps are synchronized into a single system on a single ‘core’, delivering a new level of integration for more simplicity, more efficiency, more adaptivity, and amazing performance. And with incredibly small–to–powerful sources and tools, the Roadmap Pro is remarkably complex — packing the largest number of inspiring ideas, core–to–extra goals, amazing achievements, and desired awards you have ever put into a single Personal Roadmap. It’s also the first Personal Roadmap PRO built using the allocation, synchronization, and modulation technology.


● (4) Post–Generation Reconfiguration and Tuning up of the Roadmap’s ‘Alpha Release’, and ‘Beta Release’.

●Rotate all your goals according to nothing extraneous, everything intentional principle. Power up ultra–high adaptability and reconfigurability meet ultra–versatility mode with minimum glare and maximum detail. 

●Add flexibility for modulation of the goals (attaching, detaching, dragging, dropping, cropping, rotating, transforming, or deleting).

●Reconfigure the goals if necessary and tune up your Roadmap before its ‘Alpha Release’. Perform the additional validation for each goal, each tool, and each source you have. Rotate if necessary. Prep. the ‘Beta Release’ version of your Roadmap if any changes have been done. 

●Revise your Personal Roadmap before the Demo Release of its final version. Power up the Roadmap and follow your goals.


Show your truest goals. Identify multiple sources or even make the sources’ hubs synchronizing several sources in one powerful bundle. Integrate a sophisticated algorithm (adaptability, flexibility, modulation, transformability) to ensure that you get the highest–quality results possible when reaching your goals. The flexibility provides the sources, specifications, and tools, capable of creating the most vibrant Personal Roadmap Pro. Powerful. Wonderful. Designed for a seamless experience beyond your imagination. 


● (5) Managing the Roadmap you created & achieving the goals you shaped

●Integrate flexibility’s continuity for the major goals. Every time the circumstances would change, your major goals will be the same as flexibility will enable you to brilliantly adapt or add new sources for reaching your goals. This Feature will help you unlock the full potential of your Personal Roadmap. And make any Goal yours. Instantly.

●Manage your Roadmap’s progress on weekly basis. Start your Mondays with revising its content, and end your Fridays with adding what has been already achieved, and what should be achieved for the next week. 

●Access all of your Roadmap’s content and goals from your content ‘library’: it can be your paper or virtual weekly planner. Manage everything from one ‘space’ as it enables a simple understanding of everything you do with the core ‘content’.

●See how each strategy is performing. See how each source is performing. 

●Use visual filters to stay organized (the color palette for the paper weekly planner, or special apps for virtual one). 

●Explore insights. Analyze. Rotate. Adapt. Achieve. 

●Learn more about the goals you are following. Learn more about the new sources that may be involved. 

●See how time you are interacting with your Roadmap, and make a quick note about where you are each time you are revising its content.

●Identify your top priorities every time you have reached your goal. See what’s new in your life. Modulate the vibrant content of the next goal you would like to achieve soon. 


Something to say in conclusion? 

Hello, Beautiful! Let this New Year 2021 be Perfect for You! We hope this is the Special Year where you get reintroduced to yourself, your potential, your capacities, and your Worth! Before this day disappears forever, see what’s new in your Personal Roadmap. Transform the great power into great capability. Never enable your past to affect your future. Go ahead. Never allow events to manage you. Shape your Roadmap and manage all things happening in your life.

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