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How Does Surrogacy Work

How Does Surrogacy Work

Being a parent is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. Caring for a little creature is something priceless. But sometimes, nature does not allow it to everyone, and experiencing such a feeling simply becomes impossible. Now, modern medicine offers a solution for such types of people when natural pregnancy is beyond the bounds of possibility. Surrogacy is one of the solutions. But what does surrogacy actually mean?

Surrogacy procedure is where one woman becomes pregnant and carries a baby for other couples. This is a legal procedure and is often supported by a legal agreement. Also, it is a fairly new procedure and it’s been around for the last 30 years. Surrogacy is very popular everywhere around the world, but it is also a controversial solution for those couples who want to create complete families. It represents the last chance for an option to have a child that will be biologically related to the parents. These parents are known as intended parents. The woman who decides to give the baby and to carry the pregnancy for other parents is called surrogate mother. This mother gives up on the rights to keep the baby, with an agreement to give the baby to the intended parents right after the delivery. People who seek this type of surrogate pregnancy are those with pregnancy risks that come with danger for the health of the mother, maybe a male couple, or even an alone man, who really want to have a baby.

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There are two types of surrogacy:

  • Traditional
  • Gestational

Traditional surrogacy is when a father sperm is taken and it is artificially inseminated in the surrogate mother. In this case, the baby is related to the father which sperm is used and the surrogate mother.

Gestational surrogacy is creating an embryo by in vitro fertilization. Then the embryo is placed in the surrogate, but in this procedure, the baby is not related to the surrogate mother.

The most common question from both parties involved in this process is what the surrogacy mean to them?

For the intended parent surrogacy means that finally their dream will come true and after years of struggling with infertility or pregnancy problems, they will finally become parents. This means the world to them, a wonderful gift given by a generous woman.

As for the surrogates, this procedure means not just getting compensated for carrying the baby for the intended parents, but also getting motivated for helping others to become parents. Being a surrogate means making an excellent choice to make someone happy, by committing your time and effort in the name of love for having a family. For many surrogates, this looks like a very complicated process, but they gladly accept to be part of this kind of journey because of the positive emotions that this procedure brings.

         If you are one of those couples or surrogates who decide to take such a step, then you need to know that there are surrogacy agencies in charge of this type of fertilization. But if you do not know what would be the best option for you, we offer you a few things you need to ask and to know about the surrogacy agency.

What a surrogacy agency is?

  • Surrogacy agency is an institute that provides you with all the types of services that you need in the surrogacy experience. They are helping you to feel less stressful and to get focused on bringing the baby into the world and making your family complete. There are many trained professionals that offer you support and professional training related to surrogacy. Many surrogacy agencies are different, but we have selected a few services that these agencies can provide just for you:
  • Finding a matching surrogate
  • Screening services that will ensure them that both sides are mental, physical and emotionally prepared for the procedure
  • Providing information for every step of the procedure, making sure that everything will be completed
  • Providing support and giving counseling services for the surrogacy
  • And many more.

Why should you work with these surrogacy agencies?

  • The most important role of the surrogacy agencies is that they work for you. Surrogacy can be a complex process. It has many legal, emotional and medical aspects that should be considered. Both sides of the process have to be responsible for organizing all the communication and information needed for the procedure to happen. This is the main reason why you need them. Instead of being focused on filling out the paperwork for the procedure, the surrogacy agencies are doing this for you. Your job will be just to think about your baby. So, if you decide on this step the best thing to do is to consult with a surrogacy agency. They can give you every information you need and they will assume all responsibilities together with their professional team.

What are the requirements for joining a surrogacy agency?

  • Before you join in any surrogacy agency make sure that they a completely reliable and trustworthy. Also, you have to know if you fit in their requirements. The requirements of the agencies are the same for the parents and for the surrogates. But, one thing is the most important and you must not exclude – you have to be completely sure that you want to be part of this process and to be fully committed to it. If you don’t fit in the requirements, but you still want to work with them, the solution is to talk to them, explain your situation and to request an exception to the agency rule. Before you decide anything, make good research for the agencies. You have to be 100% sure that you will be safe, everything will be legal, and the last but not least make sure that they will provide you with a positive journey worth to remember.

Many of the couples who love children give up surrogacy because of the thought that the procedure itself costs a whole treasure. But it’s really much less than you can imagine. This is an important question that we will give you an answer to. For example: in North America, the surrogacy agencies offer you a full surrogacy program for just $95,000, and for the programs around the world like in Africa or Asia you only pay $45,000. In Western countries like Canada, UK or maybe Greece one surrogacy program costs $80,000. But every program is different and it mostly depends on 2 factors. The price for this type of program depends on the cost of living in a certain country, which is the first factor. The second factor is the cost of the medical care that is given during the procedure. It can be really expensive in the United States, but it is a lot cheaper in overseas clinics. And you basically receive the same level of medical care. Also, the IVF procedure in America can cost up to $25,000 USD, but it is just $5,000 or even $3000 in the overseas countries for the same procedure.

If you don’t want to involve any agency for surrogacy, the procedures are significantly less expensive. This means that the parents are doing the most of the surrogacy work by themselves. These types of individual programs can cost from $20,000 to $30,000. Maybe it looks more complicated, but there are resources for helping the parents who decide to go in this way. So, which way you choose, we can surely confirm that it will not cost a sum of money.

Just like the price, the legality of surrogacy is also not the same around the world. This procedure is illegal and is strictly prohibited in most European countries. For example, in the United Kingdom and Canada, if the surrogate mother is paid for the procedure, the penalties are high and such a procedure is strictly prohibited. But if the surrogate mother participates as a volunteer in the procedure, then the procedure is legal and permitted. As for the United States and Ukraine, the surrogacy procedure is widely practiced and completely legal.

Surrogacy was always (and maybe it will continue to be) a controversial subject. But, as time passes by, it starts to become a more common choice for couples who want to become parents. So, hopefully, this can change the view of others to this procedure. Maybe if the world thinks about this as a priceless way of becoming a parent, and solving the problems with problematic pregnancies and infertility, then this taboo topic will be overcome.

Bringing kids into this world with these new procedures are more likely to change the way we see conception and will definitely change the way people see surrogacy. Surrogacy is not something bad. It means that the desire of these parents is so big, so they took every possible step to have these kids.

Choosing surrogacy can be a life-changing experience. Creating a story about surrogacy can change many people lives. Be the one who will tell the story. Be the one who will change the world. Encourage the others with such a problem to decide on such a step. Give yourself a chance to fulfill your family. Give life to a lovely creature who will be proud of you as its parents.

While some advocates surrogate maternity as a noble, brave and selfless act, others feel that it is unnatural. In fact, surrogate motherhood is an unusual phenomenon, which causes many dilemmas and fears. Perhaps it would be better to open the door to specific cases than to defend anything because practical issues can certainly not be solved by prohibitions.

At the end we can conclude that It is precisely the emotional attachment of a mother's surrogate to the child and the refusal to give the child to parents and one of the biggest problems that arise in this process, starting from the first recorded case of surrogacy of motherhood in modern times - the case of Baby M in 1986. Then the surrogate mother (who in this case was the donor of the egg cells) 24 hours after the birth of the child went after her, threatened with suicide, took her from the parents and took her out of the country. A year later, the New Jersey court gave custody of the child to his parents for breach of the contract of surrogacy. The Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled in 1988 against surrogacy, but guardianship nevertheless granted the couple, while the surrogate mother had the right to visit the child.

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