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How much does it cost to freeze your eggs?

How much does it cost to freeze your eggs?

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What is cryopreservation (cryofreezing)?

Cryopreservation is the cutting–edge technique of freezing the gametes (oocytes, sperm) or embryos to extremely low temperatures to preserve the gametes (or embryos) for the future usage without causing the structural damages or genomic content damages. In other words, this technique allows cryopreserving the gametes or embryos vitality.

Cryopreservation techniques are brilliant solutions for future IVF cycles

The most accurate cryopreservation techniques implemented nowadays allow stabilizing the oocytes’ vitality by minimizing the risk of damaging their elastic translucent security external “envelopes” and minimizing the risk of damaging their DNA content plus chromosomal content. Both the external structure and internal structure is ideally secured. Diamond technology. In every way.

What techniques are used for egg freezing? 

There is no term “ideal timeline” for oocyte freezing. There are no identical oocyte freezing cycles. Every cycle is authentic at its core as it is designed exclusively for the Patient according to the medical criteria.

There are two techniques that are used for cryopreservation: cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen and vitrification.

What is cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation is a unique technique for freezing the gametes (the reproductive cells) using special media for retention in liquid nitrogen at an extremely low temperature of –196°C.

What is vitrification?

Vitrification is an innovative cryopreservation technique that involves a sudden cooling of gametes (oocytes and sperm cells) to an extremely low temperature of –196°C in seconds. Vitrification involves the extreme mode to be turned on and a special medium for vitrification containing high doses of cryoprotectants, protecting oocytes & sperm against structural damages (including DNA structure protection). Today, clinics perform mostly the vitrification technique.

Oocyte generation event is “designed” with minimum, mild or intensive medicated stimulation 

The oocyte generation event happens every month. It is called “ovulation.” Naturally, only one mature oocyte can be designed during this timeline. To understand how does it look like, imagine the pearl-shaped translucent envelope that is both elastic & thick. This is how the oocyte looks like. Envision that inside this sparkling envelope there is one golden pearl. This is how the oocyte’s content looks like.

The beauty of natural oocyte generation event is that the oocyte emerges from the follicle and it is not alone… The oocyte is surrounded by the Corona radiata cells that look like the meteorites pearls bubbles. 

The most brilliant debut of the oocyte ever.

Oocyte generation event can be stimulated intensively (intensive medicated cycle), mildly (mild stimulated cycle), minimally (minimal stimulated cycle) or can be generated by nature (natural cycles without medicated stimulation).

Egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) bundles: what are they?

Basically, there are four different egg freezing bundles that may be proposed to you by the clinics. Natural egg freezing cycles, egg freezing cycles with minimal medicated stimulation, egg freezing cycles with mild medicated stimulation, and egg freezing cycles with intensive medicated stimulation.

What is the difference between the egg freezing cycles?

The only difference in all egg freezing cycles is the dosage of medications that are used for ovarian stimulation. The only exclusion is natural egg freezing cycles that are meds–free. In other words, there is no medicated ovarian stimulation at all, and in almost all cases only ONE oocyte can be cryopreserved.

Minimal, mild and intensive ovarian stimulation cycles are the cycles that need the medicated ovarian stimulation protocol. Every egg freezing cycle is drafted and designed in a flexible way.

These cycles are designed for collecting more than one mature oocyte compared to the natural egg freezing cycle. Surely, these cycles boost the cryopreservation success as there are several mature oocytes are frozen and after the throwing procedure that is performed prior to fertilization, the chances of having more perfect–quality oocytes that can be fertilized are higher.

There are the bundles with minimal medicated stimulation are low–cost. The cycles that involve intensive medicated stimulation are more expensive.

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Why most of the egg freezing costs are estimated without medications? 

Most egg freezing cycles’ costs are given without medications. The medications are usually chosen in a tandem work of your doctor and your pharmacist and their costs are paid directly to the pharmacy. In most cases, the women undergoing egg freezing are prescribed medications for ovarian stimulation and medications to prevent premature ovulation.

The basic egg freezing cycle fee usually covers the initial consultation with the specialist, ultrasound monitoring, egg retrieval procedure, and egg storage during one year. These bundles are of low cost.

The basic egg freezing package may also include more than one consultation, blood work (the blood screening is done prior to oocyte freezing cycle is designed, in the very beginning), anesthesia for egg retrieval procedure (oocyte collection is an invasive procedure that is done under general anesthesia), and more durable timeline for egg storage.

There also egg freezing packages with advanced options such as genetic diagnostic testing. These cycles are also affordable as their cost is approximately $ 800 – $ 2000 higher than those that don’t have the genetic testing.

It is also possible to design all-inclusive egg freezing cycles all other the world. “Gold” oocyte freezing packages costs usually cover all consultations, all tests, all ultrasounds, even the ovarian stimulation medications, medications to prevent premature ovulation, anesthesia, egg retrieval, and egg storage. The inclusive packages are more expensive than the basic ones.

Egg freezing costs in European countries (valid for 2019)

Egg freezing costs vary from clinic to clinic and from country to country. Comparing oocyte freezing costs in Europe, it should be noted, that the low–cost and most preferable destinations are:
Armenia (€2000 – €2800), Azerbaijan: (€2500 – €3000),
Georgia (€2600 – €3000), Greece (€1000 – €2000), Cyprus (€2500 – €3000),
Slovakia (€1300 – €2000) and Spain (€1800 – €3000).

Egg Freezing costs by country:

(egg freezing costs from clinics listed on OVU Fertility Network)

Armenia: €2000 – €2800, Azerbaijan: €2500 – €3000, Bulgaria: €1000 – €1700

Greece: €1000 – €3000, Georgia: €2600 – €3000, Croatia: €1700 – €2500

Cyprus: €2500 – €3000, Czechia: €1000 – €2800, Denmark: €6700 – €7500

Finland: € 2800 – € 4800, Germany: €2500 – €3000, Latvia: €1200–€3700

Spain: €1800 – €3000, Slovakia: €1300 – €2000, Ukraine: €2000 – €2800

Egg freezing costs in Asian countries 
(valid for 2019)

Among the Asian countries all the locations for egg freezing are low–cost, therefore all the destinations are perfect for egg freezing cycles.

India: €2650 – €3000

Pakistan: €2800 – €4000

UAE: €1000 – €6500

Egg freezing costs in other countries 
(valid for 2019)

Brazil: $4500 –$5500

Dominican Republic: $850 – $2500

Mexico: $5750 – $6000

The USA, UK & Canada egg freezing costs

UK: £3,500 – £12380

Canada: 5000 CAD – 6000 CAD

USA: $7950 – $14490

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