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Posted on 09/12/2018 in Pregnancy

Ice Cream Lover and Pregnant? Exclusively for Ice–Cream Lovers!

Ice Cream Lover and Pregnant? Exclusively for Ice–Cream Lovers!

Entering the Boutique–Cafe glass doors, you have one vital decision to make: What ice cream flavor will you choose? You could go with a classic French vanilla, classic Switzerland chocolate or maybe you prefer something a little more sophisticated, like an almond one, a caramel one, a coconut milky one or Truffle one…The list of the Ice Cream flavor can be continued and continued… And what should you do if the ice cream is too TEMPTING but you are pregnant and you have no idea should you enter the doorway or you shouldn’t?

Ice–Cream Lover and Pregnant? Speaking about eating an ice–cream when pregnant, there are two tendencies in the modern ice–cream conceptions. The first is “YES”, you may treat yourself an ice–cream when pregnant. BUT first of all, consult with your doctor. If there are no limitations, then you may GLIMPSE at that crispy waffle–cone with chocolate ice–cream inside and treat yourself this delicious luxury! BUT you should avoid the SOFT SERVE ICE–CREAM and those so–called “ice–creams” that contain dozens of E–ingredients.

The second is “NOT DESIRABLE” to treat yourself with the ice–cream while pregnant. ESPECIALLY you MUST AVOID soft serve! “But what if I eat a soft serve just one time?” The experts’ answer is: “Nope, Nope, and Nope!” Wondering why should you say “NO” to the soft serve?

Why Should You Say “NO” to Soft Serves?

Soft serve is usually stored at a temperature of around 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. This temperature is “EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED” for the soft serve. And because the ice–cream is high in moisture, the bacteria called “listeria” can grow quite quickly in it. Listeria causes listeriosis infection. If a pregnant woman contracts listeria, it can be transmitted to the baby and cause serious problems, including miscarriage, premature birth, and stillbirth.

What are the symptoms of the Listeriosis?

Listeriosis infection can cause hospitalization or even death. The initial symptoms are flu–like such as headaches and fever. Sometimes symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

What impacts can Listeriosis have on the unborn baby?

Pregnancy is the most vulnerable time because the immune system of the pregnant woman is nearly “Turned off.” Wondering why? A successful pregnancy is contingent on maternal tolerance of the immunologically foreign fetus. Your tiny bundle or your tiny fetus–dude, or your tiny fetus–lady “Turns off” your immune system to survive! Considering that the fetus can survive despite the maternal immune system, pregnancy thus seems to be an immunological paradox.

No one can say when you treat yourself soft serve if there the bacteria called “listeria.” So, no one can guarantee that soft serve is “listeria–free.” A listeriosis infection can cause serious consequences for the health of your unborn bundle of joy. As we have already mentioned, starting with flu–like symptoms and ending with miscarriage, premature birth, or even stillbirth. The experts say that one in five cases of listeriosis infection in pregnant women results in the death of their much loved unborn fetus–dude or fetus–lady.

Are There Any Tips for Moms–to–Be? 

Even if the ice–cream sounds so tempting for you, try to avoid it. There are so many alternatives without the risk of listeria: yogurt topped with a variety of fresh fruits and covered with a drizzle of chocolate syrup! Hot Chocolate with alpine milk. Switzerland Truffles covered with sliced almonds! And many, many others! But if you cannot resist this ice–cream temptation, CHOOSE only reputable cafes, or ice–cream shops and read carefully the ingredients. Do not forget that you must avoid the soft serve!

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