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Posted on 02/11/2022 in Fertility Treatment Options

IVF–Egg Donation Cost in Spain: Reproclinic

IVF–Egg Donation Cost in Spain: Reproclinic
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Introducing Reproclinic located in Barcelona, Spain & its 4 Egg Donation programs: 1 Basic & 3 Guaranteed. All featuring amazing specifications & a new fee–free cycle with fresh or frozen donor’s eggs if there is no viable embryo suitable for performing ET. Plus, an extensive variety of extras such as Sperm Retrieval, Black or Asian egg donor, Preimplantation Genetic Testing, Deferred cycle, FET, Embryo Vitrification & Storage, and much more can be added to the basic Treatment Protocol. Compare Bundles & their fees. Explore all features the Bundles have. And make one Bundle — yours. 


Update on Treatment Bundles & Fees: Reproclinic (Spain) 

IVF–Egg Donation Programs available for booking & purchasing: Basic, RC1, RC2, and RC3. 


Basic IVF–Egg Donation Program:

  • IVF–Egg Donation Basic Bundle includes: 1 Egg Donation cycle + 1 IVF/ICSI Fertilization session + 1 ET, and costs € 6,025.00.

Guaranteed IVF–Egg Donation Programs: 

  • RC1 program includes: 1 Egg Donation cycle + 1 IVF / ICSI Fertilization session + 1 Blastocyst + 1 ET, and costs € 6,900.00.
  • RC2 program includes: 1 Egg Donation cycle + 1 IVF / ICSI Fertilization session + 2 Blastocysts + 1 ET, and costs € 7,760.00. 
  • RC3 program includes: 1 Egg Donation cycle + 1 IVF / ICSI Fertilization session + 3 Blastocysts + 1 ET, and costs € 8,725.00.


What is in the Bundle? 

BASIC, RC1, RC2 & RC3 programs include:

  • 1st Medical Consultation/Study of the case and preparation of the Treatment Protocol 
  • Unlimited consultations in the patient’s language with the Reproclinic team during IVF Treatment
  • Semen analysis & sperm preparation 
  • Egg Donor selection 
  • Egg Donor matching 
  • Egg Donor cycle including medication and compensation for Egg Donation Services
  • Evaluation of the donor’s COS cycle progress & the patient’s endometrial thickness progress by ultrasound scans & blood tests 
  • Back up donor guarantee 
  • Pap Smear test (or evaluation) 
  • Stimulation and monitoring (ultrasound) follow up 
  • Egg and Sperm preparation for Fertilization (vitrified or fresh eggs) 
  • ICSI method/conventional IVF
  • Prolonged Embryo Cultivation
  • 1st Embryo Transfer 
  • HCG pregnancy test & if the pregnancy test is positive — an early ultrasound scan is scheduled for detecting a heartbeat 
  • The number of guarantee embryos (Blastocysts) for the Guarantee program: the Basic program — 0; RC1 program — 1 Blastocyst; RC2 program — 2 Blastocysts; RC3 program — 3 blastocysts.
  • If there is no viable embryo suitable for performing ET — a new fee–free cycle is offered (for Guaranteed programs)


Cancellation policy:

If the initial payment has already been made to start searching for the donor, an administration fee of €800.00 will be charged and the remaining amount will be reimbursed.

If the clinic has already purchased the sperm donor sample and, for whatever reason, the patient does not wish to proceed, its cost will not be refundable.

If the transfer is cancelled for medical reasons, €300.00 will be deducted from the cost of the Treatment and the freezing of any remaining embryo and following differed transfer cycle will have to be fully paid.


Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions:

1. Only applies to the first IVF Cycle

2. Blastocyst guarantee does not apply:

  • in cases of low–quality sperm used in the cycle (sperm concentration less than 10Mill/ml and/or progressive motility less than 25% and/or less than 2% of normal forms).
  • In cases of PGT analysis on the embryos.

3. If no viable embryos are derived, a new cycle will be started free of charge.

4. RC2 or RC3 program: if fewer embryos are obtained in the first cycle than the ones guaranteed for each program, the remaining embryos could be created from a different egg donor in a new cycle without any extra cost. In the Basic program: 6 mature oocytes.


Procedures and Methods Description

Egg Donor selection includes studying the donor’s family history, the donor’s health history screening, psychologic evaluation, STD test, Pap Smear test, hormone profile, Karyotype, genetic carrier screening test.

Egg Donor matching is performed based on the ethnicity and the immunologic and phenotypical profile of the recipient.

Egg Donation includes the donor’s compensation fee, the donor’s medication, stimulation and monitoring (ultrasounds) follow–up, anesthesia for the oocyte pick–up, and Egg Retrieval.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is a micromanipulation method in which one sperm cell is injected into one mature egg. 

Prolonged Embryo Cultivation: cultivation of embryos up to Day 6 (Blastocyst stage) that allows selection of embryos with the highest implantation potency & viability. 

Fertility coach services: online group sessions with a fertility coach specialist.


Payment terms & conditions for the Guaranteed programs:

  • Phase 1 payment should be done before starting the Treatment.
  • The remaining amount payment should be done the latest before the second follicular control.
  • Additional laboratory tests should be done before the treatment is started and before Embryo Transfer.

Payment methods: Online payment (secure payment gateway), bank transfer, credit card payment, or in cash (euros).


Services, Procedures & Lab Tests Pricelist

First Consultation (gynecological examination, preparation, and preparation of a Treatment Protocol, medication, etc.) — €145.00.

Second consultation (30 minutes consultation to discuss the medical history and tune up the Treatment plan blueprint) — €80.00.

Andrologist consultation (first consultation with an andrologist) — €130.00.

Phycologist consultation (first one–to–one consultation with a fertility psychologist) — €65.00.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle (includes stimulation Protocol & audit with Fertility Pro on previous unsuccessful cycle(s)) — €1,725.00.

TESA (Testicular biopsy) + lab processing (Testicular biopsy with subsequent processing and fresh use of sperm) — €1,900.00.

TESA (testicular biopsy) + lab processing and freezing (Testicular biopsy with subsequent processing and freezing of the sample) — € 2.100.00.

Sperm Donor (using the donor’s sperm in IUI or IVF cycle) — €410.00. 

Sperm Freezing + 6 months of cryostorage included — €250.00. 

Embryo Freezing (Vitrification) + 12 months of cryostorage included — €900.00. 

Sperm or Embryo Storage (prolongation of cryostorage for one year) — €465.00. 

Spermiogram (sperm analysis) — €135.00.

Genetic Carrier Screening (genetic study of the inherited recessive disorders) — € 595.00.

Genetic matching (is performed between egg and sperm donor (if necessary) and when a patient provides an outside carrier genetic screening different from the Reproclinic one — €150.00.

Deferred cycle (delayed Embryo Transfer is an option during IVF in which the fertilized embryos are frozen for future transfer in the following month (thawing cost) — €500.00. 

Fertile Chip (microfluidic chips for sperm selection) — €300.00.

Black or Asian egg donor (extra fee) €600.00–€1500.00 for the Basic program; RC1 — €900.00, RC2 — €1200.00, RC3 — €1500.00.


Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

  • PGT Phase I: embryo biopsy and biopsied tissue preparation, Embryo Freezing and 3–month storage — €1,200.00.
  • PGT–A Phase II: PGT–A Protocol & screening for each screened embryo — €300.00 per embryo.
  • PGT Phase III: endometrial preparation, thawing of euploid embryos and transfer — € 1,725.00.



Four IVF–Egg Donation programs. Created by Reproclinic Pros with your heart in the mind. All beautifully functional. And purposefully powerful. Explore the Bundles & extras. Compare their features & specifications. And make one Bundle — yours.

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