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IVF with gender selection cost

IVF with gender selection cost

IVF with gender selection bundles.

Introducing the most configurable, synchronized, multi–authentic, and powerful PRO IVF with gender selection. Exclusively designed to meet the diverse demands of fertility professionals and couples wishing to have a newborn baby with an exact gender, IVF with gender selection Pro Packages are created for total flexibility and 99% guarantee of accuracy.

Powerful to change everything. Tuned up IVF trends that are worth saying “Hello.”

Say “Hello” to IVF with gender selection bundles and multi–cycled IVF bundles with gender selection option that are “taken to extreme” gender selection accuracy in every way. With the greatest technology ever seen yet, every IVF with gender selection cycle is designed to let a wide range of leading fertility experts push the limits of what is possible in ART (assisted reproductive techniques).

Compare IVF with gender selection costs worldwide — just in one click.

Updated June 2019. OVU Fertility Network has a whole new look on a whole new level for comparing IVF with gender selection costs worldwide. We make your search even faster and more delightful to use. You can do it just in one click:

IVF with gender selection costs — choose your IVF bundle PRO.

Gender selection is banned in many countries as it is interfering with the core ethics or religious aspect. In some countries, gender selection is possible to synchronize with IVF cycles if an inherited disease transfers with gender. And there are the countries where gender selection is legal and termed as “family–balancing technique.”

Top destinations for IVF with gender selection cycles are Argentina, Cambodia, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States. 

Argentina: 6500 USD — 12000 USD

Cambodia: — 13200 USD — 14800 USD

Cyprus: 3700 EUR — 6820 EUR

Egypt: 2000 USD — 2500 USD

Georgia: 5500 USD — 10000 USD.

Greece: 4500 EUR — 8000 EUR. **Gender Selection technique is prohibited by the law in Greece. IVF with gender selection cycle can be designed only if there is a medical reason for gender selection (the law permits performing the gender selection technique only if there is a serious hereditary disease transmitted with gender).

Lebanon: 4500 USD — 5000 USD

Malaysia: 7000 USD — 14000 USD

Mexico: 5800 USD — 16000 USD

 Ukraine: 6350 EUR — 13000 EUR

 United Arab Emirates: 37000 AED—56000 AED

 United States: 15500 USD—20750 USD

Countries where IVF with gender selection is prohibited by law

— Australia

— Austria

— Barbados

— Brazil

— Canada

— Croatia

— Denmark

— Finland

— Germany

— India

— Latvia

— Morocco

— Portugal

— Slovakia

— South Korea

— Spain

— Switzerland

— Thailand

— Turkey

— United Kingdom

What is IVF (in vitro fertilization)?

IVF or “in vitro fertilization” is the cutting–edge multi–synchronized POWERFUL fertilization technique ever that allows to solving the most adverse infertility issues “in one touch” as every IVF bundle may be designed as FLEXIBLE at its core, thus, listing, launching, synchronizing, modelling and remodelling, even generating the new techniques are implemented with the core paradigm — to boost the chances to get pregnant.

Authentic or identical? Tuned up or not?

Even being standardized, every IVF bundle is always exclusively remodeled for every Patient and every couple according to the medical criteria set by fertility experts. There are no identical IVF cycles, and there is no one fertilization technique that is ideal for every situation. Every IVF cycle is authentic and tuned up to the Patient’s or the couple’s medical criteria. Authentication starts with dual–control “system” that is drafted by a fertility specialist and tuned up with the utmost attention to every detail through all the IVF cycle’s timeline.

Introducing you the tuned–up trends in–vitro fertilization 

Our millennium is the time–frame for Fertility–“DevOps’” and IT–DevOps’ constant announcements of remarkable “updates” to ART: IUI, IVF, and Surrogacy. The leading fertility experts and leading researchers are continuously tuning up the ART–techniques that are already generated — and introducing blended & flexible IUI PRO, IVF PRO, and Surrogacy PRO bundles making it easier than ever to generate more of what you envision about ART options.

Your desire defines the “Form”. 

Every aspect of IVF with gender selection Pro bundle is designed in pursuit of top gender accuracy (up to 99%). Every embryo is created around the core principle to be Perfect. Every embryo is comprehensively screened and the genders are identified. The embryos of the desired gender are compared and the one, two or even three are chosen to be the “One” or the “Two” or the “Three” that may be transferred and soon will be turned into bundles–fetuses.

The fertility experts have access to every chromosome of the embryos that are created through IVF cycle. Furthermore, they have access to vast “configuration” of embryonic content as every embryo can be screened for all chromosomes including sex–chromosomes “X” and “Y”. From there… anything is Possible.

Envisaged by you for being completed by experts. 

Forget everything you know about IVF bundles. IVF with gender selection bundles is authentic and inclusive. Up to 10 brilliant techniques of multi–synchronization. Up to 99 “cores” of Power and Accuracy.

Powdered exclusively for you.

IVF with gender selection cycles is designed by Pros who need the ultimate accuracy in gender selection performance. From draft to implementation, gender selection technique is an ideal instrument that turns virtual things into real ones.

Moreover, synchronized with complete embryonic chromosomal profile–screening, gender selection reveals the Boutique Embryos of the desired gender that are exceedingly capable of implantation and may turn into healthy fetuses.

The diagnostic tool for identifying the embryo’s gender

Extreme accuracy in gender–identifying is possible only through PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) with FISH or fluorescent in–situ hybridization technique. The FISH technique for gender selection involves the usage of two specific DNA–“probes”. One DNA–“probe” will identify the X–chromosome. The other DNA–“probe” will identify the Y–chromosome. The DNA–“probes” reveal the sex chromosomes by making them multi-colored and sparkling.

XX sex chromosomes  for ladies’–bundles, XY sex chromosomes for dudes’–bundles

What is really extraordinary, is that healthy oocytes always have only one sex chromosome — X. The healthy sperm cells carry “X” or “Y” sex chromosome. If the sperm cell with X chromosome fertilized the oocyte — the XX embryo appears. If the spermatozoon with Y chromosome fertilized the — the XY embryo appears.

If there are two XX chromosomes, the embryo is a girl. If there are XY chromosomes, the embryo is a boy.

Gender selection technique’s performance

FISH or fluorescent in–situ hybridization technique for gender selection is usually performed on Day 3 after fertilization. The embryonic chromosomal profiles are comprehensively screened under the inverted microscope. Usually “ZEISS Axio Vert.–A1” inverted microscope for advanced routine or flexible inverted microscope platform “ZEISS Axioscope 5” is used for FISH performance.

The core principle of FISH technique performance is to detect and identify the sex chromosomes of every embryo that is screened. A multi-core IVF–workstation makes it possible. Ideal visualization blended with ideal contrast techniques plus the option for analyzing huge data sets or running multiple Pro applications make fast work out of all kinds of work. The expert notes down the essential data for every chromosomal profile of every embryo and selects the boutique–quality embryos of the desired gender for further embryo transfer event.

What happens after the FISH technique?

After the gender selection is completed, the expert discusses the obtained results with the Patient/couple (with you). The embryo profiles will be shown and you will choose the embryo/embryos that are ideal for the embryo transfer and you will schedule the embryo transfer event. The other embryos that have the gender you do not desire; Their fortune will be literally in your hands. You will decide if they should vitrify (cryopreserve or freeze) them for a future embryo–transfer event or if they should be utilized. Nevertheless, every embryo is yours and cryopreservation through vitrification technique is an ideal technique to store them. Utilization is the last option, as it is literally sentencing your tiny bundles with undesired sex to death.

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