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More couples heading to Argentina for ‘fertility tourism’

More couples heading to Argentina for ‘fertility tourism’

Below you can read an article that was written and filmed by an American journalist for CCTV-America from USA. Dr. Glujovsky talks about egg donation on the TV. Watch it in Youtube: Dr. Glujovsky in the American TV

July 7, 2016

“Faced with the exorbitant costs of in vitro fertilization, many couples hoping to conceive are turning to Argentina as a less-expensive and less-restrictive option. CCTV America’s Joel Richards reports from Buenos Aires.”[…]For years, many couples have turned to span Spain, and now many are heading to Argentina for IVF treatment due to its high success rates.[…]

Australian couple Merinda and Cameron Forster tried in vitro fertilization in their home country – it was expensive and emotionally draining. After seven failed IVF treatments, they opted for egg donation to increase their chances of success, but the process was far from straightforward. “In Australia you either have to know somebody, maybe a family or friend, or you go onto a very long waiting list. Potentially you are looking for years,” Merinda Forster said. After researching other options, they traveled from their hometown of Brisbane to Argentina two years ago.“From the time that we decided that this is what we wanted to do, and to actually getting here, it was approximately three months,” Merinda Forster said. Their treatment in Buenos Aires was successful. In May, they returned to Argentina with their two-year-old daughter, Eliana, hoping to concieve a second child.

Physician Demian Glujovsky’s office is filled with photographs of success stories. He said he is increasingly treating couples from abroad. “In Argentina due to several economic things that happened here here costs are lower than in a lot of countries. We have the combination of low cost, and high success rates,” Glujovsky said. “Our rates are at the same level as the average in U.S. or even higher, and if you compare to reports from Latin America and Europe we are above that.” Success rates in Argentina are now well over 60 percent.

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