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Ovulation induction vs timed intercourse

Ovulation induction vs timed intercourse

Trying to conceive? The Major Secret of Having the Tiny One Launched his or her Space in the Womb is Having an Intercourse closely to the Ovulation Time.

If you are a young couple in love dreaming both about having your small bundle of joy, trying hard to witness two-lined pregnancy test for several months without any success, earlier or later, there will be the question: “but why?” Longing for glancing at the next pregnancy test that yields “pregnant,” you are struggling with nature harder than ever.

When shaping so intimate question to yourself as “…maybe I am… infertile”, you envisage the new reality with IVF treatment on the central stage. You cannot ignore or manage the way this thought appears in your mind.

Typing in the search line the abbreviation “IVF” for the first time, your experience with this term will be scaring and terrific. The myriad of results with IVF clinics, IVF top destinations, IVF packages, IVF costs, IVF discounted bundles and who knows what else will make your glance blurred.

Trying to Conceive? Add a splash of new conceiving concept. 

We want to make it easier to conceive a tiny bundle, not harder. So, you should know that there are No Secret “Strategies”. Not even hidden ones. Really. But there is one Major Mystery we would like to share with you. You should glance at it — to know it. You should try it — to believe it.

The Major Mystery of Conceiving a Baby is the Time.

The Major Secret of Becoming Pregnant is… in an Ideal Synchronization of intercourse and a woman’s ovulation timeframe. Incredible Conceiving Power lasts only for 24 hours in a month. Have a Real Cuddling–Against–Each–Other–Twisting–and–Turning Fun at full speed during this time if you are trying to conceive.

Male Fertility vs Female Fertility.

It is vital to know that sperm is produced every day. Sperm Pro Microchips are being created all day long. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. A woman ovulates only one time per cycle. Her Pro Microchip is called oocyte, and this microchip releases with an “installed” time-limited fertilization high potency.

(1) Female reproductive system.

  • Female Fertility: Ovaries’ Generation Event, Oocytes’ Generation Event, Oocyte release, and Ovarian Reserve.

Envisaged or nope, the female reproductive system is “configured” before the tiny bundle is born. The ovaries’ generation event coming not so soon as thought. The tiny ovaries are “launched” when the fetus–bundle is only… 11–12 gestational weeks old!

The tiniest ovaries have the SUPER POWERFUL Ovarian Reserve EVER!

Mind-blowing fact is that those miniature ovaries have the PRO ovarian reserve. It is so large that you should “see it” to believe it. Really. Being 13 gestational weeks old, the small bundle has more than 4 million oocytes in her ovaries. And this number [4 million oocytes] is continuously growing till the 20th gestational week!

The miniature “bundle” has the most TERRIFIC ovarian reserve ever.

The ovarian reserve is the powerful “app” designed for a long–time future use. After 13th gestational week, the ovarian reserve is growing and growing, and growing reaching its maximum on gestational week 20 — more than 6 million oocytes launched in both ovaries. Sounds Magic, doesn’t it?

So large, so smartly configured and so limited…

More than 6 million oocytes’ number sounds unbelievable. So great number of ideally configured oocytes with high potency is launched in the tiny ovaries just in seven weeks’ timeframe. This great number should be enough for the whole life. But there is One Unexpected Secret.

Ovarian Reserve’s Terrific Secret Revealed. 

Ovarian reserve is not only limited. It will be decreasing starting from 20th gestational week… Most of the miniature bundle’s oocytes will disappear before she is even born! It has always been magical… No one knows how do the oocytes disappear from the tiny ovaries.

From 6 million oocytes only 1 or 2 million of them are “available” when the newborn bundle is born. 

During 20 gestational weeks (starting from the 20th gestational week and up to the 40th gestational week), the miniature bundle is losing her oocytes. When it is the time for her big debut, nearly 75% of the oocytes will be lost from her ovarian reserve. The newborn bundle has only 1–2 million oocytes maximum in her ovarian reserve. And this number will continue its lowering after she is born.

The ovarian reserve is constantly lowering.

The “launched” ovarian reserve is constantly decreasing and by puberty period, the girl has nearly 1 million oocytes in her ovaries left or less. When getting the first period, the teen girl loses nearly1000 oocytes from her ovarian reserve. You have never envisioned a number like this. And this number of oocytes will be lost every month.

Pro authentication system. Pro configuration. Pro performance.

The “installed” in the ovaries smart “timing system” never turns night mode. It never sleeps, thus expected or nope, every cycle you can minus 1000 oocytes from your ovarian reserve. With the classic “always–on” mode, you always lose approximately the same number of oocytes. When the ovarian reserve is empty, there is no way to “generate” the new oocytes in the ovaries.

How many oocytes with high fertilization potency are released every cycle?

Usually, only one mature oocyte is released. Rarely two mature oocytes can be released in one cycle. And not just one oocyte microchip is lost during one cycle… Woman loses many of her oocytes during one cycle. Her ovarian reserve is constantly lowering with every cycle she has. When her ovarian reserve is empty, she is no more fertile.

They have “apps” to keep an eye on your ovarian reserve. 

Two diagnostic tests that help OB-GYN to keep an eye on your ovarian reserve: an ultrasound-guided antral follicle count test and an AMH (anti–Müllerian hormone) blood test. Checking your ovarian reserve with these both tests make it possible to estimate the number of follicles inside the ovaries and an approximate number of the oocytes left in your ovarian reserve.

Both tests have Pro performance, Pro dual–authentication system, Pro accuracy to keep an eye on your ovarian reserve. Get a quick read on your ultrasound results, or check your anti–Müllerian hormone levels with the AMH test. The results tell you when things are getting a little worse. These “apps” alert you when ovarian reserve lowers to levels that can impact your fertility.

(2) Male reproductive system.

  • Male Fertility: Sperm Generation Event, Sperm Release, and Sperm Reserve. 

In men everything is different. There are no “fertile days,” “sperm reserve,” or “sperm release event.” Every day, millions of Sperm Pro Microchips with authentic configuration are designed. Man doesn’t lose his fertility with age. Men don’t have the sperm reserve. But they do have the sperm regeneration cycle called “spermatogenesis.”

The spermatogenesis cycle has its “configured” time frame — 64 days. Starting from puberty, a teen dude produces millions of sperm cells every day. Despite the sperm generation event occurs in the testicles every second, the sperm maturation time frame is so long.

Every second the testicles generate nearly 1,500 sperm cells. But how sperm is generated? 

The sperm generation system is launched in the testicles. It involves many tiny tubes called the “seminiferous tubules”. These tiny tubes empower the whole sperm generation system. Every seminiferous tubule is designed from the ground up to generate all-new sperm cells and to protect them.

Seminiferous tubules “host” the germline stem cells and the male sex hormone — testosterone that causes the germline stem cells to turn into sperm cells. The germline stem cells divide and change until they have the all-new smart interface (resemble the tadpoles) with a huge head and short tail. A redesigned interface uses the tails to move further.

It just got a whole lot harder to complete the “configuration”.

Now with a whole new perspective, the sperm cells’ tails push off the limits. The tails push the sperm into the epididymis — a tube behind “launched” the testes. Here in the epididymis, the sperm “spend” nearly 5 weeks, completing their development. Once the sperm cells are out of the epididymis, they move to the vas deferens.

The highestquality sperm cells with high fertilization potency are Only Mature Ones. 

The process of changing the interface and configuration from a germline stem cell to a mature spermatozoon with high fertilization potency takes nearly 2–2,5 months. The full “front–end” spermatogenesis’ process takes 64–74 days. During this timeframe sperm cells not only being “configured” but also undergo maturation.

Sperm release event.

When having intercourse, the sperm cells are blended with seminal fluid — a white liquid “generated” by the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland — to form semen. As a result of the stimulation, the semen, containing up to 500 million sperm cells, is ejaculated (pushed out of the penis through the urethra).

Beyond your expectations. 

Sperm cells are the most smartly configured microchips ever. Their cutting–edge “chromosomal and DNA configuration” is automatically secured with end–to–end encryption. The genetic information is packed into the special “capsule” for the highest protection ever.

Empowered to reach and fertilize.

5–day “battery” life. Empowered to reach and fertilize the oocyte for 5 days after the intercourse. Empowered to stay alive and win the competition. Fastest performance ever. The sperm cells reach the oocyte in the shortest time they can. Despite millions of them will die, the most powerful will continue their hard way with only one goal — to reach and fertilize.

Every fertilized oocyte is automatically secured with end–to–end encryption.

The dual–authentication system indicates the “spaces” where it is possible to penetrate the oocyte. Only one sperm cell can fertilize the oocyte, no more can. The sperm cells have the Pro end–to–end encryption systems. If penetration is completed successfully, the end–to–end encryption secures the fertilized oocyte from re–penetration.

(3) Fundamentally redesigned conceiving theory. 

The timeframe of becoming pregnant for a woman is limited to 24 hours in every month. In other words, an embryo generation event occurs only if the couple has intercourse during ovulation timeline. There is no over–the–time–limit–mode–plus–several–more–hours for getting pregnant.

Timed intercourse is the most preferred fertility treatment among young couples. 

For the young couples with perfect health in their 20–somethings, the chance of conceiving is only 20–25% per cycle. Timed intercourse is an ideal solution that is often proposed by fertility experts for these couples. Timed intercourse is a blendable strategy as it can be without stimulation (only monitoring the woman’s ovarian cycle via ultrasound) and with ovarian stimulation (if the follicles’ natural development is low the medicated stimulation is recommended).

Timed intercourse is a non–invasive treatment strategy that involves monitoring of the woman’s natural cycle via transvaginal ultrasound and blood tests plus scheduling the optimal time frame for having intercourse (2–3 days around a positive ovulation indication).

Timed intercourse vs timed intercourse with ovulation induction.

The other treatment strategy is the timed intercourse protocol with controlled ovarian stimulation. In this case, the fertility expert prescribes fertility medications for stimulating the ovaries to produce more mature oocytes than only one per cycle. This strategy boosts the chances to conceive with each extra oocyte that is produced. The ovulation cycle is closely monitored via ultrasound and blood tests in the same way as for timed intercourse without ovarian stimulation. Here, it should be noted that the multiple pregnancies may occur as generating the plus oocyte makes it possible to conceive twins, triplets or yay, even quadruplets.

Usually, ovulation induction protocol involves oral pills like Clomid or Letrozole. In some cases, the injectable hormones LH (luteinizing Hormone) or HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) are recommended. The ovarian stimulation protocol is “tuned up” if necessary. The whole stimulation cycle is constantly managed and monitored by a fertility expert. The timed intercourse is scheduled in the same way: 2–3 days around a positive ovulation indication).

The conclusive remarks. 

Wondering about motherhood? Trying to conceive but… feeling that something is wrong? Nervous about entering a fertility clinic? If IVF abbreviations are a little bit hard for you, there are two options they can offer you. The first is ovulation induction. The second is IUI or intrauterine insemination.

Both options are perfect for the young couples facing unexplained infertility as there is a great potential of getting pregnant naturally (an ovarian stimulation treatment option) or with minimal interference (IUI, or intrauterine sperm transfer treatment option). The ovarian stimulation and IUI treatment protocols are simple, transparent, and private.

The only difference between both treatments is the insemination strategy. The ovarian stimulation involves controlled ovarian stimulation, ultrasound-guided management of the follicle growth and scheduling the timed intercourse around 2 or 3 days around the positive ovulation “indication”.

Not just evolved, transformed.

Every couple is unique and every case is authentic. The most powerful treatment strategy sometimes can be the simplest one. For the young couples with perfect health in their 20—somethings, the ultrapowerful options can be timed intercourse, ovulation induction blended with timed intercourse or IUI (intrauterine insemination).

All these three treatment options have “apps” to keep an eye on your ovulation cycle. All these treatment options “tell” you when things are getting a little bit “loud” for having to cuddle together in your bed. All these treatment options motivate you to be together in the most optimal time for conceiving the tiny one.

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