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Posted on 07/25/2018 in Integrative Understanding of Infertility

Pregnancy and Chocolate Passion: Exclusively for Sweet Lovers!

Pregnancy and Chocolate Passion: Exclusively for Sweet Lovers!

Cravings during pregnancy are one of the most “NUANCED” and hotly debated topics. Wondering why this topic is so “NUANCED”? Wondering what is the main DILEMMA? Well, surely, you remember the eternal question William Shakespeare designed: “To Be or Not to Be the Question Is”. During the pregnancy, this Question is moderated to the version “To Eat or Not to Eat the Question Is”. And this thought will whirl in your mind every time you FEEL that the cravings’ time comes. Especially if you do love to eat the SWEETEST PRECIOUS THINGS. You will be constantly struggling with the dilemma “Oh… I want this! MAY I EAT [insert your version here]” or “Ugh… SHOULD I AVOID [insert your version here]?”. The tiny Fetus Dictates You the Rules Now.

The whirl of your thoughts will flow in your mind while you are “wandering” near the shop–windows or near the mall’s shelves with SWEET “TEMPTATIONS”. And all these sweet temptations are so uniquely personal.

Should I eat those candied ginger, or candied apricots, or candied blueberries? Should I prefer candied cherries or candied dates? Should I choose candied figs? Maybe should I buy some candied grapes and candied lemon (or candied lemon slices) to eat them in the wonderful evening time sitting on the tuffet and drinking my sweetly–scented tea? YES, I love all these CANDIED THINGS, but they are just for tea, milk or cocoa time. Yes, only with tea, with warm milk, or with warm cocoa. Here is my MAIN SECRET…

To tell you the truth, I do want those divine–scented warm waffles covered with the hot temptingly–scented hot dark chocolate. And sometimes, I want huge ice–cream covered with hot chocolate with warm (not hot!) mochaccino in a huge mug. And I love not only these SWEET DELICIOUS THINGS. BUT MAY I EAT ALL THESE THINGS while pregnant?

(1) Are you a Chocolate Lover? Then, this paragraph is designed exclusively for you!

Chocolate…Chocolate…Chocolate…So many delicate chocolate scents whirl in the air flows…So many accurately–shaped chocolate “BODIES” sparkle and glitter through the translucent pastel–colored envelopes…So many divine tastes exist in the chocolate world! Caramel filled chocolate, Chocolate with Almond nuts [Hazel Nuts, Brazilian Nuts], Dark chocolate, Fruit–filled chocolate, Milk chocolate, Pure chocolate, Truffle filled chocolate, White chocolate… All versions of scents, shapes, and tastes are SO…Tempting!

You DESIRE to understand that Mystery of Chocolate. Just envisioning in your mind or glancing furtively at the sparkling golden envelope that wraps, no, not wraps, that “HUGS warmly” the naked bar of chocolate, glitters so many emotions inside your soul. Looks gorgeous, isn’t it? Sounds tempting, isn’t it? And the imagination of the Unfolding the pastel–colored envelope that hides the intriguing chocolate scent is the MAJOR MIRACLE for you... You cannot resist. Unwrapped bar of chocolate looks GORGEOUS! Those chocolate curves, that chocolate scent, those almond nuts and hazelnuts or berries “HIDDEN” in the chocolate, REALLY DRIVE YOU CRAZY! They are the DIAMONDS hidden in this sweetest luxury!

Want to eat the chocolate bars and drink hot chocolate every day even while pregnant? Wondering “to eat” or “not to eat” the chocolate bar? Or, on the contrary, “to drink” or “not to drink” that DIVINE warmly–scented hot chocolate in the huge mug?

Sitting in the Chocolate Boutique Cafe and waiting for the exclusive Chocolate bar and Hot chocolate to be done by the Chocolatier is that SPECIAL moment when all your thoughts “get slathered in chocolate”. Because here, in this Chocolate Atmosphere, absolutely everything gets slathered in chocolate. Waiting with ANTICIPATION for the most chocolate–covered moment to come?

Divine chocolate scents LITERALLY whirl in the air flows here. These gorgeous sparkling chocolate shapes LITERALLY tempt everyone who is sitting here. And this chocolate harmony is disrupted by your eternal question emerging in your mind: “To Eat or Not to Eat” because there is one tiny fetus is curled up inside you. And you have no idea SHOULD you be tempted by the chocolate or should you LEAVE this place of TEMPTATION right now?

The waiter suddenly comes with the wrapped in a rose–colored envelope Dark Chocolate Bar with “hidden” Hazelnuts, with your Huge Cup of Warm Milky Chocolate Sparkling with Blueberries, and with Something Special for You in a Long Golden–Enveloped Box. You are wondering what is that Special Gift from the Chief Chocolatier? The waiter says that you should OPEN this GLOWING BOX. You are casting one furtive glance inside, and a bunch of GLITTERING chocolate eclairs with their DIVINE ÉCLAIR–SCENT is there. You want nothing to do with but to eat all of them. Ugh, how it is TEMPTING!

You are starting from UNWRAPPING those three rose–colored layers of the uniquely designed envelope that hides those Chocolate Curves and Diamonds–Hazel Nuts. Here is it… Naked Bar of Chocolate… The star of the show. This amazing chocolate curves’ design... You do want to try it, but you are feeling yourself like a bundle of nerves, both intrigued and worried. What if something would happen to your tiny fetus because of eating this?

So… To treat yourself or to leave this place? This dilemma suddenly disrupts this unique beautiful chocolate moment. If you ordered the DARK CHOCOLATE, then YES, you can eat it!!! YES, you can treat yourself with the DARK CHOCOLATE when pregnant! Yes, CHOCOLATE LOVER, you can do that! Do not forget that the maximum serving of the DARK CHOCOLATE when pregnant should not be more than THREE OUNCES [85 grams] because chocolate contains caffeine. And you should ensure that your caffeine intake is below 200 mg per day when pregnant. Three ounces of the dark chocolate contains nearly 135 mg of caffeine. 

If you are not sure, limit this amount to one and a half ounce of the Dark Chocolate. One and a half ounce of the Dark Chocolate contains nearly 90 mg of caffeine.

Chocolate consumption is associated with favorable levels of blood pressure and with other reduced cardiovascular disease risk markers. The scientists determined that regular chocolate intake during pregnancy is associated with reduced risks of preeclampsia and gestational hypertension (GH).

Preeclampsia is a serious maternal complication of pregnancy that affects nearly 10% of pregnancies. Preeclampsia is a major pregnancy complication with cardiovascular markers. Preeclampsia shares many characteristics and risk factors of cardiovascular disease, including endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress, hypertension, insulin resistance, and hypertriglyceridemia. Cardiovascular manifestations of preeclampsia include changes in vascular reactivity, hypertriglyceridemia, endothelial dysfunction, and hypertension. The recent studies suggest that DARK chocolate consumption may benefit cardiovascular health.

You may also wonder what is hidden “INSIDE” the Chocolate’s Content?

Chocolate is MYSTERIOUS and MIRACULOUS TREAT. It contains over 600 chemicals including flavonoids, magnesium, and theobromine.

Flavonoids are potent antioxidants capable of inducing nitric oxide–dependent vasodilation, as well as having antiplatelet and anti–inflammatory effects.

Chocolate has the Magnesium Content. The Magnesium Content reduces the risks of having hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

The chocolate content is rich is methylxanthine theobromine. The dark chocolate containing the most. The methylxanthine theobromine that is present in very high quantities has wonderful pharmacologic effects. The basic pharmacologic effects of theobromine include diuresis, myocardial stimulation, vasodilation, and smooth muscle relaxation, and it has been used to treat hypertension, angina, and atherosclerosis. Moreover, theobromine, along with the other methylxanthines, freely crosses the placental barrier in pregnancy.

So, ask the waiter to give you not more than three ounces of the dark chocolate and treat yourself with this luxury!

(2) And what about that DIVINE warmly–scented almond milk hot chocolate in the huge mug? What about that warmly–scented hot chocolate with the almond mystery inside? It is covered with almond slices on the top and on the bottom. Delicate hot chocolate’s scent fills the air flows around you, and you are dreaming about sipping it while eating the dark chocolate pieces. Glittering and sparkling, the HOT CHOCOLATE “flirts with you” from the huge mug. This chocolate flirt is so sophisticated… So beautiful… So unforgettable… And YES, you may sip it!

It is generally recommended that pregnant women consume no more than 200mg of caffeine per day. Hot chocolate, usually, contains only about 12mg of caffeine. BUT you should glance through the package of the hot chocolate to make sure how much caffeine exactly it contains. If you are eating three ounces of the dark chocolate [nearly 135 mg of caffeine], then you can also add this huge mug of hot chocolate with 25 mg of caffeine “inside”. And sometimes you can order three huge mugs of the dark hot chocolate instead of three ounces of the dark chocolate. Sounds also tempting, isn’t it?

(3) Has someone just uttered the word “Chocolate eclairs”? The Chocolate Eclairs are my PASSION…

The waiter says that you should OPEN this GLOWING BOX. You are casting one furtive glance inside, and a bunch of GLITTERING chocolate eclairs with their DIVINE ÉCLAIR–SCENT is there. You want nothing to do with but to eat all of them. Ugh, how it is TEMPTING! Intrigued by the taste of chocolate eclairs? Wondering can you eat chocolate eclairs when pregnant? The temptation is so irresistible… It seems like the TIME HAS STOPPED…

The first time you glanced at the Sparkling Chocolate Eclairs you understood that they are Divine. The ELEGANCY of their curves and shapes makes your heart stop! Glittering chocolate eclairs inspire your passion. That golden caramel sprinkled on the eclairs make them more than CHARMING… You are completely lost. The only thought in your mind is to eat them right now. This ÉCLAIR moment has just come. Nothing can stop you from trying them.

But how safe is to eat chocolate eclairs when pregnant? Are there any limitations you should know? Do you remember the caffeine intake limit when pregnant? You must not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day. Two ounces of chocolate éclairs [56 grams] contains from 1.5 mg to 2 mg of caffeine. Calculate all the sweet treats you have already eaten today prior to eating these divine eclairs. So, 40 mg is left but that does not seem that you can treat yourself with ten ounces of eclairs. Just two or three ounces and you would be completely satisfied!

(4) Something about Truffles for Truffle Lovers…

There are so many chocolate moments you do love! Your glance has just fallen at the shop–window of the café where the gorgeous shapes of Truffles are Glittering in the golden sunshine… This first impression will be forever in your mind. The warm unforgettable scent of the Truffles with chocolate and caramel notes makes you FEEL lost. You want to eat at least three of them and take three more for the evening time. You want these Truffles, and nothing can stop you. Just envisioning the moment when you will unfold the Truffles’ envelopes makes your heart beat so loudly. This is your Passion…

A whirl of TRUFFLES: Dark chocolate truffles, Cappuccino truffles, Caramel dark chocolate truffles, Nutella truffles, Tiramisu Truffles, White chocolate truffles… Truffles encrusted with almond–nut–diamonds, Truffles encrusted with hazelnut–diamonds, Truffles encrusted with blueberry–diamonds, Truffles encrusted with cranberry–diamonds… Intriguing Sweet Scents…Pastel and Dark Colors…Elegant and Tempting Shapes…Unique “diamonds encrusted” in Truffles. You feel dizziness because of all these tempting things. The moment you will hold your Truffles accurately packed in the paper bag is so special for you! Sounds like you worship Truffles more than anything from the Chocolate world…

You are lost. Time has just stopped for you. But before you will order the Truffles the bothering question emerges in your mind. “Is it safe to eat Truffles while I am pregnant?”, and if YES, then, how many Truffles can I eat when pregnant?” Three and a half ounces or 100 grams of Chocolate Truffles contain nearly 15 mg of caffeine. But this does not seem that you can eat ten ounces or 280 grams of Chocolate Truffles. Three to seven Truffles would be enough to FEEL that warm Feeling the Chocolate Truffles leave after they “disappear”. By the way, you can make the special atmosphere at home for the Chocolate Truffles’ Time. Just your imagination, creative ideas and time are needed!


Dear Chocolate Lover! If there are no risks of gestational diabetes or allergies, then, YES, you can treat yourself the chocolate things! If you have some doubts concerning the chocolate, you should consult with your doctor. If everything is wonderful, then YES, you can treat yourself with the DARK CHOCOLATE when pregnant! Yes, CHOCOLATE LOVER, you can do that! The only thing you should ensure that your caffeine intake is below 200 mg per day when pregnant. So, count the CAFFEINE intake accurately and enjoy the CHOCOLATE MOMENTS! And, please, don’t forget that your preference should be given to DARK CHOCOLATE!

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