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Pregnancy Glow. What Is Pregnancy Glow? Hormones? Mystery? Miracle? Illusion? Or Real Thing?

Pregnancy Glow. What Is Pregnancy Glow? Hormones? Mystery? Miracle? Illusion? Or Real Thing?

It sounds unbelievable, but to your utter surprise, starting from week 12 into your pregnancy you may experience the Pregnancy Glow!

Glowing IDEAL Skin, Sparkling CASCADING Curls, Accurately MANICURED Nails, Intriguing NEW Bra SIZE… Everything turns into an ideal BRAND–NEW Version… Everyone glances at you and SEES you different. And these changes are termed as “Pregnancy Glow.”

Pregnancy Glow. Pregnancy Glow? What is Pregnancy Glow? Hormones? Mystery? Miracle? Magic? Gossip? Illusion? Or Real Thing? Intrigued? Wondering? Want to know more? Here You GO!

(1) Your Skin Glows Literally! 

Have you ever envisioned the IDEAL SKIN? The ideal skin that is possible to glance at and “TOUCH” only after attending the Beauty Salon? Surely, you will say: “YES!” Me too! Pregnancy makes it possible! It Sparkles your Skin from inside!

The pregnancy glow is the phenomenon, which comes along with visible signs of utter fatigue. No matter how much you are exhausted, you will still Glow Gorgeously! Your skin becomes Magically PERFECT! Its texture is soft and gorgeous, its color is pastel, or golden, or chocolate, radiating a glow perfectly from within and that highlights your face so magnificently…

Your loved one and everyone will notice a change in your skin, be sure. Furthermore, he is noticing your cascade of brown curls down to your waist [your brown curls became strong and beautiful, you embrace them now, and it is even easy to your beloved to separate one large curl into lots of strands of smaller curls, which glitter with gold–pastel color in the gorgeous sunshine or he can just pull the curl and watch it spring back up], and wonderful curling smile…and nails that always look like they have been recently accurately manicured! Doesn’t that the Most Precious Miracle?

(2) Your Dark Gold–Brown Curls Become So Heavy!

SAY “THANK YOU” to the pregnancy hormones! Blended and increased hormonal levels DO MAGIC! And it is not an illusion –– it is a real thing! Mysterious Thick Curls, Glittering into the Sparkling Sunshine become REAL! From your dream–reality envisioned or not, they materialize in your reality!

Wondering HOW is that possible? Intrigued? An increase in blood volume, estrogen, and progesterone blended together in ideal synchrony, change the Curl’s “Internal Interface”, managing the growing, resting, and falling out phases your hair usually goes through.

Increased hormonal levels stabilize the whole paradigm: your hair stays in “resting phase” longer and doesn’t fall out as often as usual, making your hair texture thicker and fuller. Ideal hair? Yes, and it is Yours!

Has your loved one always complimented your curls but now his compliments are so sparkling? Wondering why? Because now you have more curls than you have ever had, and your sophistication comes with the thousands of long curls in different manifestations! Passionately cascading down your back… Twelve single locks of hair over your bare shoulders… A few wonderful curls gorgeously peeking over a hairline or those at the end of your high ponytail that temptingly swings with every walk.

You FEEL how unique you are, because the prevalent ideal of beauty is long, cascading curly hair. You feel how thick and heavy your curls are when they fall onto your shoulders!

And be sure, He loves them too! Say you have been keeping your curls in a ponytail wind with the hair–tie and locked with a solid gold barrette with ivory rhinestones. In the privacy of your room at home, you unlock your barrette and unwind the hair–tie! Your gorgeously–shaped curls fall around your back and shoulders! The tension of the day flows out of you.

You notice more curls have set in your hair over the day. You suddenly look ten times more ethereal than you already were. He loves your wonderful dark gold–brown curls, especially, he loves to run his fingers through your gold–brown curls because they are so intriguingly curled, so glittering, so gorgeous, so tempting… If the visual isn’t enough, you remove your earrings and every other piece of jewelry, hair accessories, rhinestones headpieces you are wearing, and he is captured by the divine beauty of your curls…

(3) Your Nails Look Like They Have Been Recently Accurately Manicured!

Pregnancy changes your nails structure as well as your hair. Estrogen is likely the hormone responsible for this MAGIC. It really does wonders to your nails making them longer and stronger. Nails look like they have been recently accurately manicured! isn't that one of the most precious miracles designed by the influx of pregnancy hormones?

(4) Your Bra Size Increases by At Least One Cup During Your Pregnancy!

Your bra size increases by at least one cup during your pregnancy, or as much as THREE cup sizes... bet your loved one will be really intrigued by this fact.

You can experience radical changes in your cup size, jumping from an 'A' up to a 'B' cup and even a 'C' So, while your friends were blossoming into ‘C’ and ‘D’ cups, and you were stuck at an ‘A’, or barely a ‘B’ cup, it is the timeline when your bra size will increase!

And their shape and nipple color might experience some changes too. Be sure, you have glimpsed through your wardrobe to select the bra's your going to be using the following months, and pick out the most comfy ones to wear. 

Pregnancy Glow does wonders for you! It is powered by a blend of increased levels of pregnancy hormones. Estrogen, and progesterone, and increased blood volume turns the Pregnancy Glow into the real thing! And this hormonal blend is really unique as it turns you into the most Beautiful Version of Yourself!

Your Miniature Tiny Version, that sparkling embryo–bundle, being several millimeters “big” is very powerful to change everything inside! Intrigued? Wondering how is that possible?

The answer is hormonal management! As soon as the embryo–space is launched, that tiniest one manages everything through the pregnancy hormones! GLOW! GLITTER! SPARKLE! This Timeline is Wonderful! And it is Yours! 

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