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Posted on 09/19/2018 in Pregnancy

Pregnant During the Fall–Time? Want This Fall to be Unforgettable?

Pregnant During the Fall–Time? Want This Fall to be Unforgettable?

Your eyes always shows you the whole sparkling world that is bustling around you. Close them for several minutes and envision the “FALL–TIME”. How do you feel when fall comes around? Whatever you imagine it will have a unique “tone”. It will be Something soothing. Something DELICATE. Something warm… The Fall Season comes very slowly in your life. Every August morning it “Wears on its Booties” and QUIETLY moves on… If you caught a glimpse of the first morning of the fall you should have noticed that it has its BRAND. Everything seems to be so SPARKLING and warm yet not so “SIMPLE.”

Pastel Color–Palette has its own “color brands and their hues” that are blended in one warm whirl. Blonde and Pearl Blonde. Golden Blonde and Ash Blonde. Golden Ash Blonde and Golden Dark Blonde. Pure Diamond Gold and Caramel Gold. Medium Champagne and Sparkling Champagne. Glittering Rose and Warm Crimson. Light Cool Brown and Light Brown. Light Golden Brown and Gold Brown. Dark Gold Brown and Chocolate Brown. Medium Ash Brown and Reddish Blond. Light Auburn and Medium Auburn. Red Hot Cinnamon and Glittering Auburn Cinnamon… All the color–palette versions are so unique! Fall Season’s Color–Tandems are LIMITLESS!

But this is not the “complete universe” of the Fall Season. Wandering around the “fall’s” streets you literally feel that “SPECIAL WARMTH” of the fall season. I understand that we all are in the Busy Business World, bundled up to go, and go, and go… But just stop for one moment. Take a breath of warm fall–scented air flows whirling around you. You will feel that Everything seems to “WAIT” for something sparkling Is bustling somewhere near you ready to come in your life. Have you ever noticed HOW the Fall Season Beautifies everything around? Have you ever felt HOW the Fall Season Soothes you?

Delicate gold sunshine holds your wrists and hugs your shoulders. It sparkles on your fingertips and onto your amusing smile. It makes your glance so glittering! Glimpse down your Booties! There you can see the Unique Fall’s World “in miniature”! Crispy pastel–colored leaves are cuddled up to each other lying onto the pavement or bustling around your branded booties in the fall’s air–flows! Fall season ALWAYS “HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL” for you. Something that is usually unnoticed. You are Here in the “FALL SEASON TIMELINE”! TAKE the “GLIMPSE INSIDE”! You will be amused by how many miracles happen there! DOESN’T THAT SOUND CAPTURING?

Fall–time is special. It comes with its own eternal promises and gorgeous metaphors. It is glittering, glowing and sparkling. It is the absolute harmony and the absolute silence. Pregnant During the Fall–Time? Want to feel this Fall Season Special? Want to make this Fall Season Special? Want This Fall to be Unforgettable? Want to Make it sparkling? YES? BUNDLE UP! There Are Three Things You Must Do to Make the Fall Sparkling!

(1) THING NUMBER ONE: A Touch of Inspiration is hidden in the Beautiful Moments! Design the Bouquet “Moments” and Sparkle in the golden sunshine!

Take a look for yourself and you will notice how beautiful the world is! There are many things that make it Glittering for you! But have you ever thought WHY the World is so Sparkling? What makes it so Glittering for you? What may disrupt this ideal synchrony? Envisioned or not, the answer is your feelings.

Have you ever felt the “Atmosphere” of the season? When everything “STOPS.” When you glance at something so usual but SEE it in a new version? When you breathe the fresh air flows, but they have the special fall season’s scented notes inside? When you glimpse around and notice the divine–pear–embroidered cotton scarves wrapped with the special “GLAMOROUS TOUCH” around the décolleté? When you are choosing the OTHER COLOR–PALETTE for the accessories to wear?

Even being overwhelmed with the work, stop for three minutes! Three minutes won’t disrupt your business day but they are essential to MAKE the special tone for this day. What will you say, if I propose you to spend just thirty minutes in the Flower store? Before answering: “NO”, glance through the paragraph beneath this one.

The rose buds are on and ready! the rose petals and Leaves are on and ready! the huge bouquets of the new beginnings are virtually “STANDING” behind your doors! If you open your doors and accept this digital bouquet, the Fall Season will not just come into your life but it will change it.

Fall season sets its own trend tendencies for bouquets. It has its own nuances for choosing flower Shapes, its colors, and scents. It has its own branded colors and hues. It has its own scented notes. It has its own UNIQUE BRAND “Flower Patent.”

Fall–Inspired bouquets… Sparkling Colors… Pastel hues… Scented petals… Closed Buds. The excessive beauty to BLEND ideally with the Season of Early Fall, choose the Fall’s Colors! The list of the fall’s color–palette is given in the second paragraph, – GLIMPSE THROUGH!

If you experience the nervous tension about the pregnancy, here is something inspiring that will warm up your heart. Have you ever attended the Bouquets Masterclasses (Bouquet Creation Master Classes)? Whatever you say: “Nope” or “Yes,” Google the flower boutiques and the flower shops to find the list of the masterclasses they propose. If you do want to have a huge bouquet of scented closed–up ivory rose–buds with silver brunnia balls, French exquisite lace–ribbons and jewels that is high time to choose the group or private bouquet masterclass.

All you need is Google Search, Some Inspiration from the Fall bouquets’ ideas, and some imagination! Google pinterest.com “Fall Wedding Bouquets.” Glance through the Bouquet Photos and descriptions. You will be caught up by the Inspiration! The Bouquet Ideas will emerge into your mind!

Fall Season has the greatest palette of colors and their hues! And all these colors are not only Sparkling! They are WARM! Fall season is the Universe of colors and shapes. There is no flower–tandem at all as everything is whirled in the unique blends! Astillbe, Foxglove, Faith Roses, Antique Roses, Agonis, Scabiosa, Limonium, Privet Berries, Baby Eucalyptus,

Design for yourself the Schedule of Bouquet masterclasses. Note down the Flower Bouquet Studios’ or Flower Boutiques’ names, their addresses, the names of the masterclasses, the dates and the timing. You have the time to choose! so, CHOOSE those ones that you want to attend the most and enroll yourself! The pregnancy is the time to do something Sparkling and to Sparkle in those Sparkles! Don’t miss the opportunity to make your moments Glittering and Special!

(2) Don’t FORGET to Make your Winter’s Schedule!

And don’t forget about the CHRISTMAS TIME Bouquet Masterclasses. Starting from the early December time to late February time, you may create the uniquely accented, utmost delicate winter bouquets. You can add such decoration elements as berries, coniferous evergreen branches, pinecones, snowflakes, and many, many others you closely associated with the winter season. Bright hues like crimson or purple! Glittering hues like cream or gold! Pastel hues like ivory, vanilla, or taupe! And extra color to accent the delicacy of the gorgeous flower in the central part of the bouquet. It should not be only a touch of elegance, it should be breathing, envisioning, feeling of the elegance. It should be not just an elegance. It should be the OVERWHELMING ELEGANCE. It should be something inspiring, something intriguing, something unsurpassable, something gorgeous!

(3) Who Told that Fall Season is Boring? It is designed to be Warm and Sparkling! 

“DESIGN” you STRESS–FREE Timeline! You are literally “involved” in the beauty of seasonal change! Bundle Up! Take your iPhone and go out! September usually is the warm month! Glimpse around! It is the most beautiful time to stroll down the streets and get the delicate touch of glowing sunlight on your bare skin, even if it is only your face skin, or your wrists skin, or your décolleté skin. Let those ‘glittering golden drops’ of the sunlight that leave a sticky trail sliding over your face, over your décolleté, over your wrists, and past your fingertips.

Gold–colored and amber–colored leaves! The curled up crispy multicolored leaves under yours ought couture booties! Those huge leaves’ bouquet in your hands: Caramel Gold ones, Sparkling Champagne ones, Glittering Rose ones, and Warm Crimson ones. Throw up those Wonderful Leaves’ Bouquet and catch the photo!

Wear something you do love! Emphasize the growing Baby Bump with French lace and ribbons (well, take not only one color–palette of lace and ribbons but choose at least three ones)! Take the photos! And if you want to have the Special Photos, book the fall season professional maternity photo-shoot! Sparkle in this Sparkling Fall Time! Positive emotions have the wonderful effect on your growing bundle of joy!


This is only the beginning of the fall season timeline! These are only three cute things to make your Pregnancy days glittering! But these three ideas are not the only ideas for this fall season! Every fall season is different. Every day we are different. Every moment everything is different. Whatever you  had thought, this is the REALITY! And only we choose to make it “COMPLETE with SPARKLES” or to miss all the opportunities! Bundle Up, you have the CHOICE! The CHOICE is yours!

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