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Surrogacy and its cost in Ukraine

Surrogacy and its cost in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the top preferable surrogacy destinations for married heterosexual couples from all around the world. Ukrainian destination has several ultra-powerful features that turn the basic surrogacy packages into Premium Pro. You can start with the basic package ‘surrogacy with own oocytes and sperm’ and configure it with the tandem ovarian stimulation cycle with the egg donor selected from the clinic’s or surrogacy agency’s database. 

You can book the ‘Surrogacy with egg donation (one IVF—ICSI/IMSI/PISCI trail+ egg donation package + one embryo transfer trial)’ Package and UPGRADE it to the Premium ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ Pro Package with unlimited IVF–ICSI/IMSI/PISCI trials and unlimited embryo transfer trials until your newborn bundle won’t be cuddling up, twisting and turning in your safe hands. Everything you need to do is to get in touch and book a fee-free initial consultation — and you are done. After the first consultation, you will have inclusive info about all surrogacy bundles. The only thing will be left — to select. 

Many bundles that are configurable with dual IVF—ICSI/IMSI/PISCI trials and dual embryo transfer trials or even with tandem oocyte cycles and tandem sperm cycles. Ukrainian IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies offer surrogacy packs with extreme configurability. One—trialed IVF—ICSI/IMSI/PISCI with one intrauterine embryo transfer trial bundles can be upgraded to Pro with unlimited egg donation, unlimited sperm donation, unlimited IVF—ICSI/IMSI/PISCI trials, unlimited embryo transfer trials, unlimited coverage of all fees involved because of medical failures, unlimited anew selection of the Gestational Carrier, egg donor or sperm donor and many other integrable ‘apps.’ One drastic feature is the ideal integration of Pro ‘apps’ in the basic cycle. You can completely redesign surrogacy with own oocytes and sperm into the ‘Tandem oocyte cycle’ or ‘Tandem sperm cycle.’ Or you can select a Premium pack. 

The power of having your newborn bundle. In a Surrogacy Pro Package.

Premium Surrogacy bundles can do things no other surrogacy package can do. Selecting the Premium Surrogacy package, you are securing your time and money just in ‘one decision’ to try it first. Be sure, you will love the ‘multiple pro apps’ included in it. Guaranteed Surrogacy bundles with unlimited trials, unlimited medication and unlimited anew cycles’ ‘designing’ option are ‘back—end generated’ for the couples wishing to have their tiny bundle or even two or more bundles as soon as possible without any ‘waiting—for—the—next—cycle mode’ in case of the first trial failure or recurrent failures. Surrogacy Pro package represents all the things you envisioned in your mind. Like security, transparency, and anew cycle every time the previous one failed. Plus, it is the first Premium package that actually encourages you to pay less for surrogacy as in case of failure all anew cycles are designed fee-free.

Anew configuration. Anew integration. Anew synchronization. 

Selecting surrogacy with your own oocytes and sperm you can upgrade your package to ‘Tandem oocyte cycle’ or ‘Guaranteed Surrogacy with egg donation Pro.’ Surrogacy packages have editable protocols integrable with anew ‘configuration’. ‘Tandem cycle’ can be started immediately with the intended mother’s controlled ovarian stimulation cycle. Editing the treatment protocol is possible on the couple’s demand and just in one touch. Purchasing the tandem oocyte cycle package, a little bit later then the controlled ovarian stimulation cycle has been started won’t disrupt the cycle itself. At a glance, the egg donation will be ‘added’ and started. Fertility Pros will do their best to finalize and ‘empower’ the most flexible and integrable protocol the couple needs. 


What surrogacy packages can be purchased in Ukraine? 

Surrogacy with own oocytes and sperm (the intended mother’s oocytes are fertilized through ICSI/IMSI/PISCI technique with the husband’s sperm).

Surrogacy with egg donation (Ukrainian or traveling egg donor). The donor’s oocytes are fertilized through ICSI/IMSI/PISCI technique with the husband’s sperm.

Surrogacy with egg donation TANDEM cycle (the intended mother’s oocytes and the donor’s oocytes are retrieved and collected for the embryo generation ‘event.’ The oocytes are fertilized with the intended mother’s husband’s sperm).

Surrogacy with sperm donation (Ukrainian sperm donor). The intended mother’s oocytes are fertilized through ICSI/IMSI/PISCI technique with the donor’s sperm.

Surrogacy with sperm donation TANDEM cycle (the intended father’s sperm and the donor’s sperm are collected and prepared for the embryo generation ‘event.’ Several of the intended mother’s oocytes are fertilized through ICSI/IMSI/PISCI technique with the husband’s sperm and several oocytes are fertilized with the donor’s sperm).

Guaranteed surrogacy with egg donation Pro (unlimited trials for most of the services included in the bundle. The option of tandem oocyte cycle if the intended mother doesn’t face extreme female factor infertility at least for one time. An unlimited covering of oocyte donation, unlimited trials of the oocyte donor and the gestational carrier’s selection, unlimited trials of IVF—ICSI/IMSI/PISCI, unlimited coverage of the anew cycles in case of failure or medical failure, unlimited medication, unlimited medical care and many more...). 

Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer (the couple has already generated through IVF—ICSI/IMSI/PISCI technique embryos that were vitrified for the future use are thawed and transferred in the gestational carrier’s uterus). 

How much does it cost to do surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy with own oocytes and sperm package cost starts at 31100 EUR

Surrogacy with egg donation package cost starts at 37000 EUR.

Surrogacy with egg donation TANDEM oocyte cycle package cost starts at 39000 EUR.

Surrogacy with sperm donation package cost starts at 35400 EUR.

Surrogacy with sperm donation TANDEM sperm cycle package cost starts at 36000 EUR.

Guaranteed surrogacy with egg donation Pro package cost starts at 50000 EUR.

Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer package cost starts at 34500 EUR.


Why selecting Ukraine as your surrogacy destination? 

No shaded nuances in Ukrainian legislation. Envisaged surrogacy law was implemented in Ukraine in 2002. According to Ukrainian legislation, commercial surrogacy is legal only for married heterosexual (woman +man) couples. Ukrainian law prohibits surrogacy for unmarried heterosexual couples, for same-sex couples (gay and lesbian couples), for single mothers–to–be and single fathers–to–be. 

Regulations are in a ‘full mode.’ The couple’s parental rights are ‘secured’ by the Ukrainian legislation. Surrogacy law states that the gestational carrier has no parental rights for the newborn bundle born through surrogacy. Just in one day after the tiny bundle has been born, the birth certificate will be issued with only the couple’s names registered as the legal parents. There is no required consent to transfer parental rights from the gestational carrier to the intended mother and intended father. 

The surrogacy contract is a ‘MUST.’ The surrogacy contract must be issued and notarized every time the surrogacy cycle is started. The ‘shade’ surrogacy services or surrogacy services without issuing, signing and notarizing the Surrogacy Contract are illegal in Ukraine. The couple must bring the authentic Marriage Certificate with Apostille or apostilled and notarized copy of the Marriage Certificate.

Learn a little bit more about surrogacy in Ukraine. 

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine can be done for the married couples facing extreme female factor infertility. The medical criteria for surrogacy in Ukraine involve the following conditions: 

●absence of the Fallopian tubes and cervix.

●absence of the uterus.

●uterine anomalies or malformations (Unicornuate uterus — small-sized, with a curved and elongated shape uterus, and a unique Fallopian tube; Uterus didelphys — double uterus with two cervixes or double uterus with only one cervix; Bicornuate uterus — a heart-shaped uterus with two symmetric uteri; Septate uterus — uterus with tissue that divides it into two halves; Arcuate uterus — the tissue that divides it into two halves is not so acute).

●deformation of the uterine cavity or cervix.

●uterine cancer, ovarian cancer or tubal cancer that led to hysterectomy or removal of the uterus. 

●Asherman’s syndrome that involves the presence of adhesions in the walls of the uterus.

●Uterine myxomatosis that involves the presence of fibroids (benign tumors) in the uterus.

●polyps or endometrial cysts that interfere with pregnancy.

●severe endometriosis that involves the abnormal extrauterine growth of the endometrial tissue in a place other than the uterine cavity, for example around the ovaries or Fallopian tubes. 

●severe somatic diseases, making it impossible to carry a fetus to term (cardiovascular diseases (transient ischemic attack or transient ischemic stroke; hypertension (high blood pressure); aorta disease, arrhythmia, dysrhythmia, heart murmur, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, Marfan syndrome or rheumatic fever; cyanosis; heart failure symptoms, etc.); blood clotting (hemophilia A and B, thrombophilia, etc.); autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases (severe asthma); chronic kidney failure (renal insufficiency); Neurological disorders (stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis).

●multiple (more than 4) implantation failures associated with the embryo transfer of high–quality embryos.

Medical Certificate with validation of the diagnosed pathology or verification of the multiple implantation failures after four or more embryo transfers is a ‘MUST HAVE’ for doing the surrogacy in Ukraine. 

The couple must bring the Medical Certificate that validates the pathology that makes it impossible to get pregnant. In case of multiple implantation failures after the ‘boutique’–quality embryos were transferred in the intended mother’s uterus; the couple should bring the Medical Certificate issued by the fertility clinic (or fertility clinics) where the embryo transfers resulted into failures were performed.

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