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Surrogacy costs. Countries Rating by Costs of Treatments

Surrogacy costs. Countries Rating by Costs of Treatments

Surrogacy costs differ from country to country. The success rate and legal procedures involved in surrogacy also vary from country to country. Low cost surrogacy countries basically attract huge numbers of keen parents from different parts of the globe. Frequently, the published fee is not the final cost of surrogacy arrangement. They are just part of the total expenditure. There are many nonstandard fees you may be required to pay which could make overall costs to increase by thousands of dollars.

Often times these are obvious costs; at other times, they are more delicate. Intending parents frequently pay additional fees depending on the clinic, the agency, the location and if cross border surrogacy is involved.

What is usually included in the additional cost

The extra fees usually include cost of paperwork for the application of the child’s citizenship and passport, cost of translation of documents if language differences are involved, cost of air travel, accommodations, emergency medical care for the surrogate or the baby and those discussed below. These costs would usually vary from country to country depending on the standard cost of living in that country.

Again, roughly fifteen percent of surrogate babies in the United States need some NUCU intensive care. A night in the intensive care unit cost roughly five thousand dollars if you don’t have insurance.  This would definitely add up a huge sum to your overall cost depending on the number of the days, the baby need to stay in the intensive care unit. Thus, intending parents while comparing cost of surrogacy in different countries, should not just consider the cost of surrogacy process but as well these possible extra expenses.

While considering the cost of surrogacy, the cost of the following should also usually be taken into consideration:

Professional Consultation

A good agent would normally consult with future parents at no cost till the couple have found out that surrogacy is the best option for them and are willing to move forward.

Agency Fee 

As soon the intending parents are ready to move forward, they are required to pay agency fee to the agent.  The agency fee is normally a one-time payment made directly to the Agent. It covers all the services the agent renders to the intending parent starting from the time the agent is contacted for help till such a time the intending parents return home with their new born.

Standard services offered by an agent usually incorporated in the agency fee include a fee for mediating with the surrogate, the clinic, the egg donor agency, and any additional service provider.

Donor and Surrogate fees

This fee is usually paid when the parents have made up their mind to use an egg donor or surrogate. The costs include the estimation cost and initial preparation of the surrogate.

Initial Clinical Start–Up Fees 

A number of clinics will not offer any medical services without being paid up front. That is the reason for initial clinical startup fees. The cost also covers the egg donation fee and sperm donation process fee.

Surrogate fee 

The surrogate fee is usually paid completely up-front in the US into an escrow account. Each month, the surrogate fees are released from the escrow to her.  Surrogacy fee in other countries are paid by installments on monthly basis.

IVF Procedure and Embryo Transfer 

This fee is paid when the parents have prepared to unite their egg and sperm and transfer the resultant embryos into the womb of the surrogate. This fee covers the cost of Egg Donation, IVF procedure, and first embryo transfer.  This fee may or may not include the cost of medication depending on the clinic.

Prenatal Care 

Prenatal care payment is made as soon as the surrogate is confirmed pregnant. The fee covers the surrogate’s housing and prenatal exams, ultrasounds, housekeeping, travel, clothing allowance, and so on.

Delivery and Recovery 

This cost covers the cost of the delivery and the post-natal care of the surrogate.

Bureaucracy and the Return

This cost regularly includes the cost of the birth certificate, copies of the surrogacy contract and hospital records of the birth, cost of a DNA test and so on.

Comparing Surrogacy Costs from different countries

Surrogacy Cost in the USA 

The standard cost of surrogacy in the United States without IVF is roughly Ninety-eight thousand dollars. On the other hand, the standard cost of surrogacy in the United States with IVF is one hundred and forty six thousand, five hundred dollars. However, the negotiated cost of surrogacy in the United States without IVF is 71,250 dollars while with IVF, it costs 78,500 dollars.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine 

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is 39,600 dollars without IVF and 45,500 dollars with IVF.

United Kingdom 

The cost of surrogacy in the United Kingdom is 55,000 dollars without IVF and 85,000 dollars with IVF.

Surrogacy cost in Canada

The cost of surrogacy in Canada without IVF is 50,000 while surrogacy with IVF costs 75,000 dollars.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

The cost of surrogacy in Kenya without IVF is 32,900 dollars while with IVF is 40,000 dollars.

Surrogacy cost in India

The surrogacy cost in India is 29,000 dollars without IVF while with IVF is 38,000 dollars.

While choosing your option, bear in mind that oftentimes foreign surrogacy options may appear cheaper on paper, but the advertised fee may not cover the comprehensive costs you are required to pay which may include travel costs, legal fees and sometimes extra IVF attempts. Surrogacy often requires numerous rounds of IVF failure before a surrogate effectively become pregnant.

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