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Surrogacy with egg donation & the partner’s sperm process in Ukraine, VittoriaVitta

Surrogacy with egg donation & the partner’s sperm process in Ukraine, VittoriaVitta

Everything feels fluid, whether you are launching your surrogacy program, already in the ‘middle’ of your surrogacy journey, or exploring the new ways of empowering the bold new features that would transform your pack. Everything you need in just one bundle. The protocols that have you covered. The flexible configurations that provide a great surrogacy experience. The brilliant extras that seamlessly adjust to the ‘core’ surrogacy pack ‘magnetically’ — no need for cancellation, waiting–mode, or the program’s complete restart–mode. Explore all the stages your surrogacy program involves. 


(1) ‘We are just getting started.’ Nocontact, online, virtual initial consultation with VittoriaVita Rep. or Case Manager. 

●Virtual consultation with VittoriaVita medical coordinator (via Skype/Viber/WhatsApp/Instagram/Google Duo/‎FaceTime/phone or any other video calling app that enables making the real–time video–call (alternatively, you can send an email) about the surrogacy packs available in VittoriaVita, and the surrogacy bundle that may brilliantly adjust to your case.

●Virtual consultation with VittoriaVita Fertility Pro on the patient’s or couple’s demand (via Skype or phone (or email)).

●Sending the previous diagnostic screening results, lab. tests’ results, blood tests’ results, ultrasound scan results (via mail) to VittoriaVita.

●Sending the previous summaries from the medical history, scans of the Medical Certificates that transparently and inclusively provide the relevant information about the previous IVF–ICSI/IMSI/PICSI and embryo transfer protocols that failed (via mail) to VittoriaVita.

●Access to the VittoriaVita extensive egg donors’ database. Selection of the egg donor(s) candidate(s) profiles by the couple.

●Access to the VittoriaVita surrogate mothers’ database. Selection of the surrogate mom(s) candidate(s) profiles by the couple.

●Second virtual consultation with VittoriaVita medical coordinator or Case Manager concerning the chosen egg donor(s) candidate(s) and the surrogate mom(s) candidate(s) by the couple.

●If the couple selected several candidates for being the gestational carrier or didn’t select the candidate for being the surrogate mother, VittoriaVita medical coordinator will envisage the strategic plan around what kind of person would be the best–fit for the couple based on the couple’s requirements that shape the ideal candidate. The couple will be notified about the new surrogate mothers’ selection list.

●Timeframing of the first visit to VittoriaVita (notifying the medical coordinator via Skype or phone (or email) about the arrival date and time, the duration of staying in Ukraine, and the departure date and time.

●Sending via email the scans of the documents that should be verified and translated before the surrogacy program is started: (1) the passports’ scans, (2) the Marriage Certificate, (3) the Medical Certificate(s), (4) the other specific documents.

●Third virtual consultation with VittoriaVita medical coordinator or Case Manager regarding the travel documents and travel questions.


The Original Documents that should be brought to VittoriaVita office by the couple: (1) the passports’ scans, (2) the Marriage Certificate, (3) the Medical Certificate, (4) the other specific documents that are essential for signing the surrogacy and starting the program.


(2) Coordinate logistics of preparing for the first visit, including travel arrangements, first visit (12 days) empowerment of the prescreening protocols (for the intended mom, intended father, and the surrogate mom), signing the surrogacy contract.

●Support with travel for the international couples (meeting at the airport, transfer/accommodations (2 nights stay is included)). 

●Coordination and management of the couple’s first visit to the Notary. Certification and notarization of the couple’s documents necessary for participation in the surrogacy program (the passports, the marriage certificate, the medical certificate). Translation and interpretation services.

●Coordination and management of the couple’s first visit ‘roadmap’ by the Surrogacy Case Manager or Personal Coordinator. 

●The first in–person consultation with VittoriaVita Fertility Pro (the couple’s medical history review, pelvic ultrasound scan of uterine and pelvic physiology and pathology, antral follicle count (AFC), the partner’s sperm collection for semen analysis, the other diagnostic or/and screening tests that should be and can be initiated during the first consultation), surrogacy pack selection, and generation of the IVF protocol.


If the couple has already selected the egg donor and surrogate mom, the following steps would be completed before the arrival: 

●Virtual matching with the egg donor and the gestational carrier using the digital communication channels (Skype/Viber/WhatsApp/Instagram/Google Duo/‎FaceTime/phone or any other video calling app that enables making the real–time video–call and transforming it into the high–quality video–interview with the gestational carrier will be organized for the intended parents. The Case Manager can book several virtual matching video–interview events enabling the transparent communication between the couple and every egg donor/‎surrogate mother pre–selected. 

●The egg donor onboarding (empowering the pre–cycle diagnostic screening protocol).

●The gestational carrier onboarding (psychological evaluation, the background check–up).

●Criminal background checks for the surrogate mother (and her husband or partner (if she has one)). 

●Pre–screening and initial medical record review of the couple’s gestational carrier.

●Real–time matching with the surrogate mom during the first visit.


After having the first consultation with the Fertility Pro, the next steps are:

●Criminal background checks for the intended parents.

●Psychological screening protocol for the couple. 

●Referrals to the experienced lawyer(s) in the field of surrogacy for drafting the legal contracts between parties (the couple and the gestational carrier). Discussion of the terms and conditions that can be attached to or detached from the contract’s content. Issuing the final legal surrogacy contract that will be signed by the parties.

●The signing of the legal surrogacy contract with VittoriaVita surrogacy agency. Notarization of the surrogacy contract. 

●No modification of the signed contract will be valid unless in writing and agreed upon by both Parties. 

●Filling in and signing the forms, completing and signing the other medical documents necessary for the program.


Pre–cycle diagnostic screening protocol:

●The Pre–cycle diagnostic screening protocol for the egg donor including the consultations, screenings, diagnostic tests, lab. tests, etc.

●Pre–cycle diagnostic screening protocol (before ‘booking’ the IVF pack there are some tests like viral screening, STD–screening, semen analysis, and more tests if required). 

●Lab. screening tests (serology tests: AMH (Anti–Müllerian Hormone) test, complete blood count test, blood chemistry test; sexually transmitted diseases (STD panel): HIV 1+2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B+C, blood type + RH factor for the couple + other serology tests that are essential for empowering the right IVF protocol, the other lab. screening tests necessary for your case may involve extra fees charged). 

●Referrals to other highly qualified doctors if necessary (andrologist, urologist, endocrinologist, endocrinologist–gynecologist, immunologist, geneticin, cardiologist, therapist, neuropathologist, and the other specialists).

●Consultation with the Fertility Pro concerning the diagnostic screening results. Prep. and empowerment of the patient’s medicated controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) protocol using the hormones (follicle–stimulating hormone (FSH) and, sometimes, Luteinizing hormone (LH).


(3) Coordinate logistics of preparing for the second stage that is started remotely without your extra–arrival in Ukraine: empowerment of the screening protocols (for the egg donor and the surrogate mom), initiation of the COS cycle for the egg donor, initiation of the oocyte retrieval and embryo generation protocols, empowerment of the endometrial prep. protocol for the gestational carriers. ICSI, IMSI, PICSI embryo generation, embryo transfer, early pregnancy tests. 

●Prep. and empowerment of the surrogate mom’s medicated endometrial prep. protocol using the hormones.

●Management and monitoring of the surrogate mom’s medicated endometrial prep. protocol (ultrasound scans, blood tests, lab. screening tests, other tests if necessary).

●Prep. and empowerment of the controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) protocol for the egg donor.

●Management and monitoring of the donor’s hormonal COS protocol (ultrasound scans, blood tests, and lab. screening tests).

●Medicated prep. of the patient to the oocyte pick–up (selecting the anesthetic, pre–oocyte retrieval screening if necessary). 

●Ultrasound–guided oocyte retrieval mini–invasive surgery under anesthesia. Collection of all oocytes and their prep. for fertilization.

●ICSI, IMSI, PICSI embryo generation using the intended father’s fresh sperm and the donor’s fresh oocytes. 

●Prolonged embryo cultivation until the blastocyst stage and embryo development monitoring in EmbryoScope. 

●Empowerment of the PGD screening protocol for completing the baby gender selection plus PGD–5, PGD–9, or PGD–24 protocol can be synchronized with the gender selection protocol. PGD–5, PGD–9, or PGD–24 charged as an extra fee. 

●Mock embryo transfer (ultrasound–guided mock embryo transfer) if necessary. 

●Prep. of the surrogate mom for the embryo transfer (ultrasound scans, blood tests, the other diagnostics if necessary).

●Embryo transfer (one transfer trial is included).

●Vitrification of remaining embryos for the future FET cycle(s) and their cryostorage during 12 months 

●The gestational carrier’s early pregnancy clinical management and monitoring: urine test on day 11th after transfer.

●The gestational carrier’s early pregnancy clinical management and monitoring: HCG blood test (human chorionic gonadotropin) on day 14 after the embryo transfer. 

●The gestational carrier’s early pregnancy clinical management and monitoring: early pregnancy ultrasound scan on day 28 after transfer to confirm the viable or non–viable pregnancy. 

●If embryo transfer didn’t result in successful intrauterine ‘embryo landing’ and further embryo development, cryoprotocol can be empowered (charged as an extra fee). 

●Translation of the medical records: transfer protocol, post–transfer tests’ results (urine test, HCG blood test, ultrasound scans). 

●Support with travel back to the home country for the couple (transfer from the apartment to the airport, booking the tickets (if necessary), interpretation services and translation services).


Something to say in conclusion?

Surrogacy with egg donation and the partner’s sperm program has several stages. The 1st stage is virtual, the 2nd stage requires the couple’s arrival and active participation, the 3rd stage is initiated remotely (without extra–arrival). Stage 4, 5, and 6 are also initiated remotely (without extra–arrival). The last stages (stage 7, 8, 9, and 10) require the couple’s arrival and active participation. Smile, you are in a remote surrogacy mode.


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