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Posted on 07/19/2018 in Pregnancy

Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy: Exclusively for Sweet Lovers!

Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy: Exclusively for Sweet Lovers!

Cravings during pregnancy time are one of the most “NUANCED” and hotly debated topics. The QUESTION: “TO EAT or NOT TO EAT” will constantly emerge into your mind. Should I eat those candied ginger, or candied apricots, or candied blueberries? Should I prefer candied cherries or candied dates? Should I choose candied figs? Maybe should I buy some candied grapes and candied lemon (or candied lemon slices) to eat them in the wonderful evening time sitting on the tuffet and drinking my sweetly–scented tea? Probably I should choose the candied mandarin and candied oranges (or candied orange slices) as I am A CITRUS LOVER? I do love peaches, pears, and pineapples. But may I eat them candied while pregnant as candied peaches, candied pears (or candied pear slices), and candied pineapple sound so tempting for me. I am the RASPBERRY LOVER! Candied raspberries? I do love them! I want something extraordinary, and those candied cranberries seem a perfect choice. You may also love the blended BERRIES added to the yoghurt, blended berries added to the smoothies, divine–scented warm waffles covered with the hot temptingly–scented hot dark chocolate. There are so many wonderful versions of cravings!

(1) EVERYTHING STARTS with little–candied cravings for the morning sickness

If you are in your first trimester, then, surely, you have already experienced the MORNING SICKNESS. Your morning sickness is the blended fatigue and nausea. Sometimes her morning sickness is the blend of exhaustion, nausea, and muscle tension, which finally give way to cramped and dizzying sleep at 3.00 A.M. due to pure exhaustion and adrenaline pumping through your body. Nausea is really exhausting because it interferes with your life. And CANDIED GINGER or something candied for the morning sickness is of vital importance for you. Without these CANDIED “LITTLE MORNING CRAVINGS” you feel yourself like a BUNDLE of NERVES. You would fall into waves of nausea and a racing heartbeat, you would feel dizziness, or even feel so overwhelming fatigue that the only thing you would implement into your reality is to go to your bed and spend at least half an hour tossing and turning into the warm pastel–colored blanket’s cocoon.

(2) For the Candied, Glazed, and Crystallized Fruit Lovers: how safe is to eat Candied, Glazed and Crystallized Fruit during pregnancy?

Just Glancing at the paragraph’s title, you are sparkling with emotions! Surely you know the difference between these categories! Candied Fruit is fruit that has been candied! Candied fruit is pieces of fruit (or pieces of fruit peel) that are soaked in heated sugar syrup, which both sweetens and preserves them. Glazed Fruit is fruit that has been coated or shipped in a sugar syrup! And Crystallized Fruit is fruit frosted with caster sugar! So sweet and so tempting–scented! Sounds that these precious tiny cravings are both sweet and healthy, isn’t it? 

Candied Fruit Mix? Or Glazed and Crystallized Fruit Mix? With two huge mugs of exclusive divine–scented Indian black tea? Nothing could stop you from having that before pregnancy. Literally, nothing could stop you. But now the situation has dramatically changed. You are not alone in your body and having a tiny [or not so tiny] handsome fetus–dude or gorgeous fetus–lady curled up inside means the RESTRICTIONS for you. Yes, the restrictions. If you do love Candied, Glazed and Crystallized Fruit, and there is no risk of having gestational diabetes, you can treat yourself with these sweet cravings. One thing you should remember: LIMIT the amount of these tempting things. Not more than 100 grams per one day. But if there is the risk of having gestational diabetes, then, you should choose BERRIES and FRUIT beyond the categories: “CANDIED”, “GLAZED”, and “CRYSTALLIZED”.

(3) Are you a WAFFLE Lover? Wondering is it safe to eat WAFFLES while pregnant?

Waffles…So many of them…Different scents…Different shapes…Different sizes… Sweet–scented, wonderfully shaped waffles are accurately placed on your ivory plate. This DIVINE Waffle Craving is so tempting for you! The temptation is so intensive that you are glancing only at these gorgeous waffles. Oh, there is something you should add to make them look perfect. You want these WAFFLES to “SPARKLE” with BLUEBERRIES–DROPS! And hot Belgium milk chocolate droplets would make them STUNNING! Now they are absolutely perfect! You do want to eat them, but you don’t know is it safe to eat WAFFLES while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat WAFFLES during pregnancy. BUT they should be homemade. Or you may buy homemade waffles from the RESPECTED and REPUTABLE Bakery/Cafeteria. It is also great because you will save your time. The only two things you should know about WAFFLES: be mindful of the calories and consider whole wheat waffles. In any case, you shouldn’t eat ten waffles at once. The optimal amount is two or three per one portion.

(4) And what if I am COOKIE LOVER? 

Cookies… Could you see them? They always sparkle in the cookies’ box in the middle of your table. These tiny divine presents are always waiting for you! Well, eating three or seven cookies during a day is normal. But what if you want more cookies? What if you do want to eat all the cookies in that golden cookies’ box?

Well, you can eat one cookies’ box every day, but in a week, you will be confused and frustrated because of the pounds you have gained. Wondering what to do? You can make HEALTHY COOKIES yourself! For example, you can make Almond Crisps [Gluten–Free Cookies]. The main ingredient in these cookies is almonds. Almonds help foster your fetus’s bone development. Want a recipe?

To make Almond Crisps at home, you should have 3 large egg whites, at room temperature; 1/2 cup superfine sugar; 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and 3 cups (12 ounces) sliced almonds with skins, lightly toasted! And nothing more! Just twenty minutes and you are having warm delicious “almond scented” Almond Crisps on your plate!

How to make Almond Crisps?

First, you should position racks in the center and top third of oven and preheat to 350 degrees F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.

After that, you should whisk egg whites in a medium bowl until foamy, then mix in sugar and vanilla. Gently fold almonds into mixture.

Nearly conclusive step: place a 2 ½–inch round cookie cutter on the top of prepared baking sheet. Fill with 2 tablespoons of almond mixture and press down to flatten. Remove cutter and shape remaining crisps, spacing them 1 inch apart.

And finally, bake for 8 minutes, then switch the trays’ positions and cook for 5 minutes more or until golden. Remove from oven and cool cookies on a wire rack.

Some nutrition facts about almond crisps: Servings Per Recipe: 20 Almond Crisps. Amount Per Serving [one Almond Crisp]: cal. (kcal): 151. Fat, total (g): 11, sat. fat (g): 1, carb. (g): 8, fiber (g): 2, pro. (g): 5, sodium (mg): 10, calcium (mg): 60, iron (mg): 1. Absolutely natural and absolutely healthy COOKIES! 


Cravings during pregnancy time are one of the most “NUANCED” and hotly debated topics. The QUESTION: “TO EAT or NOT TO EAT” will constantly emerge into your mind. If you are a Candied Fruit Lover, or Cookies Lover, or Waffle Lover, be sure, you can eat all these sweet cravings, but you must limit the amount. But what if your doctor says that you cannot eat these sweet cravings? Don’t get frustrated! There are many alternatives to these sweets. You will definitely find the SWEETEST alternative among them. Just start with home backed Almond Crisps. That would sparkle your imagination and give you the ideas!

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