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Top 7 things pregnant woman needs to buy

Top 7 things pregnant woman needs to buy

You may consider that pregnancy is magical. But it doesn’t always feel that way. Undoubtedly, you wanted to feel beautiful every step of the way as your baby grew inside you — as beautiful as all of the lovely strangers or passers–by who complimented your belly seemed to think you are. But you just couldn’t get there mentally. You feel enormous being in your pregnant body, not gorgeously beautiful. And even if your pregnancy is a lovely, mystical, and dreamy thing and is absolutely different from sitting on a tuffet, eating a caramel ice cream, and being a glowing embodiment of new life, during those nine months of expecting a baby you will have the moments when you will be really frustrated because as your bump is constantly growing, your comfort is constantly changed. The harmony of being in your own body may be disrupted and you can feel extremely vulnerable as you cannot have an absolute control on your body and you cannot do the things you have done easily million times, including sleeping in any position, sitting quickly and standing quickly, hurrying up and running down the street to reach the public bus, sitting in the restaurant too much time, doing shopping all the night, dancing from the morning till the evening during your weekend and many, many, many other things. BUT YOU CAN PREVENT most of the UNDESIRABLE MOMENTS. Wondering how is it possible to prevent these undesirable moments? Nervous about the inevitable changes? Wondering how to make your pregnancy time really glowing? Want to find out more about that? Then, glance through the article to find out how to be gorgeous, how to feel gorgeous, how to keep your pregnancy glowing by buying top seven things which will turn most of undesirable to experience moments into wonderful moments, vivid remembrances, and inspiring thoughts.

[1]           Invest in the gorgeous sleeping accessory: TOTAL BODY PREGNANCY PILLOW

The alteration of your sleeping patterns through the pregnancy time includes alteration of your sleeping positions. Conclusively, there will be just one luxurious sleep position left for you in the third trimester. Intrigued about which sleep position will be left for you? Anxious? Confused? Intimidated? Embarrassed? Frustrated? Nervous? Numb? Shocked? Worried? And this intimidating scenario of your sleep position can be prevented, or this absolutely realistic version of the following consequences can be completely changed, therefore you shouldn’t feel yourself like a bundle of nerves, thinking about how you will sleep in the end of your pregnancy.

The further along you get in your pregnancy the less you can sleep comfortably. Finding the comfortable sleeping position can be especially problematic if you are even five months pregnant. Eventually, being in your third trimester, especially in the late third trimester’s period, you realize you can only sleep in only one position if you want to get any sleep during the night and that is on your back. The other positions to sleep are now like the sweetest memories. And when you are casting a wistful glance at your beloved being able to sleep in any position he wants, you get a little wishful you could have that same luxury. Even if you love cuddling your favorite twelfth pillow with both your arms, clasping them tightly beneath your pillow, and turn your head on the left, lying on your belly, this your most gorgeous sleep position will be the one you will have only after your small bundle is born. So, when is your expecting due date? In four months and two weeks? That seems that you will sleep in your utmost preferable sleep position in four months and two or three weeks. Sounds embarrassing and intimidating, doesn’t it? Even the thought about it disrupts your breath, doesn’t it? Even the visualization of the most probable scenarios of how you will sleep (in which sleep position) in a month inspires you with intrigue and fear, doesn’t it? Every new week of your pregnancy reduces the variety of your sleep positions, doesn’t it? But you DO WANT to do something and to control the whole situation, don’t you? You do want the casual evening scenario to be changed. You do want to sleep comfortably. You do want everything to be aesthetic while you are sleeping. You do want everything to be beautiful at this special time. You do want to feel yourself glowing and gorgeous while you are pregnant. You do want to feel yourself comfortable while being pregnant. You do want to fall asleep and to wake up without any sight of exhaustion, nervous tension or confusion. You do want to get up and feel the glow of the new day in your life. And you CAN DO IT. 

The usual evening scenario starts by tossing and turning. You lay in bed amongst the wonderful pastel–colored pillows, you fight that halfway state between your dreams and your reality. You rearrange your seven pastel–colored pillows several times. Hug your pillows tightly. Cuddle up to three of them close. Try laying on your right side, then left, then back to right, then back to the left. Kick the blankets to the edge of the bed and then discover you are freezing so pull them back up to your shoulders and burrow. Stare at the clock. Wonder how it became 01:00 AM so quickly and why you are so tired. Mentally retrace all your steps. Did you have warming sweet cappuccino with almond slices later than you should have? Did you have an argument yesterday in the evening? As your subconscious loses, you conclude that you must get up out of your bed. Because there is no comfortable position for you to sleep. But still, you feel the soft silk material of your sheets and the heavenly sensation of your warm feet wrapped in your blankets. You roll over into a perfect pastel–colored warm cocoon and it is also uncomfortable sleeping position because of your gorgeously hugged (by your hand) big bump. Just ten more minutes, it is not so long, you beg your body to try to feel comfortable in this sleep position. But it turns really uncomfortable in three minutes and you get up to sit on the bed.

And absolutely different scenario’s version of your night sleep time if you have the TOTAL BODY PREGNANCY PILLOW. You curl back into your bed, around that total body pregnancy pillow, which envelopes your expanding belly, cuddle it passionately, rearrange your hands and legs under those warm blankets, and fall asleep. It also will become your husband stand–in for nighttime cuddling. Pregnancy is the mysterious time when your body shape is constantly changing. It may be the glowing, glittering, and sparkling time, or may be confusing, embarrassing, and intimidating time. Everything depends on your emotions, feelings, and comfort. An expanding belly can make sleeping comfortably absolutely impossible for you. THE TOTAL BODY PREGNANCY PILLOW envelopes all your curves so the only things disturbing your dream-time are only multiple trips to the loo. A definite must–have, a wonderful SELF–GIFT! Or a PERFECT GIFT for your pregnant beloved. Invest in the TOTAL BODY PREGNANCY PILLOW because it is exclusively designed for this your special time, for the luxurious full body support and for the optimal control of your body. Total body pregnancy pillow is an ideal sleeping accessory. Its plush polyester filling and additional belly support provide ideal relaxation for your side sleeping. So, your sleep positions are again available for you, as curling up to this special pillow reveals the lost opportunities. It is also an ideal sleeping accessory for putting between your knees, supporting your constantly changing in size belly, or elevating knees, for cuddling it up at night, for tossing and turning, for all your sleep positions.

How to CHOOSE the Total Body Pillow? Which criteria should be included, and which should be excluded? 

The most popular sleeping accessories are the Boppy® Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow, the Snoogle Total Body Pillow by Leachco, and the Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow. You can even choose TWO total body pregnancy pillows, one cotton–poly and one minky. And it is better to invest in C–shaped, and U–shaped pillow. 

When choosing the total body pregnancy pillow, FOLLOW THESE INCLUSION CRITERIA: 

(1) Full Head Support and C–shape or U–shape

(2) Belly Support

(3) Removable Pillowcase

(4) Hidden Zipper

(5) Available in Minky for a velvety–soft luxurious feel

(6) Cover Material made of Cotton–Poly and Spandex Blend

(7) Volume at least 5,000 cubic inches (the amount of Stuffing in each pillow)

(8) Weight at least 6½ lbs

(9) Length at least 7½ feet

(10) Circumference at least 27 inches at slimmest point

You should take in consideration that the U–shaped pillow is the largest of all the pillows, and is designed to wrap around your entire body and to support the back, the hips, the belly, and the head. But it is huge and needs much space. The C–shaped pillow is designed to support the hips, the belly, and the head. C–shaped pillows don’t take up too much space, but they can’t ‘synchronize’ the support of the back and belly at the same time, and they do not stop you from rolling to your back, which can be problematic for you late in pregnancy. The ideal solution is to invest in C–shaped pillow, and U–shaped pillow. C–shaped pillow you can use until the middle of your seventh month, and after that you can use U–shaped pillow to prevent yourself from rolling to your back. The only thing you should do to fall immediately asleep is to cuddle up to your total body pillow and cuddle your body in a preferred sleeping position. And do not worry about being sometimes anti–cuddling at night because you are cuddling your gorgeous pillow, just whisper that you are not anti– affection, or anti–passionate, you just satisfied with the possibility to sleep in your utmost favorite sleeping position. Embrace the nighttime and your night-dreams.

[2] Invest in the multi functional nursing accessory for your newborn: NURSING PILLOW

When choosing your Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, invest also in a NURSING PILLOW for your little bundle. It will not only give you the opportunity for having a wonderful discount on two or three items but also will save your precious time. Designed for comfort and convenience, the nursing pillows are excellent breastfeeding, tummy–to–tummy contact, bonding, cuddling up nursing accessories for both you (as a new mom) and so much doted on your little one. They are firm enough for optimal functionality but soft enough to retain the perfect level of comfort. It’s comfortable, functional, and stylish versatile nursing accessory, ideal to use at home or when out and about. Nursing pillows sit in your lap and wrap around your body, providing a stable and comfy surface (‘space’) to position your little bundle. If you plan to breastfeed, investing in a nursing pillow is a brilliant idea for you because the nursing pillow will help you to cuddle up to your little one into a good nursing position that is comfortable for both of you. If you don’t plan to breastfeed your little bundle, the nursing pillow can still be your multi functional nursing accessory with making bottle feeding a comfortable, bonding experience. If you are going to deliver your baby through a C–section, do not hesitate and invest in a nursing pillow (or in two nursing pillows) as these nursing accessories are perfect for C–section tummies. Additionally, all nursing pillows have gorgeous, unique slipcovers that can complement your style or nursery. Nursing pillows may be crescent–shaped, C–shaped, O–shaped, and U–shaped. There is a list of unique and premium brand nursing pillows, you may glance through the descriptions, commentaries, recommendations, compare and choose the best nursing pillow for you:

(1) Boppy Bare Naked Pillow

(2) My Brest Friend Original Pillow

(3) Nook Niche Pillow

(4) Dr. Brown’s Gia Nursing Pillow

(5) Leachco Cuddle–U Nursing Pillow

(6) Minky Nursing Pillow

Choosing the nursing accessory or several nursing accessories, you should pay attention that C–shaped nursing pillow means there would be more space on your back without ‘pillow hugs’ because this pillow–shape doesn’t wrap your back, O–shaped nursing pillow means that it wraps around the entire body, U–shaped nursing pillow means that there would be some space on your back, the crescent–shaped nursing pillow provides extra support in the middle of the pillow where your little bundle’s head rests. All versions of the nursing pillows which are preferable for you should have not only machine washable covers but should include the nursing pillows’ washing and drying also (the best versions of the nursing pillows to clean both covers and pillows that can be both machine washed and dried are the Boppy Original and Dr. Brown’s Gia) as the added convenience of being able to wash the nursing pillow is greatly appreciated.

[3] Lingerie: invest in maternity bras for during your pregnancy and nursing bras for the postpartum period

Wearing maternity and nursing bras don’t seem that you will change your lingerie style completely and won’t wear lovely lingerie underneath which lets you embrace the power of femininity. There is something magical about a lacy bra that makes you feel so beautiful, so gorgeous, so special, and the most wonderful thing that maternity and nursing bras are also designed for above–mentioned things. Maternity and nursing bras may be also beautiful, with wonderful multivariate cups’ shape, made of gorgeous lace fabric or beautiful embroidered satin fabric, or trimmed with ivory lace, or adorned with champagne lace overlay, or made of organza and adorned with cascading pearls, pastel–colored bras, bright–colored bras, bras in pure ivory color, bras in cream caramel color, bras in dark chocolate color, or bras in mysterious black color. Choosing to wear panties that match your bra is a secret that only you know, yet makes you feel powerful. Why? Underwear is what we wear closest to our skin, so choosing what looks gorgeous and feels beautiful sends a special sensational signal to your cognition that you deserve beauty in your life. To keep your lingerie wardrobe in a perfect order, invest in three pairs of panties per bra. Also, even though stockings aren’t necessarily in style if they make you feel more comfortable, choose one or two plus size stockings and wear them also. By wearing and carefully selecting gorgeous lingerie every day, you develop a better sense of self–balance — a more conscious life. No matter what you’re wearing on the outside, wearing beautiful lingerie underneath it all invigorates you.

MATERNITY BRAS. Maternity bras (and maternity comfy panties), and nursing bras (and comfy panties) are designed exclusively to adapt to your body throughout your pregnancy and beyond. You will be really intrigued by the fact that your breasts can grow as much as THREE cup sizes during your pregnancy; regular bras aren’t made to provide the support you need but the right maternity bra should! You may wear the maternity bra starting from the middle of your 1st trimester but this thing is absolutely essential during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. The soft–cup range or contour range, with or without a flexible wire will ideally suit during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. One recommendation in case if you are not absolutely sure how to choose the right size bra, consult with the shop–assistant about how to identify your breast shape, and how the bras should and shouldn’t fit. But do not invest in maternity bras of all pregnancy sizes, just every two weeks glance through your lingerie wardrobe, and if you caught yourself thinking that the bras you wore the previous week are extremely tight and uncomfortable to wear now, you may shop additional items and they will fit you better because they are chosen after trying on. When making your purchase it is important to look for the maternity bras that provide the excellent support and flexibility to allow for breast fluctuation as your breasts are constantly changing in shape during your pregnancy.

MATERNITY PANTIES are extra stretchy, extra soft, and tailored exclusively for your body to make you perfect–shaped. Invest in the maternity panties because when you start showing, your panties won’t fit you. And when you have a gorgeously–shaped bump, it is impossible to wear pre–pregnancy panties at all. But do not invest in panties of all pregnancy sizes, just every two weeks glance through your lingerie wardrobe, and if you caught yourself thinking that the panties you wore the previous week are extremely tight and uncomfortable to wear now, you may shop additional items and they will fit you better because they are chosen after trying on.

NURSING BRAS. If you decide to breastfeed your little bundle, you should purchase your nursing bras during the 8th month of your pregnancy. If you are still hesitating about the nursing bra size, nearly two weeks before your due date you can invest in several nursing bras without any thought that they might not fit you (choosing the nursing bras, choose two of your ‘current’ size (eight or nine months size and at least two bras plus one size (in case if you have much milk). Expertly–designed nursing bras adapt to your changing body, while features like the drop–down clips and easy access make them ideal for breastfeeding. When trying on different styles of nursing bras, remember to open and close the bra cup. Most nursing bras open for feeding and some are easier to manage than others. Power fabric panels will ensure extra support, especially at the breastfeeding stage as your breasts become heavier. Do not forget to pack in your hospital bag the nursing bras if you are planning the hospital birth (even if you don’t want to breastfeed your little one, as the milk will come, and you should have the nursing bra with drop–down clips.

One recommendation when trying on a nursing bra: keep an extra room in the cups to adjust to engorgement (swelling of breasts caused by lactation) and nursing pads. Position the back closure on the last hook. After baby’s birth, your rib cage will decrease again, so setting it on the loosest setting will let you adjust accordingly.

MATERNITY SLEEP BRAS and NURSING SLEEP BRAS. Choosing your sleep bras, your preference should be given to those bras which are made of the exquisitely soft material (cotton or lace) as the main criteria for your maternity and nursing sleep bras are the material and your comfort. Don’t invest in those sleep bras which are made of polyester fabric or which are too tight for you. When choosing your sleep maternity or nurse bras, look for those sleep bras that provide the excellent support and flexibility to allow for breast fluctuation. A perfect sleep maternity or nursing bra should feel like a warm hug: it should fit you well, keep your breasts in place, and allow for a little give. Every four weeks you may go up a bra size, therefore every month it is essential to try on all bras you are already have, and if it is necessary, to purchase the new bras.

[4] Maternity wardrobe: invest not only in maternity outfits but also in maternity sleepwear

Invest in three changes of the comfortable sleepwear: nightgown and pajamas. Choose a stylish maternity sleepwear from a flutter of pastel–colored leggings and adorable laced T–shirts you have, or, if you want something special, or your sleepwear doesn’t fit you anymore, it is high time for you to do shopping. Choose not only pastel–colored leggings and adorable laced T–shirts, but also wonderful flower–print pants with a drawstring waistband for utmost comfort and a gorgeous floral print to make bedtime a beautiful occasion, loose nightgowns and everything you feel comfortable to sleep.

CLOTHES. It is easy to experience nervous tension or to get frustrated when you are sitting around your couture clothes or evening outfits and thinking about the things that are going wrong during your pregnancy. Whatever you may think about your body–shape and the clothes sizes, your body will expand almost immediately. Thanks to all the water you are destined to retain, your couture clothes will stop fitting you as early as being only six weeks pregnant even though the embryo inside you is only the size of a blueberry at that stage. Every morning will be started with the ‘Fashion Inspiration’ because your constantly changing body shape will cause serious outfit selection distress on many mornings. Serious outfit selection would sparkle so many wonderful emotions inside your soul and you will do shopping more often, because being the pregnant means the continuous body–changes – ‘a mystery of pregnancy’, two weeks ago your tummy was accurate and not visible, right now it is more shaped, more outlined, more visible. Understanding these alterations, you have a unique opportunity to choose between hiding the belly or showing it, depending on what you want.

You may be surprised by how many thoughts you have about shopping or wondered while listening to your inner monologue: ‘YES, I will do shopping every two weeks. I want to be stylish, I want to have many wonderful even divine outfits to emphasize every stage of my pregnancy. Loads of them. High waisted, flowing vanilla–colored dresses with pearls, loose nude tulle dresses, champagne–colored dresses with long sleeves, the dresses that have some characteristics of an outer tunic. I want to be beyond elegance, therefore every two weeks I will spend three hours doing shopping.’

Looking for the new outfits, if you are not sure how to choose an appropriate size, how to make accents of colors and nuances to hide the belly or showing it, ask the style consultants to help you getting the best elegant style or excessive combination of several styles and fit. Invest in a few high–quality, versatile clothing pieces that make you feel confident and pulled together. Figure out what you wear the most, be that jeans, sweaters, sweater dresses, dresses, etc., and buy a high–quality version of it. Do not forget to select something special, something gorgeous, something unforgettable and something stylish for special occasions.

The basic recommendations for choosing something stylish include embracing the ‘size loyalty’ time: selecting a plus–size or plus two sizes not to be frustrated in the nearest couple of weeks because of inaccurate look or growing bump, choosing a higher waistline as your bump grows, you will want to avoid tight–fitting styles. Empire waist dresses are perfect for this because they sit comfortably above the bump. If the timeline for your second and third trimester is spring and summer, choose a soft fabric like chiffon, intricately elegant tulle or bobbinet that flows away from your body, so you can twirl with delight, move and sit more comfortable without paying too much attention to how to sit. Let it be something wonderful. Something inspiring. Something capturing. Full of voluminous silhouettes made with clouds of diaphanous fabric trimmed with gorgeous soft shimmer lace. Something that accurately and gorgeously outlines the bump, making a strong accent on it.

[5]           Invest in comfy shoes, socks, other comfortable footwear

Yes, I perfectly understand, that is a naughty phrase to you if you are a fashion–conscious person, but you should not be so capricious about the shoes you have to wear during pregnancy. While your bump is impossible to glimpse or to glance at, while it is invisible you may dispute against the shoes without heels but when the bump starts showing, you will change your mind. If you can’t see your feet because your bump is so gorgeously–sized, you shouldn’t be wearing heels. Wondering how the flat shoes may be wonderful–looking? Wondering how the flat shoes may be stylish? Wondering why should you wear flat shoes at all? Being pregnant makes your movements awkward, your center of gravity shifts, you get odd pains and spasms, and you can’t see where you’re walking as well. At present your flat–shoe debut, or flat–shoe moment can be really glowing, and all about what you should wonder is how to choose your flat shoes among all these gorgeous flat shoes in the shop because all classic brands and new brands have managed to blend gorgeousness, elegance, and comfort. High heels cause sharp back, hip, knee and ankle pain, and, unfortunately, to note this but your feet will get bigger. You need something that is supportive (arches and ankles when possible), will expand a little, comfortable and still fashionable for work, so choose accurately before purchasing. Cute leather or fabric ballet flat shoes or boots are ideal for this special time. Do not forget about a few solid pairs of warm socks to feel the warmth and admire the aesthetics during Christmas season (if you happen to be pregnant during winter or early spring). 

[6]           Invest in body care products and in cosmetics: a beauty cream bar of soap, in a good moisturizing Body Lotion/Cream/Oil, and if you do love the perfumes, invest in one or two as the perfume has always been associated with something divine and inspiring

When you are pregnant, it can seem like everything else changes too. Something else that changes with the pregnancy is the fashion and beauty world, which means you may start finding yourself wondering if your beauty routine fits in with your pregnancy look. You could also start dealing with different self–care issues, since the changes in your body, will affect your skin and your hair differently too. Before you go out to buy new cosmetic products in a panic, pause for an hour at least and think about what your routine self–care looks like right now. Then note down everything you have always associated with the beauty and everything you use to turn into the most beautiful version of yourself. After that, look through the top cosmetic items we have chosen for this special time, for the time of your pregnancy. If you are interested in having a new gorgeous look, have a few products you would like to try, here are a few tried and true tips.

(1) Consider your ‘BEAUTY TIME SCHEDULE’

Everyone’s beauty and gorgeousness glow in a unique pattern. Some people spend their mornings devoting most of their morning time to taking care of themselves, while the others use any extra moments to sleep longer and rush out the door at the last minute without wearing any make–up at all. Part of what makes beauty routines work is making a habit out of your changes. If you start spending more time in the morning on something new than you are used to, you will eventually resent what will feel like a waste of your time and stop doing that new technique. The way you currently use your morning time before you head out to your job, or somewhere else works, so follow your current ‘Beauty Time Schedule’ to make your special Beauty Patterns.


(2) Invest into a beauty cream bar of soap, particularly, into a moisturizing soap 

The beauty has its own paradigm where all the constituents are constantly interacting with each other. And being a woman means that sometimes you are your own worst beauty critic. Intimidated by NOT conforming to the multi-criteria of beauty standards? Wondering how to beautify yourself or what does the beauty pattern start from? Wondering there is a twist of GLOWING beauty? Your beauty starts with your skin’s GLOWING beauty. Skin’s beauty starts with the delicate skin care. And the delicate skincare starts with skin’s cleanliness, which makes your skin ‘GLOWING’. Consequently, the GLOWING beauty of your skin is impossible without an absolute cleanliness. Implement this new standard of beauty in the basics of your daily skincare and sooner you will be thrilled by the results. The essential inclusion criterion of GLOWING beautiful skin is its cleanliness, and it has been around for a long time, and probably you know very little about it; it hasn’t been over–critiqued, you haven’t watched it fail over and over, and thus seems pure, delicate, and true. Clean skin is to be recognized as an authority on glowing beauty – real beauty, not fake. And you should be committed to creating your own exclusive criteria, your own GLOWING beauty world where the beauty is a source of the confidence, not anxiety. Furthermore, having your own beauty criteria would represent you the diversity of the beauty. Embrace your authentic self and start working on turning yourself into the most beautiful, most gorgeous, most delicate version of yourself. You possess an incredible capacity for empathy. You possess your own beauty criteria. You can create your personal ‘beauty GLOW’. Because YOU CAN MAKE IT.

Try to glance at yourself uncritically. Swap your soap for something more moisturizing and look for ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, or honey to ensure that you are getting the best for you skin. Why should you invest in a moisturizing beauty bar of soap? And why should you start your mornings with a beauty cream bar of soap? The answer is simple. Because your skin is extremely delicate during the pregnancy, and your regular soap could dry out your skin without you knowing about it. And you cannot feel that your skin is clean and pampered. Cleanliness inspires inner delicacy, inner glow, inner beauty. The feeling of the inner beauty ‘sends’ the message to your consciousness that you are ready to the changes, that you are ready to something mysterious, that you are ready to be beautiful, that you are ready to glitter with beauty on emotional and physical levels. Cleanliness inspires the beauty ‘bubbles’. Sometimes, being pregnant means having the problems with your skin. Your skin’s balance may be temporarily disrupted, and your skin may become oily or dry. But did you know that your soap might be helping to speed up the process? Soap that bubbles quickly, that works up a creamy lather, and that is scented with shea butter and warm vanilla is ideal not only for cleaning your skin but also for making your skin’s ‘texture’ perfect.

Even if you have more work to do on yourself, start your morning beauty time with a moisturizing beauty bar of soap. If you are not sure which beauty bar of soap you may purchase Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Beauty Bar. If you have been using the regular Dove Beauty Bar for years you would love this variation the MOST. After you have discovered this one you would have replaced the original Dove Beauty Bar with this one as your ‘go–to’ version. Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Beauty Bar blends wholesome and luxurious ingredients with Dove’s NutriumMoisture technology to leave you feeling pampered and your skin nourished. Especially recommended for winter season and for early springtime. Using it in the shower especially in a winter is ideal for your skin. The scent is amazing: a beautiful sweet warm aroma that intensifies in the warm steam. It is a luxurious, rich moisturizing beauty bar with Shea butter. The beauty bar contains 1/4 moisturizing cream which helps your skin to stay nourished supple and moist during your pregnancy. The skin feels soft after the shower even if you don’t apply moisturizer. The soap works up a creamy lather and is scented with shea butter and warm vanilla. It works into a luxurious lather and leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, hydrated and delicately scented. You would love the lingering subtle vanilla fragrance afterwards. Excessive combination for those who love vanilla scents and the moisturizing elements. Resuming all the above, this beauty bar of soap has a gorgeous vanilla fragrance that is soft and aromatic. A lovely scent that softly covers all your skin. The beauty bar is a cream pastel light sand colour. It is oval in shape and curved, fits into the palm easily. Produces a creamy light lather when massaged on skin with water. It feels smooth, a definite pamper treat for the skin. Skin feels clean and smooth and has the subtle vanilla scent. Cleanses well removing impurities without drying out your skin. Say goodbye to dull dry skin.

(3) Invest in a good moisturizing Body Lotion/Cream/Oil 

You have probably heard the secret conversations about extremely dry skin during pregnancy. Wondering what it might be just the gossip? Unfortunately, it is the truth. You will get dry hands, feet, ankles, and knees even worse than usual. But this can be prevented. Furthermore, you will have beautiful, GLOWING, gorgeous skin with the silky ‘texture’. Moisturize your skin. Seriously. You will have plumper, more hydrated skin that won’t appear dull or flaky. Therefore, do yourself a favor and find a good moisturizer and use it. Every day. The moisturizing version of body skin care cosmetics (lotion, cream, cream with oil, oil) should leave your skin feeling smooth and super soft even if you have itchy skin. Choose the one (or maybe several lotions/creams/oils with different scents and from the various brands) that is moisturizing, pampering, refreshing and/or soothing, with ingredients like almond butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, cinnamon, vanilla, jasmine, rose, anything and any scent you prefer. Its formula should be creamy. It should be also non–drying and non–irritating for your skin. All the delicate and intricate fragrance notes are warmly welcomed because you should love its divine scent.

If you are not sure which body lotion will be perfect for your skin, you may purchase Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Lotion. Like the other versions, it leaves the skin feeling clean without drying it. It goes on beautifully. It is very hydrating. The texture and performance of this lotion is ideal, but the scent is very strong typical shea butter and if you tend to be sensitive to fragrances in general, this fragrance may be a little bit ‘heavy’ for you, and in this case, you should purchase the versions which are fragrance–free or something with a very light fragrance that disappears almost immediately. It comes off thick and creamy when you apply it but absorbs into the skin quickly, making it beautiful, gorgeously glowing and smooth. It doesn’t leave your skin sticky or waxy. It gives you a very subtle, natural color, that blends in perfectly with your natural skin.

If you are in favor of unscented body lotions, or if you wear the perfume, there are still many wonderful versions of the body lotions. There are many light–scented alternatives, and if you love the light fragrance body lotion version, invest in Philosophy Almonds and Cream body lotion. Beautiful unique scent. It is not heavily scented. So sweet. The scent is not too overpowering, is not overwhelming but just enough. When you put this on you just get a whisper of the scents. It isn’t interfering, nor is it cloying. Its texture is ideally fitting for a body cream as it is not super thick but not runny either. Wonderful body lotion deeply relaxing and moisturizing. This is a truly luxurious feeling lotion. It leaves even extremely dry skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. It is high–quality lotion indeed...a little goes a long way, and it gives an ideal shea–butter–filled smoothing, plus some vitamins. If you are a huge admirer of the packaging, you will be impressed by the clear body lotion’s bottle. Furthermore, the simplicity of it and the inspiring message is so aesthetically charming. This just will look great in your bathroom or wherever you happen to keep your body lotion.

If you adore to wearing on your skin the perfumed body lotion, or if you prefer the body lotion’s scent over the perfume’s scent, invest in Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion. Or if you don’t prefer to wear the perfume version, you may still love to wear perfumed lotion version. You may wear only this body lotion without wearing your perfume, and still, the gorgeous fragrance’s nuances will ‘envelope’ your whole body. The specific nuances of the fragrance make it so intriguing, so mysterious, and so wonderful. It complements both the light floral and heavy oriental perfumes. Even if you prefer the deeper, more nuanced fragrance of the perfume, the body lotion is still great too; they are just better together. It is high–quality lotion indeed...a little goes a long way, as far as a moisturizer goes, and it gives also an ideal shea–butter–filled smoothing, plus some vitamins for your skin. It makes your skin incredibly soft. It is really the perfect texture, not too heavy or runny. It is thick and creamy which you will love it. It glides on and feels good too. It makes your skin silky smooth and it scents divine. The scent of the body lotion is not identical to the scent of the perfume, but you will love how it complements the perfume though. If you do love to use the body lotion version and identical perfume version as a scented tandem, you may spray the perfume on and walk away thinking that ‘it doesn’t smell like anything’, but, later, you will be really intrigued by the blooming hours. Even if you do not care for fragrances at all, you will be totally mystified by the nuances of perfume in this ‘body lotion and perfume’ combination. But if you want to wear not authentic perfume scent with this body lotion (another version of the perfume), it would interfere with your fragrance.

(4) For those who do love the perfumes

Do you want to feel beautiful? Do you want to feel inspired? Do you want to feel gorgeous? Then, invest in one or two new perfumes, as the fragrances have always been associated with something divine and inspiring. Enter the perfumes’ boutique and choose the new scents. Let one fragrance to be very romantic, a bit dreamy; let jasmine to be unobtrusively dominating the charming powdery cloud of flowers and vanilla. Let this fragrance to start off on your skin quite florally, inspiring and fresh and then slowly to fade into an elegant, sweet and lovely scent. Let it feel like an alternate reality, a dream.

Let the other perfume to have a ‘controversial’ scent. It should be deep, mysterious, enchanting and sensually beautiful. Let it be a blend of warmth and sparkles, which are fade into the bright delicious warmth of the flowers. Let it be the completely dignified scent. Recollect the remembrances from your early childhood, the time when you were fascinated by watching motes of dust floating through a ray of sunlight that would go through the window at a certain time, late in the afternoon. The way the tiny particles would glow golden in the light just seemed to freeze time, it was so magical. This fragrance should give you that feeling. It should have a hazy, golden, soft focus quality to it, the feeling of sun warming your skin, that magical hour or so in the evening when the light turns everything to gold. Let this fragrance’s opening to be very full, heady and strong, a little too strong, too glittering. After a few minutes, it should calm right down into something gorgeous with wonderful staying power. Let it be a dream in its dusky, sweet, exquisiteness.

Let your reality to be turned into a special occasion for an hour. Whirl around yourself the fragrance, which is more mysterious, more enchanting, more intriguing. Let jasmine and frangipani burst onto your skin, blossoming into a beautiful warmth with the roundness of the ylang–ylang, and a sweet whisper of powderiness. Walk down the street making the scent to radiate very far. After that wear lighter version, the other perfume. Let the frangipani and tiara be luminous; let the jasmine and ylang provide texture; let the vanilla give a cohesive base, binding the flowers in sweetness. Continue your walking down the street. Hide somewhere in the street’s cafeteria or shop and give your significant one a chance to really find you breathing the whirls of the scented air in the street.


Do you remember those days when you used to be able to see your toes? No, neither do I. As your bump is constantly growing, ultimately you won’t be able to glance at your toes. Do you want to feel gorgeous standing on your feet? Then, invest in Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid. It is used to get rid of all the dead skin on your feet. It comes with cute little booties you wear for an hour and then a few days later your entire foot basically peels off which is gross and fascinating. The Tony Moly kit is the best because the booties fit and there are little stickers that help the initial process not be messy.


Wondering about your tummy skin? Wondering how to prevent the stretch marks? Wondering what to with the itchy skin on your tummy? Unfortunately, the stretch marks are inevitable to face during the pregnancy but there is one inclusion criterion for preventing dramatic results such as itchy and burning tummy skin. The secret is hidden in Stretch–Mark–Bane Oil or Lotion. Invest in a good Stretch–Mark–Bane Oil or Lotion. If you had some stretch marks prior to getting pregnant, you will get more the further along you go. The stretch marks begin as red or purple marks, which fade to silvery white lines and a slight groove in the surface of the skin. Stretch marks are a form of scar tissue, therefore their treatment is a complicacy. Women of all skin–colors, women of color, and translucent–pale women ALL have skin issues during pregnancy. As your bump grows and changes its initial shape, the skin stretches, and it damages the collagen fibers that give it elasticity. You will feel tightness, itchiness, and occasional burning, but try not to scratch, which makes it worse. Minimize the tummy skin issues by using a good Stretch–Mark–Bane Oil or Lotion. Particularly during pregnancy, moisturizing and massaging the tummy skin with Stretch–Mark–Bane Oil or Lotion can be very helpful. Stretch–Mark–Bane Oil or Lotion makes real breakthroughs with your stretch mark–prone skin. Usually, the instructions suggest using a thin layer over the stretch mark, but it is better using a bit more than that, particularly, three times a day, and in a month, you will notice a real change. Thoroughly massaged into your tummy skin in the morning and in the evening, not only do lines start to fade but the overall texture of the skin changes, becoming smoother to the touch.

Among the highly recommended by the dermatologists Stretch–Mark–Bane Oils or Lotions are the following brands:

(1) Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil (it’s got all sorts of potent ingredients, from plant–derived sepicalm VG to lighten skin, a fruit extract emblica to even out skin tone and matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen);

(2) Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Dermarepair, Beauty by Anya (this Spanish skincare brand has developed a stretch mark cream that instantly absorbs into the skin with no residue and a light, unassuming powdery scent);

(3) Pai Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System: cream and oil, Pai Skincare (Pai’s stretch mark lotions are the only ones of this selection that come as a pair — a cream to use during the day and an oil for bedtime. For pregnant women and those with sensitive skin, this is the one to try. Just use the cream as many times as you can during the day as that will help to achieve the best results. It isn’t sticky, so it will not force you to keep washing your hands either. Itchiness and irritation caused by the growing bump is soothed and also immediate post–pregnancy tears too. Ingredients–wise, the pomegranate seed oil is the skin cell protector and the pumpkin seed oil reduces skin inflammation. It is after the month mark that results start to be seen);

(4) Clarins Stretch Mark Minimiser, Clarins (Clarins’ stretch mark cream contains its star ingredient, crowberry extract. Within a couple of weeks of rubbing into skin day and night, changes to skin texture are noticeable, while it takes a good couple of months for the stretch marks to start fading. It is great for those women who don’t like scented creams, as this has no fragrance. It can be used during pregnancy);

(5) Neal’s Yard Remedies Mother’s Balm, Neal’s Yard Remedies (Natural organic health and beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies has created Mother’s Balm. The formula is simply oil and beeswax, making it 100 percent organic and allergy certified. Great for moisturizing an irritated baby bump, as its oily texture contains beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, macadamia seed oil and apricot kernel oil – all ideal for nourishment. Rub onto the belly throughout the pregnancy. In hot weather the balm becomes a pure oil with an identifiable nutty scent. Skin looks brighter and feels more elastic within a month);

(6) Rosehipplus Rosehip Oil, All Beauty (Rosehipplus contains cold–pressed rosehip oil from the berries of southern Chile. With an earthy smell, expected from rosehip oil, it is the bioflavonoids to improve blood circulation and fatty acids that improve hydration and help to improve stretch marks. The oil responds to skin quickly, and within a few weeks there is an improvement in skin texture. For pregnancy and post–pregnancy stretch marks, it is great);

(7) Unity Complete Duo Stretch Mark Cream and Oil, Unity Beauty Essentials (pregnancy brand Unity has created a luxurious product that blends a hydro–based cream with natural oils. While the oils penetrate deep into the skin the cream soothes the irritation on the surface. A silky texture, this should be used all over the bump, hips and bum morning and evening, but again, the more frequent the use, the more effective it’s going to be. In fact, at the height of pregnancy it is advisable to apply during the day to ease the discomfort. A concoction of avocado, coconut, almond and rosehip oils are bolstered by the star ingredient, Indian gooseberry, which is packed full of antioxidants to prevent skin deterioration. Almost instantly skin felt more comfortable);

What is not advised to use during pregnancy?

(8) Apotherderm Stretch Mark Cream, John Bell and Croyden (scientific skincare brand Apothederm is not advised to use during pregnancy. This is because of the patented SmartPeptide technology in the cream, a collection of peptides that aim to brighten, smooth and build collagen back up in areas where lines have formed);

(9) Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, Holland and Barrett (The scent of rosehip is quite memorable with an earthy amber fragrance, which some people may find off–putting. But if you don’t mind it, a couple of drops on the marks morning and evening will do the trick. It absorbs easily, although rub in well as you don’t want oil residue on your clothes. As rosehip oil is certified organic, it is not going to be as effective on long–standing stretch marks as the more scientific products. Is not effective during pregnancy, therefore is not recommended by the dermatology experts to be used);

(10) StriVectin Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles (is not advised for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have sensitive skin).

The most effective stretch mark creams and oils during pregnancy are Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil and Unity Complete Duo Stretch Mark Cream and Oil, Unity Beauty Essentials. Or, if you want to do it yourself, try almond butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, and aloe vera.

[7]           Invest in facial skin care products: a beauty cream bar of soap, in a gentle oil-balancing cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and micellar water

Face masks, face creams, face cleansers, and face oil should have divine scents, feel luxurious to apply on your skin and, of course, make your skin feeling deeply moisturized, soothed, silky, and looking not only beautiful but also GLOWING. Unfortunately, many skin care products are full of synthetic chemicals – used to fragrance, color and preserve – that do more damage than good. Because of hormones, your skin may look far from perfect during pregnancy. Therefore, invest in a gentle oil-balancing cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, preferably organic ones.


Purity Facial Cleanser. You may have some problems with your face skin, therefore, prepare the ideal prevention strategy, – invest in Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser. With chamomile, essential oils, citric acid, this is really one of the best cleansers you have ever used. Its formula is very simple, delicately fragranced, not strongly, but it is there. This cleanses your face without drying or stripping. Even if you have somewhat oily skin, you won’t suffer any side effects like redness, irritation, breakouts from using this. It cleanses effectively, and mercifully, rinses away easily. You can moisten your skin with a little bit of water and use a facial brush to massage this all over into a gentle lather. Alternatively, you can use a small piece soft cloth for that allover massage. Do not get this near your eyes.


Or you can use Philosophy Purity Made Simple (Real Purity Cleanser) which is extremely lightly scented, just nuanced with a fragrance of cleanness and freshness if you are extremely sensitive to fragrances and can usually detect notes in perfumes. It leaves absolutely no scent on your face.

Overnight Moisturizer. If you don’t know what to choose, invest in Philosophy Renewed ‘Hope in a Jar’ Overnight Recharging and Refining Moisturizer. It doesn’t have a thick overnight cream consistency. You will be excited, especially if you have noticed earlier that usually, most night creams leave you feeling oily, that this moisturizer absorbs pretty quickly into the skin and really hydrates it.

Bioderma Micellar Water. This is the only thing that will take all your makeup off, without making you feel greasy after using it. It’s truly non–irritating for the sensitive skin — it’s fragrance–free, alcohol–free, paraben–free, and hypoallergenic. The miracle in the bottle.


Is there something else forgotten? In fact, ‘YES’, there are three more special things you should buy and try. (1) Candied fruit. Candied Fruit is fruit that has been candied; Glazed Fruit is fruit that has been coated or shipped in a sugar syrup, and crystallized fruit is fruit frosted with caster sugar. Candied fruit is pieces of fruit (or pieces of fruit peel) that are soaked in heated sugar syrup, which both sweetens and preserves them. Ginger is wonderful for dealing with morning sickness, especially that kind that never goes away, or if you feel dizziness in the shopping malls because everyone around you is in a hustle, or if your daily fatigue is so overwhelming that sometimes you feel exhausted and lost. Try candied ginger. You will love candied ginger, it’s slightly chewy and spicy–sweet. If you don’t love ginger’s taste, even candied ginger’s taste, then try candied apricots, candied cherries, candied dates, candied figs, candied lemon, candied mandarin, candied oranges, candied peaches, candied pears, or candied pineapple.

(2) Eden’s Garden Good Night [Essential] Oil for falling asleep. This is an aromatherapy blend you put on your pillows to help get better sleep. It counts as a beauty product because everyone looks better when they aren’t sleep–deprived and stressed out. Getting enough sleep is one of the vital things you should do for your health and for your beauty. Never neglect your night sleep. Never spend the night time for doing something. And if you want the explanation it is because three years later your skin will look not so beautiful as now. In fact, your skin will be grayish – lemonish – creamish – purplish – dark–blueish – taupeish–colored because of constant exhaustion.  It might seem impossible, but aromatherapy is powerful, and it helps trigger the idea in your mind that it’s time to transition into relaxing and sleeping. It also makes your bed feel like a mysterious spa bed.

(3) Belly Support Bands. Towards the end of your pregnancy, your small bundle of joy is going to reposition himself or herself inside your womb, particularly, to get him or herself into position for labor. Belly Support Bands will make it easier to breathe — as your baby won’t be pressed up against your ribs quite as much — but it can also cause some serious pressure when you walk, as well as aches and pains from your mid–back down to your ankles. If you are having a hard time, you may use The Prenatal Cradle Pregnancy Support, which is designed to help carry the weight, easing your muscle aches and relieving some of the pressure.

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