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Print Posted on 12/22/2017 in Pregnancy

Top Ten Secret Tips How to Keep Your Body in a Perfect Shape after your Pregnancy

Top Ten Secret Tips How to Keep Your Body in a Perfect Shape after your Pregnancy


Wondering is it possible to be in a perfect body shape after your pregnancy? Intimidated you will never have the pre–pregnancy perfect body shape? You will! Feeling imperfect? feeling vulnerable? Feeling lost? You will experience loss, you will experience grief, and you will experience heartbreak. Something so beautiful must reside in you, something that keeps you going when everything else is over. There are top ten secret tips how to keep your body in a perfect shape after your pregnancy that will inspire you to be your best self.

(1) Time management, time management, time management…To change the time patterns, to manage the time, to structure the time, to synchronize the flow of events in the time aspect…To Create Your Own Reality.

‘It is never late to start managing the time, the only thing you should do is plan every single day accurately.’

Time is a phenomenon. The ability to manage the time is the unique phenomenon. To make your dreams come true through the time–pass sounds as something surreal… You are confirmed that you cannot change your life, and this is the main misconception, which disrupts most of all your dreams you do want to come true. Wondering why does it happen? Everything is so ephemeral that it happens and disappears through the time. But even something ephemeral appeared in your timeline, it might absolutely alter you and your life forever. One whispered word, one glance, one glimpse, one touch, one smile, one attended class, one date, – everything is of vital importance.

Your Time Management SHOULD be started TODAY without prolongation of its alterations for tomorrow, in a day, in a week, in a month, in three months…and until the end of this decade. Every action starts from the moment you shaped it mentally and thought about the result you would like to have. Everything can be changed in a heartbeat; therefore, everything can be altered dramatically during one single day because every day consists of hours, every hour consists of minutes, and every minute consists of seconds and sometimes the life–altering things happen just in several moments, measured by twelve seconds and something is completed, created, disrupted or collapsed. The perplexity and mysticism of time phenomenon had never been/has never been/will have never been revealed and completely understood. But there is one UNIQUE TIME SECRET, which can be REVEALED: the structure of the time flow can be synchronized and all IRREAL THINGS, which were only visualized in your mind, which you have always thought to be unmanageable, unpreventable, inevitable, unreal, impossible for you to have, but so much desirable, even obsessive, things which were your utmost dreams you have never uttered a single word about or only whispered to yourself at the midnight sitting and sipping your latte, after having been structured and synchronized in TIME ASPECT TURN into the REALITY. Your own REALITY. 

Wondering what am I talking about? Emotionally overwhelmed? Astonished? Anxious? Confused? Embarrassed? Inspired? Nervous? Shocked? Frustrated you hadn’t imagined this unique secret earlier? Caught by the thought is it too late to alter something in your life? Or caught by the vivid representation of all moments from your past when you had to realize this truth?

Life is busy. And we admit this gold standard of life. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. But it is never too late to alter something or to alter everything you do want to be different. The simple explanation is everything is time–based. Everyone has TIME. Time in the past, time in the present and time in the future. Time is something comprehensive, something inspiring, something implicit, something unique. The only thing you have never imagined, you have never been told, you have never been given even a tiny hint that TIME is the only paradigm for everything. Everything appears and disappears in reality on a temporary basis, particularly, on the time’s basis. You have never been told that the time is the only precious thing you should learn how to manage. And that the time management is the FIRST GOLD STANDARD of SUCCESS. 

In the everyday busyness of our life, it can seem like there is barely time to breathe. But the down–written things are worth thirty minutes of your time as they will be entailed by life–altering consequences set for your future. Stroll down the street to your favorite cafeteria and order there something you prefer even if it would be only a cup of almond cappuccino. Glimpse around. There are many people of different ages sitting, holding the conversations, glancing, smiling, turning around, coming and leaving. Glance around accurately. Lovely couple in their middle sixties, middle–aged lady with a gorgeous smile, handsome thirty–something man, charming curly–haired girl with languorous dark eyes, young beautiful lady glancing at her stylish wristwatch probably is waiting for somebody here. Everyone is sitting here just for some time. Later all of them will disappear from the cafeteria somewhere. Glance furtively into their eyes. How do you think how much time do they have? Whose eyes are caught by the wristwatches or iPhone’s clocks? Who do you think is anxious? Who is depressed? Who is frustrated? Who is furious? Who is nervous? Who glances with confusion in the eyes, and judgment on the face? Whose glance is wistful? Whose glance is gorgeous? Whose smile is wonderful? Whose eyes are sparkling with admiration? Whose voice is so beautiful? Who is successful?

You CAN CHANGE everything you want, and you CAN HAVE everything you want by making just one thing: structuring your own time and synchronizing all events after you have completed the time structure.

Your Present outlines the modalities for your future. To Create Your Future, particularly, the Future You Want to Be Your Reality, the Future You Want to Be In, the Future you won’t associate with such feelings as anguish, anxiety, confusion, depression, despair, embarrassment, frustration, guilt, shame or sorrow, the Future in which you are not like a bundle of nerves, but someone with gorgeous glance, someone intriguingly smiling, someone literally glowing from inside, someone loving every moment, someone anticipating the following day, someone who has already achieved dramatic results and outlined numerous things should be completed into perspective.

Concentrate your attention on what will make you the happiest person in the world. What are you dreaming about? What do you want to have in moral and material aspect? What can inspire you? What makes your emotions to sparkle and glow? What can make your eyes glitter? What can make you curling lovely smile? What can make you feel beautiful? And many, many, many other things. Caught the general idea? Being the one experiencing an entire whirlwind of emotions, try to outline the most important things and memorize them. This is your ‘Mental to do list’, and it must be implemented into ‘Written to do list’.

The realization of all your intentions, wishes, desires STARTS with three things: the diary, the pen, and the calendar. Chose for yourself those things very accurately with utmost attention to the colour, design, material, shape, style, and only those things, which you would really love to have. Your calendar should be ‘a time facilitator’. The days you can always look through should remind you about how much time you have for something, how much time has already passed and how much time is left to turn your dream into the reality, and when the Unique Occasions will take place (the celebration of essential things which ultimately happened must be also included in your calendar as ‘Diary Birthday’, ‘My First Evening Class Birthday’, etc. Linking the dates in your calendar with your occasions will show you how many dreams and occasions became the reality. Your Reality. Not just dreams. But the reality you have ever wanted to be in. Your diary should be the context for your dreams. It’s where the mental creation happens. And because your mental creation might recur on a daily basis, there should be some space to note something additional or to correct something previously noted down. Making your dreams come true in the reality becomes very, very, very predictable. Confidence becomes a continually growing internal feeling where ideas quickly become realities. Because all of your intentions, wishes, and desires have limited time for realization. LIMITED means that the terms were set and the probability they would be changed is very little as every day you have numerous multiple intentions, wishes and desires and their realization depend on the realization of your previous intentions, wishes and desires. Time management must become an integrative constituent of you, particularly, it should characterize your personality. Only by managing your time you will be able to achieve dramatic results. 

(2) Be a morning person: strong decision maker, inspired and passionate, great with prioritization, always a step ahead and less stressed

‘Every day may be longer than you think. There is one unuttered truth how to do it’ 

Mornings are the wonderful time to start your day with the unique pattern. Morning time is a perfect opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the day by establishing exclusive and inclusive criteria for all categories of the events, particularly, events which should take place, events which probably will/may/might take place and those which should be prevented. The usual morning scenario starts by tossing and turning. When your alarm begins to shriek, every morning your hand always reaches out to mute the deafening tone of a new day. You lay in bed amongst the pillows, you fight that halfway state between your dreams and your reality. You rearrange your seven pastel–coloured pillows several times. Hug your pillows tightly. Cuddle up to two of them close. Try laying on your right side, then left, then back to right, then on your belly, then back to the left. Kick the blankets to the edge of the bed and then discover you are freezing so pull them back up to your shoulders and burrow. Stare at the clock. Wonder how it became 08:00 AM so quickly and why you are so tired. Mentally retrace all your steps. Did you have coffee later than you should have? Did you have an argument yesterday in the evening? As your subconscious loses, you conclude that you must get up out of your bed. It’s a new day, and there are many things to be done. But still, you feel the soft silk material of your sheets and the heavenly sensation of your warm feet wrapped in your blankets. You roll over into a perfect pastel–colored warm cocoon. Just ten more minutes, it is not so long, you beg. You swear you will get up then. Yet, the alarm soon begins its piercing call, when you remember that there is life beyond this bed, and it takes the form of something special.

Being a morning person primarily means being a strong decision maker. 

Strong decision–making is a skill that comes about by practice. If you practice this skill at least one week, the way how everything will be changed in the time aspect will capture all your imagination. If you choose to wake up before you feel like it shows that you value logic over emotion. You live in a world where everything is so fast paced with a ton of options that appeal to your emotions. Too many options lead to analysis and thinking about how you will feel when doing one thing over another. The first version of the scenario how to become a strong decision maker is to set the alarm clock just a few minutes earlier to rethink or overthink everything you planned for this day and to correct the time synchronization of the events if you have to change something or to postpone something.

Don’t snooze your iPhone’s or iPhones’ alarm clock or alarm clocks. For this purpose, do not dispose your iPhone on your night table or under your bed. Dispose it in the hall or somewhere else. Even though it may be difficult, you would be made to get out of your bed right away. Snoozing only makes you drowsier throughout the day.

The only person who is always with you is yourself. Spend a few moments to yourself. Rather than immediately grabbing your phone the minute you open your eyes, take some time to stretch and pull all of your thoughts together. Run through a mental to–do list as your senses adjust to starting the day and after that compare your mental version with your written to–do list’s version including the reality patterns.

Being a morning person also means being inspired and passionate. 

When you don’t have anything to anticipate, anything to express your sympathies and antipathies, there isn’t a rush to wake up. Those who are the most inspired and passionate wake up early because they don’t want to waste time. Consequently, you should realize that being awake and chasing your passions is actually more exciting than sleeping in. And if you find something what you are passionate about, you will always make the time.

Being a morning person additionally means to be perfect with prioritization. 

Currently, prioritization is a phenomenon and a lost art. When you wake up in the morning you have so many factors going against you. You are exhausted, you are sleepy, your nervous system is extremely delicate, you are vulnerable, your muscles are stiff, you don’t want to open your eyes, your glance is not clear, you want to stay in your warm blanket’s cocoon as much time as possible, and this list goes on far beyond the mentioned items. Especially if you stay up late in the night. If you stayed late in the night and have to wake up early in the morning, you are not feeling perfect the next day. You even still manage to look cute. But you look like your soul and mind are somewhere else, not in the reality, because you seethe in exhaustion.

Being a morning person seems to have the ability to ignore negative factors to increase your productivity. Having every day written to–do list in your diary prioritize your life when things seem to be going to disrupt everything and it is a beautiful attribute.

Being a morning person presupposes being always a step ahead.

The waking time of morning person may feel like the middle of the night for you. Sometimes, it actually is the middle of the night. But how is this physically possible? Waking up early is highly correlated with proactiveness, productivity, and positivity. The most wonderful bonus you receive is the extra time in the morning, which will give you the opportunity to set some goals for the day. Waking up thirty minutes earlier every morning will add almost three more waking hours to your week. So, the duration of your week will be plus three hours. Waking up an hour earlier every morning will add seven more waking hours to your week in general and will enable you to have enough time to do something you should do, or you prefer to do, even if you would like to practice classical ballet. Caught the general idea? Ready to change your waking up time at least a little bit? Start slowly by waking up 15 minutes earlier than you normally would and then cut back another 15 minutes in a few days once you are used to that. You can’t neglect the opportunity to spend this time for yourself and with yourself only. This additional waking up time will improve your self–confidence greatly and everything you couldn’t practice, or you couldn’t find enough time to do conclusively may be completed, prepared, performed. Time, devoted to yourself is a wonderful self–gift you are worth to have. It is a miracle everyone should have, and this miracle shouldn’t be forgotten. If you forget about self–time, you will be lost in the everyday routine and as the time passes, eventually you will be alone with yourself only and with your frustrated or disrupted dreams because you hadn’t had enough time for their realization. Everything would be taken away from you by the time whirlwind, everything would be altered, the new versions of what is important for you would be outlined, therefore if you do want to achieve something, you should find enough time for its implementation into your reality.

Being a morning person seems to be always less stressed and almost never experience the nervous tension and not so often will describe yourself as a bundle of nerves.

Being a morning person seems to have conclusive intentions and variable versions of your intentions’ realization in the first place as the most important things and to have no time for overthinking or being nervous about. A morning person wakes up with the intent to achieve the desired results. Structuration, synchronization, and preparation are the vital constituents of achieving the desired things and your morning’s time is a turning–point. Being a morning person enables you to prevent critical moments just because you have additional time ‘plus thirty minutes or plus several hours’ every day and you don’t feel the need to bustle up, to run, to experience the nervous tension, – you can relax and be in the moment. To be present in the morning is to live in the moment without having the time to self–doubt.

If you don’t purposefully find the time out every day to progress, improve or complete something you are dreaming about — without question, your time will get lost. Before you know it, you’ll be old and withered, wondering where all that time went and that you had done for yourself absolutely nothing or nearly nothing. Caught the general idea?

Do not fill your life to the brim with the nonessential and trivial things, occasions, personalities. Take into consideration that you can live every moment of your life on your own terms. Even if you believe in the destiny, you are the designer of your destiny. You are the only person who is responsible for everything that happens in your life. You are the only person who should decide. You must decide —  because if you don’t, someone else will. Indecision interferes with your intentions and disrupts your dreams. Your wishes should be written down — short term and long term. Taking just a few minutes to read your life vision puts your day into perspective. A fundamental aspect of that is writing them down and reviewing them every single day. If you follow a simple pattern of rereading, rethinking and reminding your dreams on the everyday basis, you can accomplish all of your dreams, goals, intentions and wishes no matter how inconceivable, tremendous or startling they are.

(3) Start your morning with something tempting you to get out from your bed in a moment.

If you cannot change your waking up schedule, but do want to become a morning person, there is something that will be intriguing or even compelling for you to do. It may be even essential to complete in the morning. Intrigued? Are you the person who does like coffee ‘coffee liker’? Or are you the person who prefers cocoa? Even if you don’t like black coffee, there are so many variations that you will definitely find your favorite coffee–version.

Coffee, latte–crème, vanilla latte, cappuccino, mochaccino, coconut mocha, iced caramel mocha latte, iced caramel macchiato, caramel macchiato, white chocolate mocha, toffee mocha, hot chocolate, cocoa, this list can be too long. Caught the idea? Start with choosing the special cup or mug. Let it be one of the most wonderful, one of the most miraculous, one of the gorgeous ones. The one you will really want to start every morning holding in your hand.

Yet, the alarm soon begins its piercing call, when you will remember that there is life beyond your bed, and there is life beyond your bedroom, and it takes the form of something sweet, something scented, something delicate. And this something is a small dark–brown cocoa bean, a small black coffee bean or small light brown almonds lying on the bottom of your vanilla latte’s cup… It does not matter if it is morning, noon or night, the delicate fragrance of your favorite drink can be scented in the air flows of your flat, encouraging you to perform miraculous waking up and getting up.

Whatever you love in this world, whatever makes you passionate, whatever makes you do want to wake up, it is worth being a part of something special, a part of your own waking–up tradition. Make your waking–up tradition an imperfectly passionate performance, in everything you do.

Every morning should be started with an inspiring ritual, where the sweet aroma brings you not only the most compelling and vivid memories but also shapes your purposes and the strategies for their realization. Anything you have chosen to be your special morning gift for waking–up will change your inner world and outer world. While some may prefer it black and bitter, you may love the way coffee looks when cream and sugar are added to your cup. These three items swirl together perfectly to create a concoction of pure bliss.

Your cup should always fit perfectly in your hand. You will love to inhale the sweet steam that rises from the top as you experience the thin layer of foam that is so gentle, and so precisely conceived. The first sip is like a breath of fresh air, an awakening of your soul. The taste will linger, as you savor every moment of this divine experience. So, let yourself have these moments of euphoric happiness. For infinite possibilities will begin the moment the cup touches your lips, and it all starts with one single sip.

(4) Meditation can be started during the first week you gave a birth

‘Meditation is a great mystery to many. But in reality, there is nothing simpler – and yet it is precisely for this apparent simplicity that people go on misunderstanding it.’

If you find it difficult to cope with postpartum depression every time you are watching your body in the mirror, – try meditation. It will soothe your nervous tension in the most delicate way and will be the first step to achieve your much–desired purpose of an amazing body–shape. The first thing you should start with is meditation. Meditation can be as simple as listening to your breath. All you have to do is sit down, get comfortable and just breathe. You will find a rhythm that works for you. Several minutes after your breath doesn’t hurt you, you should breathe more deeply. Not only does taking time to breathe, and listening to your breath help you to relax and to relieve stress, but also it helps you to improve your focus and practice mindfulness.

You should continue your meditation with practicing mindfulness through self–conversation. Think about how influential something someone might say to you can be. Now saying something to yourself should have even more of an impact as what you believe you become. What you believe you become. After that, write down everything, what worried you before the meditation and all possible variants how to cope with every problem, which you have in your mind after meditation. You will see how many answers your consciousness can find out when you practice mindfulness.

The second essential thing you should do is to schedule for yourself at least two meditations during a day: morning meditation –– to start your day with and evening meditation –– to fall asleep. Developing morning and evening meditation practice can be a life–altering experience in the most positive way. In order to meditate effectively, you must commit to the process and be patient along the way, as it is very challenging to slow down and control your thoughts.

Meditation happens when you become silent when thoughts cease. The veil of the mind falls away and you are left with a feeling of resounding emptiness. Meditation is also one of the most wonderful things you have ever done. You don’t need anything but yourself. You can meditate anytime, anywhere and for however long you wish. It is not emptiness in a negative sense, it is more like a vastness, a spaciousness. With meditation, you can confront the repressed emotions lurking just below the surface in your subconscious. These emotions, desires, anxieties manifest in your daily life and go on creating patterns of thought and action which dictate your destiny. Breathing is one of the most fundamental aspects of meditation. Meditation presents us with one of the greatest opportunities to study the breath. Breath is something that you can emphasize immediately before your meditation through deliberate exercises, and breath is something that you can use as an object of focus during your meditation. When you meditate your breath begins to take on a specific rhythm of its own, you feel the internal harmony of being yourself. With meditation, you bypass the mind completely. You just drop the whole rotten thing. In its place, something very beautiful is uncovered. When you return from this state [state of meditation], you will be totally refreshed and see the world with clear eyes.

There is no specific technique for meditation. Meditation is the art of doing nothing. The aim is not to experience anything other than yourself, the true self which is pure, immortal consciousness. You just sit quietly and watch your breath, watch your thoughts. You may keep your eyes open or closed.

Before you start meditation, you first must be able to concentrate. Focus the mind so that you are able to sit and meditate for ten to thirty minutes without getting up or looking at the phone. In the beginning of meditation practice, your thoughts will certainly be there. It is not a problem, just observe them; let them pass like clouds in the sky without judging them, without any effort to try and stop them, let your thoughts overwhelm your mind. Slowly, slowly, all your thoughts will disappear and there will be the only sun–shining inside of you. Then, and only then, can the divine start to enter you, or rather can you start to uncover that which was always there, just a few levels below the surface. Meditation is the only method for self–transformation – it can cure depression, anxiety, insecurities. All of these are burned away in the silence of meditation. Just you have to be silent enough to observe it.

(5) Spend more time walking down the streets. Never suppose that walking is boring because it actually is not.

‘Walking down the streets can be so intriguing and capturing you have never imagined’. 

The versions you can make all of your walks special occasions are given for you to take into consideration. You will be not only in amazing shape but also overwhelmed with glittering emotions and new purposes you do want to achieve.

The first thing you can do after giving the birth to start shaping your body is walking. It is no surprise that those people who walk frequently are usually in amazing shape. Walking is a great fat burning and cardiovascular workout, especially if you are walking quickly to get somewhere on time. There is a certain meditative quality that accompanies a fast–paced, purposeful walk. Furthermore, taking long walks in the city has the therapeutic effect. Concentrate your attention on the brilliant sunshine, delicate spring fragrances based on luminous jasmine notes and creamy French vanilla notes which fill the spring air flows, feel of the pavement under your feet, the towering buildings, sky scraping office blocks, the jostle of people, and yourself as a part of all these.

Walking is an activity that regulates your heartbeat and breathing, focusing your thoughts. Walking is the first luxury you will have during first weeks after giving a birth. First six weeks is the time to be slow and walk down the streets. And sometimes it is ideal to just be slow. It will make you healthier. It will make you happier. Additionally, walking is such an automatic action that it doesn’t require intense concentration. While walking, glance through the shop windows, glance at antique lamp posts, cast your glance at shiny cars and in a glimpse, try to visualize with your eyes closed the tiny details of the temple’s architecture you have seen thousand times. Simply walk and let the city give itself back to you. You will never be finished with a city, and walking is one of the best ways to begin to uncover some of its secrets. But do not walk yourself to exhaustion only to arrive home once more, leg muscles shaking. Walk yourself to the utmost satisfaction, to the moment when you are filled with purpose or ambition and your soul full of new vivid memories, inspiring thoughts, and glittering emotions. Walking a city is about so much more than arriving somewhere.

Walking gives you extra time to be alone with yourself, to think and to rethink, to compare and to distinguish, to express your sympathies and antipathies about everything and what is more important, to alter your cause–and–effect type of thinking. You are typically required to be concentrating intensely enough on what you are doing that your thoughts will not wander too far. Walking is a perfect activity to change this situation. You have more time with yourself, more time to validate your previous decisions, more time to be inspired and to do something exceptional, something valuable, something bright.

It is easy to experience nervous tension or to get frustrated when you are sitting around your couture clothes or evening outfits and thinking about the things that are going wrong after your pregnancy. Sometimes the best way to start your exercising slowly is to get outside and get moving. By moving your body, you can cope with your stress and tension. By getting outside, you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the city you are living in. Walking is inspiring. It synchronizes your world of thoughts and outlines new purposes. Walking helps your thoughts achieve a characteristic of randomness. There is doubt. There is so much doubt. But there is also a certainty, because when you take a walk, you are metaphorically, in active mediation as you are glancing at everything around you, you are breathing the scented air flows around you, you are moving your body. And all the visual stimuli you receive from the reality are transferred into your mind that allows you to think productively instead of automatically. Allow your thoughts to wander and you may come to something inspiring, something concluding, something profoundly wonderful.

If you think that taking a walk around the city is boring, there are several pieces of advice to reframe your concept of ‘boringness’. When you are wandering the streets, have a fleeting glimpse of the others. The professional–looking perfectly–styled young man in dark–blue jacket with chocolate–colored wrist–watch must be an executive manager, the beautiful and sophisticated lady with dark curls accented with a gold hair accessory must be so much–loved HR–specialist, the athletic one must be the one who has an active and bright life full of exercising or a yoga instructor. Catch yourself in a windowpane while passing and immediately identify a dozen things you would change if you could. Feel hesitant but excited at the prospect of being your own person. Walking inspires the thoughts and ideas. Your memory is a complex entity that eludes and excites us daily. Thinking and observing while you walk can help trigger previous memories and past motivations, helping you to create or recollect inspirations that will dictate your future actions. Wandering down the city’s streets will allow you to reflect on your inspirations so that these moments are not fleeting. Once an idea appears in your mind, you can consciously reflect on it and either you can form a plan of action or achieve a sense of closure.

Still doesn’t feel inspired to walk around the city? Then read the following versions worth of being implemented into your reality.

(5.1) Leave your beloved without concluding the conversation. 

Be gorgeously looking. Be perfect. Be charismatic. Leave the person you love alone in the cafeteria and go. Let it be an imperfect, incomplete, and inconclusive date. Let this date to be perfect, complete, and conclusive only the next time. Every imperfect, incomplete, and inconclusive date should be completed by the next one. Let this date to be emotional, confusing, embarrassing, even heartbreaking. Leave the intriguing conversation that can go on forever and never lose its spark or its meaning. Leave the admiring glance you caught while drinking your hot chocolate. Leave the language of the eyes that penetrates through your soul. Leave these languorous dark eyes that permeate through your thoughts. Leave these wonderful eyes you were exchanging glances with. Give a wistful glance at your wristwatch and go. Give a furtive glance at your beloved and leave. Steal a glance at him while turning around. Have a glimpse of his silhouette and disappear. Leave the bond that somehow felt like magic without uttering a single word with curling smile. Then write the message you do want to a have a date in that small coffee–shop down the street.

(5.2) Run away for several hours and ‘get lost’ in the streets. 

Run away from your feelings, run away from your intentions, run away from your wishes, run away from the beauty, run away from the harmony of what could be. From the likelihood of finding the one love you have been looking for. Run away from the delicate touch that softened your heart again, from the beautiful smile that made you forget your pain, from the charming voice that resounded in your soul with a special glow, from the gorgeous eyes that got you lost in another world. Run away from something insanely fascinating. Run away from wonder. Run away and intrigue. Run away down the streets, let those eyes to follow you also, find the place you have never been in to spend an hour sitting there and conversing. After that run away down the streets, let that touch to follow you. Run inside some beautiful boutique and stay there both half an hour conversing. Run away from there down the streets. Let that voice and smile to follow you. Run inside the chocolate cafeteria, spend an hour sitting there and eating some chocolate.

(5.3) Hide behind the fragrances. Let the air flows to be scented around you and remind that you are somewhere in the street, but should be found.

In the dull October morning hide behind your schedule, hide behind your work, hind behind your wishes realization. On the crispy October afternoon walk down the streets. Enter the perfumes’ boutique and choose the new scents, the new fragrances. Let one fragrance to be very romantic, a bit dreamy; let jasmine to be unobtrusively dominating the charming powdery cloud of flowers and vanilla. Let this fragrance to start off on your skin quite florally, inspiring and fresh and then slowly to fade into an elegant, sweet and lovely scent. Let it feel like an alternate reality, a dream.

Let the other perfume to have an absolutely different scent. It should be deep, mysterious, enchanting and sensually beautiful. Let it be a blend of warmth and sparkles, which are fade into the bright delicious warmth of the flowers. Let it be the completely dignified scent. Recollect the remembrances from your early childhood, the time when you were fascinated by watching motes of dust floating through a ray of sunlight that would go through the window at a certain time, late in the afternoon. The way the tiny particles would glow golden in the light just seemed to freeze time, it was so magical. This fragrance should give you that feeling. It should have a hazy, golden, soft focus quality to it, the feeling of sun warming your skin, that magical hour or so in the evening when the light turns everything to gold. Let this fragrance’s opening to be very full, heady and strong, a little too strong, too glittering. After a few minutes, it should calm right down into something absolutely gorgeous with wonderful staying power. Let it be a dream in its dusky, sweet, exquisiteness.

Let your reality to be turned into a special occasion for an hour. Whirl around yourself the fragrance, which is more mysterious, more enchanting, more intriguing. Let jasmine and frangipani burst onto your skin, blossoming into a beautiful warmth with the roundness of the ylang–ylang, and a sweet whisper of powderiness. Walk down the street making the scent to radiate very far. After that wear lighter version, the other perfume. Let the frangipani and tiara be luminous; let the jasmine and ylang provide texture; let the vanilla give a cohesive base, binding the flowers in sweetness. Continue your walking down the street. Hide somewhere in the street’s cafeteria or shop, and give your significant one a chance to really find you breathing the whirls of the scented air in the street.

Escape your dreams for one day.

Escape whatever moves you. Escape what makes you vulnerable or what makes you come alive. Escape what was once something you dreamed of finding.

(5.4) Walk away and stay trapped in your loneliness.

Walk far away from what you truly want today. Walk far alone from your pre–schedule accurately designed the previous evening. Stay trapped in your loneliness and your independence in the street. Walk away from your passion, intimacy, and affection. Walk away from hands that hold you at your worst and hands that passionately embrace you when you are confused, embarrassed, frustrated or exhausted. Walk away from ears that will listen to all your doubts, all your fears and all your failures, and that gorgeous eyes that will always see the wonderfulness in your soul. Walk down the streets to the places where you first met, where you first glanced at each other, where you first uttered the words to each other, where you first held the conversation, where you first burst in tears, where you first burst out laughing, where you first passionately embraced each other, where you first showed the deepest frustration.

(5.5) Fade away and disappear into the air flows. 

Disappear into the air flows of the reality. Slowly fade away till you are invisible. Fade away so no one caught a glimpse of who you really are. Fade away so no one can glance at you admiringly. Fade away so no one knows how much you love them. Fade away till you are no longer whole again. Disappear and lose yourself for two hours walking down the streets. Concentrate your attention on people around you, fragrances and scents in the air flows around you, sounds around you, whispers around you, bouquets of pastel–coloured flowers around you, the ballet performance on the stage near you. Turn your reality into something miraculous for two hours, the blend of emotions, words, actions, fragrances, scents, beauty, music, sounds. Create the two–hours inverted reality.

(6) Exercise at home on the everyday basis. Spend thirty minutes doing simple exercises in the morning to start your day with ‘activeness glow’ 

You may consider that pregnancy is magical. But it doesn’t always feel that way. Undoubtedly, you wanted to feel beautiful every step of the way as your baby grew inside you — as beautiful as all of the lovely strangers or passers–by who complimented your belly seemed to think you were. But you just couldn’t get there mentally. You felt enormous being in your pregnant body, not gorgeously beautiful. And even if your pregnancy was a lovely, mystical, and dreamy thing and was absolutely different from sitting on a tuffet, eating a caramel ice cream, and being a glowing embodiment of new life, during those nine months of expecting a baby you gained during pregnancy at least 15 pounds above your normal weight. There is no maximum how much weight you may gain during pregnancy, therefore it may be 15 pounds or even 60 pounds above your normal weight. You get a false sense of optimism right after giving birth because you lose like 10 or 15 pounds just from getting the baby out plus the placenta and the amniotic fluid, but then you have got the rest weight. You won’t just snapped back into shape immediately afterward.

But as nice as it was to get constant reassurance from everyone around that you are looking gorgeous, you don’t feel very self–confident with your new, fifteen–plus–pound shape. Even if you were absolutely thrilled to be pregnant, you would struggle with your body image, even knowing why you were putting on the pounds. The reality of your new body–shape is so unglamorous, and it hurts. That is the truth of it. But there is something that would help you to cope with your frustration and embarrassment and would make your body shape more accurate before you would enroll yourself in some classes. It’s difficult but you do eventually go back to feeling like yourself. You should be kind to yourself. It takes time. The alterations of your physical shape won’t be too dramatic but after this self–body–shaping exercises your self–confidence will grow, and you will join some kind of yoga classes, active sport classes, or choreography classes.

Keeping yourself active helps boost metabolism and generally makes you happy. starting your day moving your body will not only jumpstart your metabolism and fill your body with endorphins, but also make you feel productive and at least create the illusion that you have your life together. If you’re really struggling, start by simply committing to put your yoga mat out or putting on your running shoes when you wake up every day. You are much more likely to follow through if you have already taken the first steps.

Start your exercising slowly with a low–impact activity, such as walking. As you regain strength, you can increase the length or number of walks. The emphasis in the first six postpartum weeks should be on light stretching, easy, low impact cardio and strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. The only exercises you should avoid during first several months after giving the birth are sit–ups. Don’t do sit–ups to get your figure back after childbirth. Just don’t do sit–ups. But if you really want an explanation, it is because you have likely developed a gap in your abdominal muscles from having your body expand for nine months. Doing sit–ups prematurely can damage or exacerbate that gap leaving you with holes in or other damage to your stomach muscles. Additionally, you should avoid twisting movements. Your body needs time to heal from delivery (natural or cesarean) before you try to work those muscles out. Ideally, two to three times of self–exercising a week will get you back in shape.

(7) Enroll yourself in a postnatal class or to fitness class on the regular basis

After six weeks you may enroll yourself in an early morning or late evening classes or maybe you will enroll yourself both in morning and evening classes to get you back in shape sooner. It is important to consult with your doctor or midwife before embarking on any postnatal exercise program to prevent the adverse consequences, which may happen if you start exercising too soon, therefore, don’t neglect this ‘golden consultation rule’. Start your exercising slowly and increase your intensity and duration over time. Join a postnatal exercise class. There you will practice multiple variations of exercises and what is more important, in postnatal exercise classes you will exercising with an instructor.

Put your focus on the process, don’t boost your performance instantly. If you are – consciously or subconsciously – trying to ignore the first truth, you will find this second one very hard to accept too, because the second rule explicates the necessity to focus on the best exercises. The best approach is to start your exercising light and focus on your posture, understand the movement requirement for each workout, and spend the time to perfect it. Then slowly increase the volume (amount of set and repetition), and finally, get to higher intensity in perfect form. You may exercise every morning because that is the time you feel the most energetic.

If you’re serious about your health and being in a perfect body–shape, make exercising a priority in your life, just like anything else. Commit for long–term, focus on best exercise, posture first, and plan your workout session accurately, know what to do, with which volume and intensity you are going to train. Pre–plan schedule is of vital importance if you do want to achieve the results. Break your long–term goal down into “multiple consecutive synchronized goals”, but progress parameter that you can measure. It can be the number of sets, the number of repetitions, or the intensity. Note down what you achieved this week in detail, then review your plan and improve your lifts either on posture, volume or intensity for the next week. To achieve your body–shape goals, start all your workouts slow by focusing on the basics but make sure you are progressing at the same time. Make it a point to lift a little heavier than last week, and do that again for the next week. Take it SLOW, progress with long–term goals in mind. Take into consideration that feeling demotivate, not sure what to do next – this is not the failure, this seems you are one step closer to the success. Fail to perform or execute your plan is just a setback, the true failure comes only when you decide to stop trying completely and telling yourself that you are giving up and never start again.

(8) Enroll yourself in a yoga class on the regular basis

‘Yoga is an active meditation, meditation through the movement, meditation through the physical postures. It is special, intricate practice on an intuitive, felt level, which alters your mind, your soul and your body’

Sometimes you may feel physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. You may be tired of feeling so dead inside. Yoga is an amazing way to relax—it’s meditative and challenging, so you destress while strengthening your muscles. The mere act of breathing and moving from one pose to another is immediately pacifying. Furthermore, you will dynamically move from one seemingly magical posture to another, shedding layers of resistance and fear in the process. You will experience an emotional and psychological balance like no other as your overwhelming and inaccurate thoughts disappear. The separateness of your mind and soul will be no longer a truth you are enveloped in. Even if you suffer alternating anxiety or postpartum depression, the regular yoga classes will make a real wonder in your self–consciousness, particularly, instead of experiencing the sudden anxiety attack or instead of being suffocated by depressive thoughts, you will feel great surprise or admiration after your yoga classes as through the time you spend there you will be metaphorically given the possibility of embracing happiness.

You may wonder why should you practice yoga, but there are three inclusive answers, which worth to be glanced through. Through yoga you will acknowledge the perfectness in two dimensions, in the spiritual dimension, particularly, the beautiful soul you possess, witness that divine inner glow that lies within your heart, feel that gorgeous self–love, self–acceptance, self–confidence, achieve spiritual balance in the midst of chaos, and the in the physical dimension, especially, your strength, balance, and flexibility will be improved dramatically. It is the unique daily opportunity to strengthen your understanding of yourself and the world around you while at the same time recognizing that you will never have a full understanding of either.

The most interesting thing about the physical dimension, basically about strength and flexibility that you will acquire from yoga though, primarily manifests mentally and makes meaningful connections. Increased strength seems to generate more confidence and a better sense of self–uniqueness, and self–worth. Increased flexibility allows for a respect and acceptance of the spontaneity of events, occurrences, situations always going on around. Yoga is an engagement of overall insight as well as attention to detail. You stretch yourself and your imagination. Practicing on a daily basis, yoga gives you strength and skill. Why should yoga be done daily? The simplicity of the answer clears away all your wonder as the less often you do it, the less flexible you become. Dedication shows and produces results. Therefore, it is preferable to plan on expanding your practice to multiple days per week, at least three times per week.

It is an imperative to not miss a practice.

Aesthetically, you will be in the best shape of your life, because ultimately you will be able to achieve the gold standard for your soul and your mind balance, consequently, this gold balance inside and the yoga exercising will alter dramatically your physical shape. We tend to not realize it, but every day we each do something that’s entirely and irrefutably authentic: we breathe. Every inhale you will appear to take in the false story you had told yourself for all these years. And every consequent exhale will transform that same story into something beautiful that steadily will inspire you with an inner glow, optimism, and energy. As you close your eyes you will feel the miracle of life itself, the limiting beliefs and inner nervousness will be disrupted as you will grow more self–confidence and soul-stirring realization. Every yoga class you attend will give you a bit more of an inner–glow than the previous one. Contentment will be inside your mind and soul and it won’t depend on social validation and social pressure. You will wonder how your immersion in yoga could specifically heal your anxiety and depression because on the outside, you are simply engaging in a series of poses in a steamy room. There will always be a deeper variation of the pose that you are in, some far–off goal to strive for, but knowing where you are today and accepting that demonstrates a kind of self–love, self–respect and self–confidence that we don’t often give ourselves.

If you watch the yoga instructor demonstrates a flow that includes some poses you have never even imagined, and you think you wouldn’t be able to do, there is still a variation, designed especially for you. Yoga can be modified as much as needed or it can be challenging if it needed to be. If you become open to the brilliance of the yoga practice, you will be left amazed at how it can alter every aspect of your life. Basically, after the first yoga class you attended, you will re–realize your goals, whether in or out of the studio, and this re–realization will slowly happen from time to time. And the same mindset will overflow into other aspects of your life. You will no longer feel compelled to always complete, complete, complete and to haste, haste, haste. Everything will be completed on time, chosen by you.

You may believe that practicing yoga is all about the asana, or the physical postures themselves and how the practice can lead to an enhanced physical appearance. Yoga will make your physical appearance excessively attractive, your legs will look more accurately shaped, your hands will look stronger, your belly will look aesthetic. Your skin will have a delicate glow and your waist–to–hip ratio will have an accurate shape. You won’t just look stronger, you will feel stronger because practicing yoga takes incredible strength, balance, and flexibility. And the physical strength is only half of it. When you master your yoga skills, you don’t just look strong, you feel strong. And that strength remains with you even when you leave the yoga studio. On the physical level, your behavioral patterns will be changed completely and the tolerance as the main pattern in your behavior will lead you to the accomplishment of the very best of yourself, –– a perfect version of you, the personality you have always to glance at and to be in the reality.

If you allow yoga into your life, it can absolutely alter your mind, soul, and body in ways that you could have never imagined when you first stepped foot into a yoga class, pretending that you are extremely anticipating the whole process to begin, but inside your soul was still hesitating about it: ‘to be or not to be’, ‘to attend the next yoga class or to leave after this class and never come again’, ‘to follow the instructions or just to do some postures without being interested in perfectness’. On the mental level yoga will help you quiet the impulsive voices of impatience and intolerance that lead to undesirable behavioral patterns you are constantly following, because you cannot absolutely control the emotional spectrum you experience, for example, sparkling emotional paradigm can be easily disrupted by one wistful or withering glance, or at one glimpse, and your emotions turn from sparkling into glittering or fading.

You may still wonder: ‘Why should I start practicing yoga as I have a newborn and don’t have the time to go somewhere?’ and the counterarguments are listed below to show you more things to start practicing yoga today.

Yoga is something beyond an exercise.

Yoga is a practice dedicated to balance. It emphasizes your focus on self–love, and self–confidence.

Yoga is a practice, which learns that perfectness can be glimpsed in imperfectness, a practice, which learns that no one is perfect, but the best version of perfect self can be done by you.

Yoga is the practice which learns that many things you have always considered being impossible are possible.

You will be learned that part of growing entails falling.

You will be learned what true passion is. You will be learned what true balance is. You will be learned what true soul beauty is. You will be learned what true physical beauty is.

You will be learned what the essence of light, love, truth, beauty, and peace are.

You will be learned what the constant inner glow is. And understanding all the above you will perfectly understand your baby. Being learned what is true love, what is true a glance, what is a true passion, – the bonding with your little bundle of joy will be more delicate, more inner, more inclusive.

Start with choosing your yoga studio today. You can choose several well–respected studios in the city to compare the whole atmosphere and productivity of the yoga practice. You can experiment with different styles, different flows, different teachers to understand what class is designed for you and where you feel calmness, relaxation, and compassion. These three constituents should be the basis of your choice and of prime importance. A yoga class is for everyone. Yoga also comes with variations. It lets you feel yourself. If you don’t know where to start or which class is designed for you, enroll yourself in several different classes which start in different time. Choose a stylish outfit to practice yoga from a flutter of pastel leggings and adorable laced T–shirts you have. If you have a yoga mat, take it with yourself and go to a class today. The yoga studio is a whole other world of athletic and aesthetic coordination. You can be emotionally overwhelmed and physically exhausted as everyone and everything is too bustling around you but in that one yoga room for one hour a day, magically that activity all stops. What are you waiting for? You may be surprised what yoga can do for you!

Still hesitating? It is also possible to implement yoga in your practice even today. One version of practicing yoga today may be designed for you in the following way: clear out some space in the bedroom near the window. If it is winter’s evening, you may even light aromatic candles to allow the delicate scents to fill the airflows or to create an aroma–scented whirlwinds. You have the ability to create your own practice and find a balance that works for you. All you ever have is the PRESENT MOMENT. There is NO PAST. There is NO FUTURE. The REALITY is only in the PRESENT. The only way to be truly happy is to make the most of the moment you are in now. When you are constantly waiting for that next moment to come, all you are really having in the present is anticipation, confusion, and embarrassment. Anticipation because you desire it to happen. Confusion because you are not sure that it would happen. Embarrassment because you don’t have the exact time terms for it to happen. Adding to the previous conceptions, if something wrong or intimidating happens instead of something you had anticipated, you would be frustrated, desperate or grief–stricken. And all the time you are expecting it to happen you are feeling yourself like a bundle of nerves. Consequently, you don’t have the time to be in the reality. Everything is concentrated around past versions of events which probably may have happened, which had happened, and might happen in the future. Think about how much time you are wasting worrying, planning, and wondering. Are you living a life with few true emotional connections? Are you uncomfortably preoccupied with evaluating your output and your performance? There is no time for you, just the sequence of the more probable and less probable situations your imagination is captured to produce or withdraw.

Yoga class, whether you are practicing in a studio or in your bedroom, should be started with calming your mind. Perplexity and mysticism of yoga start when most of your thoughts disappear from your mind. Calming the mind is a complicated task because with millions of thoughts, emotions, emotional patterns, implicit words on the brain, it can be a real challenge to focus on what is really important in the moment: the actual moment. Try to focus on something, anything, other than your wondering, worrying, planning, surveilling thoughts, and relief will be yours. Practicing yoga helps you to soothe yourself when you are feeling frustrated, feeling stressed out, feeling nervous breakdown, feeling a nervous tension, feeling anxiety attack or when you are suffering from depression.

You shouldn’t practice elaborate poses in front of a snowy window today, the only thing you should start your yoga practice with is to set up your yoga mat near the window, sit there, close your eyes, concentrate your imagination on everything worth to be in your life and on your breathing. Whatever feelings you need to feel to navigate through the pain, let yourself embrace them. Let yourself feel. Let yourself experience every single emotion. Let yourself experience all emotional spectrums. Let yourself breathe. Let yourself be vulnerable. Let yourself be strong. Let yourself turn all your dreams into reality. Try to fully indulge yourself in the practice. All you have to do is sit down, get comfortable and just breathe. Breathe slowly and deeply. You will find a rhythm that works for you. It helps you relax. If you have the opportunity to spend some time by googling the information about respected yoga studios in your city, –– enroll yourself to the several different yoga classes to compare the different yoga styles (do not enroll yourself in a hot yoga class in case you have some problems with your cardiovascular or respiratory system). Stop worrying about what your practice would be like or what to expect from your first yoga class or first yoga classes. The essential thing your mind should be overwhelmed with, – is the self–focus in stress–free time. If the stress is a vital judgmental self–focus, and the moments you are experiencing stress you are feeling yourself like a bundle of nerves, – then the yoga studio is the place where you are transforming the disrupting stress patterns into absolutely controversial thing, – your judgmental self–focus turns into your inner glow, your talents, your extensive charisma. Only judgmental self–focus turns you into the best version of yourself. Imagine the situation when you wanted to achieve something and failed. After that, you tried again to achieve the same much–desired thing but failed every time you tried. Despite your failure, you became obsessed with that thing and tried again and again. Conclusively you achieved the results you have never even imagined.

Wondering why instead of failing again you achieved the success? The explanation is simple: judgmental self–focus (constant little self–blaming about not doing enough, about not being perfect enough, not implementing something enough, not having the time for learning and practicing enough), inspired a feeling of frustration. When this feeling of frustration transfers into really acute, your thoughts are concentrated on the dimension that there is nothing to lose if you would try again, but you are not just thinking about it, you are actively doing something additional, your imagination is continuously drawing all versions of multiple scenarios what may happen, and you are constantly perfecting all aspects. Instead of misleading tactics, you choose the multivariate tactics (as you have already thought about all versions the situation can be turned into) and your failure turns into your success. Caught the idea? The judgmental self–focus was transformed into your inner motivation, and the motivation itself is the most powerful thing to achieve the dramatic results. Perfectness in everything turns your dreams into reality. The yoga is the practical way to facilitate this process. It reveals the judgmental self–focus and helps you to achieve your goals.

(9) Enroll yourself in a ballet class on the regular basis.

‘Ballet is the elegance, the grace, the art of making something look so beautiful yet so simple. It is a time commitment. It is dedication. It is the timeline when you learn to love who you are.’

Don’t think about the weight you had gained in the last year. Think about the time that might be lost if you don’t start doing something to change the situation. When you are practicing the classical choreography, you get to transcend all the tears, all the sufferings, all the pain, all the fears and all the worries. You will walk taller, you will have even more structured legs, you will be more body conscious. 

If you want to be in a perfect shape in several months, three or more times a week you should spend in an exclusive relationship with ballet. And you might be wondering why should you spend at least three times a week. If you start your ballet classes at the ballet studio not regularly, every time you will come back, – it wouldn’t exactly a triumphant return. Ballet technique atrophies quickly, and things that were easy three weeks ago would flummox you today. You won’t be able to talk about your “centre,” your sense of balance, a kind of muscle memory connection that runs down your spine and allow you to throw your arms and legs around without falling over because you lost too much time. Walking back into the ballet studio after several weeks or months away for any other reason would have been daunting. If you didn’t attend the ballet classes for three weeks, walking back in today, you should take into consideration, you aren’t just risking sore muscles or disappointment at how your technique had atrophied; you are risking slipping back toward the at once cloudy and crystal sharp place you were in when you critiqued my body in those mirrors. Your turns will be sluggish, and your jeté will downgrade from grand to moyen. Therefore, your decision to attend every single ballet class should be very strong from the very beginning. Nothing wonderful comes without sacrifice.

Practicing classical choreography requires a ridiculous amount of dedication. You should attend every class and practice if you want to improve your skills. You need to be completely devoted to making that time commitment. There are going to be times where all you want to do is quit because things are really complicated. In these instances, you should remind yourself to continue your practice, to keep going because the result will surpass your expectations. Your body can be super toned and perfectly shaped. Within the first six months of going to ballet class regularly, you will start to notice and see the changes in your body. Your tummy will be super toned, and you will start rocking some abs. You will have more upper body strength. Your manicured toes will point more than they ever have before. Your legs will have some legit structure. And you will be often asked what your secret is. 

Try a beginner’s ballet class at the ballet studio. And, one vital piece of advice should be added, not only one beginner’s ballet class at the one ballet studio. Enroll yourself in several beginner’s ballet classes which take place in several ballet studios to compare the studios, the structure of the material given to the students, the teachers’ explanations and the performance. Go to the ballet classes until the end of this week, do not postpone for the future time. The only moment you have is present moment. There is no past, there is no future. This gold time standard is worth being followed all the time mentally (through the understanding) and physically (through the behavioral patterns and actions).

Ballet is always accompanied by classical piano music. There you will get to become one with the movement, but you should remember it is not always about fixing everything, sometimes it is just about being fully present in that brief but glorious moment. You don’t have to buy a new pair of pointe shoes or a pastel–colored tutu to attend the ballet classes. If you consider that it would be more comfortable for you to purchase the ballet outfit, – surely, you must do it. The perfect outfit may be excessively inspiring and every time it will remind you when the next your ballet class starts and that you should take it with. After you have chosen your outfit, just get up and go to the class.

Wondering what to expect in your first ballet class? The ballet is an excuse to disconnect from the world. And you will love this disconnection at least three times a week. When you are in class, your phone is off and it’s in your tote all the way across the room. Allow yourself to be alone. Enjoy the serenity, listen to your breath, challenge your body. And let everyone wonder how you got those perfectly shaped legs, that graceful posture with your shoulders back a little farther, and that elegant way of placing your hands even when you are sitting on the sofa. The students seem to be collectively passive and following the commands of the ballet teacher, while all doing the same movements in synchrony. Forget perfection, love the process. Simultaneously try to remember difficult choreography and incorporating basic dance technique. If your goal is to master something or to be the best at something, you won’t be satisfied completely because your satisfaction won’t be lasting. But if you can find a passion, where you love the whole process, happiness will be yours. Having a passion for something gives you the motivation to keep at it and push on even when things get tough. That is your artistry – commit to a process of indefinite learning.

The first rules you should follow in the ballet class are spotting and passion. In ballet one of the essential things you learn is how to spot. Spotting is used to keep you in balance whilst doing multiple turns or turn sequences. Spotting is having your eyes focus on a specific point, and whilst turning, remaining focused on that spot for as long as possible and returning to look at that spot as soon as possible in order to keep you on balance. While being in the ballet class, fully immerse your heart and soul into your work, even if the result would be imperfect, it still will be something wonderful. Never focus so much on the mastery of the skill that your passion dwindles.

You will be learned to point your toes. You will be learned to make a diamond with your knees in a first position plié. Your body will learn the reverence, the same every time, at the end of every class, until it will be stored in your muscle memory. You will teach your body to stretch out and snap back, the inertia sending your hips flying up to the bar. Your body will be learned to present, the same every time, marking the start and end of every routine, until it will be stored in your muscle memory. Once you did something it the first time, the fear will disappear, and you will feel the excitement not dread. You will be learned to piqué turn. Your eyes will be watered with frustration and embarrassment when your limbs kept tangling underneath you, as everyone else flew past you in diagonal lines across the ballet studio. You will be taught it to do things, amazing things, that looked impossible to outsiders but that, eventually, settled in your muscle memory and became easy as the dominant aesthetic in ballet is and has for some time been one that demands extreme slenderness.

Continue to master your skills even if your legs were trembling with exhaustion fifteen minutes in, or where your feet were cramping, the tiny muscles in them having gone virtually unused for months. Continue to master your skills even understanding that it is going to hurt to walk tomorrow morning. Continue to master your skills even if your knees are bruised from throwing yourself to “floor work”, and if your muscles quite literally ache from your upper neck — to your feet. Because if you don’t master your skills, you would be excessively frustrated at how much skill and strength you lost in a year, but there still would be one thing if you continue: you would concentrate so hard on the whole process, on taking those highway curves at just the right angle, that you barely would have time to look in the mirror. The result is worth all your efforts and all the hard days you had. You will learn to love yourself and your body. You rehearse for hours a day, in front of huge mirrors, focusing only on yourself, and the way your body is moving. It does wonders for your self–esteem and self–confidence. You will find that being in your body and being yourself are extremely comfortable.

(10) Drink spring water and follow a healthy diet. 

Do you want to become more active and fit? How will you achieve this? Want to get that dream body of yours?

Apparently, spring water is “structured water” forming beautiful crystalline shapes when frozen. This structure is destroyed when chemicals are added or when the water is processed. It is said to contain the highest electrical frequency of any type of water and being that we are electromagnetic beings – this is of great benefit to us. It will always make you feel incredible.

If you don’t want to drink water, spring water or mineral water, – have a glass of water with a lemon or a fruit at the side or drink a lot of tea. Coffee is a great way to stay warm and perk yourself up too, but tea is better when you’re just trying to relax and calm your nervous system. Ginger tea is particularly helpful when dealing with stomach aches or cramps.

Follow a healthy diet. Everything you eat throughout the day and over the course of the week should round out your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, proteins and fiber. By trying new foods throughout the week and reading the nutritional information provided with each recipe, you will gain an awareness of nutrients, their proper balance, and how they benefited your body and your health. It is a first positive step towards achieving balance. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be flavorless or joyless. You can eat a variety of delicious foods, many of which are both flavorful and healthy. The key to maintaining a healthy diet comes down to the types of foods and ingredients you use in your cooking.

Do you want to be in a perfect body shape? Do you want to be wonderful–looking? Do you want to be thin? Eat five times a day. Five times a day sounds intimidating when you are struggling to lose ten pounds. Eating five times a day is a trustworthy methodology to speed up your metabolism. The secret is to plan your five meals for every single day carefully. If you happen to miss one meal, you assume your body will not be able to function properly, therefore, you will put on more weight. And always have your breakfast. If you are not a morning person, and your first meal was always brunch (or even lunch), this pattern must be changed. Now you MUST schedule your breakfast in the morning. Wondering why should you eat the breakfast in the morning? You MUST eat breakfast if you want to be thin. After that the breakfast should be followed by brunch if you do want to follow this five–meals rule, even two brunches, dinner, and lunch. Two brunches are better than late evening’s meal.

Minimize the ingredients you want to eat and paint your plate.

Instead of eating a real multi–blend of vegetables, fruit, nuts, something sweet, something spicy, something with grinded spices, something salted, – minimalize the variety of everything you are going to eat for every meal. Make the priorities. Choose fruits and veggies with skins that can be cut or peeled off. Eating fruits and veggies with skins that can be cut or peeled off will reduce the amount of insecticides put into your body. A good way to determine the nutritional value of a meal is by its color. Plates full of whites, yellows, reddish–pinks, reds, purples, blue–blacks, greens, browns, and orange are not only aesthetically wonderful but full of nutrients and flavors as well.

There are alternatives to everything you do love to eat.

Undoubtedly, you do want to have two bars of dark sweet chocolate with almonds and three cups of caramel mocha latte, every morning and every evening to start your day with a sparkle and to finish your day with a glow. But still, there are alternatives to everything you do love to eat. Surely, the alternatives do not have the same taste as dark sweet chocolate with almonds or caramel mocha latte, but they are of vital importance for your health. If you have ever tried to follow healthy eating, you are familiar with brussels sprouts, lentils, mushrooms, couscous, rye bread, sweet potato, chia seeds, quinoa, goji berries, honey, ginger, coconut milk and a bunch of other foods you never knew existed.

(10.1) Even if you in spirit a coffee lover, or coffee person, try to drink coffee only in the morning. 

You used to drink coffee every morning but now you should drink more tea. Try to fade off of that caffeine addiction. You may feel you are very much a coffee person in spirit, but tea may be a wonderful alternative to coffee. Tea will warm you to the more nuanced, quiet pleasures of all the different teas which are worth to try. Now, after years of turning up your nose and pouring yourself another espresso, you will love all of them. Drink tea instead of coffee. Instead of having a coffee as the first thing in the morning, try to drink sweetened with honey or unsweetened tea with lemon and ginger. Try to avoid sugar in your everyday life. Use honey or herbal sweeteners.

(10.2) No Pasta. Try not to eat pasta every day. If something with pasta is extremely tempting for you – allow it yourself only one or two times a week during the brunch. 

Pasta has a huge amount of calories. Next time you think about cooking something at home, try cooking couscous or the healthy multigrain brown rice. They offer a lot more nutritional value than pasta. Brown rice lowers the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Couscous not only lowers the risk of heart disease and certain cancers but also prevents bacterial and viral infections, promotes normal metabolism, controls fluid levels in the body, and boosts the immune system.

(10.3) No white bread. If you are really interested in having an amazing body shape, – no white bread. 

The bread you eat should be the whole grains or in other words, whole wheat. Try multigrain bread or bread with quinoa and flax seeds. Try rye bread. High in fiber, rye is often more satisfying, so you need fewer quantities to fee fuller; it is good for your cardiovascular health, and it also regulates blood sugar activity.

(10.4) No fruit flavored yogurts. Only those wonderful ‘handmade’ yoghurts made by you. 

Fruit–flavored yogurts may be in fact without fruit. Instead of consisting of actual fruit pieces, fruit–flavored yogurts may consist of fruit juice, fruit puree or fruit juice concentrate. Therefore, try to cut out the flavored yogurts. Natural unsweetened yogurt with active bacterial cultures is the best one for you.

(10.5) Grill or steam all your vegetables.

Stop the frying and the batter–baking. When foods are fried, they absorb a lot of fat. Many fried foods can be grilled or steamed as a healthier alternative. Steam all your vegetables or grill them. Grilling is always a better option than frying. To grill foods, you place them on a wire grid placed under or above a dry heat source. The food is cooked by thermal radiation. It is also referred to as broiling or pan grilling.

(10.6) Use olive oil for cooking. 

Olive oil helps to improve heart, bone and digestive health, it can be also used for nail care, moisturizing skin. Olive oil can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Applesauce is also a good replacement for baking oil. Plus, it adds that natural sweetener so you can cut out the added sugar.

(10.7) Brussels Sprouts.

Brussels Sprouts have cholesterol–lowering benefits, and are a good source of vitamin C, A, and K, and are also said to contain cancer–preventing properties.

(10.8) Goji Berries. 

Goji Berries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and are said to boost one’s immune system. You can eat them as a snack, but they also can be added to smoothies or soups.

(10.9) Honey.

Honey is wonderful for improving glycogen levels which is really good if you’re active, for recovery purposes. It’s good when you’re sick, it’s good for your skin because of its anti-bacterial properties, and is another probiotic food.

(10.10) Ginger.

Traditionally used for anti–inflammatory effects, it has a ton of antioxidants and is also a good immune booster. Add it to a stir–fry, sauce, curry, and of course desserts.

(10.11) Lentils.

Lentils are not only an amazing source of protein but also a great source of iron and fiber. Surely, the soups are the easiest way to go with lentils, but you can also add them to salads.

(10.12) Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a great source of B complex vitamins and numerous minerals. They can be added to anything from a risotto to a quiche, in curry, etc.

(10.13) Couscous.

Couscous is a great source of potassium, and functions to regulate your muscles as well as to help them recover. Furthermore, if you get the whole–wheat kind, it’ll also have more fiber and protein benefits.

(10.14) Almond milk, Coconut milk, Milk.

Milk provides protein and calcium to your diet, growing muscles and hardening bones. You can choose the almond milk, coconut milk, ewe’s milk or cow’s milk, whatever you prefer. Almond milk can be made in a variety of ways, but the most common method is by blending almonds and water together. Almond milk can also be made by simply adding water to almond butter. While the texture here may be slightly different, it is essentially the same process. Almond milk has a creamy texture and nutty taste, you will be impressed by the similarity of taste and texture to regular milk. Almond milk comes in a variety of flavors, but for milk lovers, the unsweetened kind is the closest to cow’s milk. Almond milk provides lower calories per serving, similar calcium levels and a variety of nutrients not found in normal milk. Fortified almond milk contains as much calcium, vitamin E and vitamin D as dairy milk. It is also rich in other vitamins and minerals, including potassium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin E, copper, and selenium. The milk is naturally low in saturated fat and has no dietary cholesterol. Almond milk also contains flavonoids, which help to lower levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and protect the heart. Almond nuts typically contain high amounts of omega–6 fats. Omega–6 is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). It is essential to your body because it helps to stimulate hair growth, skin growth, bone health, and even aids in your metabolic process.

Coconut milk is both luscious and rich. Coconuts are extremely nutrient-dense, with a nearly 92 percent saturated fat content and a high level of medium–chain triglycerides (MCTs). Coconuts are easily metabolized by the body for energy because their medium chain fatty acids do not undergo degradation and re–esterification processes. Coconut milk is made by blending coconut meat and coconut water, simmering, and then straining out the pulp (occasionally, a few sweeteners like honey or maple syrup can be added). Coconut milk is rich in fiber, iron, and B–complex vitamins. Mostly, you can use it as a base for your smoothies though and it is extremely wonderful nutrient–dense!

Cow’s milk contains an assortment of unique sugars and proteins. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It’s also a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been shown to help fight inflammation and aid in fat loss.

(10.15) Fruits.

A healthy diet should include fruits. Fruits are light, fat–free, fulfilling and they even contain water to quench your underlying thirst. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries – are the “ultimate” fruits. Cherries are another good choice. Bananas contain almost an entire day’s worth of sugar and yet very few vitamins and minerals. This is the exact opposite of an ideal fruit. Apples are also high in sugar, particularly, there are 19 grams of sugar in less than 100 calories!


As we discussed there are ten beautifully simple ways to become the best version of yourself. It turns out that beauty radiates from the inside, and the way truly gorgeous ladies create and radiate that inner beauty is through self–care. When you glance admiringly at someone gorgeous, elegant, graceful, amazingly–shaped, metaphorically ‘scented and glittering’, remember that it is the art of making something look so beautiful yet so simple. The process of mastering this art form is absolutely nothing like that. It is quite literally may be full of confusion, embarrassment, frustration, tears and if it includes mastering the skills of perfectness, it may be full of blood also. Nothing wonderful comes without sacrifice. That person didn’t create the life they are living overnight, they have molded themselves every day in ways we cannot begin to imagine, they have spent hours on their craft even if we don’t know it. We don’t know what it cost them or lost them. Gorgeousness, perfectness, elegance, grace, charisma is not a gift, but a decision. And you CAN also DO IT. While you have the time and the body, – everything is possible but the whole process of becoming the best version of yourself is a lifelong commitment to a new way of living, day in, day out, without exception. You will struggle through the agony, through the pain, through the never–ending sacrifices. In life, the others will often glance at you only as the completed version you are. You should accept the lifelong commitment to molding yourself into something gorgeous and beautiful. To make your soul gorgeous and your body beautiful you should work day in, day out, without exception. Every one of us is a constant work in progress, indefinitely.

Forget perfection, love the process of self–modelling. Surely, you were taught that perfection was unattainable. If you master something, eventually you will be outdone. Perfection is always transitory, but love is not. If your goal in life is to master something or to be the best at something, you will not find lasting satisfaction. But if you can find a passion, where you love the process, happiness will be yours. Whatever you love in this world, never focus so much on the mastery of the skill that your passion dwindles. Make your life an imperfectly passionate performance, in everything you do. Let yourself be yourself, let yourself be in harmony with yourself, let yourself to create your own ‘atmosphere of feeling’, ‘atmosphere of learning’, ‘atmosphere of wondering’, ‘atmosphere of mastering’, ‘atmosphere of inclusion and exclusion’, ‘atmosphere of loving’, ‘atmosphere of success’.

Do not compare yourself to the world. You will be always compared to the others – relentlessly, brutally, and continually. It will make you want to change yourself according to the accepted standards. DON’T DO IT if you completely satisfied with the version of yourself. Because everyone is unique, everyone is gorgeous, everyone is wonderful, everyone is delicate, and this is a beautiful thing.

Your life is only yours. Don’t judge yourself for not being as beautiful, as gorgeous, as elegant, as intelligent or as strong as the next person. Comparisons always explicate your self–blaming, self–negligence, and self–disrespect. You are perfect enough as you are. Nobody walked your path, nobody knows your challenges. And you don’t know anybody else’s either. When you stop comparing, you stop judging, and when you stop judging you create the freedom to be who you are and love others exactly as they are.

Your output is directly proportional to effort. Nobody wakes up one day beautiful, gorgeous, and perfectly shaped. Nobody has the perfect yoga pose or ballet grand jeté on their first attempt. The output is always, always, always directly proportional to your effort. The amount of time you put in will always determine the quality of your output. Sometimes it takes months and months and years of effort with very little ‘output’ to show for our work, but in the end, the two are directly correlated. Just remember that output is not only measured in terms of results, it is who you become because of the path you chose. But the perfect body shape ultimately will be yours. You should choose to look for the opportunities in every loss, the positives in every failure. Make your worst moments the ones that marked the beginnings of your best moments. Your pain will make you grow if you let it. And the success will be yours.

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