Posted on 12/25/2019 in Integrative Understanding of Infertility

We wish you the Sparkling Christmas!

We wish you the Sparkling Christmas!

Christmas holidays are a magical time for everyone. The most anticipated, most beautiful, and the most sparkling season ever! Envision the most essential events that happened during 2019. If the whole year was perfect for you — congratulations! But if it wasn't — let it be your past and let it be just a part of your story. Shape everything in your mind. Tears... No one knows how many diamond-shaped, jewel-toned tears of all forms and sizes rolled down your cheeks... Everything was faded for you. There were no shapes, no colors, and no voices. Your eyes were sparkling with something more than despair. They were blurred with such a SORROW you have never felt before. Imagine how all hurtful memories turned into something faded and disappear away. And you are leaving it in the Past. Everything that is left in your mind is the gorgeous sunshine that shapes the new conversations, new voices, new glances, and new events you would like to be in your life. This Christmas season will be different because you will be with someone holding on believing in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. And the events that will follow this Christmas season will be amusing. 


Create a brilliant blurring ‘Hello’ to Christmas evening. Wondering how? Inspired? Just one touch of your imagination for tuning–up everything listed below and you are involved in a bustling and beautiful whirl of events.


Launching the top 10 things to do on Christmas day and evening that will boost up your holiday spirit.


●Listening to Christmas music and all music that inspires you — add some holiday tracks to your playlist.

●Hanging on the jewel-toned special Christmas balls on the Christmas tree. 

●Attending the beauty studio for having a sparkling make–up Pro with a palette of colors that add radiance and warmth.

●Sitting in a cafe sipping your much–loved cappuccino topped with whipped cream, caramel syrup, and sliced almond.

●Purchasing two beauty essentials that harmoniously blend to create a pure radiance of your skin at the beauty boutique.

●Choosing the new perfume that opens with a top blend of peony, jasmine, patchouli and white musks.

●Selecting a winter’s jewel-toned bouquet with pine cones, Juliette roses, anemones, berries, and pastel satin ribbon.

●Designing a hand–made Christmas decorations 

●Lighting the scented Christmas candles to fill the airflows with the warm blend of holiday fragrances.

● 'Lots of kisses and hugs.’


Christmas evening is special... Everything is ‘enveloped’ into myriads of sparkling multi-colored Christmas lights and decorations. The airflow is filled with the warm blends of festive fragrances. Everything is a little bit more meaningful. It is a thousand details, words, glances, hugs, and kisses. This is your time to start your new story!

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