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Subsetor Leste - 3 (L-3), São Paulo, 14091-240

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Clinica MaisFert
600 Av. Maria de Jesus Condeixa
Subsetor Leste - 3 (L-3), São Paulo, 14091-240

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Monday to Friday 8am — 6pm.
Saturday 8 am — 12am.
Sunday — closed.

Clinica MaisFert

The MaisFert Clinic is unique since it started with more than 25 years of experience of Dr. Joaquim Coelho in Assisted Human Reproduction. 

We perform all types of treatments of Human Reproduction, always evaluating the one that is best indicated for each case. 

We know that Assisted Reproduction treatments generate many doubts and anxiety for patients.  With this in mind, we offer an individualized and transparent follow-up that meets your needs and that conveys confidence for the decision to be made. 

Our differences:


Although Clínica MaisFert is a new clinic, its professionals are experienced, accumulating more than 25 years of experience in the areas of Human Reproduction and 35 years of activity in medicine with specialized training and also holistic to perceive the patient as a complete human being. physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Technique has to come with experience to become a result! 


We at the MaisFert Clinic are proud to have pregnancy rates equivalent to or above these averages, because we seek to use protocols and services based on experience and common sense. 

—Clinic, Laboratory and Hospital-Day:

In order to perform the surgical procedures that are required in infertility treatments such as egg collection, embryo transfer and laboratory procedures in the human reproduction area, MaisFert Clinic uses spaces in a partner clinic with all the infrastructure, technology and qualified professionals of a center with structure hospital, located at the Semear Fertility Clinic, providing safe treatment throughout the treatment.
Dr. Joaquim Coelho personally accompanies his patients at all stages, being responsible for the whole process.

Individualized Treatment 

The Assisted Reproduction treatment requires special and individualized attention, without which one can not gain the confidence and serenity necessary for the good progress of the steps that follow until the pregnancy. 

Ethics and Privacy 

MaisFert Clinic follows all the ethical guidelines imposed by ANVISA, Regional Council of Medicine - SP and Federal Council of Medicine, guaranteeing credibility to our services and patient reliability. 

Quality control 

  We have chosen only laboratories that obey the guidelines of the Federal Medical Council and ANVISA, always seeking to update ourselves according to new resolutions. 

Clinica MaisFert Reviews

Submitted by Maria on Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

Was frustrated as there was no answer for two months.

Was glancing through your profile as was wondering to learn more about in vitro fertilization treatment bundles you have and their valid prices. Was frustrated as there was no answer for two months.

Submitted by Aish on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

Strange but there was no answer from clinic

Overall Rating

I hoped to have some info concerning IVF with egg donation (only mixed race and if it is possible to see the photos of all the oocyte donors who suit my criteria mixed race only). Strange but there was no answer from clinic.

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