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Wellborn Medical Network

Fertility Clinic
București, București, 013743

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Healthy pregnancy, as our main responsibility! One-stop centre for a wide range of services dealing with the investigation and management of couples with infertility problems. Wellborn Medical Network is a pioneer in fetal medicine and human reproduction

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Wellborn Medical Network
Preferred Treatment Location
3 Strada Brodina
District 1
București, București, 013743

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Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

About Wellborn Medical Network

Medical Support: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Wellborn Medical Network is a pioneer in fetal medicine and human reproduction procedures, with proven experience and high rate results (comparative to the European ones) in terms of healthy pregnancies after applying the fertility treatments. With a medical staff which includes one of the most experienced infertility specialists in the country and with a multidisciplinary perspective over the medical act, Wellborn is permanently investing in the most advanced technological equipment available.

Our health care professionals are dedicated to helping couples work through the personal and emotional issues that are encountered before, during, and after treatment.

Individual approach

Every patient has its own medical history and our medical perspective includes a full focus on a better understanding of every patient or cuple problems.

Complete medical laboratory

Valid diagnostics are always based on a proper equipped laboratory. At Wellborn, we offer complete laboratory services that ensure our patients receive the optimal testing and fertility treatment. Our laboratory has a state-of-the-art embryology department, genetic assessment tools, endocrinology testing, and andrology services.

In Vitro Fertilization and Micromanipulaton Technologies

In Vitro Fertilization and Micromanipulaton Technologies (including Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

IVF can help you get pregnant if you have problems with ovulation or egg quality, blocked fallopian tubes, or endometriosis; if your partner has problems with sperm count or motility. IVF may also be an option if your doctor can’t pinpoint the problem (this is called “unexplained infertility”) or if other treatments have been unsuccessful.

Reproductive immunology

It includes a range of tests and treatment to do with the patient´s immune system in pregnancy.

Special Treatment for Genetic and Inherited Disorders

Genetic testing is an option offered at Wellborn that can put patients at ease regarding the health of their embryo(s) in addition to their chances for a successful pregnancy with IVF. Each type of genetic screening is used prior to the embryo transfer procedure in order to help ensure a healthy embryo that is free of abnormalities. These tests identify anomalies in the embryo that might affect implantation, detect serious genetic conditions like Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis.

PGD helps diagnose specific genetic disorders in embryos, so the screening is highly recommended in the most important dedicated medical clinics.

Associated surgical intervention

Wellborn provides a full Hysteroscopy, biopsy, endo-injury

We are extremely focused to treat the most important pathologies including: endometriosis, tubal infertility, unexplained infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome.

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