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Fertility Clinic
Varna, Varna, 9000

Everybody deserves to be a parent…

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5 ul. "Aleko Konstantinov"
Varna, Varna, 9000

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English Russian other
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Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 16:30 pm

About Olimed

The IVF and ICSI Clinic Olimed was established by Dr. Margarita Monastirska in 1997. Before founding Olimed, Dr. Margarita Monastirska worked in a specialized Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital as a gynecologist. Her biggest wish was to run her own IVF clinic and she started all necessary preparations. She developed and perfected her gynecological specializations at Academic IVF clinics in Israel, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In 1998 the first ‘Olimed-baby’ was born.

In the early Olimed years, Dr. Monastirska performed the IVF and ICSI treatments with a small team of highly motivated medical specialists.

In the years following, she completed her staff to more than 20 dedicated team members. Several professionals joined the Olimed team over two decades ago and still do their important work with never-ending enthousiasm.

Olimed knows that every individual is different and requires a personalized treatment. This improves the chance for success considerably. That’s why Olimed, more than other IVF clinics in Europe, provides a personal approach towards all clients.

The combination of a personalized treatment and lower prices (compared to other IVF clinics in Europe), has resulted in many successful treatments for foreign clients living in Russia, Turkey, Greece, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The main languages at the Olimed Clinic are Bulgarian and English. Some of the staff also have good Russian language abilities.

General and medical management are in the trusted hands of Dr. Monastirska. Additional (non medical) affairs like public relations, international cooperations etcetera are managed by Mr. Ernst Broere, originating from The Netherlands.

During your stay in Bulgaria, you can enjoy the ancient and romantic city of Varna. Among the highlights are a Roman bath house and the Bulgarian Orthodox Cathedral with its bronze onion-shaped domes, both situated in the old city center.

Varna has a  subtropical climate – located on the Black Sea coast, with beautiful white beaches for you to enjoy in spring, summer and autumn.

Why not combine your medical IVF treatment with a wonderful holiday while saving cost at the same time? The Olimed team is looking forward to your visit!

Here in Bulgaria, we might be able to help you with in vitro fertilisation fertility treatments including for those with endometriosis and male infertility. From Ultrasound scan to embrio transfer we offer the best IVF and ICSI treatment imaginable at low treatment costs. We will explain what is ICSI with IVF and have a range of sperm donor and egg donor options.

So whether you need treatment, donor sperm, donor eggs or invitro fertilisation and embrio transfer, we are here to help.

The clinic is located in beautiful Varna, at the Black Sea. So, while getting an IVF treatment, you may want to enjoy the beach and visit the ancient city.

You will be most welcome in our clinic.

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