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ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd Reviews

Submitted by Asaf on 01/17/2023

Thank you

Overall Rating

The best agency there is! Thanks to you we won a gorgeous baby girl

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Wonderful and committed team

I am thrilled to be writing this review of Anu, as they were amazing to work with throughout this sometimes long, grueling, and ultimately extremely rewarding and life-changing process. Anu helped us to select an egg donor and find a wonderful surrogate. They chose an absolutely perfect egg donor for us, who we had the great fortune to meet and to whom we feel a deep emotional connection. Anu also linked us with a surrogate who was incredibly conscientious, caring, knowledgeable and, above all, kept our baby healthy and safe for the duration of the pregnancy. Were there difficulties and rough patches along the way? Of course. But Anu was always transparent about the challenges, always ready to help us emotionally and logistically. We felt that their entire team was being leveraged to make our journey a successful one, and it paid off spectacularly. I can say that our baby girl is here in large part due to the care and coordination from Anu at every level of their management.

Submitted by Very Happy Parent on 07/15/2021

Watch your contract

ANU is only trying to make their fees. They will never side with an intended parent when a pregnancy is not “picture perfect.” Watch your costs, they treat your account like an open check book. I would not recommend them

Submitted by Johnny Garcia on 03/11/2021


very supportive and there for you when you need

Submitted by Carmen Devito on 09/25/2019

Amazing agency

I have been with Any Fertility since the fall of 2015. I love how they are always there to help. If an issues arises they are they to help fix it or find a solution. The best thing about Anu is the sisterhood! I feel accepted no matter what.

Submitted by Belinda on 09/25/2019