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Under-informed and left in the dark

I, as a donor, was unfortunately matched with the CReATe clinic by Egghelpers, and had an horrific experience there. (Please see my review of CReATe on Google).

After terminating the ovarian stimulation process due to terrible symptoms, my personal worker at EH assured me that my expenses would be reimbursed; only for the accounts worker to then tell me that I needed a doctor's note.

I spent 2 weeks trying to track down a walk in doctor whom I'd seen at an obscure clinic, with no luck.

I appealed to the lawyer whom EH had assigned to me, and even THEIR LAWYER SAID IN WRITING TO EGGHELPERS THAT I WAS ENTITLED TO BE REIMBURSED.

Nothing. The accounts worker couldn't even be bothered to write me back.

I missed 5 days of work, endured 6 days of horrible illness, 2 weeks of futile self advocacy, and I came out of this $5G in the hole.

PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELVES! Be well aware of risks, seek out other doctors' opinions on your symptoms throughout, and make sure they give you notes!

Submitted by Nadia Saad on Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018

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