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Instituto Bernabeu

Fertility Clinic
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, 03016

Pregnancy Guarantee programme In these uncertain times, now more than ever, Instituto Bernabeu’s commitment to its patients remains firms and unwavering. Since 2014, its pioneering Pregnancy and Childbirth Guarantee programme has given patients absolute a

Contact Information

Clinic Name
Instituto Bernabeu
Preferred Treatment Location
Av. Albufereta, 31
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, 03016

Clinic Details

Languages spoken
English French German Spanish Catalan Portuguese Italian Arabic Russian other
Year Established
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am - 20:00 pm
Saturday 9 am - 13:30 hrs

About Instituto Bernabeu

Instituto Bernabeu, that is one of the best fertility clinics in Spain, is proud to have more than 35-year experience in the area of customised solutions in the area of reproductive medicine, that have successfully passed external audits. During that period, Instituto Bernabeu has achieved more than 20 000 births and have cared for international patients from more than 137 countries.

We offer:

Pregnancy Guarantee 

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Timed intercourse. Programmed intercourse

Embryo adoption. Embryo donation

IVF double gamete donation

Egg Donation

Artificial Insemination

Lesbian motherhood. ROPA

Single parenting

Specialist treatment units:

  • Implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage Unit
  • Poor Ovarian Response Unit
  • Endometriosis Unit
  • Immunology Unit
  • Genetic and reproductive counselling centre

Advanced Techniques:

  • Embryo freezing. Cryotransfer
  • ICSI. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • MACS
  • Time-lapse
  • Sperm retrieval techniques
  • Pro-fertility acupuncture and massages

Pro-fertility psychology


  • PGD: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
  • GCT: Genetic compatibility test
  • IBgen IVF. A genetic study of ovarian reserve
  • IBgen RIF. Implantation failure genetics test
  • Microbiome analysis in patients with embryo implantation failure


    Sperm storage

    Egg freezing

    Embryo freezing. Cryotransfer


    • Gynaecology check-up
    • Contraception
    • Menopause
    • Endoscopic surgery
    • Endometriosis Unit
    • Ovulation Date Calculator
    • Mammary pathology and mammography
    • Asherman’s syndrome and adhesions

      Pregnancy and Obstetrics:
    • Specialized unit for high risk pregnancy
    • Pregnancy check-ups and labour
    • 3D-4D ultrasound
    • Prenatal Diagnosis
    • Pre-conception consultation
    • Umbilical cord blood
    • Pregnancy and Endocrinology
    • Additional therapies

    • Urology and Andrology
      • Andrology
      • Urology
      • Klinefelter's Syndrome and Male Infertility
      • Andrology and Endocrinology
    • Pro-fertility psychology

      Endocrinology and nutrition:

      • Fertility and Endocrinology
      • Pregnancy and Endocrinology
      • Adolescence and the fertile phase
      • Reproductive endocrinology
      • Menopause and Endocinology
      • Andrology and Endocrinology
        Pro-fertility acupuncture and massages

Information about treatment fees is available via email [email protected] 

International patients who visit Instituto Bernabeu to undergo IVF with donor eggs  are offered top-class fertility treatments and care tailored to patients’ individual needs.

Fertility clinic Instituto Bernabeu, is one of the leading fertility centers in Europe, and focuses on personalised fertility treatments and procedures, particularly in cases of poor ovarian response, implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss. More than that this fertility center becomes the first IVF clinic in Europe to offer a 100% pregnancy or money- back guarantee.

Fertility center Bernabeu consists of 8 fertility clinics, located in Alicante, Madrid, Palma of Mallorca, Cartagena, Albacete, Elche, Benidorm and Venice (Italy). Each clinic is perfectly equipped with state- of –the- art technology to perform the most advanced fertility treatments. This Spain fertility center has performed more than  48.000 treatments and have helped international patients who chose the clinic fulfill their dream of having a healthy baby.

International patients pick Instituto Bernabeu due to high successful rates of IVF and IVF with donor eggs, applying high ethical standards, active participation in research activities, as well as providing patient–centered, comprehensive medical and mental health care. The clinic’s main goal is to achieve the best possible results and to promote scientific achievements. Because of this, research and educational activities are inseparable from the clinic’s medical practice. By now fertility specialists and doctors of Instituto Bernabeu have designed over 250 research projects to develop and improve  individualized fertility treatments that are offered to international patients.

Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation has also developed a wide range of social programs to make assisted reproduction procedures more affordable. Also Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation offers scholarships dedicated to young scientists, who want to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine.

The most prominent scientific societies have highlighted many of our advancements and achievements in Reproductive Medicine, specifically the following awards:

  • FRM (American Foundation for Reproductive Medicine) Award for Young Investigator Award 2017.
  • 2nd Award from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). 2012
  • BFS (British Fertility Society) Award Best Young Clinician: “Vitamin D levels in oocyte donors are not predictive of reproductive success in egg donation treatments“. 2014
  • IVF Agency of the year 2016 Awards from the IVF European agency.
  • National Award from the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF).  2010
  • National Award from the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF).  2000
  • National Award SEGO (Spanish Society for Gynaecology and Obstetricts) to the best work “ultrasound scans in gynaecology". 2011
  • ASEBIR (Asociación para el Estudio de la Biología de la Reproducción) Award for basic research: “Genotyping of the SNP R72P of the p53 Gene in patients with implantation failure and repeated miscarriages and its effect on the results of IVF cycles”. 2013
  • ASEBIR (Association for the study of Reproduction Biology) Award for basic research: "Hibridación genómica comparada en célula única (SC CGH): Nueva herramienta para el screening genético preimplantacional”. 2009
  • First Award of the Spanish Andrology Association (ASESA) to the best original research work: “Study of structural damage after sperm immobilization prior to intracytoplasmic sperm microinjection in teratozoospermic patients”. 2015
  • ICIRA Awards (Merk Serono), in the category contribution of relevant data in the treatment of assisted reproduction. 2011

Instituto Bernabeu commitment to  excellence in patient care, along with professionalism and rich experience of medical team, doctors, infertility specialists and embryologists make Spanish fertility clinic Instituto Bernabeu a high- prestige IVF center with excield of reproductive medicine.


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