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In 2018, me and my husband went to Eurocare IVF Cyprus for my first cycle. We spoke with a few clinics before but we felt most confident with these guys. All my questions were answered promptly and everything about the treatment was explained to the smallest detail so there were no surprises as we went along. The clinic itself was a clean and modern building, all the staff was friendly and helpful, and the Dr Ulubas was fab. What a great doctor! He was always calm and reassuring, and made us feel more comfortable with my treatment as I was really nervous. I have two little babies now and God knows how grateful I am! I definitely recommend Eurocare IVF to anyone seeking fertility treatment!

Submitted by Emily Clark on Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019

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Pregnant for 3 months!

I had an amazing experience with eurocareivf centre. All of the staff was amazing and very helpful, They explained us everything at any time and we felt secure and positive.

Submitted by Sarah Boman on Friday, Jan 18, 2019