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IUI Nicosia

Akeso Fertility Center – NICOSIA

Akeso (or Aceso) was the Greek goddess of the healing process. She is one of the four daughters’ of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing in ancient Greece.  The Fertility Center AKESO (FCA) is a private IVF Unit established in 1989... more...

Nicosia, Nicosia , Cyprus

Aretaeio Hospital

Aretaeio Private Hospital is located on Andreas Avraamides Street, in Dasoupoli, Nicosia. It was founded in 2006 by 42 shareholder doctors with the sole aim of providing high quality health services and their continuous upgrading. It was built and... more...

Strovolos, Nicosia , Cyprus

Dogus IVF Centre

Dogus IVF Centre has over 20 years of experience in providing first-class health care to patients from all over the world. Our team of certified fertility specialists excels in achieving positive outcomes, while offering a comfortable setting that revolves... more...

Lefkoşa, Nicosia, Cyprus

Dogus IVF Centre -Director Fatma Tertemiz

Dogus Hospital is serving with highest safety and latest technology as the first and single Hospital on Gynecology&Obstetrics, Women Health and Infertility in Cyprus.It was founded in 1992, by Dr Sevket Alpturk as a Gynecology Clinic, and then in 2005... more...

Lefkoşa, Nicosia, Cyprus

European Medical Clinic

The European Medical Clinic was set up in 1987 by Dr. Sotos Demetriou, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with 10 years of experience in South Africa where he exercised his field of expertise at 8 different hospitals throughout the years.... more...

Nicosia, Nicosia , Cyprus

Isis Gynaecology and Fertility Center

In 2006 Dr Andreas Mavrides a Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist returned to Cyprus after 16 years working at the best hospitals and fertility units in the UK. Upon his return he founded ISIS, a specialist private medical company for constructing,... more...

Nicosia, Nicosia , Cyprus

Nicosia IVF

Outstanding success rates with an ethical approach to fertility treatment. We specialise in oocyte (egg), sperm and embryo donation. Also, we have a very successful oocyte freezing program with post-thaw survival rates reaching almost 100%. Preimplantation... more...

Lefkoşa, Nicosia , Cyprus

North Cyprus IVF

The main task of an IVF clinic is to successfully diagnose the problem and to successfully identify a customized solution for each and every patient so that the outcome of a fertility treatment can be optimized. This requires substantial amount of experience... more...

Nicosia, Nicosia , Cyprus

North Cyprus IVF Centre

Life is about making choices. Making an informed choice about infertility treatment requires comprehensive information about your options and here we provide general and specific information about infertility, how infertility can be managed, and what... more...

Nicosia, Nicosia , Cyprus

European Fertility Foundation

European Fertility Foundation (Czech Republic) was founded in 2016  and has Partners in Cyprus, Ukranie and Belarus . The goal of our international team is to help you find the long-awaited happiness. The way to your happiness begins here. We have... more...

Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus



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