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About Spine Surgery india

Spine surgery cost in India is very reasonable & can be easily afforded by individuals. The cost of spine surgery attracts the attention of people worldwide & now people from other developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, etc. are traveling to India for their spinal surgeries to get rid of the pain. If people compare the spine surgery cost in India with other developed countries, they find around 70 to 80% difference in the price of the surgeries. Other factors like treatment quality, experienced surgeons, success rates, etc., also drive the interest of many people to visit India for their spinal treatment. 

The spine surgery cost India depends on the patient's spine condition & on the procedure; they opt to treat the spinal problems. However, the estimated cost of spine surgeries in India ranges from INR 3 50 000 to INR 10 lakhs. 

What are the available options for spine surgery in India & how much do they costs?

The following are some commonly used spine surgeries available at Spine Surgery India center with their costs & these are:

  1. Disc Replacement:While performing the disc replacement procedure, the spine surgeon will remove the damaged disc to provide relief from pain because it cannot repair. It is a spinal surgery performed by highly skilled spine surgeons who will place an artificial disc into the space to keep the vertebra apart & cushioned. Disc replacement is a procedure in which the patient will recover faster than other spinal procedures. Also, the chances of risk are very lower in disc replacement surgery. Disc replacement spine surgery in India cost around INR 5 50 000.
  2. Spinal Fusion: It is one of the best spine surgeries in India, where a spine surgeon fuses two or more vertebrae to restrict bone movements. It also prevents the nerves from becoming pinched or inflamed. Some patients deal with reduced spinal motion, which slightly reduces the motion range; however, if a spine surgeon fuses two or more vertebrae together, there will be no issues. After spine fusion surgery gets completed, there could be a chance of an incomplete fusion. In such cases, the spine surgeons will perform an additional spine surgery to protect the patient's spine from complications. 

With the help of spine fusion surgery, spine surgeons will remove the parts of the bone, ligaments, tendons, bone spurs or other problem areas to relieve the nerves that cause numbness, weakness, & tingling. The best spine surgery cost in India for spinal fusion is around INR 4 50 000.

  1. Discectomy: It is a spine surgery where the naturally occurring cushion that separates the vertebrae is known as a disc. If this disc slips out from its place, it causes numbness, weakness, pain, & tingling. The most common types of spine surgery are the slipped or bulging disc, which occurs improperly lifting or bending objects. Spine surgeons perform discectomy surgery to treat these issues by removing a part of the disc or entire portion that allows the back to fit into the space between the spinal bones. In some cases, performing a discectomy surgery is risky as the disc slips when patients resume their regular activities or lift heavy objects; however, the chances are fewer & depend on the patient's health condition. The discectomy spine surgery cost in India is around INR 6 50 000.
  2. Scoliosis: The purpose of performing scoliosis spine surgery is to treat the patient's spine abnormal curvature. The spine surgery cost India for scoliosis spine surgery is around INR 10 lakhs & it depends upon the approach performed by the spine surgeon, such as fusion-less surgery or rod placement.
  3. Lumbar Laminectomy: It is a spinal surgical procedure where the spine surgeons remove the back part of the patient's vertebra, which covers the spinal canal. Spine surgeons perform this spinal surgery to relieve excessive pressure on the patient's nerves due to spinal canal stenosis.

It is a spine surgery that the spine surgeon suggests when other options fail to relieve the symptoms of the spinal nerve roots due to stenosis. The best spine surgery cost in India for lumbar laminectomy spinal procedure is around INR 4 00 000.

  1. Interlaminar Implant: It is a spine surgery in India where the spine surgeon implants a U-shaped device into the patient's spine, which protects the spine alignment & nerves. It is the best spine surgical procedure that stable the patient's spine & supports the spine movement. The spine surgeon advises the patient to visit for a regular follow-up to avoid any risk. The spine surgery cost in India for the interlaminar implant is around INR 6 00 000.
  2. Microdiscectomy: While performing microdiscectomy, the spine surgeons treat the lumbar herniated disc & it is also known as spinal decompression. It is one of the most commonly performed spinal procedures in India. The spine surgery costs India for microdiscectomy is around INR 3 00 000.


The Spine Surgery India center provides reasonable & affordable spine surgery costs in India because they wish to see individuals living a healthy life. Offering such an appropriate spinal treatment does not mean the spine surgeon will compromise the quality of the treatment. They give the best treatment quality to people worldwide who provide relief from pain. People from other developed countries visit India to have their spinal treatment because here, spine surgeons are highly qualified & experienced professionals who treat major & normal spinal issues to provide patients relief from pain & allow them to resume their regular activities with some restrictions. 

India is a country where spine treatments are reasonable, and the medication cost is affordable to individuals. Another benefit of having spinal treatment in India is that people will achieve the highest success rates from each spine surgery. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a person dealing with chronic back or neck pain, contact us on +91 9029304141 & book your appointment with one of the best spine surgeons who will help you get rid of spinal pain.


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