I wanted to know more about IUI procedure in Fertilam but no one from them get in touch

Hi ) I wanted to know if it is possible to do IUI in Fertilam without ovarian stimulation. Many IUI cycles are labelled “with controlled ovarian stimulation” and I wanted to know do they have the natural IUI cycles and I heard that it is possible to do gender selection in IUI cycle. So, I am wondering, if it is possible there? And costs, how much does it cost to do IUI (from the first consultation to the pregnancy test) and IUI with gender selection (if it is possible) — from the first consultation to the pregnancy test — how much does it cost? Plus, time frame (how much time should I spend in Dominican Republic, is there any accommodation and transfer from the airport to Fertilam or not?) If all the information was added to Fertilam page it would be ideal for me to glance through and think about my options. Plus, if there also were some info about natural IVF and mini-IVF cycle I think that I would have also thought about these options and maybe even rethought about IUI treatment.

Submitted by Evelline on Monday, Jun 03, 2019

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Cannot get in touch with Fertilam team or Fertilam patient coordinator, still waiting the reply :(

I’m looking into In vitro fertilization in the Dominican Republic. How much will it will cost for whole procedure as I had cauterization done in my tubes? Thanks for the info. Well, I have not received the reply from Fertilam yet...

Submitted by Lourdes on Wednesday, Jun 05, 2019