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Alexandria Governorate

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Hisham Saleh Clinic
Mostafa Kamel
Alexandria Governorate

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Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

Hisham Saleh Clinic

The ICSI Center at Ajyal Hospital is distinguished by the availability of all modern

stechnologies in ICSI such as

Sperm ultrasound

Advanced laser devices ®

Incubation imaging of the embryo (known as smart incubation) ©

Equipment needed to implement embryo return technology on the fifth or sixth ©


Also, genetic examination techniques are available for embryos with the aim of raising

pregnancy rates to select the proper fetus in the genotype. It is worth noting that all

methods of freezing embryos, sperms and eggs are available

Surgical, uterine and uterine perspectives to treat multiple gynecological problems

.3D and 4D ultrasound diagnosis

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