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ICSI IVF Harju County


Infertility is defined as a situation in which a woman has not been able to become pregnant for one year, even though the couple has not used contraception.  Infertility occurs in 15% of couples.  Infertility is rarely absolute... more...

Tallinn, Harju County , Estonia

Nordic Fertility Clinic

Around 2,500 childless couples need help every year to start a family in Estonia. Donor germ cells should be used in up to 10 percent of infertile couples. For many couples, egg donation is the only way to get pregnant and to have a healthy baby. Ovarian... more...

Tallinn, Harju County , Estonia

Nova Vita Clinic

Nova Vita is a leading IVF clinic in Estonia,  founded in 1995. We work in close cooperation with our partner clinic Ovumia Fertinova in Finland.  There are more than 2000 infertility treatments carried out annually in clinics and more than... more...

Tallinn, Harju County , Estonia



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