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13th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine

Sava Center Milentija Popovića 9, 11070 Beograd, Serbia
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13th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine
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13th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is an honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 13th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine, which will be held on October 26–29, 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The city of Belgrade provided full support and hospitality to host WCPM 2017. The Congress will be held from October 26–29 2017 in Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia. Lying in the heart of Europe, Belgrade and Serbia, open to all European nations due to its very liberal visa policy, is directly connected to over 60 major destinations all over continent. WAPM Congress will be hosted in the Sava Center, one of the largest congress center in southeast Europe.

The Congress will put together professionals in all areas of perinatal, neonatal, obstetrics, pediatric, perinatal pathology, pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiology, and genetics from all around the world.

The World Congress of Perinatal Medicine will be an incredible opportunity to learn, to participate and to network with those who are at the forefront of our field. The scientific program will provide you with the most advance knowledge in perinatal medicine. With your help and highly valuable contribution, I am sure that the general quality of the discussions will increase tremendously.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we are looking forward to welcome you to Belgrade.


Prof. dr Aleksandar Ljubić

President of 13th WCPM

Prof. dr Milan Stanojević

President of WAPM

Co–president of 13th WCPM




Neonatal Nutrition

Management of Acute Preterm Labor

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Prediction and Prevention of Fetal Death

Preeclampsia Prediction and Prevention

Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes

Prevention of Preterm Delivery

Tocolysis in Preterm Delivery

Progesterone in Preterm Delivery

Cesarean Section Dilemma

Training Models in Obstetrics

Screening for Congenital Heart Defects

Brain Imaging in Preterm Infants

Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Preterm Infants

Fetal Medicine

Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis

Fetal DNA Screening

Array and SNP for Screening

Exom Sequencing for Diagnosis

Molecular Genetics in Perinatal Medicine

Molecular Genetics in Neonatal Medicine

Genomics in Obstetrics

Postnatal Growth for Infants Born Preterm

Prediction and Prevention of Preterm Birth

Very Low Birth Weight Infants


Neonatal Sepsis

Breech Delivery


Fetal Lung Defects and Surgery

Spina Bifida-Screening and Prophylaxis

Fetal Spinal Surgery

Preterm Labor and Fetal Injury

Microbiota in Perinatal Medicine

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

Second Stage of Labor

Congenital Heart Diseases

Fetal Heart Surgery

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Obesity During Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes

Infections in Pregnancy

Fetal Biometry for Growth Disorders

Fetal Surgery

Microdeletion Syndromes

Down Syndrome

Prenatal Diagnosis

Fetal Therapy

Ultrasound in Delivery Room

Doppler and MRI for IUGR

Hypertension in Pregnancy

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

Edge of Viability

Maternal Nutrition on The Offspring Development

Very Low Birth-Weight Infant

Twin Gestations

Advanced Paternal Age

Fetal Echocardiography

Fetal Neurology

Hemodynamic Monitoring of The Sick Neonate

Neonatal ECMO

Noninvasive Ventilation

Interventional Ultrasound in Neonatology

Preclampsia – treatment

ART and the complications of pregnancy

ART and the offspring development

Critically ill patient in perinatal medicine

Public health

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Contact info:

13th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine | Address: Karađorđev trg 34, Belgrade – Zemun, Serbia | Tel: + ‎381 11 2600 978 | Fax: +381 11 2604 590 | | Activity Code: 8230 - Activity of professional associations | Identification number: 21216453 | TIN: 109645112

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