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9th Annual Meeting on Robotic Gynaecological Surgery (SERGS 2017)

Université Catholique de Lille 60 Boulevard Vauban, 59800 Lille, France
€125 - €650
9th Annual Meeting on Robotic Gynaecological Surgery (SERGS 2017)
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Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgery

The 9th European annual meeting of SERGS


Welcome message:

The 9th European annual meeting of SERGS will be held in LILLE, France on June 14–16, 2017. The CRG (the French surgical group in gynaecological robot-assisted laparoscopy) is pleased to organize this famous meeting for the second time, the first time being in Marseille in 2012. Our annual French meeting will also be associated with SERGS in 2017.

For years, teams have worked diligently on developing mini-invasive surgery, especially in gynaecology. Mini–invasive surgery, which includes conventional, single-port and robot-assisted laparoscopy, is the referent surgical approach (e.g., in endometrial cancer) because of a significant decrease in early postoperative morbidity. The rate of mini-invasive surgery for gynaecologic oncology in France in 2012 was 37%. The decrease in the curve of laparotomy in gynaecologic oncology began in 2007–2008.

We are initiating the mini-invasive management of gynaecology patients by increasing mini-invasive surgery, including conventional, single port, and robot-assisted surgery, and encouraging the development of specific instruments and fast-track surgery.

With more instances of mini-invasive surgery occurring, we have seen an increase in patients who want a short hospitalization following their procedure. So naturally, the subject of this meeting is:

Fast-track surgery in gynaecology: conventional laparoscopy, single port surgery, and robot-assisted laparoscopy.

We will organize the meeting into three parts:

(1) Surgical techniques (live surgery with conventional, single-port and robot-assisted laparoscopy and a multitude of face-to-face video sessions)

(2) Scientific results of multicentric studies for fast-track surgery;

(3) Workshop.

For seniors only, Wednesday, June 14 in ORSI (Belgium) (limited places for oncology, endometriosis, and sacropexy).

For residents assistants and fellows, a workshop on mini-invasive surgery simulators (conventional, single-port and robot-assisted laparoscopy) (certified capacity) during all three days (special fee for combined simulator session and meeting).

We are looking forward to meeting you and working together.

Fabrice Narducci, Lille

Pierre Collinet, Lille

Thomas Hebert, Tours

Learning Objectives

Fast track surgery in gynaecology: laparoscopy, robot assisted laparoscopy and single port surgery.

LIVE SURGERY: oncology and endometriosis approach by simultaneous live surgery.

NEW TECHNIQUES IN ROBOTICS: ovarian & uterine transplant, neurological approach, non gynaecologic views

RESULTS: results of multicentric prospective studies for fast track surgery

For more details, please, follow these links: ; ;

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Etienne Jarry

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SERGS Secretariat

Lucie Lamlova

SERGS Secretariat Manager

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