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Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Ultrasound

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 27 Sussex Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4RG, UK
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Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Ultrasound
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Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Ultrasound


This course represents the theoretical components of both intermediate gynaecological ultrasound training modules. We have invited leading practitioners in this field to give up-to-date lectures in key areas. In addition, there are case discussions to demonstrate the use of ultrasound in solving diagnostic problems in real clinical situations. Video sessions provide examples of many common gynaecological conditions. They also give an opportunity to see rare conditions, which may present diagnostic challenge in routine clinical practice.

Ultrasound imaging is invaluable in gynaecological practice and this course has much to offer to all practitioners with interest in ultrasound including consultant gynaecologists, radiologists and sonographers.

This course supports the intermediate level modules in ‘Ultrasound in Gynaecology’ and ‘Ultrasound of Early Pregnancy Complications’, which are aimed at trainees who wish to develop their gynaecological ultrasound skills further, either selectively or prior to undertaking Advanced Training Study Modules.

Learning objectives: Perform gynaecological ultrasound examination in a safe and structured way, Understand principles of differential diagnosis of uterine and ovarian abnormalities, Assess women with postmenopausal bleeding using ultrasound, Assess women with suspected early pregnancy abnormalities, Learn about the use ultrasound in women with pelvic pain and endometriosis, Claim a maximum of 11 CPD credits for full attendance at this meeting.

Who should attend? Trainees ST 4–7, Consultants in O&G, SAS Doctors, Those who wish to improve their gynaecological scanning skills.

Course Organizers: Mr Davor Jurkovic FRCOG, London, Professor Lil Valentin FRCOG, Sweden.

Honorary Director of Conference: Mr Nick Panay MRCOG, London.

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