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National Infertility Awareness Week
National Infertility Awareness Week
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National Infertility Awareness Week®

April 23–29 2017

National Infertility Awareness Week®, (NIAW) is not just about awareness for one week, it is much more than that. NIAW is a movement that, since 1989, has set out to reduce stigma and educate the public about reproductive health and issues that make building a family so difficult for so many. It’s also a movement to empower those whose lives are forever changed when they struggle to build a family.  This is our time to work together as a community and boldly kick down the barriers that impact millions of people each day.

The founder of this movement, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, has made it their mission to unite all people struggling to build a family, the professionals, corporate partners, and the media to:

Enhance public understanding that infertility needs and deserves attention.

Ensure that people trying to build a family know the guidelines for seeing a specialist.

Educate lawmakers about how infertility impacts people in their state.

In 2010, National Infertility Awareness Week became a federally recognized health observance by the Department of Health and Human Services.


The CDC tells us that  is 15% of couples in America. Infertility does not discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality or economic status. You never know how badly you want something until you are told that it may not be possible.

It is up to all of us to transform how others view infertility. One that will help educate and provide resolution to the millions of Americans impacted.

Be part of a movement that wants to remove barriers that stand in the way of building families during National Infertility Awareness Week®.

This year, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association wants you to “Listen Up!” when it comes to issues around infertility and family building. This public awareness campaign is created so anyone who cares about the infertility community can feel empowered to do something that makes a difference, either in your own family building journey or to help someone else. Infertility impacts millions of Americans and does not discriminate based on race, religion, socioeconomic status or sexuality. “Listen Up!” and become part of the movement.

How can you help spread the message?

Listen Up! It’s time to understand how infertility can affect you.

Listen Up! People with infertility matter. Join the movement to help build a community that understands their needs and supports their efforts to build a family.

Listen Up! Infertility takes away the right to build a family. You can help those that struggle, join the RESOLVE community.

Listen Up! Policies and legislation can impact access to many family building options. Help us stop these anti-family laws.

Listen Up! Do you know when to see a fertility specialist?

Listen Up! There are many ways to resolve infertility.


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